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    Tory MP Slams Anti-May Attacks But Won’t Name Attacker? 

    So that strange ‘Conservative’ MP, Nicholas Boles, is outraged that another Tory MP has been making anonymous attacks on Theresa the Appeaser?


    theresa tran


    It’s not actually clear if the outrage is prompted by the attacks or by the anonymity, but Boles has heroically counter-attacked, ferociously describing the unidentified attacker as ‘a small man.’

    Related image


    I’m sure the target of Boles’s powerful rhetoric has been called worse, whoever he may be.

    But Boles has a point. If MPs have harsh words for May – and everybody should have – they should not skulk behind the curtains when they say them.

    Politics is not a game for shrinking violets.


    Image result for nick boles mp

    Bold Boles


    Yet playing the cowardice card cuts both ways!

    One can only despise Mr. Boles’ failure to name and shame the ‘small’ bounder!

    He says lots of people in parliament besides himself know who it is, but nevertheless he declines to let the rest of us know?



    It’s exactly this kind of condescending elitist attitude that brings parliament into disrepute.

    There is absolutely nothing to stop Boles standing up in the Commons, in a debate, or via a written question, or making a point of order, and saying the name out loud.

    Parliamentary privilege allows him to do so, and then every journo could report it.

    Until he does so, he should shut up about the size of the May-basher.



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    Bercow’s Bad, But May’s Enforcers Are Evil! 


    When a position of power has existed for centuries, it’s hard to single out one holder of that position as the worst ever.

    But the smarmy little specimen who is currently Speaker of the House of Commons is surely in the running, John Bercow, whom I met more than once in my years in the UK.

    What was he then, a champion dissimulator or a worm innately programmed for turning?


    Image result for yea slimy things

    He used to talk the patriot talk but when he had crawled the slippery slope to Westminster, he cast off all trace of conservative values.

    Turning his back on his past, he embraced all the worst elements in the realm, not least the pervert lobby, whose top demand, that queer sensitivities take priority over religious liberty, Bercow was delighted to endorse.  https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/07/05/speaker-john-bercow-religious-freedom/

    Few Speakers of the House of Commons have shown such shameless disregard for the position’s tradition of impartiality as this notorious turncoat,

    I can remember him in the 1980s, sporting longish hair and patriotic pronouncements, an arch-conservative young fellow indeed.

    Alas, patriotism and conservatism were not then, any more than now, twin keys to political advancement.

    Even so, of course it’s a lot more than his emulation of the Vicar of Bray that leads people to abhor the little slug, but…



    ….his blatant disregard for the obligation of a Speaker to be non-partisan, the most notorious example being his rabid pro-Brussels bigotry.

    John Bercow does not speak for Britain, just for his own monstrous ego 



    All or even some of what’s written above ought to have been reason enough to turf the little squirt out of his ornate chair  – and the luxurious lodgings the Speaker gets for free.

    But instead he’s under pressure to quit because of a scandalous situation in which, over a period of years, women have been subjected to repeated molestation ( not by him) on parliamentary premises.

    The BBC report covers the story quite adequately

    What caught my attention, though, was the light it sheds on the sleazy nature of the system by which Party Whips force MPs to vote against their principles.

    In the climate of recriminations and counter-recriminations, a source in Parliament blamed government whips – in both main parties – for pressing to limit the range of admissible complaints in the past.

    “They wanted to use the information privately to help control their MPs.’

    Well ain’t that sweet?


    Related image

    Can we call it blackmail?

    Or does that word only apply to demanding money with menaces, rather than voting as ordered to avoid exposure?

    What about perversion of democracy?


    Image result for blackmail is a crime

    Is there nothing in parliamentary rules that prohibits coercion of MPs by threats?

    And who appoints these bottom-feeding scoundrels called whips?



    You know who!

    Theresa the Traitrix, whose whips, even as you read this, will be using the whatever amoral intimidatory tactics they can dredge up from their swamp of secret sins, to get her Tory MPs to ditch their duty to the British people and instead endorse her betrayal of Brexit.


    • Ant L 8:14 pm on October 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I remember him too from the old days when there were meetings in the Commons committee rooms and he was even more conservative than I was, or seemed to be. I am fairly sure I remember you from those meetings too.
      The anti-Brexit people are desperately trying to delay his resignation because they know they have him as a useful ally.
      The whips have always been unscrupulous in their methods. I hate to think how low they will go to serve their Mistress May.

    • Vicki 9:32 pm on October 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Bercow has that look about him, not somebody I would want on my side If I was in trouble.
      All those women that took jobs in parliament and thought it would be a safe place, he wasn’t on their side when they found themselves in trouble either.
      He has a last chance to do something worthwhile with his life and that means resign.

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    An Appeal…Get Britain Out! 

    Another Appeal!

    It’s from…. 

    3rd October, 2018

    Dear Friends and Supporters,


    We are sending you this very special ACTION edition of our e-Bulletin, as we really need your help with this.
    The Prime Minister is still desperately clinging onto the essence of her dead-in-the-water Chequers proposal, as she attempted to reunite her Party at the Conservative Party’s Conference today. She may not have mentioned the ‘C’ word re Chequers during her speech today, but May seems to be in complete denial. She continues to ignore the concerns of the Great British Public who have found themselves victims of another establishment ‘stitch up’, refusing to ‘CHUCK CHEQUERS’ and continuing with a Bodged Brexit.
    Yesterday, before May’s headline speech today, the former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, gave an electrifying speech in the ConservativeHome alternative event, where over 1,500 supporters crammed into the hall. He provided serious hope for Brexiteers. Boris rightfully reiterated what all us Leavers have been feeling since May first presented her Chequers proposal – we must ‘CHUCK CHEQUERS’, as following through with it would be a ‘political and economic betrayal’.
    Boris urged politicians in government to deliver what the people voted for and what Theresa May originally promised in her Lancaster House speech.
    Boris denied his was a Leadership bid, and stressed his support for the Prime Minister, but it is clear they are in diametrically opposite positions on how to handle the Brexit negotiations. Mrs May, on the other hand, dismissed it as Boris ‘putting on a great show’ on Sky News last night.
    The people’s instruction as a result of the EU Referendum was to Leave the European Union – to take back control of our own laws, borders, courts, money, and trade.
    In David Cameron’s now infamous Remain leaflet – mailed out to every single household in the United Kingdom at huge cost to British taxpayers – he promised: “It’s your opportunity to decide if the UK remains in the European Union (EU)…..”
    YES – our opportunity, and we decided Leave!
    Our “opportunity to decide” is being completely undermined by the Prime Minister’s reluctance to consider alternative Brexit options – and she is digging her head in the sand over her Chequers plan. May’s Government Brexit White Paper does not respect the democratic result of the EU Referendum.
    It is now time for ACTION and Get Britain Out needs your help to show Mrs May – and all MPs – the Great British Public can see through all the lies and deceptions. 
    The Chequers plan does not honour the Referendum result Mrs May!
    We urge you all to TAKE ACTION NOW – and write letters to your MPs – whether or not you have written to them before, and whether or not you have received replies before. Many of you write to us to say your MP is a Remainer (or a Leaver) and does not reply to you.

    However, it is vital you try again so your voice is heard, as they are your elected representatives.

    Piles of letters through the post or delivered to the constituency offices will be much more effective than e-mails. If you do not regularly contact your MPs, how can they be aware of how strongly you feel? So hopefully, MPs up and down the country will receive all your letters this week when they return from their conferences to their constituency offices – as a result of your ACTION.
    Please can you post or deliver one of the two letters (see the link below) to either your local REMAIN or LEAVE MP’s constituency office (with the correct postage please).

    Please encourage your MPs to urge the Prime Minister to stop pressing ahead with her Chequers proposal, and instead of listening to her Remain advisers and Bodging Brexit, listen to all the alternatives to get behind a REAL Brexit plan for the United Kingdom…

    At this point I must interrupt, to draw particular attention to the arrogance shown by May…


    …her crass bad manners..
    If you recall, a few weeks ago, Get Britain Out hand-delivered my letter to the Prime Minister at No 10 Downing Street, with well over 50,000 of your counter-signatures, explaining why we are against the Chequers plan. Mrs May and her staff could not even be bothered to acknowledge the letter! She ignored all of us – and we are the voters who put the Government and all the MPs onto their green seats in the House of Commons!

    You can read the whole GBO appeal here…   https://mailchi.mp/12df0a525b8f/action-to-help-us-chuck-chequers?e=bc957a07a9

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    M-end-A-cit-Y = Tory Brexit Sell-Out! 

    While we watch the sheep bleating their chorus of approval at the Conservative Party Conference…


    Related image


    …which, by the way, is even more stage-managed than such gatherings were in the past, when I lived in the UK, nowadays with no powers at all for the assembled ‘representatives’ of the dwindling membership to decide ‘their’ party’s policies…

    referndmlet peole vote

    …we read that Theresa The Appeaser is deliberately keeping them in the dark about her latest betrayal, a scheme to retreat even further in the face of the Brussels Empire’s arrogance.

    Ulster is the pawn she’s preparing to sacrifice in her sleazy back-door deal…




    …in an almost uncanny echo of Kipling’s verses about the back-stabbing of our kin across the water in 1912.


    Before an Empire’s eyes, the traitor claims her price.

    Image result for kipling ulster

    What need of further lies. We are the sacrifice!


    …such a craven retreat that she has neither the courage nor the integrity to reveal it before even such a docile audience, for fear they will display their dismay and denounce the vile woman’s treachery.

    • Ben Fellows 8:05 pm on October 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Have you been watching Boris?
      I prefer your style, a la Kipling, to his, but he has got the fur flying at the Tory conference.
      We live in exciting times.

    • William Wilson 8:38 pm on October 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Did you read that she was booed at a closed meeting of senior Conservative activists, her own grassroots denying her the standing ovation the Tory leader automatically gets?
      You can find the story in the Telegraph, I think, but I have heard it from somebody who was there.
      People are waking up but will they wake up in time to stop her treachery.

    • JTB 5:21 pm on October 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Didya see her half an hour ago?
      Dancing onto the stage at her conference.
      Then she had the cheek to talk about electioneering, dishing out leaflets in every kind of bad weather!
      That’s the activists she was talking about, the same ones she does all in her power to keep from any serious say in candidates and making policies..
      I was one of those activists but never again.
      She makes me sick.

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    The Salzburg Shake. Was May’s African Waltz A Rehearsal? 

    I see from RT that the political editor of another part of the UK media has reported from the Salzburg summit that Theresa The Appeaser was ‘taken aback’ by the EUSSR’s disdain for her Chequers sell-out scheme.

    She was, apparently, ” “visibly angry and shaking throughout” her post-summit press conference. “

    One is led to speculate on whether this illustrative example of what’s meant by the Brit slang phrase  ‘throwing a wobbly’ was spontaneous…


    Image result for theresa may african dance

    Watch: Theresa May’s unique dancing is caught on film during Africa …

    ….or whether her ludicrous performance of that African dance not long ago was in fact an earnest attempt to limber up….


    Image result for maybot

    …for a convincing display in Austria this week, as her Euroid kindred spirits played their carefully choreographed parts in the charade we all expected.




    Now she can come home, outwardly bristling, inwardly suffused with glee at how the media fell for her duplicity, to enact her long-planned endgame, total sell-out, starting with a quick knee-bend, a genuflection towards Dublin.





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    May’s Anti-Christian Refugee Bias? Ponder And Protest! 

    …It’s that man again, the man everyone in Europe knows as the servant of a sworn enemy, one infamous for its hypocrisy and hostility to the West.


     Hasil gambar untuk antonio guterres wikipedia

     Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

    And why must we look at his ranting again?
    Here’s why!

    UK’s tiny number of Syrian Christian refugees sparks backlash against UN

    This reminds us of how the repulsive Ephialtes….aka António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, responded to concerns about the desperate plight of Middle East Christians, murdered, raped and enslaved by satanic sectarian jihadists.

    Guterres insisted that Syria’s Christians should not be resettled as they were part of the “DNA of the Middle East.” …

    That’s presumably regardless of whether these folks want to be resettled or not?
    The story also quotes somebody we have not always agreed with, but this time we do, when he blames the UK government for low acceptance numbers of Syria’s Christian refugees.

    Ex Archbishop of Canterbury Lord George Carey alleges that “politically correct” officials were “institutionally biased” against Christian refugees…



    Funny how Theresa the Appeaser encouraged the awful Amber Rudd to admit anyone at all, without any serious checks on their eligibility, but these Christians, genuinely in fear for their lives, are not being resettled in the UK at the same rate as Muslim refugees…

    Has May responded to this very serious charge of sectarian discrimination?
    Ask your MP!



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    ‘Mighty Mekon’ Hague’s Very Vague Grasp Of Democracy 

    I suppose I’m not the first to note the striking resemblance between William Hague and the villainous Mighty Mekon who featured in the British boys’ Eagle comic for years, and perhaps still does.


    Gambar terkait


    But regardless of his physical appearance, even Hague’s language has now begun to seem alien, or at least it confirms that British fair play is alien to his kind’s mindset.

    He has just spewed out an absolutely incredible democratic disconnect from his Tory Party members, who, if one thinks about it, ARE the Tory Party.


    The Tories should not repeat Labour’s mistake and let members impose a divisive leader on the party


    One can only interpret his arrogant bleat in the Telegraph as a condescending affront to every rank-and-file member who pays subscriptions, and does the leafleting and the canvassing on which political campaigns depend for success in both parliamentary and local elections.

    One could possibly have respected Hague just a little bit if he had phrased his stuck-up put-down message more honestly, something like this….

    ‘The Tory Elite Must Keep The Rabble Under And Preserve The Current Divisive Leadership’

    Hague and the Westminster in-crowd appear to imagine that the party is their plaything.

    They regard the people who stump up membership money and slog about in all weathers as an appendage tolerated for what practical assistance they render…


    canvassing in all weathers


    …but basically dumb animals, unfit to choose whom they wish to lead the party.

    Again, those people ARE the party – the humblest shop-assistant or waitress who holds a party card is entirely entitled to as much of a say in party leadership and in party policy as peers like Lord Hague.

    And even more, let’s not forget, MPs too should have no more of a vote in a are there to serve those people, who select them as candidates and can DEselect them, a right often disrespected…



    …as when Theresa The Appeaser rushed to the rescue of her fellow-Remainer, Horrible Heidi, in South Cambridgeshire, an outrageous intrusion into local party democracy. Theresa May blocked move to deselect Tory rebel Heidi Allen

    Hague’s outburst followed the plan announced by Leave EU to get thousands of patriots to join the Tory Party and help the surviving pockets of real conservatives retake control.

    I think their proposal is well-intentioned but unworkable. It ignores the ability of the ruling class, May and Hague and the other elitists, to thwart democracy as May did for Ms Allen.



    But the sheer contempt shown by Hague, who led the party to defeat when he was leader, for his fellow-members who don’t share his in-crowd status, deserves to be as widely publicised as possible, to show just how rotten to the core that in-crowd are.


    • Henry North 8:07 pm on August 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The Tory hierarchy would simply use dirty tricks as they always do to stop the members from exercising their democratic rights.
      The example you give of Theresa May’s meddling in the South Cambridgeshire seat shows what they are capable of.
      And after all, it was never adequtely explained why May’s rival decided to pull out when the leadership election was due to be referred to the membership.

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    Brits, Arm Yourselves- Save Brexit From May’s Betrayal! 

    No, we’re not inciting armed insurrection!

    Although if the democratic decision to extricate the UK from the Brussels Empire is betrayed, who’s to say such rebellion would not be justified?

    What we are asking today is that British patriots arm themselves with the fine leaflet shown below, produced by Better Off Out!



    We have just taken delivery today of some new flyers. They are available to purchase from our shop in quantities of 150 and 350 at the heavily subsidised price of £3 and £5 respectively. We are able to send them to you for these discounted prices thanks to the generosity of those members who have kindly donated to the Better Off Out campaign. 

    • Ned A 7:37 pm on August 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That’s a good little flyer.
      I’ll be happy to spread them around my patch.

    • Alan McKinnon 11:42 pm on August 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Looks good to me.

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    Yes, Texas! Fry the Filthy Savage! 

    Just be glad the trial took place in Texas, one of the sensible states in the USA where the death penalty is still an available option for heinous crimes.

    Even so, we can rely on the degenerates in Brussels to plead shrilly for the swine’s life, as they always do…


    Theresa May REFUSES to back death penalty for ISIS Beatles 

    …along with their disreputable flunkey in Downing Street, who can get her nasty knickers in a twist over Boris John’s perfectly acceptable comments on bag-heads…Theresa May backs calls for Boris Johnson to apologise…….but not find the guts to stand up against Drunkard Juncker’s eternal solidarity campaign to saferguard scum from justice.


    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.


    And there can be few crimes more heinous than ‘honour killings,’ like that of which a Jordanian immigrant has been found guilty.


    • Foul fiend, Irsan


    The filthy savage, Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, shot his daughter’s husband to death and was also convicted of masterminding the murder of her friend in 2012. 


    What drove the brutal beast to murder two innocent people?

    Furious that his daughter Nesreen had chosen to convert from Islam to Christianity and marry an American man, Coty Beavers, Irsan set out looking for retribution.

    Such quintessential evil deserves death, without a doubt, but the final decision, life behind bars or…


    …a prompt despatch to eternal torment, has yet to be taken.

    All we can do is hope for the former.

    PS  Typical of things like Irsan, who rant about that sort of ‘morality,’ he tuns out to be an all-round scumbag, a grubby bludger, for starters, committing Social Security fraud for years…    https://www.houstonpress.com/news/authorities-say-ali-irsan-stole-out-of-greed-and-murdered-out-of-honor

    …and a lot worse. That link takes you to an immensely long, and immensely horrifying, article about the pig and if you have time, please read it.

    • Pamela 11:53 pm on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have read both links you included and after reading them I can only shout ‘Encore’ to what you say.
      The man is diabolical and the sooner he finds himself in Hell the better.
      This is exactly what Trump was talking about in his election campaign. Whoever vetted Irsan must not have probed very deeply into his horrible beliefs.
      In Britain too, there seems to be a very lax approach to screening arrivals for dangerous ideologies. In fact I fear many of them are not screened for ideologies at all.
      As for illegal arrivals, like those who keep getting discovered in lorries in Kent and other areas, they are not even sent back. Instead they are invited to live off our taxes while their applications for ‘asylum’ are processed.
      We need a Trump in every country.
      A Salvini would do.

    • Mort 11:08 am on August 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think they fry them in Texas any longer,Ross,but a lethal injection works just as well.
      He would, as you might say, be none the worse if boiled in oil.

    • Dickson Galt 6:55 pm on August 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      In his behavior, Irsan is one of a relatively small minority which puts diabolic beliefs into action.
      The worry is that there are hundreds of thousands in North America, and Europe, millons very possibly, who share those diabolic beliefs, in this case that people who convert to another creed may be killed.
      It’s not just the risk of them turning an approving blind eye to criminal conduct.
      A lot of these uncivilzed people have been, very foolishly, allowed to become citizens and are eligible for jury service.
      What chance of an honest verdict can be expected in that situation?
      It’s like the familiar analogy of dangerous fish swimming in a pool that protects and nourishes them.
      Rather than catch the occasional fish, it makes more sense to drain the pool.

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    “Can’t Distinguish Between Good And Bad People?” 

    That sums up the essential evil of liberalism.

    That was a ‘Conservative’ MP who used those words in my headline, and to be as fair as possible…


    Image result for andrew Mitchell MP


    …I offer Andrew Mitchell’s full quote, commenting on how anguished he is over the prospect of the ISIS pigs being sent to an American abattoir.

    “On human rights we cannot distinguish between good and bad people. Human rights are indivisible and belong to everybody.”


    Mitchell is something of a jelly-fish, definitely short of back-bone on issues of moral principle, according to his entry in wikipedia.

    Originally having taken an admirable stance on local government advancement of the gaystapo threat, voting for the sorely-missed Section 28, he suddenly decided that perversion no longer merited abhorrence and voted to scrap it!

    But as an example of liberalism, masquerading as ‘conservatism’ or not, his self-confessed refusal (inability?) to distinguish between good and evil is a wake-up call – if yet another such is needed – for those of us who despise liberalism.

    Of COURSE we should all be ready to recognise that ‘human rights’ is a fantastical concept.

    Constitutional rights, sure, are real, and vary from country to country, and the fact that they DO vary shows that any global definition of ‘rights’ is an arrant nonsense.

    Take the ‘European Court’ (far away, please!) of ‘Human Rights.’



    Those ratbags make up new rights as they go along, making a mockery of the statesmen who signed the European Convention on Human Rights all those years ago.

    We have seen this in a UK context, when the ridiculous ECHR sought to bully Britain into knuckling under to uppity criminals’ demands …

    Scottish prisoners are already in line for millions of pounds in compensation after winning their “slopping out” human rights case. … Scotland’s top judge, Lord Hamilton, ruled earlier this month that the trio should be allowed to sue for compensation under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).Sep 26, 2011  

    And again, on that same clown court, when it once more took up the cause of criminals…  Prisoners must be given right to vote, European court rules

    And perhaps most glaringly (‘perhaps,’ because so many of their rulings are glaringly crack-brained!) in the case of school discipline, when that gutless ass John Major, having voted to allow teachers faced with barbarous brats to keep corporal punishment in their arsenal…



    …all at once, when the robed rogues of Strasbourg told him to un-think any democratic thoughts on the subject, caved in immediately and led his facile Commons flunkeys in a massive U-turn.

    Anyone reading this week’s news will not be surprised at his hypocrisy.

    He’s now saying ANOTHER Brexit referendum is justifiable, DESPITE his refusal, during the Maastricht Treaty debate when he was PM, to allow any “people’s vote”then.

    He knew best, better than the nation he betrayed. at least.


    Sir John Major denied the public a referendum on Maastricht

    As you will see from that link, I’m not the only one to have noted his selective approach to national self-determination.

    “We Can’t Distinguish Between Good And Bad People?”


    Related image

    Bin Laden, Mengele, Manson, the Communist quislings who served as Soviet satraps in Eastern Europe…

    We KNOW they were evil. They deserved to die, although not all of them did so fast enough.

    Liberalism is a cancer, which eats away at the ability to tell what’s evil from what’s righteous.

    Even when liberals admit that somebody is evil, like that pair of pigs we wrote about last week…


    El Shafee Elsheikh (left) and Alexanda Kotey

    Man Up, May! Those ISIS ‘Beatle’ Beasts Deserve To Die! 

    …they refuse to act on that knowledge.


    Image result for liberalism


    Liberalism is worse than that.

    It’s a cancer that only democracy can cure!

    • Norman Wilkes 4:38 pm on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That ‘European Court’ is overdue for abolition.
      The judges routinely abuse their powers, telling countries that criminals may not be put in prison, or that laws passed by parliaments may be ignored and all this purely on their own prejudices.
      If you read how that court was set up, on the basis of the ‘European Convention,’ you can confirm that many of the countries who ratified the convention had capital punishment and corporal punishment as part of their criminal codes.
      You have done a good job reporting on how the ECHR creates rights that never existed in the countries or even in the wildest imaginations of the convention’s creators.
      An obvious example is the ‘gay rights’ rubbish.
      It wasn’t until years after the convention was established that homosexuality was even decriminalised in Britain, yet now that court has been telling every country in Europe they have to recognise homosexual ‘marriage’ even if the country’s own laws do not allow it.
      Even Theresa May spoke up against the UK being bound by its stupid rulings but then her puppetmasters tugged the strings and she reversed herself.
      if you go back and read what she said at the time of her u-turn, you’ll see she was unable to explain it coherently.
      If Ukip is on the rise again, that has to be a major issue for them.

    • Luc Wels 8:31 pm on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Liberalism is very dangerous to democracy. Its adherents talk about rights as much as they do about tolerance but they are completely intolerant of illberal people and policies.
      If a democratic referendum produces a result which liberals think is illiberal, liberals will refuse to accept it. Think Brexit.
      If a democratic election produces a result which liberals think is illiberal, liberals will refuse to accept it. Think Trump.
      Liberals who cannot win in the democratic arena go whimpering to courts stacked with sympathisers.
      Of course you are right about the European Court but attention is needed at national level too.
      Poland has shown a good example. Bad judges appointed by an anti-democratic regime are being replaced.
      In Western Europe, judges in one country at least have demonstrated how far they will go to defend liberal ideology, and you have discussed that frightening example, in Flanders, Belgium, in this blog.
      Think Vlaams Blok!
      Flemish party banned as racist by Belgium’s high court – Telegraph
      Nov 10, 2004 · Belgium’s most popular political party has been banned as racist by the country’s high court, fuelling concerns that the judicial branch is being used to eliminate political enemies.

      • Petra Malley 10:20 pm on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Well said, Mr.Wels.
        Those Belgian judges should have been removed from office and debarred from practicing law.
        Poland is lucky to have a patriotic government but most of us, here in Britain, and in Germany and France, for example, are burdened with collaborators in power.
        If governments will not defend their people’s rights, then people have to act in their own defence.

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