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  • ross1948 23:14 on August 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Dina Jazz? Windy? WOW! Sabun Colek, Penyanyi2 Dangdut Cantik2! 


    Wahid Yasim/Thamrin junction, site of the Djakarta Theater


    It was the venue that caught my attention, that old Djakarta Theater, so different now from the flea-pit which it used to be.  Nowadays it’s a fine cinema, multi-screened like all the ’21’ chain.

    But I miss the older version, not for its decrepitude but for the little friends I used to take there!

    However, this is not a nostalgia post but a happy story to round off our bloggy evening, about a young Javanese gal who has arisen to stardom from humble origins as a TKI in Hong Kong.

    •  Hasil gambar untuk tki

    TKIs are a favourite theme of mine, dauntless ladies who travel far from their kampungs to earn much-needed money in foreign parts. Some do well, but others sadly come to grief, exploited by evil rich swine, brutalised, raped and ripped-off.

    Nor are their troubles only visited on them by foreign fiends, but by nasty scum who work at airports here in Indonesia.

    Ayo, KPK. Drag the Airport Scum Out of the Shadows – String ‘Em Up! 

     Erwiana, one TKI who suffered badly.

    I’ve recounted many terrible tales, and leave it to you to look at the links to former posts on the subject.


    But this Vivanews report features a luckier lovely, part of a pair of dangdut singers, the duo Sabun Colek, pictured below, and her name now is Dina Jazz. The journos met up with Dina at that Djakarta Theater I used to frequent.

    She’s gorgeous, as you see, and so is her colleague, Windy  – what a splendid name!


    • sabun colek Dina jazz windy Dina and Windy – Sabun Colek


    As the report in puts it, she never expected her life to turn 180 degrees and become a public entertainer!  

    Dina had just gone along to a concert by the band Wali, in Hong Kong, and was spotted by their manager – not surprising, given her looks! – for her dynamic shimmying, and from there, it’s just snowballed. 

    Dina then officially became a dangdut singer and formed a duo called Sabun Colek with her friend, Windy Septia. The name means Soap Flick, apparently a reference to the kind of domestic chores she once did.

    Dangdut songstresses are almost all beautiful, and there are plenty of them, but the more the merrier.

    And it’s good to read of a TKI who has escaped drudgery to find fame!


    • Hani 17:06 on October 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You write some good things about Windy, so good to read that you care about our TKI girls.
      Thank you very much.
      I also read many other stories you write about Indonesia. i will continue to read your blog, it is interesting.


  • ross1948 18:07 on February 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Erwiana Verdict – Six Years Ain’t Enough for Rich-Bitch Law! 

    erwiana boss Law Wan-Tung


    This foul vixen Law inflicted endless torment on Erwiana, her Indonesian housemaid, but has been sentenced to a mere SIX years. Apparently the max is seven, so can’t criticise the court too much.

    But even so…


    erwiana demo

    • Too many of these stuck-up rich bitches maltreat little gals from Javanese villages and imagine their SO superior status will protect them from any consequences.

    Ten years would maybe have been enough. Plus a public flogging. 

    Let’s hope the convicts get her.

  • ross1948 20:23 on February 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    New Slogan for RoboVac – “Fire Your Lazy Malaysian Wife?” 

    My thanks to the readers, Ati and Santi, regular commenters both, who sent me this report.
    They know from past frequent postings that I sympathise with the little kampung girls who travel far from their Java villages to find work overseas, and this has incensed them, as it does me.
    According to KOMPAS.com, the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia has protested over an advert for a cleanng tool manufacturer, RoboVac, emblazoned with the words –
    “Fire Your Indonesian Maid Now!”
    Now the ad has disappeared from public view, though apparently it remained on display on social media.
    It’s hard to disagree with the view expressed in the Embassy’s protest note to the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that this is ‘insensitive and demeaning to Indonesia.’ 


    The ad got a response from hackers too.
    The official website of the company that advertises the product, RoboVac Malaysia, http://neatrobotcleaner.com.my, was inaccessible…(and still seems to be, when I checked today…)

    The site of Robovac, the Malaysian company, was colored black with a pitch for sympathy for Indonesian migrant workers, in English.
    “Warning !!!, Please be kind to our sisters, they have families, they have children, all of them need to be fed. Do not forget we the people of Indonesia will protect them.”   http://www.tribunnews.com/nasional/2015/02/05/hacker-serang-situs-malaysia-yang-tampilkan-iklan-pecat-pembantu-indonesia

    These TKIs do not deserve insults.

    They are very hard-working, and many suffer dreadfully at the hands of unscrupulous agents and employers.

    Erwiana OKE! Now PUNISH the Evil Bitch Guilty of Tormenting Her! 

    To be fair, pembantus, (domestic ‘helpers’) are sometimes subject to pretty mean treatment here at home as well as abroad.

    I’ve been on about it for years, and why not again today – my headline indicates my theme, the lazy cows who don’t go out to work, content to spend their husbands’ income swanning around malls and posh cafes all day with their similarly idle cronies.


    • couple_sharing_tea_time_victorian_style_wood_display_silhoue_8b1071a31
    • —————————
    • You can see them all over town, gliding to and fro, while some poor little lass struggles along behind them, doing what any decent mother should be glad to do – looking after the children. And when the nyonya goes home for a break from socialite status, she’s too stupid or idle to cook or clean up.
    • More toil for the poor wee maid!

    Hence my headline – if RoboVac wants to sell its machines, let it aim its ads at Malaysian husbands – fire your lazy Malaysian wife! 

    PS – there’s always somebody deliberately tries to misconstrue my argument, so I make it clear I’m not criticising couples who both go out to work. If they don’t have a handy grandma, they need hired help. I’m gunning for women who don’t work outside the home but won’t lift a finger indoors either!

  • ross1948 16:39 on February 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Erwiana OKE! Now PUNISH the Evil Bitch Guilty of Tormenting Her! 

    This combo shows an undated handout photograph provided by her family and released by Indonesia's Migrant Care on Jan 22, 2014, shows a recent undated image of Indonesian maid Erwiana Sulistyaningsih (left) and the same girl sitting in a wheelchair (right) at a hospital in the Indonesian city of Sragen on Jan 15, 2013, with injuries sustained after she was allegedly tortured by her employer. -- FILE PHOTO: AFP<br />

    Erwiana, before, and after being battered and brutalised, by a fiend in female form.

    We covered this months ago…

    Kasihan Erwiana – Another TKI Come to Grief 

    …and today we hear that the demoness, Law Wan Tung, who maltreated her has been found guilty.Warga Hong Kong Dinyatakan Bersalah Siksa TKI

     Law Wan Tung


    We must hope that the maximum penalty, life imprisonment, will be imposed.

    Now we are told Indonesia’s Government must do more to safeguard its TKIs, citizens working overseas, usually little kampung gals from Java and the other islands.

    Quite right.

    But just as important is the need to safeguard them here in Indonesia, from criminals who recruit them, ship them out, to agents and employers who abuse them.

    AND when they get home!

    All too often, corrupt swine rip them off at the airport.

    Ayo, KPK. Drag the Airport Scum Out of the Shadows – String ‘Em Up! 

    It’s GOT to stop..

  • ross1948 17:02 on November 8, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Siapa Bos PT Elkari Makmur Sentosa? 

    I do wonder why the Jakarta Post calls itself a newspaper?


    I understand it is owned by Gramedia, so won’t take any editorial stand against Nazi-style book-burning.

    But that sort of cowardice is one thing.


    What are we to make of its report on how the new Manpower Minister had to break into a workers’ boarding house this week?


     MinisteHanif Dakhiri


    It’s a good dramatic story, well-written, how the care-takers were loath to open up so Minister Hanif had to order his men to break in, only to discover over FORTY women iving in conditions which the JP describes as below those stipulated by the Manpower Ministry, for example, sharing only one toilet in the facility

    Now any newspaper worth its salt would have despatched journos hither and thither, to demand answers from the owners of said building – yeah?

    The women in the hostel? We’re not talking about ‘asylum’ parasites, undesirable aliens, but about INDONESIANS -fellow countrywomen of the staff and management of the JP, and presumably of the owners of that place!




    Serious reporters would find the company’s HQ, and camp out, making sure photos were taken of the boss or bosses, and plastering them all over their front pages, so everyone in Jakarta knows who to approach in the streets and shops and raise concerns. –

    The  quest for answers should not have been difficult, because the last words of the JP report were  …

    PT Elkari Makmur Sentosa.


    The address and phone number of PT Elkari Makmur Sentosa are easily located via Google – they even have a Facebook page!

    Hence I try to point the  JP journos towards their journalistic dut



    Questions to the boss of  PT  Elkari Makmur Sentosa

    1 Do you own the place?
    2 Did you know who was in charge?
    3 Did you know 43 migrant workers were living there?
    4 Did you know there was only one toilet?
    5 Are you aware of the regulations?

  • ross1948 21:12 on November 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    A Broken Butterfly – RIP Ningsih… 

     Having more than a few times expressed my concerns at what happens to those many young Indonesian girls who travel abroad to seek their ‘fortune’ – or at least the chance to live a more prosperous life than what’s available back in their Javanese kampungs – I was appalled to read about what happened to poor Ningsih, in Hong Kong.

    Murdered, her corpse left to decompose in a suitcase.

    What in God’s name can possess anyone to do this to anyone, let alone a pretty young girl?



    The confirmed Indonesian victim has been identified as 25-year-old Sumarti Ningsih, from Cilacap, Central Java. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/11/03/both-slain-women-hk-could-be-indonesian-govt.html

    Unlike many of the girls I’ve written about who come to grief overseas, Ningsih was apparently a bar-girl, a hooker.

    So? She was a prostitute? What the media now, for some reason, call a’ sex-worker?’ One sees them in every bar in Jakarta, some nice, some not so nice, and, like all the other kampung kids who come to the big city, seeking a path out of poverty. Indonesians call them kupu2 malam – night butterflies.  

    Her livelihood in no way lessens the magnitude of the crime against her,  the brutal way her life was snuffed out.

    RIP, Ningsih.


    • Euis 13:12 on November 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Now we are reading that the two of the dead women are from indonesia. It is very sad what happens to them.
      I agree with Ningsih’s father, the man who killed them must be executed. If she is my child, I will say the same like him.


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