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  • ross1948 14:19 on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Only 'Recognised' Media, Nadine? 

    We have been giving Nadine Dorries time to settle in, hoping that her nauseating u-turn on maladjust ‘marriage…’…

    Another Patelian U-Turner? Don’t Trust Dorries! 


    Nadine Dorries MP


    …might have been a regrettable glitch, because she does make sensible noises from time to time…

    Johnson slaps down new Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries for saying the BBC might not EXIST in a decade with PM claiming the ‘great institution’ will exist ‘for a long time to come


    That episode usefully showed what a woke-weasel Jellyfish Johnson really is.

    But the news this week, that she ‘could stop social media firms taking down stories by recognised news outlets…’

     …is surely not as welcome as some people seem to think!

    True, it comes ‘after MailOnline and other British publishers accused Google of using ‘woke’ algorithms to bury and downgrade their original content while bumping up stories from organisations they are more sympathetic to… ‘

    I don’t doubt it!

    Google, and its appendage, You Tube, are notorious hot-beds of left-bigotry and censorship.

    Google’s YouTube Promotes Race-Hate – BBC Censors Story! 

    Candace Calls Out YouTube Geekstapo!

    YouTube Jackboot’s Revealing Slip 

    YouTube To Viewers – ‘Seek Guidance’ From The Left! 

    And if this bias can be pushed back by UK legislation, okay…

    BUT… that word, ‘RECOGNISED..?’

    Recognised by whom?

    In Canada, for example, media that earns the disapproval of the political ruling class have been subjected to vicious discrimination…

    Turdo’s Jackboot Comes Unstuck! 

    …which was only remedied by going to law.

    We saw NZ’s Ardern scuttling off sharpish a week ago when questions were asked, at her ‘press conference,’ by somebody ‘unaccredited.’

    New Kiwi Dance – The Ardern Scuttle?

    And only this month, in Glasgow, the United Nations itself declared war on press freedom.


    Jackboot In Glasgow – UN Bans Dissenting Media! 

    If the UN, or Big Tech or in-crowd politicos are allowed to dictate which media get rights and which don’t, there’s no level playing field.

    And for Pete’s sake don’t expect OfCom to be of any help!

    Reminder – Why OfCom Needs Gutted! 

    OfCom, As Un-Elected As Judges, Move Against Farage 

    Watch out, and be prepared to write to your MP – if he or she is worth writing to!


  • ross1948 22:57 on December 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Here’s A Good Cause For Christmas! 

    An appeal from Canada, on behalf of a persecuted church, deserves support…


    ….so I reprint the message in full.


    Pastor Vern Temple does what other people won’t do. He helps the lowest of the low — homeless people, hungry people.

    He’s up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, so a lot of his work is with people from the nearby Indian band. 

    It’s one of the poorest churches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen the churches in Iraq that ISIS torched.

    But the local mayor, a bully named Greg Dionne, just can’t stand the church. He’s always after it for something.

    And he finally found a way to try and bring it down — a ludicrous $14,000 fine for singing.

    I’m serious.

    For singing in a church.

    Here, watch Pastor Vern tell you himself:

    Full Gospel Outreach Church FINED $14,000 for SINGING without
masks in Saskatchewan

    No-one can afford a $14,000 fine. Certainly not one of the poorest churches in Canada, one that already spends every dollar it has to feed the poor and house the homeless.

    Imagine the moral compass of a mayor who permits a casino to stay open during the pandemic, but cracks down on a church for doing the same.

    Pastor Vern and his congregants can’t afford the fine.

    They can’t afford a lawyer, either.

    He’s between a rock and a hard place.

    But that’s where we come in — you and me.

    Rebel News has hired a great lawyer for Pastor Vern — a freedom-fighting civil liberties lawyer named Sarah Miller.

    I almost feel bad for that bully mayor. He’s not going to know what hit him!

    We’re not going to pay the fine. We’re going to fight the fine. And if you want to support our fight, go to http://www.FightTheFines.com and chip in to help us crowdfund this top-notch lawyer. That’s where you can check out our other cases, too!

    If you know someone who needs a lawyer to fight a pandemic fine, tell them to go to our site and fill out the form — we’ll try to have a lawyer reach out and help them.

    And if you don’t know someone who needs help, maybe you can be someone who gives it by joining our crowdfunding campaign and pitching in a few dollars.

    On behalf of Pastor Vern — thanks.

    Yours truly,

    Sheila Gunn Reid

    Chief Reporter,
    Rebel News

    P.S. Have you noticed how the lockdown bullies seem to be picking on Christian churches? Not on casinos, liquor stores, cannabis stores, or even Wal-marts and Costcos. They’re picking on churches. In this case, they’ve issued the largest fine in Canada — a whopping $14,000. Time to fight back!

    P.P.S. Please help us crowdfund the legal defence for Pastor Vern and everyone else we’re helping.

    Whether you can chip in $5 or $500, we’ll need all the help we can get!

    Thank you!

  • ross1948 01:18 on October 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz – Threats To Journos Deplored – Except For One! 


    It’s not often that I’m impressed by an article in the Guardian but this one –


    – about pressure put on journalists who criticise ( or are even thought to be criticising) that twit Andrews…



    …the Labor Party state premier of Victoria, where the Chinese Virus has had a fearsome impact..

    It Was No ‘Rant!’ Pauline Hanson Told The Truth!

    …is actually quite good.


    It describes outrageous threats to rape and kill, and all manner of abuse…


    Absolutely no mention of the MOST outrageous targetting of a reporter, including physical assault and state intimidation by the brutal Victoria State Police.

    Aussies! How About Melbourne’s Keystone Klutz-Cops? 

    Suddenly, a police commander walked up to me, jabbed me in the chest, and ordered his troops to arrest me. You’ve probably seen the video — I was picked up, smashed to the ground and arrested, and led away in handcuffs.  For no reason whatsoever.  

    was later grudgingly released by police without charges.

    But incredibly, late that same night, police came to my family home to threaten me — to tell me I had been put on a “list”, and that police were watching me….

    This guy is not giving in to Victoria’s  intimidation

    Click here for a short video explaining the lawsuit:


    I’ve taken the Australian state of Victoria to the Supreme Court
— the highest court in the state.

    You can see the entire lawsuit for yourself by clicking here.


    That reporter , however, works for the Canadian-based Rebel News.

    Run by Ezra Levant, it covers the news from a non-left/lib, anti-establishment angle, and consequently has had to fight government vendettas in Canada too.

    To the shame of the in-crowd media there, their role has often been one of indifference to this discrimination, or even downright complicity.

    A Speaker Of Truth – Hurray For Alberta! 

    Canada, of course, is rotten to the core with liberal intolerance.

    Sad it seems to be that Australia is going down the same slippery slope.

  • ross1948 09:06 on September 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Readers Need To Read This! 

    The Rebel’s newest journalist, Australian Avi Yemini, was hired last Friday.

    On his very first assignment, he was arrested by Melbourne cops.



    Read  on…

    Not just arrested.

    Pounced on by half a dozen police.

    Slammed to the ground.

    Handcuffed tightly.

    And detained.

    Take a look for yourself:

    As you can see, Avi was meticulous in his compliance with the law. He filled out the police state “permits” to allow him to leave his house. He complied with instructions throughout. And — contrary to the bald-faced lie told by the bully who arrested him — at no time did Avi hinder or obstruct police…..

    Rebel leader Ezra Levant sends an appeal!

    Can you please help me, by signing our petition at http://www.StandWithAvi.com?

    Other than sharing his video, that’s the most important thing you can do for Avi right now. (Thanks.)

    • Uncle Oz 15:32 on September 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That reporter didn’t do anything to deserve how the Melbourne police treated him.
      I’ll sign the petition.


  • ross1948 00:58 on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    A Speaker Of Truth – Hurray For Alberta! 

    This is all news to me.

    In Canada these days, freedom of expression is vastly curtailed, especially on issues like multicult and sexual maladjustment. Politicians in all parties are guilty of allowing this situation, but the role of the media in getting The Rebel banned from reporting the decision-making of a provinicial legislature is shocking.

    Pravda Canada, aka the CBC…

    Sell Off Red China’s Canadian Media Running-Dog 

    Related image

    Canadian Tax-Funded TV Channel Promotes Red Nazi Antifa 

    Think back to that propaganda video, which featured –

    …the doxing of two alleged members of Quebecois nationalist group Atalante. Their names, photos, and places of employment are broadcasted in full by CBC, without redactions of any kind.


    ….is notorious for its dirty tricks and dirty reporting, but non-state media?

    I know a lot of them have their snouts in the tax-trough…


    ….but even so.


    In the meantime, while I try to catch up on what’s going on, I simply present what I have been sent…



    …and urge my readers in the Dominion to donate as requested at the end of The Rebel report.


    For months, our left-wing competitors have banned us from even walking into the Alberta Legislature to report on the news.

    I know that doesn’t make any sense. What power would reporters have to determine who gets security clearance and who doesn’t, in a public building? That’s insane.

    It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in an unfree country like Iran or Venezuela, not a country like Canada. Especially not in the freest province, Alberta.

    Well, yesterday the Speaker of the Legislature effectively abolished the left-wing press gallery and the bullies who run it, by taking away their power to ban their “enemies” from the premises.

    The Speaker accredited us directly, giving us the same privileges as every other reporter — including security passes.

    The only thing the press gallery ever had was their power to punish people. That’s gone now.

    It’s a total victory for freedom of the press and a welcome setback for the “cancel culture” that has been on the march through Canadian society.

    Here, watch this quick video:

    Reporting from the Alberta Legislature: Sheila and Keean are officially in the Press Gallery

    This is just the latest free speech victory we’ve achieved here at Rebel News. Last fall, our lawyers raced to the Federal Court for an emergency injunction forcing the election debates commission to accredit our journalists then, over Trudeau’s ban. (We won.)

    In some ways this is an even bigger victory — it disrupts the obsolete tradition of treating journalism like a closed shop, a privileged guild where only friends of friends are allowed to participate. It’s a huge step forward for democratizing the news and letting in other voices.

    No wonder the Media Party hates it, and fought so hard against it.

    We’re in. And for that, we thank the Speaker of the Legislature, and our lawyers.

    And you. 

    Fighting against the press gallery, the National Post, and the province of Alberta has cost us thousands of dollars in legal fees — costs that no journalist should have to spend just to report on the news. Unlike our competitors, we don’t get free money from Trudeau. We never take government money. We’re 100% supported by our viewers.

    If you were one of the people who helped chip in to pay for this fight, thank you.

    If you haven’t had a chance to help yet, please consider it — because we still have $6,000 in legal bills to pay for this. It’s unfair, but it’s the way it is. Fighting for freedom isn’t free. To see all the work we did (including some of our lawyers’ powerful letters) please click here or go to http://www.LetUsReport.com

    Here at Rebel News, our main job is reporting the news. But sometimes to do that job, we have to stop and fight for our fundamental freedoms. Somebody’s got to.

    Yours truly,

    Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte

    Accredited journalists

    P.S. Since when did reporters become censors? Since we started telling the other side of the story, that’s when. It’s bad enough to have to fight government censorship, but other reporters trying to gag us was even more depressing. Thank God we won.

    If you can help us cover our legal fees, please click here — thanks.

    • Arnold 09:31 on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ross. Dont feel bad, I didnt know about this either but I do now.


  • ross1948 23:54 on August 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Dufferin Park, leftist louts, The Rebel,   

    Can You Name This Scrawny Canadian Red Nazi And This Fat Nudie Floozy? 

    Take a look at this!’

    Afro-Indigenous Rising” EVICTED from Toronto park, Rebel News ...


    I think all my cousins moved out of Toronto years ago. 

    Not surprising if one cannot even take a walk in Dufferin Park with being confronted by freaks like these.

    For more. use this link.


    And donate please, because honest journalists in Canada now need to hire bodyguards!

    • Arnold 11:37 on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I wouldnt want to know any more about that man. He is a thug and why didnt the cops arrest him.
      That was threatening conduct and it used to be a crime.


    • Marty N 15:14 on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I watched enough of that and that scrawny needs a spell in jail.
      Who does he think he is, telling anybody to get out of a public park?
      A mean little rodent.
      The fat nudie was okay though!


  • ross1948 12:05 on July 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Toronto Cops Collaborate With Red Nazi Scum! 

    Shocking footage of what fate befalls genuine journalism in today’s Canada, in an age where the overwhelmingly rotten media gets millions in government funding and repays Justin Turdo with collabo coverage!


    Just watch this deliberate, disgraceful denial of the right to report in a public place…


    …in the city my grandparents once called Toronto the Good, but which they wouldn’t recognise today!

    While we expect no better from BLM/Red Nazi Antifa scum, we SHOULD be able to expect Toronto Police to behave like police and not as enforcers for enemies of freedom…

    Terror Fans Swarm In Turdistan -Toronto Police Goon Sides With Terror Fans! 

    ….but going on previous form, perhaps we shouldn’t!

    Oh, and if you’re celebrating Canada’s birthday, please send a small present to The Rebel, as they fight for press freedom.

    • Marty N 15:07 on July 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      These cops are so stupid!
      The mob they are so buddy-buddy with hate police and want to defund police so why are Toronto Police licking the boots of the mob.


    • Rory Kendall 19:57 on July 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I thought freedom of speech, assembly and reporting were covered in the Canadian Charter of Rights but I was obviously under a misapprehension.
      These Toronto cops are not fit to be entrusted with any responsibility for protecting Canadian citizens’ rights.
      It looks like they are not even aware of what job they are supposed to be doing.
      Instead of upholding the law, they are openly siding with intolerant, dangerous extremists.


  • ross1948 00:44 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , CBC Red China’s running-dogs, , , , The Rebel   

    Sell Off Red China’s Canadian Media Running-Dog 

    The last straw?

    After CBC’s disgraceful attack on the anti-communist Epoch Times…


    Canada’s Pravda – Red China’s Collabo CBC, Again! 

    ..some good Canadians got busy and started a petition.

    If you agree with them, and with me, that it is scandalous for Canada’s tax-funded broadcaster to act as a running-dog for the world’s largest dictatorship…


    Sign the petition!

    We the undersigned believe it is time to sell the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBC is failing to live up to its mandate as shown by their failure to broadcast any of the English federal leaders debates.



    CBC does not deserve to receive one more penny in taxpayer subsidy and we call upon the government to sell CBC to the highest bidder so that it can sink or swim on its own merits.

    Will you sign? Use this link!


    • Arnold 11:25 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Auction it.
      I will start bidding at a nickel.
      A wooden nickel, cause that’s all CBC is worth!

      The Communist Chinese might buy it but they have a lot of propaganda machinery already and CBC is doing a good job for them as it is at our expense.


  • ross1948 06:01 on May 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Turdo Stomps Press Freedom In Canada! Protest! Petition! 

    A long time ago, the left cared about civil liberties and freedom of the press. Not any more — at least not when it’s Trudeau doing the censoring. So the job has fallen to us — and our excellent lawyers.

    Click here to sign our petition, and chip in on this page to help us fight in court!



    Passing this along – Turdo’s a disgrace, as bad as his unlamented Papa!

    Turdo Senior


    Rebel News
    Watch    Listen    Take Action
    Shop   Donate

    Once again, Justin Trudeau has banned our Rebel News reporters from asking him questions. This time he’s banning us from his daily press scrum about the pandemic.

    So, once again, we’re taking him to court.

    Today, we filed a lawsuit at the Federal Court of Canada. Click here to read our nine-page lawsuit. And click here to see a short video I made, explaining our case:

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Trudeau has illegally censored our reporters. The last time was during the 2019 federal election when Trudeau banned us from covering the leaders’ debates. We had to race to the Federal Court of Canada to get an emergency injunction to let us in. The judge agreed with us and ordered Trudeau’s bureaucrats to let us in.

    Well, here we go again!

    Trudeau spent over $131,000 in tax dollars to fight us in court last time, hiring five lawyers. I don’t know how they managed to bill that much money — maybe they were from SNC Lavalin or Bombardier or something. Our lawyers cost us $18,000, which is a fair amount. Trudeau’s lawyers cost seven times more to run the same half-day trial. And they got thumped.

    We’ve got the same legal “dream team” fighting for us again, so I’m hopeful. 

    Here’s the key point in our lawsuit: Trudeau himself isn’t censoring us. What’s so bad here is that Trudeau has instructed the non-partisan, neutral civil service to censor us. And that’s why we’re suing.

    We’re not asking a court to order Trudeau to talk to us. We’re asking the public service, the so-called non-partisan bureaucrats who work for the Government of Canada, to stop blocking us.

    They’re the ones who operate the call-in system for the press conference. They’re the ones who are doing the censoring. And that’s how we’re going to win this lawsuit.

    It was illegal when the debates commission did it, and it’s illegal again now. 

    Please click here or go to LetUsReport.com. Read the lawsuit for yourself. Sign our petition. And if you can — please chip in to help us fight against the army of lawyers that Trudeau will throw at this.

    We’re suing to get our reporters in.

    But we’re really suing for all Canadians — to strengthen freedom of the press for everyone, and to hold Trudeau to account, where the Media Party won’t.

    Yours truly,

    Ezra Levant

  • ross1948 16:01 on February 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Global Appeal? A Canadian Cause, But We Share A Globalist Enemy! 

    I have often praised the good work done by Ezra Levant and his team, and do so again today.

    Ghastly Grotty Greta, known on my blog as The Addled Brat, is our common enemy, a mini-monster created by her far-left parents,and it’s important to get that message across.

    We all do our bit, but….

    Read on! ,

    …at Rebel News, we’re not satisfied — we want everyone to see it — including those who might not subscribe to our YouTube channel.

    That’s why we’ve unleashed a huge billboard in Alberta to spread our exposé on Greta’s crew as far and wide as we can.

    Here — check it out:

    We want the world to know about the investigative, public-interest journalism that Keean has done on Greta. And that’s why we’re paying thousands of dollars to put her face on this billboard, which will attract around 1.3 million impressions every month.

    But we need your help to cover those costs. As an independent media company, we rely on our viewers to fund our hard-hitting journalism. We refuse to rely on government money to keep us afloat. So, if you want to help us out and support Keean’s work, please click here or visit GretaInc.com to pitch in.

    Yours truly,

    Sheila Gunn Reid

    P.S. What do you think of our billboard? I think it’s magnificent — and it’ll surely stir the pot somewhat! If you want to help us keep it up for as long as possible, please visit GretaInc.com to chip in. Thanks! 

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