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  • ross1948 18:24 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Little Napoleon and The Burning Bush… 

    That Le Muppet has delusions of Napoleonic grandeur is a view hardly unique to this blog.



    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized the decision, after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office did the same in Berlin.    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-g7-summit-mercosur/britain-joins-germany-in-criticizing-macrons-mercosur-threat-



    Leave Bojo out of it for now.



    When even Le Muppet’s pro-crimmigrant comrade Mama Stasi Merkel disavows Le Muppet’s latest and most abrasive petulant hissy-fit, a single-handed veto of a major trading deal between the Brussels Empire and Latin America, methinks the Elysee Eejit may have bitten off more than he can chew.

    I have nothing to say about the Mercosur pact, though who knows that I might some other day.

    But I do have to contemplate changing Macron’s blog nick-name from Le Muppet to Le Meddler.




    Again, the forest blazes in Brazil are a matter for another day, and more importantly a matter for Brazil!

    The Euro-Commissars have the same rights I have to make observations in their personal capacities on any issue…


    ….but they have no more right than I have, to dictate how another nation’s problems should be tackled.

    Threatening diplomatic or commercial sanctions against Brazil is plain proof of the EUSSR’s calculating and hypocritical double-standards.

    If the EUSSR can get uptight about a bunch of bush-fires on another continent…



    …then one has to wonder why no serious steps were ever taken in response to much more tragic burnings, in Tibet.

    After all, the forests are in Brazil.


    Tibet is under Red Chinese rule, but is a proud nation which should be afforded self-determination.

    The ‘European Union’ isn’t interested in that.

    Nor really in democracy at all. Commercial contracts with the Reds come first.

    That brings us back to Le Meddler.

    macron bankerUntitled-23A

    While Mama Stasi’s bad, she’s not stupid.

    Bringing social mayhem to Germany by her multicult open-door policy was no foolish error but was done deliberately.




    Bringing in South American produce, in contrast, is merely practical economics, daily business, which she sees no point in disrupting.

    Like most of the European elite, she will bleat a bit about Brazil, and she doubtless detests President Bolsonaro…


     Jair Bolsonaro 

    ….because he represents traditional values,  which elites abhor –  but that’s as far as it goes.

    Le Meddler, obsessed with his vision of himself as Master of Europe, driven by his inner flame of megalomanic wrath, has gone off the deep end.

    I’m sure millions of French patriots share my sincere hope that he sinks.

    Then France might get the leadership that France deserves…



    …a pro-French President.




    • Amanda A 18:44 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This was a very good read, Ross. I like your blog best when you lash all kinds of targets at one go and you certainly do that with this.
      The Napoleonic complex is valid but you should also have taken note of Macron’s diminutive stature, another similarity.
      Poor France, to have that ngry little man in charge.
      I hope Le Pen wins next time. She is so much more impressive.


    • Jeanne 20:13 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The last Algerian president had a stroke. He no longer could function as a rational man but he was permitted for many months to continue as president.
      France has a problem. There is a man in the presidential palace who has become over-excited and even his allies see he has lost all judgement and proportion.
      In Algeria, the army saw the need to respond to the outcry of the people.
      Who will make the necessary move in France?


    • Fleur 20:26 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I am not French, despite my name, but I have been there many times and enjoyed both long and short stays in Paris and other cities, as recently as last spring.
      Macron was not a popular figure but after the conservative candidate was knocked out of the presidential race by scandal, it was between Macron and Le Pen.
      I have never seen such ferocious media hostility as there was against her. The nearest thing we have seen in Britain was Project Fear and that very nearly worked.
      Now they have had plenty of time to dwell on their choice and the new voters, the young people, are very pro-Marine.
      Macron will lose next time but how much damage can his egomania do before the next election?


    • Pim Healey 21:33 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He came into politics from international banking.
      The banksters have always spawned subversion.


  • ross1948 18:27 on September 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Comrade Corbyn’s Selective Anti-Imperialism 

    ‘Jeremy Corbyn has been throughout his career an opponent of imperialism and a strong critic of Israel and that’s his position,”



    Or so says some hack named Neil Clark, quoted in RT, who is no doubt surely sincere in believing that, despite any record I can find of Comrade Corbyn condemning Red China’s genocidal imperialism in Tibet.

    Red Jeremy is also infamous for his frolicking with Sinn Fein/IRA’s Blood-Beast Adams…



    …who embodies the imperialist aspirations of Britain’s eternal enemy, Eire.

    So no interest in the right to self-determination of Tibetans, or of Ulster’s Brits.



    And is there not a fundamental contradiction in Corbyn’s enmity towards Israel, and his refusal, quoted in the same RT article  –

    https://www.rt.com/uk/439028-corbyn-arsenal-boycott-israel/ – about his call to boycott his ‘own’ team Arsenal because they made a deal with the Jewish state’s tourist board!-

    – to grant parity of esteem to Israelis and Palestinians.



    The whole dispute in that troubled land is due to the sectarian, and very violent, imperialism of the Islamic aggressors who invaded, conquered and held in their grip for centuries not only the Holy Land but also almost all the Byzantine provinces, despite brave efforts by the Crusaders to liberate the conquered areas.

    • Eleanor Fraser 21:47 on September 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      At least with Corbyn we kmow he’s been an enemy of our country for all his adult life.
      I was fooled by May for a while but now we know her too, for what she is,
      Who will take us through all this mess we’re in. I am perplexed.


    • orion 13:15 on September 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Professor Shlomo Sands in his books “The invention of the Jewish people”, a best seller in Israel at the time, stated categorically that DNA proves that the Palestinian are the descendent of the Israelites of old. In 1928, the total Jewish population of Palestine was some 83 000. All the others were imported and are converts to Judaism (in fact some 75% are atheists). The Yemenites converted in the 4th Cent. The Sephardi (Berbers from North Africa) converted in the 8th Cent. The Ashkenazi, a Turko Mongol-Finn mixture from the North of the Caucasus, converted in the 9th Cent CE. Their right to the land is the right of conquest, not descent. Who is financing you? Tel Aviv’s Propaganda Dept.?


      • ross1948 20:07 on September 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        If only, Orion.
        Nobody gives me any money and I never ask for any.


  • ross1948 16:37 on December 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Red China’s Cruelty Casts Long Shadow In Copenhagen! 

    Cops lying to parliament, officers stamping on citizens’ constitutional rights?

    A sorry saga of appeasement of a cruel tyranny – in Denmark?

    That’s the truth, according to an inquiry, known as the Tibet Commission, which reported this week. Not just cops but the intelligence agency PETS and the Foreign Ministry were also apparently implicated in the shameful affair.

    But it seems unclear if there will be meaningful punishment meted out to the rotten slugs guilty of pandering to visiting Communist flunkeys.


    The commission found the right of citizens to free expression was infringed in 2012 and 2013, during visits respectively by former Chinese president Hu Jintao and Yu Zhengsheng, the chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)



    These representatives of the world’s largest marxist despotism were shielded by police from pro-freedom demonstrators, NOT violent demonstrators, please note, but peaceful protestors, whose aim was to expose the evil done to Tibet by Red Chinese colonialism.


    Tibetan victim of totalitarian cultural genocide


    It’s reported that the commission has found ‘grounds for disciplinary action‘ against two senior officers, Deputy Chief Superintendent Claus Hjelm Olsen and Superintendent Henrik Oryé.

    Both officers were found to have given misleading information to parliament, while the latter also ordered a subordinate to give incorrect information.   https://www.thelocal.dk/20171219/danish-police-gave-illegal-orders-during-chinese-visits-commission

    But what will those sanctions be?

    A slap on the wrist?


    If such disgraceful misconduct is proven, it should be grounds for termination of their careers…



    …and NO pensions either.

    I’m sure they’d be given favourable consideration if they apply for jobs as security guards at Red China’s embassy in Copenhagen.

  • ross1948 08:59 on November 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    29/11 – International Day of Solidarity With…Whom? 

    Funny old bunch, that organised hypocrisy known as the United Nations.



    Today’s been UN-designated as International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People.

    No doubt the unashamedly biased media here in Indonesia…


    .Hamas Pigs Gloat Over Baby’s Death! Will TVOne in Jakarta Highlight Their Sin? 

    …will have a field day, and sectarian fanatics will have demos galore.

    I won’t waste time going on about that – done it before!

    But how come there’s no International Day of Solidarity With the Tibetan People?



    Their entire homeland has been seized by an imperialist power, and subjected to genocidal colonisation.

    And is there any International Day of Solidarity With the Kurdish People, those heroic Kurds…


    Gambar terkait

    Kobane – How Come No Huge Demos Like We Saw About Gaza? 

    …who have shouldered far more than their fair share in the war against the satanic ISIS rape-gang and who are now being deprived of weaponry… Trump tells Turkish leader that US will cut funds to Kurdish forces
    …. to appease our common enemy, Islamist Erdolf?

    An Unholy Alliance Against Self-Determination? 

    No way!

    I could go on.

    Howzabout an International Day of Solidarity With the Italian People, subjected to rape and mayhem by hordes of crimmigrants?

    Or the Germans…

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    But with Ephialtes installed at the UN…


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres

    Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

    …sworn to subvert the historic nations of Europe…



    …what’s the point of railing against the double standards of an organisation which is unreformable…


    Hasil gambar untuk no to the united nations


    …and from which, therefore, all civilised nations should withdraw!

    International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

    • Young Gordon 00:16 on November 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good points.
      How many of these UN Days are there every year and how much money is wasted promoting them?I


    • Amy H 14:18 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, must applaud what you say.
      The United Nations is very selective about which people who are badly treated get their ‘solidarity, aren’t they?.


  • ross1948 23:20 on November 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Double Standards? Indonesian Clerics Ignore Red Imperialism 

    Big headline from one  of the Jakarta English-language newspapers this month.


    Citing Human Rights Violations, Religious Organizations Call for End to Red China’s Occupation of Tibet

    Gambar terkait


    The real headline, in the Jakarta Globe, was this – 

    Citing Human Rights Violations, Religious Organizations Call for End to Israeli Occupation of Palestine


    Sad, truly, to realise that those clerics of all the recognised religions here in Jakarta, could be so selective in their righteous indignation that they urged the international community to take “concrete steps” to end human rights violations against Palestinians…


    Hamas boss with IRA’s Blood-Beast Adams -two of a kind?


    …yet failed to speak out on the arguably much worse, and indubitably of longer duration, ‘violations’ perpetrated on the completely innocent people of Tibet.

    UN Double Standards Brightly Held Aloft! Free Tibet! 

    But they were only taking a leaf out of the UN book,after all!


    The exercise in double-standards was approved by representatives of organizations of six officially recognized religions in Indonesia, including Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia (KWI).

    They made a point of saying this was NOT a ‘religious’ issue.

    So how come they did not sign up as individuals, or members of whatever political party they support, rather than as members of religious outfits?

    “We condemn the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territories…

    That bleat was followed a litany of whines, some by the Palestinian ‘Ambassador’ here and some of no clear origin, such as that Palestinian children are reportedly deprived from receiving education because many schools have been destroyed by Israeli forces.

    The Jakarta Globe made no mention of the Israeli children not reportedly but actually deprived from receiving education because they had been murdered by savage Palestinian terrorists.

    2014 kidnapping and murder of Israeli teenagers /

    The media here are fairly despicable in their one-sided approach.

    .Hamas Pigs Gloat Over Baby’s Death! Will TVOne in Jakarta Highlight Their Sin? 

    One would not expect much concern for Israelis from Amnesty International, whose fatuous researcher, Lina Fattom…

    …. apparently ‘highlighted’ ( that’s Jakarta Globe-bias-cr-p for ‘claimed’) that the conflict “is not one of religion, but it is one based on the need for control of resources that uses religion and culture as a way to divide.”

    As I say, fatuous! Marxist jargon!

    But it’s a pity the Protestant representative, Penrad Siagian, joined in with inane complaints that ‘Israel has used forbidden weapons…’


    Protestant Penrad


    Nothing in the report on Penrad’s view of cowardly Palestinian attacks on Jewish women and children…

    Brits! Tell Boris – No More Cash For Palestinian Terror! 

    ….or on how anyone can justify the morality of the evil assertion below.

    Abbas: Palestinians who kill Jews cannot be punished – Israel Today  

    What say you, Pak Penrad?

  • ross1948 12:59 on June 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    My Fake News – Amnesty, With Islamic Group, Condemns Red China! 

    Fake news story –


    Amnesty International and Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization, have called for the end of human rights violations in Tibet in light of the Communist Chinese government’s 60+-year occupation of the territory.



    That of course is satire. No way the Jakarta Globe would publish that!


    HERE is the…

    REAL news story –

     Amnesty International and Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization, have called for the end of human rights violations in Palestine in light of the Israeli government’s 50-year occupation of the territory,


    So how come?

    How come Amnesty isn’t loudly launching a campaign against importing stuff from the brutally colonised country invaded, occupied and terrorised by the Beijing marxist dictatorship?

    More interesting would be to put the same question to the NU, who are actually one of the most ‘moderate’ outfits here.



    Are they concerned with Palestine merely because of the irrelevant fact that most Palestinians are Muslim?

    If so, up to them.

    Rights allegedly taken from their co-religionists are more important than rights ripped from other peoples?

    Okay, up to them.

    But what about the Jakarta Globe?

    Gambar terkait

    Not a word from any Israeli source to balance the numerous whines included in their report?

    And the JG even includes a direct link to an anti-Israel petition. And a big Palestinian flag at the top of their report?

    That’s what caught my eye, because it reminded me of the bigoted bias of TVOne here, which I covered more than once…


    .Hamas Pigs Gloat Over Baby’s Death! Will TVOne in Jakarta Highlight Their Sin? 

    …that ghastly pictorial background, and the miserable pro-Palestinian dirge droning away, when we naively expected them to do their duty and cover the conflict with professional objectivity.

    No petition links from me, except THESE –

    Take action | Free Tibet

    We campaign for an end to China’s occupation of Tibet and for international recognition of Tibetans’ right to freedom…
    Hasil gambar untuk petition for tibet

    Long Live Free Tibet!

    BTW, I’m not NU-bashing. I am equally critical of the Trump Administration on this issue.

    …the Trump administration recently took a step away from precedent by proposing zero aid to the Tibetans in 2018. http://thediplomat.com/2017/06/did-the-us-just-abandon-tibet/

    Hasil gambar untuk media bias

    What bugs me is the totally one-sided coverage in the Jakarta Globe!

    • Jim in Jakarta 22:35 on June 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You should know by now, Ross, the media here is not worth reading for the most part.
      The TV is worse.
      I would make Tempo an exception to the above. They are a cut above the rest, but who are we from the West to complain, when we have CNN and ABC to be embarrassed by!
      You sure cover a multitude of news.in a lot of countries, but I liked that dangdut story earlier more than all the political stories. .


  • ross1948 08:36 on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump – 50 Missiles Fired At Syria – A Round Of Golf With Red China? 

    Not good.

    I am usually ready to defend Donald Trump, albeit not uncritically, but the news – out this very minute – that he’s unleashed 50 Tomahawk missiles because of Syria’s alleged violations of innocent civilians’ ‘human rights?’

    How can America square this military offensive with the fact that the leader of a country which is assuredly the world’s largest and most continuous violator of ‘human rights…’


    Now Here’s A United Nations Story You Didn’t Expect! 


    ….is, at the very same moment…


    Hasil gambar untuk trump china florida


    ….being made welcome by President Trump in his spacious and splendid mansion?

    • Mort 16:55 on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      President Trump’s guest in Florida represents a regime guilty of more human rights atrocities than Assad could hope to achieve if he ruled Syria for the seven decades the Reds have ruled China. Your example of the genocide against Tibet is valid, but there are also sixty million or more actual Chinese who have fallen victim to communism.
      There are many Trump supporters who feel the same way you do, but we’d best just soldier on, because he is doing a good job in other things.
      His Supreme Court choice was excellent and I have heard it said he doesn’t want to fall out with the McCain RINO wing until that has gone safely through.


    • Phil 17:21 on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Well said Ross.
      I don’t believe for a minute the Syrian Government dropped chemical weapons but let’s just imagine they were that evil/stupid; is killing 70 people in their own country while fighting (USA -financed terrorists) better or worse than USA killing several hundred innocent Iraqis in airstrikes in Mosul?
      Perhaps the western media could explain that if they were not paid propaganda lapdogs.


    • Mort 15:51 on April 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Trump’s reasoning sounds like this.
      Chemical weapons in a dictatorship’s hands are a real threat to the USA. Innocents have been horribly treated by their own government..
      So launch Tomahawks at Syria.
      Nuclear weapons in a dictatorship’s hands are a greater real threat to the USA. Many more innocents have been horribly treated by their own government in Pyongyang.
      Now we wait for Tomahawks against North Korea.
      I like Trump but I am waiting for him to be consistent.


  • ross1948 10:35 on November 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Now Here’s A United Nations Story You Didn’t Expect! 



    UN committee urges China to end rights abuses in Tibet

    UN member states have approved a resolution condemning China’s occupation of Tibet and calling for rights monitors to be allowed into the country. 


    As my headline suggests, you don’t expect to see something like that emerging from the cess-pool of hypocrisy and double standards known as the United Nations.

    Hasil gambar untuk really?

    And of course, blessed are they who expecteth nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.

    Here’s the real headline, before deft doctoring by Yours Truly!




    UN committee urges Russia to end rights abuses in Crimea

    UN member states have approved a resolution condemning Russia’s occupation of Crimea and calling for rights monitors to be allowed onto the peninsula.




    The UN General Assembly’s human rights committee backed the Ukraine-drafted resolution 73 votes to 23 with 76 abstentions.
    Red China, BTW, voted against.

    NB. I’m not taking sides on the Ukraine/Russia dispute with this post. That requires a lot of space to consider properly.

    I’m just saying.

    • Pamela 23:18 on November 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Neat, as my American friends might say.
      The United Nations is a waste of time and money, hypocrisy made real.
      I have sent this on to all my friends.


  • ross1948 23:53 on May 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Which Dumb Klutz Edited Today’s Jakarta Post? 

    Another party tonight – yeah, it’s a demanding life-style! – and having just got home, a tad tired, I nevertheless wanted to have a quick glance at the news.

    And what do I see but a rather turgid ‘news’ article in today’s Jakarta Post, about a flap-jawed Christian conference telling governments all over the place what to do about various issues – okay, much the same in the West, and, on a dull day, presumably, the JP hacks needed something to fill up their pages.




    But what the heck does THIS have anything to do with anything?

    .The church assembly criticized the building of a military base in Asia  –  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/05/27/christian-organization-assembly-tackles-rohingya-papua.html

    Oh, really?

    Which military base?

    Built by whom?

    In what country?

    • stupid_idiots_big
    • Not the merest scrap of background to explain the appearance of that bizarre sentence!

    Can’t blame the hack who penned it!

    He or she must have had some inkling as to what it referred to, otherwise why insert it?

    So who was the sub-editor who let it intrude as a meaningless pop-up amid matters totally unrelated to military bases in any continent?

    If it turns out to be a reference to Red China, which has been building aggressive military/naval outposts in the waters of other Asian countries, yes, that would be a worthwhile story.

    • Tibet_map
    • Beijing is also guilty of installing VAST military occupation forces in the country it invaded and has tormented for decades, namely Tibet. Was that the ‘military base’ (why only one, not all of them!?) the JP meant?
    • Tibetan+exile+Janphel+Yeshi+runs+as+he+is+engulfed+in+flames+after+he+set+himself+on+fire+during+a+protest+in+New+Delhi Tibet’s torment
    • If so, ‘twould be a welcome if belated indication that communism is recognised by that pathetic paper’s editors as a bad thing.


    burning booksgramedia

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


    But I doubt it – probably just the usual ineptitude we expect from the rag owned by the Gramedia book-burning magnates.  

  • ross1948 08:53 on December 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , John Keay, Last Post: End Of Empire In The Far East, , , Tibet   

    ‘Last Post: End Of Empire In The Far East’ – by John Keay 

    Last Post: The End Of Empire In The Far East


    Keay can’t be described as a big fan of  the British Empire, which did so much good wherever its bounds were set over palm and pine,  nor of the other Western colonial endeavours.
    But he is easy to read, gives much detail (not least on the Battle of Surabaya) and has a plethora of anecdotes – I particularly enjoyed his brief account of one old Shanghai flesh-pot!
    I’d only quarrel (very mildly) with the title.
    Given Red China’s grotesque imperialism in Tibet, it can hardly be said there has been any true end to empire in the Far East.  And he could have said a lot more about the cruel joke called the ‘Act of Free Choice’ in Papua, a terrible testament to the evil hypocrisy which is the United Nations.
    But he quickly defines his sphere of interest and if you have a long delay in the airport plus a few hours in the air, you’ll make short work of his compact history of decolonisation.
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