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  • ross1948 11:27 on November 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    On Remembrance Day, Cruel Britannia Preys On Her Own! 

    It’s just gone 11am here in Jakarta, on November 11th, but not yet in the UK, where today there’ll be no massive crowds, as there were on Sunday last, to honour the heroes who served their country in every conflict.

    • CenotaphLondon_490
    • Instead, everyone, but especially those whose close kin bore arms or otherwise served, will tend to reflect on the sacrifices made, and what those who didn’t come home would make of what the country for which they fought has turned into.


    • cruel-britannia-tshirt_closeup
    • =====================
    • We see a land which persecutes the best and the bravest, for having simply done their duty to Queen and Country. We see a soldier, a para long since retired, detained like a common criminal for his alleged ‘role’ in the dispersing a rabble of participants in an unlawful assembly, on what only the disloyal really think of as ‘Bloody Sunday.’

    What Britain has become is so disgusting that even Peter Mandelson is shocked!

    • Blair receives Fenner Brockway medal Mandelson with B.Liar
    • Lord Mandelson, the former Northern Ireland secretary, said the authorities in the province should “think long and hard about the perhaps unforeseen consequences” of arrests, adding that peace in Ulster was “fragile” and there were dangers in anything that might “fire up tensions between different parts of the community.”


    • sinn Evil incarnate. McGuinness and Adams
    • He’s putting it mildly – what’s been firing up tensions, ever since the Bad Sunday Sell-Out by Blair, is how genuinely evil scum like Adams and McGuinness are free to do as they please, showered with the spoils of office, the latter swine even permitted to soil the hand of Her Majesty as an ‘honoured guest.’

    Meanwhile MPs and former military commanders demanded to know why former soldiers were being investigated for murder when so many former terrorists were released under the Good Friday Agreement.


    Which patriots back in The Old Country will launch the campaign to set the soldier free?

    • Kenneth Charles 12:18 on November 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I’ll sign any petition I can find against this man’s arrest. Let them arrest all the killers and bombers that Blair let out, and that’s as likely as an Orange parade through the Vatican!


    • Billy King 15:14 on November 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you, Ross.
      It’s an awful thing, that our government is going after our soldiers and letting all those IRA terrorists go free.


  • ross1948 22:46 on August 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Bad Signal,’ Corbyn? “I Condemn What Was Done by The British Army…” 

    Asked again if he condemned the IRA, Mr Corbyn responded: “Look I condemn what was done by the British Army as well as the other sides as well. What happened in Derry in 1972 [Bloody Sunday] was pretty devastating as well.”



    ‘Bloody Sunday?’  Millions of pounds have been wasted on that episode, the ridiculous ‘enquiry’ demanded by disloyals and grovellingly granted by Blair.




    Blair is morally no better than Corbyn in the way he legitimised the Blood Beast Adams and his comrade-in-terror McGuinness, who, recall, used weasel words when given the chance to tell the truth on his behaviour that day in Londonderry.

    And to be fair, Blair is not significantly worse than Cameron, who issued an ‘apology’ for the shootings. If the riotous rabble had not flouted the law by engaging in an illegal march, there’d have been no shooting- except, probably, by McGuninness and the like.

    Before the soldiers of Support Company went into the Bogside he was probably armed with a Thompson sub-machine gun, and though it is possible that he fired this weapon, there is insufficient evidence to make any finding on this…

    And that’s because IRA/ Sinn Fein do not tell the truth about their outrages!

    God Save The Queen – God Damn John Major! 

    Hell, Adams is still denying he was IN the IRA! Cast-Iron Calls Obama – Let’s Get Adams Off the Hook! 

    Hence the fatal flaws in the ‘enquiry,’ which resulted in bizarre conclusions like this –

    … we are sure that he did not engage in any activity that provided any of the soldiers with any justification for opening fire.

    They got no straight answers from McGuinness, but they’re SURE?

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big
    • Armed terror gang leaders running around the streets provide no justification for military action? 

    Asked a final time if he condemns the IRA, Mr Corbyn replied “I feel we will have to take this up later you know” before his phone cut out because of a bad signal.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/labour/11803090/Jeremy-Corbyn-could-undermine-Northern-Ireland-peace-process-if-he-becomes-Labour-leader-rival-claims.html

    Yeah, right!

  • ross1948 10:44 on July 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Corbyn Invited the Blood Beast to London? So Did Tony B.Liar! 

    Just getting ready to welcome today’s visitor, hence only a brief output ths fine Jakarta morning.
    So Jeremy Corbyn invited Blood Beast Adams to London in 1984?
    A disgusting thing to do, putting him on a moral par with Tony BLiar, who did the same some years later!
    Neither Corbyn nor BLiar, to be fair, were then aware of The Blood Beast’s rancid personal secret, that Sinn Fein/IRA poster-boy’s guilt in covering for a pedophile.
    Now they both do, and are still in a position to make their voices heard demanding prosecution, although so far as I know, neither Labour luminary has said a word on the subject.
    Nor have they commented – again as far as I know – on the report in the Express this week, about one of their parliamentary Labour Party colleagues –
    Police are looking into the claims about the Labour politician, who is still a senior Member of Parliament, which have been reported to officers by two fellow MPs. They include having boys delivered to his hotel room and carrying out depraved attacks on children in mental health hospitals.
    Will that case ever come to court?
    Will Adams’ case?
    I actually lived in the London Borough of Haringay when Corbyn was a councillor. In those days he looked like a hippy, but though the beard is still there, nowadays his flowing locks have been trimmed.
    Yet his marxist political rants seem not to have dimmed, either in tone or in content.
    What is it about these leftists that draws them, like moths to a flame, towards evil? Again, I’m not talking about his olden days, but his current links to organisations alleged to have connections to Hamas.
     Despite Jeremy’s gibbering and wriggling, he could not deny, confronted on Channel Four, that he’d referred to both Hamas and the other terrorist gang, Hezbollah, as ‘friends!

    But then why should we raise our eye-brows at Corbyn, when Cameron refuses to take any action against Hizbut Tahrir, nor even against the Muslim Brotherhood?  David Cameron pulls Muslim Brotherhood report – FT.com

    And as for Obama’s friends in CAIR,we already know enough about their loyalty to America! We know about their subversive notables, with all those terror links.


    As indeed do the Egyptians!


     David Cameron has made an eleventh-hour intervention to postpone the publication of a controversial report into the Muslim Brotherhood


  • ross1948 10:48 on March 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden’s Anti-Ulster Bigotry, UK Cops’ Vain Quest for Killers 

    Imagine if any US Vice-President told a coloured guest arriving at a state ceremony that ‘black isn’t welcome here?’ The shrilling would be endless, and the moron would probably be impeached.


    “If you’re wearing orange, you’re not welcome in here . . . only joking,” Mr Biden said, when he welcomed Eire’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny and his wife to a St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

    DUP MP William McCrea promptly called for an apology- “I appreciate the vice-president later said his ‘orange’ remark was a joke. I don’t see it as humorous in the manner it was said. When Northern Ireland is making such an effort to make St Patrick’s Day an inclusive celebration, Joe Biden’s comments were disgraceful and careless.”   http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/dup-seeks-biden-apology-over-orange-quip-31075599.html


    Rather than demand apologies from that fool Joe Biden, Ulster’s DUP should be pleased that the White House’s anti-British bias is out in the open.

    If Obama’s dimwit side-kick had wanted to show off his witty side, he could have brandished this photo of Kenny, taken not that long ago…


    …and asked if the Dublin leader had made sure he was defumigated before coming to America.

    While the leader of the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang may be an elected member of the Eire Dail (parliament) and have to be faced in the legislature regularly, what sort of politician would grin like a gibbon while in the embrace of Gerry Adams, that terrorist scumbag who covered for his sex-predator kinsman? 


    Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’ 

    But a much more significant story appears this week, about how British police are revisiting a series of Sinn Fein/IRA terrorist offences, committed by vermin to whom Bliar kindly donated his OTR ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ letters.


    Fine, but what happens if they’re caught and convicted?
    It was Blair, and the rest of the rotten UK political establishment, who decreed that IRA swine guilty of the foulest and most cowardly crimes should not only be unleashed but, in many cases, allowed to hold high office in stricken Ulster, where the heinous deeds were done.
    The same will happen all over again.
    Treason will prosper, British justice made a mockery and Ulster humiliated, all over again.
    It’s Blair should be put on trial! 


  • ross1948 01:12 on January 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Blair, Appeasement Personified, Favours ‘Force?’ 

    Ya gotta be kidding!

    • laughing
    • Tony Blair: force is necessary in struggle against radical Islam



    God save us from this double-talking charlatan.

    Blair Finally To Answer For Aiding and Abetting Terrorism? 

    What’s he gonna do, brandish ‘get-out-of-jail-free-cards’ at ISIS rapists, as he did with IRA/Sinn Fein vermin, those murderous terrorist traitors captained by his buddy Adams?

    It was  Blair’s Bad Friday Deal that rewarded savages for their atrocities, let them go unpunished, lets them even today seek to give equal status to a foreign flag to that which is the Union Jack’s by right.

    Calling All British Patriots – Defend the Red, White and Blue! 

    The former UK prime minister speaks at a Republican closed-door strategy session and also stresses importance of ‘global alliance to teach tolerance’

    Tolerance? We keep hearing about that word, but it is open-ended.

    Tolerance of what?

    Tolerance of propagandists for a code of laws that endorses polygamy, reducing women to second class citizen status?  




    Or that endorses sexist inheritance rules? Or  tells us whom we can satirise? Or decrees people may only convert out of a religion on pain of physical injury or death?

    That kind of nonsense should NOT be tolerated in any civilised country. Anyone who practises or preaches it should be deported, not tolerated.

    But what might we expect of Blair, who was instrumental in imposing the shameful regime in Ulster, which gives parity of esteem to traitors and patriots? 

  • ross1948 19:55 on January 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Blair Finally To Answer For Aiding and Abetting Terrorism? 

    Tony Blair has finally agreed to be questioned about a controversial scheme that was devised to reassure IRA suspects “on the run” that they were no longer wanted by police.





    The former prime minister had been accused of being “extremely disrespectful” for appearing to dodge requests to appear before a committee of MPs investigating the scheme.’ The Times

    I couldn’t give a monkey’s if the committee feels dissed. If they felt strongly enough, they could have ordered the lying toe-rag to testify, surely, about his sicko collaboration with Adam’s murder-gang.

    The people Bliar has REALLY disrespected are the loved ones of the decent British folk who fell prey to the terror campaign waged by Tony’s little pals in Sinn Fein/IRA.


    RAT-facebook Sinn Fein on the run


    Those traitor scum murdered and maimed, and went on the run. Their victims’ families were kept in the dark about the ‘get-out-of-jail free’ cards handed out by Downing Street. British Soldiers Murdered, British Justice Trampled – Blair Exposed! 

    Blair should be interrogated, yes, but not only by an MPs’ committee. He should be hauked to New Scotland Yard and grilled for his part in aiding and abetting the escape of cowardly killers.


  • ross1948 00:01 on December 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Before An Empire’s Eyes – B.liar Cowers! 

    1. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    2. “Tony Blair has repeatedly attempted to duck out of an inquiry into the ‘comfort letters’ sent to IRA fugitives by claiming that his ‘commitments’ will make an appearance ‘challenging’.



    I met murder on the way – he said his name was Gerry A !!!!


    The Northern Ireland affairs committee has spent more than six months attempting to question Mr Blair over secret deals that he made with Sinn Fein.” Daily Mail

    ‘Commitments???? ‘ 



    To whom?

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