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    Toronto Prof And Scots Tory Targetted By Language Vandals 

    One of my least favourite UK politicians is the current Leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

    Not so much because she’s a lesbian – as we see in Germany’s AFD, a lesbian can be patriotic and talk sense – but because the Scottish woman is essentially a liberal, not a conservative at all.


    Gambar terkait



    Yet today I must speak up in her defence, after some drivel made its way onto The Independent’s pages this month, from a very weird individual, named Yas Necati, attacking Davidson because, for all her wayward views, she can still talk like a normal person. –

    Ruth Davidson’s solution to the current mess that is our Government is that the party needs to “get over its current nervous breakdown” – and I quote word for word – “and man up a little bit.”


    What’s the uptight wacko on about?

    Oh, it’s ‘Man Up!’

    I guess Davidson’s solution to those struggling with child benefit, coming to terms with being sexually assaulted or at risk of being deported might just be to “man up” as well?

    Good grief.

    So a phrase the meaning of which is effective in communication, is perfectly clear, and which is in common use throughout the English-speaking world. must be abhorred because some abnormal would prefer us to say ‘Person Up!’ – as if by using the normal-talk phrase we are affronting women?

    BTW, I don’t use ‘abnormal’ lightly to describe Nutjob Necati. A paragraph about her/his/its/their background is attached by The Independent, viz.

    Yas Necati is an apprentice at The Independent and the London Evening Standard. They previously worked as a campaigner… 

     WHAT?    ‘is?’  ‘they?’  ‘a?’

    Something far wrong there – singular verbs and a plural subject? A suggestion of split personality? Schizo? Who knows?

    But it gets even more demented, a deranged shrill shriek against Davidson for – wait for it…

    …her reference to the Conservative Party having a “nervous breakdown.”

    I don’t even really know where to start with this. Is she implying that mentally illness makes you incompetent? Is she saying that in order to get over mental health issues we all need to simply “man up”? Is she suggesting that someone having a nervous breakdown is unfit to continue with their job?

    I don’t know if Davidson is implying or suggesting any of those things, but given what we know about nervous breakdowns…

    Hasil gambar untuk nervous breakdown

    Nervous (or mental) breakdown is a term used to describe  a period of intense mental distress. During this period, you’re unable to function in your everyday life…. 


    ….they probably DO impair competence!

    So at least suspension from one’s work duties might well be a sensible step to take if a nervous breakdown is under way.

    The way far-left sexual misfits are trying to force us into their own bizarre PC vocabulary is of course not unique to this ‘person.’ ( I’d say man or woman but that’s impossible, because I don’t  – and possibly it doesn’t! – know!)

    We have the scandalous situation at Toronto University, where a perfectly competent professor faces possible dismissal because he won’t be bullied by transgender freaks into using ‘gender-neutral’ pronouns.


    Gambar kisah untuk ‘I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to postmodernist neo-Marxists’ dari Spectator.co.uk

    Professor Peterson

    ‘I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to postmodernist neo-Marxists’ 


    Under a new law  (Bill C-16) in Turdostan, cretinous Canadian college bosses may indeed be entitled to fire Professor Jordan Peterson, but to his great credit he’s not budging.

    Jordan Peterson and the transgender wars

    But back to Nutjob, whose final paragraphs expose the essential purpose behind its ranting against Ruth Davidson.  .

    …I suppose she feels she can say whatever she wants, because she’s a woman and she’s queer, and therefore in her eyes she’s not like those other party members.



    Ms Davidson DARES to think that she can say whatever she wants?

    Not in Necati’s Gaystapoid Brave New World, she can’t!


    Needless to say, I was intrigued that such an alien life-form exists, and evidently flourishes, in the UK media.

    A look at Yaz Necati’s previous yammerings seemed in order, and I found another example, also in The Independent, in which it complains bitterly that in a Google ad, there is a gay nuclear family. No queer people of colour, no drag kings, no polyamorous relationships. 


    God forbid!

    How distressing for freakos around the world!

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      I heard about the professors troubles with those freaks.
      Toronto as a city is an embarassment to every Canadian who remembers how great it once was and now its university is too.
      Why wont somebody suggest kicking out the freako students and not the professor?


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      The freaks should pipe down.
      Trannies hate it if we think or even more if we say they need to be given a chance to recover their normality, but they don’t think twice about telling us how we may use our own English language. They should be told we have no interest in their impertinence.

      All this ‘ablist’ rubbish too, there’s nobody normal who doesn;t feel sorry for people with physical handicaps, but why should we change phrases and idioms that are part of our everyday way of speaking because some disabled people are touchy.
      What’s worse is the insane attitude I’ve read about among some of the handicapped, deaf parents who want to have their children’s hearing deliberately crippled so they can’t hear properly although they were born normal.
      There’s something very sick about parents like that.


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      I have no idea about the woman in Scotland but what has been going on in Toronto is just crazy. That’s what happens when you get a leader like Justin Trudeau elected into power.
      We envy the USA where their leader stands up to the crazies and uses English in the same way normal people do.


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    Appeal For Info – When Were The UK Tories Castrated? 

    Living in the UK during Mrs. Thatcher’s era, of course I took an interest in politics and I very distinctly remember watching tv reports on the party conferences.

    I found the Tory Party’s annual get-together annoying, because although the grass-roots members DID have the right to debate and vote on the motions…


    Gambar terkait


    …their right actually to propose motions was carefully controlled by the party establishment.



    If my memory serves me well – which it usually does – the members were given a one-off special treat each year, a ballot that allowed them to choose ONE motion, out of maybe a dozen or so, that THEY wanted to debate.

    If they were so ungrateful as to indicate a preference for a motion not to the in-crowd’s taste…


    Hasil gambar untuk conservative central office smith square

    Tory Central Office, Smith Square, London


    …the stuck-ups who ran Conservative Central Office ( appointed, not elected )  would swing into strong-arm mode, going around each branch delegation, bullying or cajoling them into voting AGAINST the motion they themselves had voted to debate.


    The supine character of rank-and-file Tories was such that the bigwigs never failed. But at least there was a hazy commitment to let Conservative members have some say in their own party.



    Times have changed.

    Or so it seems, if a pro-democracy Conservative reformer is to be believed – and I certainly believe him.

    “This calamity arose because just a few people drafted the manifesto. Oh, for the days of the party conferences when we had motions for debate, and a vote at the end of them,” he said. Activists at Conservative Conference have opportunities to address the auditorium but there are no votes on policy motions.


    NO VOTES!?!

    Can any of the remaining REAL conservatives in that once-great party tell me when the act of political castration occurred?

    Gambar terkait

    When was democracy excised from its deliberations?

    NOW I understand what Theresa May meant when she declared that, notwithstanding her position as Conservative Party leader…



    ….her own allegiance was to the ‘liberal democratic values’ she shares with the EuroCommissars.

    PS – If you are an honest Tory, which must qualify you for ‘protected species’ status, here’s a link to that brave dissenter’s group.

    Campaign for Conservative Democracy

    • John Cramford 20:38 on October 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Not sure when it happened but what you say is true, Tories have no trace of democracy within their party
      Probably one of Cameron’s ‘reforms’ which made so many of us quit.


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      I just got round to reading the news here and you will be pleased to hear that Jacob Rees-Mogg said much the same as you, in less startling language, about the lack of democracy in the Conservative Party.
      He compares their conferences to a North Korean rally.

      I have been thinking that he is just what the Tories need and after May’s speech telling all her party colleagues to act as her echo chamber on Brexit, I think that way even more.


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    Kensington Tories! Don’t Lie Back, Just Think Of England! 

    This Wednesday, the Tory members of Chelsea and Kensington’s beleaguered council will face a challenge…

    …to bow down to pro-crimmigrant agitators or to vote against a call for Turn-Coat Theresa – ( see –May Cops Out – A Grenfell Crimmigrant Amnesty!  ) – to go even further than the outrageous ‘temporary 12-month immigration ‘amnesty’ for illegals flushed out by the Grenfell Fire.


    All the usual suspects are piling in, people like Nick Harvey, spokesman for the notorious ‘Doctors of the World,’



    Harvey tells us that lawless aliens “seem to have gone under the radar.”

    No doubt any residents of the affected property  wanted for rape, or murder, or other crimes, are also staying ‘under the radar,’ because if they surfaced they’d be arrested and prosecuted and face punishment for their criminal activity.

    Would Harvey want an amnesty for them too?

    We have made this point before!

    So If You Commit Murder, Then Your House Burns Down..? 




    The criminal class surely includes illegal immigrants, especially if they have been leeching off the public purse by occupying public housing…

    …which is meant to be used for honest Brits in need of accommodation..

    It’s scandalous such wasters are getting a free pass, for 12 months of any amount of time, but in Kensington’s borough HQ we have this interesting person…


    Cllr Robert Thompson





    Robert Thompson


    …socialist councillor Robert Thompson,  who bleats emotively that –

    He is trying to use such bleeding-heart hogwash to embarrass the Conservative majority on the Kensington Council, if they’re mugs enough to let him.

    Thompson has told the Observer:

    “It’s a motion that will put the Tory group at odds with their own government but it is something that they should do…



    Comrade Thompson is clearly pro-crimmigrant, but tries to put a rational gloss on his leftist prejudice with seemingly defensible arguments.

    …you are potentially losing the number of eyewitnesses that could be there…

    Curious contrast there, with the rabid Guardian hack who objected to too much info getting out…

    Guardian Garbage – Grenfell’s About How UK ‘Fails Migrants!’ 

    … but …

    Get real!

    Illegal immigrants are ipso facto dishonest.

    They are inveterate liars. If they were honest, they’d have applied for visas or work permits or whatever, as honourable people do when wishing to enter somebody else’s country.

    What possible value would their testimony contribute to any enquiry?

    But Thompson’s real reasoning is clearer with this other quote.

    …it’s about making sure that people are able to access the provisions that the government has put in place…”


    Illegals accessing tax-paid provisions?


    I hope the Tories on Wednesday have the backbone to stand up and tell Thompson and his fellow-reds that there are quite enough crimmigrants in Britain with their snouts dug deep in tax-funded troughs.

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    Brits Making Holiday Plans? This Summer Try Shipley! 

    Most Brits may have already booked their summer holidays this year but many may not have.

    Many of those may also be patriots and should give serious thought to spending a week or so in sunny Shipley, Yorks., ideally a week in the second half of May or the beginnig of June.


    • Hasil gambar untuk shipley yorkshire


    No, there are no beaches, though I believe the countryside is pleasant enough.

    But what’s on offer is door-to-door recreation, canvassing, leafletting, anything that can assist the sound-thinking Tory ( it’s rare these days to couple that adjective with that noun!) Philip Davies.



    He’s a dashed fine chap, has even made it into our blog previously   Bring Back Hanging? UK MPs Prepare to Snub the People – AGAIN!  and is facing a challenge from a Guardian bint named Sophie Walker.



    Standing as an ‘anti-sexist,’ she’s not likely to win a lot of votes on her own merits and she knows it!

    So she’s doing her stern-faced best to put together a coalition, with the Greens already shimmying in behind her and the LibDems also busily contemplating giving her their support too.

    UKIP have shown a bit of civic responsibility by standing down to help Davies fight off the shrill feminist.

    She would, in my opinion, have a much better chance if she were to be transported through the streets of the the Yorkshire town on the back of a lorry, garbed in similar manner to one of our Indonesian dangdut songstresses, say Roro Fitria…


    Roro Fitria


    ...because then she’d get lots of male votes, in addition to those of the sort of dull, drab dames whose lack of humour will probably lead them to accuse me too of sexism!

    However, this slightly frivolous focus on Shipley is merely a wake-up call to patriots, needful due to that grim harpy Gina Miller…


    Hasil gambar untuk gina miller enemy of the people


    …the Anti-Brexit Ass who’s so coy about her background but who revels in her elevation into an object of adoration by the UK’s forces of darkness.

    Sworn to thwart the people’s will, she has now turned her driven energies to tactical voting strategies, aiming to oust patriots by swinging all Remoaner votes behind the candidates most likely to beat pro-Brexit men and women in June’s election.

    Rather than write a lot more on this, I’m appending part of a rather good piece sent out by the Freedom Association.

    Let me know if you agree with its author’s approach.

    Gina Miller and the Remoaners may sound like a pop group, but they are actually a heavily-funded group intent on thwarting the expressed wish of the British people to leave the EU. Jonathan Isaby, editor of the excellent Brexit Central, did a grand job of exposing Miller on Channel 4 News. Despite her loud complaints about receiving abuse from Brexiteers, Miller took to Twitter to make a disgusting personal attack on Jonathan. What a truly loathsome, hypocritical and anti-democratic woman she is!
    Bankrolled, inevitably, by Richard Branson, Miller has set up the laughingly named ‘Best for Britain’ to try to target pro-Brexit candidates at the general election. The name may be laughable, but the intention is not; Miller and Branson are intent on keeping Britain in the EU at all costs.
    It is imperative that those of us who support Brexit do all that we can to assist MPs under threat from these Eurofanatics.
    Philip Hollobone and Jonathan Bullock have shown the way in Kettering, but Ukip deserves plaudits for also agreeing not to stand against Conor Burns, Christopher Chope and Stewart Jackson. It looks as though Philip Davies, David Nuttall and Kate Hoey will also not face Ukip candidates.
    If, like me, you want to stop Miller, Blair and Branson from reversing Brexit, please do your utmost to help pro-Brexit candidates who are under threat.
    Below, I have listed six Brexiteers worthy of your support.
    Just click on their names for contact details etc. I shall add half a dozen more names every week.
    1. DAVID NUTTALL (Conservative), Bury North, defending a 2015 Conservative majority of 378.
    2. PHILIP DAVIES (Conservative), Shipley, defending a 2015 Conservative majority of 9,624.
    3. NICK DE BOIS (Conservative), Enfield North, seeking to overturn a 2015 Labour majority of 1,086.
    4. MARIA CAULFIELD (Conservative), Lewes, defending a 2015 Conservative majority of 1,083.
    5. PAUL SCULLY (Conservative), Sutton and Cheam, defending a 2015 Conservative majority of 3,921.
    6. KATE HOEY (Labour), Vauxhall, defending a 2015 Labour majority of 12,708.


    End of extract

    So what do you think?  

    But here’s a little extra idea I want to suggest.


    Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe

    That abominable Europhiliac Tory woman with rather a coarse gob on her, Anna Soubry, won Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire last time round. 

    Conservative  24,163  45.2

    Labour            19,876  37.2

    UKIP                5,674 10.6

    If it’s true that, in the Midlands and northwards, UKIP got much of its support from Labour, might UKIP see fit to skip this contest next month?

    Let Labour back in? Why not? Better an overt pinko than a she-wolf in sheep’s clothing! 

    Soubry represents all that’s worst about the Cameron/May party. Getting her out would deprive May of back-up should she try a Brexit sell-out.

    • Sherwood Forrest 18:27 on May 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You do well to pin-point Anna Soubry as one who deserves to be defeated.
      In Nottinghamshire we have a few we’d like to see the back of, but that old fool Ken Clarke has too many deadwood Tories who would vote for a monkey in a blue collar.
      Soubry is beatable however and I will go there to help whoever is opposing her.
      Here’s a link I have been sent by leave.Eu, and it has some good ideas too. http://www.leave.eu/support-local-brexit-candidate/?


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    Singing The Brussels Blues? – 

    Another visitor due to arrive any minute, so the breakfast puzzle will soon be resolved. Bacon and egg…or fried rice!

    The sun is shining out there, so I approach the day in positive mood.


    EU - referendum vote


    A group of Conservative MPs have formed a band which could specialise in anti-EU tunes.  Eurosceptics set sights on Eurovision

    With so much downright appalling news to watch, read and listen to, I suppose something light-hearted is always welcome.

    But I wonder if they’ll sing the songs that Britons once delighted in, like White Cliffs of Dover, or better still Land of Hope and Glory, which I seem to remember the Tories erased from their conference agenda decades ago because it was too patriotic.





    If only Cameron could be erased so easily from the political scene in The Old Country!

    Anyway, I promised to give a mention to the other Anti-EUSSR campaign group in the UK, and here it is.

    Vote Leave was launched just over a week ago. It’s got a lot of big names, and some big money.


    Vote LeaveVote Leave video


    I am not even going to try to choose between Vote Leave and Leave.EU. to which I provided info and link yesterday.

    Update on Get Britain OUT! Sign Up for Leave.EU! 

    The important  thing is for everyone who believes in freedom to get organised and GET BRITAIN OUT!

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    Injuns and Inebriation – What’s Racist About The Truth? 

    Liberal MP Joyce Murray and the First Nations Drum newspaper are both apologizing after publishing an ad in which Murray congratulated aboriginal high school graduates and seemingly referred to sobriety as a key to success.

    So what should the exhortation be?

    Should the ad have echoed Men Behaving Badly’s Gary, when he roared down the phone at his long-suffering girl (waiting at home with the stale casseroule dinner she’d cooked)


    ‘Let’s get pissed and go to a disco?


    Should Murray have offered that advice to the graduates?

    The newspaper advert’s wise words would equally have been applicable to my generation of graduates, many of us, WASPs to a man ( except for some Paddies and Poles) having partied with a zeal that amazed others then and ourselves now, when we try to repeat those feats of folly!

    • Nobody in their right mind can possibly quibble with the sentiment embedded in the ad, not least when we consider that Red Indians are reliably reported to have a problem with fire-water quite disproportionate to the rest of the people of Canada.

    VICTORIA — Alcohol-related deaths among First Nations in B.C. are a staggering five times higher than for other British Columbians, says a prominent First Nations doctor, who argues aboriginal leaders need to start working on an alcohol strategy to save lives First Nations must find ways to curb alcohol use: MD

    Is that information out of date, or just unfashionable?

    Yet Murray has been busily grovelling ever since the newspaper was published.

    Nor, it seems, are the Tories any better than the Liberals.




    A spokeswoman for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt wrote in an email to CBC News that the ad was “unacceptable and offensive.”      https://ca.news.yahoo.com/joyce-murray-first-nation-newspaper-205947727.html

    What a crock!

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    I heard Enoch Powell speak, more than once. Back in 1968, I was one of thousands who marched in protest at his dismissal from the Shadow Cabinet by that effete organ-fiddler Heath.

    I once had the honour to shake his hand. That was after a meeting where I had asked him to leave the Tories and start a new party for patriots. I suppose we could have called it UKIP!

    enoch-powell-was-right-national-front-union-jack1 He was right, although not about everything.

    I also attended his memorial service at Westminster.

    It was therefore with no small degree of fury that I read of the attempt by some prattling mitred twat to smear his name with unsubstantiated allegations of ‘satanist sex activity.’

    I don’t expect much of the modern churches, as a rule. We had that rotten priest in Ulster, describing Gerry Adams as ‘a man sent by God.’ A murder-gang-leader? Who covered for a child-molestor?


    Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’ 

    Yet the vile old swine who praised the fiend was not at once excommunicated. Nor was he denied his church’s funeral rites when he died and went to whichever fiery place awaited him.

    Neither is Adams excommunicated, which exposes the Catholic Church on the Emerald Isle as spiritually bankrupt, a moral midden.

    Nor is the Church of England notably more respectable, as long as it harbours dastards like that bishop who defamed a dead statesman, a man still idolised by millions.

    But I held my fire – it would not be long before the episcopal slander was rebutted by those with a wider circulation than I.

    Sure enough, Simon Heffer in the Mail has demolished the pusillanimous prelate’s smear-mongering, quite finely. If you have not read the rebuttal, there’s the link at the foot of our page. It’s top-notch.


    And more, because, once again, the BBC is outed as an agency of leftist lies, though in this case they were so utterly mendacious that they had to issue a humiliating apology. 

    In 1998, just after Enoch died, the BBC broadcast a programme in which they railed at Enoch for his hypocrisy. They said this scourge of mass immigration had visited the West Indies in 1953 to recruit black labour for the NHS.

    I was told of the story before the programme was broadcast and informed its researcher that Enoch had never been to the West Indies in his life. I was told, effectively, that I was lying, and it was broadcast.


    The allegations are a monstrous lie. That the lie appears to have been retailed by a priest is beyond contempt, writes Simon Heffer

    A black clergywoman, then resident in London, talked at length of Enoch having recruited her as a nurse. The story was rubbish.

    Detailed investigation by the BBC complaints department found that the woman had been recruited after a visit to her island by Jack Profumo, not Enoch Powell at all, and the Corporation was forced to make a grovelling on-air apology in peak time. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3017219/SIMON-HEFFER-allegations-against-Enoch-Powell-monstrous-lie-contempt.html


    The same BBC which declared itself neutral while British servicemen and women were fighting and dying in the Falkland War.

    The same BBC which cooks the books on immigration. Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 

    The same BBC which cast its charter to the winds by acting as Harold Wilson’s Pravda during the Rhodesian sell-out.

    Harold Wilson used the BBC World Service to promulgate false information about Ian Smith. A letter in the PRO from the Rhodesia Ministerial Committee to the Prime Minister advised that Ian Smith should be portrayed as a weak unreliable figure. Note that the BBC’s World Service, although fully financed by the government, is subject to the same “public service” conditions as the Home Services…




    ….Another letter from the Commonwealth office dated 25th May 1967 refers to a request by the PM to be shown fresh guidance before it was sent to the BBC. The official said; “I am afraid this guidance has gone; in accordance with our usual practice it was given orally and confidentially to the Head of their African Service. It was suggested to the BBC, we should continue as in the past to make Mr Smith appear incapable of making up his own mind. He should be portrayed as evasive, weak and vacillating. Full agreement was reached with the BBC and the guidance has already been reflected in the content of broadcasts.”…-

    • propaganda2

    This campaign went on for two years. A letter from the BBC to the Civil Service asks for permission to discontinue the campaign because of staffing problems. The BBC man in charge, presumably responsible for continuously breaking his obligations under the Royal Charter, was being promoted.

    These letters are probably the only official documents available which prove without any doubt that the BBC has been used by the government of the day to broadcast government propaganda. Stop BBC Bias – BBC Charter Review


    Why has that nest of traitors not been de-licensed? Or better still sent packing to Brussels, which subsidises their treasom today? 

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    ‘Sleaziest, Most Disreputable’ Media in the World? Britain’s! 

     Nothing like an objective and impartial headline, in the best traditions of British journalism. And that’s certainly what The Independent offered us last week, with this gem – 

    Ukip is the sleaziest and most disreputable party in Britain, voters say


    The ‘newspaper’ then provided us with the results of a survey which suggests many voters are amnesiac, if the lapses of one or two UKIP personalities in financial matters make them deem that party more worthy of disrepute than the mammoth  – and (slowly) continuing  – scandal of cover-up by all the main parties of sex-predators like Cyril Smith MP.

    Smith appears to have been a foul fat queer who used his Liberal Party positions of power to slake his thirst for under-age sex. Revolting.

    But MUCH more revolting was, and is, the failure by the political establishment to root out and expose, both to public contempt and to police action, all those complicit in facilitating, by censorship and suppression, his vile molestations of defenceless children.


    And of course the media must have got wind of it long ago, just as they knew and hid from public contempt the queer Tom Driberg, MP, who was infamously perverted, yet allowed to win and hold onto the Chairmanship of the Labour Party. And the Tory Party’s dirty linen is yet to be fully laundered too. Top Tory is linked to child porn stash  Express.co.uk21 Mar 2015

    Compared to all that, UKIP is squeaky-clean. And one’s main consolation is that Russians were subjected to immersion in this kind of ‘reporting’ by the communist media monopoly for seventy years but retained their ability, mostly, to see through the web of deceit.


    • liberal-media-bias
    • It’s all about what the media feed to their readers. Pederasty concealed till the perps are safely dead, their surviving political collaborators’ names held back till the election is safely over. Or whenever!

    Hence my second link today, about what is going on in the British General Election campaign, the orchestrated print war against the only party for decades that has broken the mould and challenged the corrupt and cosy cultural marxist consensus of what issues may be put before the electorate and how any such issue must be handled.

    …there seems little reason to doubt that the party-political establishment is still happily working with its friends in the respectable media…                           http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/why-isnt-farage-entitled-to-a-bit-of-privacy-too/16805#.VRX5KfmUc5I .

    The author of that piece is no right-winger, but he’s honest- though I wish he could have put those essential inverted commas around the word respectable! 

    Respectable media would not give a platform to elite snobs like Camilla Long and Matthew Parris, who are not content to attack UKIP’s policies and candidates but slur entire communities of decent British folk.



    elite arrogance-s

    I refer to the pampered grandbrat of a Tory peer, who defamed the constituency of Thanet as “bilious”, “grubby” and “a small nodule of erupted spleen..” UKIP Leader slams Tory paper attack on Thanet  And to Parris’ infamous stuck-up insults to another English town which had the temerity to vote UKIP. Message to Matthew Parris – Get Stuffed! 


    UKIP has faults.

    It has expelled or otherwise punished good candidates for no good reason, like referring to poofters as perverts, which they are, and as ‘poofters,’ which is what normal people usually call them.

    And Farage’s back-pedalling after his sensible call for an end to the stalinoid ‘discrimination’ laws is not the only reason  I worry if his party can deliver on its promise to give Britons back their heritage of freedom.


    But what else is on offer?






    • Eddie Richard 16:14 on March 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You name Long and Parris, but you missed another one, a horror from Scotland called O’Loughlin, who was in the Guardian last weekend. Political commentary from ‘a restaurant critic.’
      Never eat anywhere she recommends!
      To compare her with Pravda would be an insult to the commies. It’s more like something out of Der Volkischer Beobachter, that Julius Streicher published, real gutter press.
      It’s her snobbery that’s the worst part, she doesn’t really like the town where Farage is a candidate (Thanet) because the town people prefer fried egg sandwiches to ‘lobster rolls.’
      If she was just joking, she’d be a great comedian but she really means it. And she has a really mean streak.

      The UK media are all-out to smash UKIP, but that is now so obvious that it’s bound to rebound.
      Like you, I’m not a UKIP member but will be voting for them, mostly just because of the dirty media campaign against them.


  • ross1948 20:38 on February 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , Tories, ,   

    SF/IRA Role In Forming Government Is Bad? You Rotten Tory Hypocrites! 




    So Labour denies the story that they’re plotting with Sinn Fein.   http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/regional/labour-sinn-fein-deal-claim-rubbish

    Maybe so, maybe not?

    But what about the Tories?

    What possible right have they to wax indignant about the possibility of IRA vermn like Adams or McGuinness playing a part in the formation of a United Kingdom Government?

    They have done nothing at all to undo the iniquitous deal by which loyal British Ulsterfolk are forced to allow IRA/Sinn Fein traitors to play a part, an integral part, in the government of a part, an integral part, of the very same United Kingdom. 


    Terrorist killer talks to lying hypocrite


    Cameron forced Her Majesty the Queen to shake hands with the swine who murdered her uncle, Lord Mountbatten. His predecessor John Major, deliberately deceived the House of Commons on the scheming his lackeys were engaged in with the selfsame murder gang.

    It ill becomes any Conservative to criticise anyone else for doing business with terror.


  • ross1948 22:04 on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Charles Walker MP, , , , Tories, , ,   

    ‘Cynical, Corrosive, Pernicious?’ A Tory Nobody Wails At UKIP! 

    Just how many of you Brit readers have ever heard of Charles Walker?

    I ask, because the Daily Mail has given this nonentity a huge nunber of column inches to spew forth venom against UKIP, in the most mindless terms, viz.

     It’s time to stop dancing to cynical Ukip’s corrosive, pernicious tune!


    Wailing Walker


    Turns out this fool Walker is the vice chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee! WOW! Most UK voters probably haven’t even heard of that distinguished body, and for good reason, if Walker’s vacuous tripe is anything to go by. 

    His rant does make you think that all those left-lib jibes at the Tories for being ‘The Stupid Party’  have some substance – Walker blames his poor candidate for his party’s failure in Rochester

    ...we chose to bang on about immigration and its impact on public services.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2845832/It-s-time-stop-dancing-cynical-Ukip-s-corrosive-pernicious-tune-says-vice-chairman-Tory-backbench-1922-Committee.html


    Who chose, Walker?

    That little gal your party put up against Mark Reckless didn’t publish anything without approval from Tory Central Office, and they’d not give her a green light without Cast-Iron’s say-so.





    Yes, the Tory by-election campaign did include immigration.

    But unfortunately it must have escaped somebody’s notice that DC has been in Number Ten for some time and immigration has not (as promised) been brought under control – thanks to DC’s slavish obeisance to Brussels, Britain is now subject to Roma infestation and people HAVE noticed that.  

    And there’s all those illegals, so-called ‘asylum’-seekers, who have just wandered off across the realm, because  the authorities don’t sling ’em in a cell under lock and key till their flimsy cases are examined and determined.




    Also the folly of past Conservative ( and Labour) Governments in admitting people whose allegiance is to an alien supranational ideology has been highlighted by the vermin legion, Jihad John and the other scum.

    UKIP’s tune is hardly pernicious, nor corrosive. It sounds, to most Brits, more like Land of Hope and Glory. The glory may take a while to restore, but at least UKIP offers hope. 




    And that song, please note, was once part and parcel of every Conservative Party Conference – till Walker’s turncoat predecessors had it discontinued.

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap.




    NOBODY trusts the Tories on immigration, nor on much else, anymore.

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