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  • ross1948 20:25 on October 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    In Turdistan, A Renegade Tory Takes On Two Brave Women! 

    “I don’t agree with the decision,” Mayor Tory said in a press release. “I’m disappointed in the Toronto Public Library’s decision to allow this talk to go ahead on its property.”


    Image result for john tory


    I don’t know if Tory still calls himself a Tory but whatever else he may be, he is utterly Un-Canadian in his pro-homo posturing – he was I think the first Toronto mayor to mince along on the “Pride Pervert Parade” which annually disgraces that once grand city. 

    Stop Toronto’s Gross ‘Gay’ Indecency! 

    Toronto Teachers – “Hands Off Naked Buggers Parading in Public!” 

    The man is more than happy to have that parade taint Toronto, but no such forbearance is extended to those who hold views at variance with his own vile and narrow ideology – gaystapo intolerance has eaten into him so deeply that he has donned the jackboot which characterises their agenda.



    His rant against free speech was one of many rabidly censorious responses to the rather courageous decision by a lady named Vickery Bowles, Toronto’s City Librarian, to stand up to a deviant chorus demanding that free speech be disallowed.

    =Image result for vickery bowles


    It’s all about a feminist named Meghan Murphy, who herself has shown courage,  as a ‘leading voice against aspects of the advancement of transgender rights, which she and others view as infringing on the rights of women and girls. 


    Meghan Murphy.jpg

    Meghan Murphy


    In the past, Murphy has argued that “‘allowing men to identify as women undermines women’s rights and that transgender women should not be allowed in women’s spaces..according to the CBC.” – Click here to listen to the CBC Radio interview.

    The lass is only defending obvious realities!



    The article in LSN highlights the numbskull mentality of the CBC bint who interviewed Ms. Bowles.

    “The purpose of this … wasn’t an educational session, was it? This is someone who says that these rights should not exist, is that not the case?”

    “It’s a discussion,” insisted Bowles. “It’s part of a civil discourse that people are having in the larger community about gender identity.”  

    The CBC interviewer then registered disbelief that there two legitimate sides in the discussion about transgender rights:

    “If you have somebody within that discussion who denies that these rights should exist … is that really a side? Or is that denying somebody their rights?”  

    CBC clearly harbours as many foes of free speech as the BBC.

    Distraught Deviants Seek To Silence Critics!


    Bowles’s answer is brilliant, but you’ll need to use this link to read it. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/controversy-erupts-after-toronto-library-refuses-to-ban-speaker-critical-of-transgender-rights

    But the sheer pro-freak prejudice of the CBC twit shines through always.

    The CBC interviewer asked Bowles how she thought a trans person would feel sitting in the room with this panel discussion. 

    For Heaven’s Sakes!

    Who gives a sh-t!

    We have to sit in our living-rooms and suffer imbecilic levels of broadcast bias almost every day.  We can switch off, or go into the kitchen and find something to eat, or (here in Jakarta)…


    …go out front and sunbathe! 


    If a trans-freak didn’t like what it heard, it could walk out, or burst into tears, or stamp it’s little pink-velvet-slippered foot. 

    Or, best option of all, it could go get therapy and become normal.

    Vickery Bowles has principles, far more than anyone with the CBC for sure.

    She would likely not approve of me for expressing myself as I have just done, nor would Meghan Murphy, but that’s how many people surely feel and we have as much right to say so as anyone else.

    But in gaystapoid Canada, whether The Turd wins today’s election or not, we’d face not only persecution but prosecution too.

    PS   – and don’t forget to sign the petition  we just posted about!


    • Amanda Adams 21:17 on October 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful words to read, Ross!
      I am not Canadian but the intolerance of these pro-perverts is the mirror image of what we see and hear in Britain and all over the world.
      They need to be counter-attacked by whatever means works.


    • Arnold 22:22 on October 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This is the freedom our parents and grandparents went to war for? They are turning in their graves for certain.
      These gaystapo politicians like John Tory make me want to throw up. He’s a lawyer of course but even so, has he no sense of right or wrong?
      Even voting Turdo out won’t be enough to bring the country back to how great it once was. I’m not sure anything will.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 22:35 on October 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      As often you are, Ross, you are on the side of the angels on the free speech issue, and that ‘Tory’ is so very very wrong.
      It is shocking that in Canada people are trying to shut down a debate like that.
      But as often you do, Ross, you go in far too hard with your comments about ‘trannies’ because while it would be good if they could be brought back to the ‘gender’ (sex) they were born, what good does it do to call them freaks?
      I know you told me once that you like to use shock therapy to wake people up, but I told you then that I think you can sometimes be counter-productive.


      • Sarah Cassidy 00:25 on October 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        On the contrary, Jim, it’s refreshing to hear plain ralk.
        In Canada, as Ross says, the police will swoop in if some queer says his feelings have been hurt.
        We don”t have free speech anymore!


  • ross1948 15:12 on July 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    BSA in USA Confirms What Bullied Lithuanian DJ Had To Say! 

    Lithuania is way out east, bang on the border with Putin’s Russia, and it has a substantial Russian minority within its boundaries too. The small country spent decades as part and parcel of the Soviet Union, after the Hitler/Stalin pact, its people crushed and much of its land colonised by settlers from the occupying power.

    So one might expect to see a headline along the lines of Lithuania Grapples With Russian Expansionism, or maybe Lithuania Grapples With Fifth Column Threat.

    Instead, EUOBs emblazoned its columns with this absurdity..

    Lithuania Grapples With Homophobia!

    Grappling with anything homo is an abhorrent prospect, but we need to read the drivel before casting it aside. And it transpires that the Baltic republic has recently started discussing its attitudes towards homosexuality, in what remains a novelty for a country ranked among the most homophobic in the EU.

    Hmmm…pity about that northern climate.

    It sounds like a civilised sanctuary if creeping shariah ever claims my current country of residence!


    devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm Gaystapo hovers over Lithuania


    But rest assured, moves are afoot to dislodge decency as a factor in Lithuanians’ approach to life.

    While data shows that attitudes remain largely the same, many agree that the debates are proof that a change may be coming, albeit slowly.

    So the gaystapo agenda is not progressing to the satisfaction of the pinko media? Perhaps because the populace grasps the menace quite clearly.… discussions were largely sparked by Lithuanian DJ Ten Walls (Marijus Adomaitis) who recently equated homosexuals with paedophiles.     https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/129197


    • gay_inquisition_500_web_001


    Why else are the militant queers so eager to impose ‘gay’ adoption rights, and inject their propaganda into school curricula? That agenda is well-advanced in many Western countries, notably Canada….

    Mississauga School Menace – Devious Deviant Delights in Deceit! 

    Ontario Indoctrination Plot – Teaching Tots WHAT? 

    …but Eastern Europe, which suffered communist indoctrination for years, has built up resistance to brain-washing

    Poor Walls has of course been bullied into an apology, after pro-homo festival organisers took to cancelling his shows to teach him that free speech is not so free after all.


    But note, the EUObs report owns up – it was not Lithuanians, mostly, who did the bullying, but only after his unremarkable comment caught the intention of international media.

    And the international media’s dance-master is the American MSM, that ‘main-stream media’ utterly hostile to traditional values, in the USA and everywhere, including little Lithuania. The hacks are gaystapo cheer-leaders and the gaystapo will stop at nothing to get their clammy paws on kids.

    They’ve just won a huge victory in America, the surrender of the Boy Scouts of America – queers may now take charge of BSA summer camps, etc., and yet…

    …immediately after the vote, activists were already screaming that the new policy was still too restrictive. They have vowed to continue to apply pressure and possible legal action if church-sponsored troops refuse to allow homosexual leaders.




    These foul people are beside themselves, raging against any barrier to stop them getting at their prey.

    Attorney Richard Mathews, who served as legal counsel for the Boy Scouts of America for 11 years and national general counsel for the last three years, has authored a legal memorandum explaining the litigation risk that churches will undertake by continuing to charter BSA units or starting new ones. That legal memo is available in PDF form here.

    But although the overall ban on ‘gays’ was upheld by the Supreme Court only a few years ago, the judicial coup against democracy this month suggests no protection for youngsters is guaranteed from that quarter.

    No need to ask why the gaystapo want to gain power over scouts. Depravity is insatiable.

    All the media stuff about how they are just nice regular guys who happen to have a predilection for buggering each other?


    MorlockPredators and Child Molestors

    Here’s a photo, decently cropped, from the Toronto ‘Pride’ day not long ago. How regular is that filthy freak on the left? Nor was it arrested. Those Toronto queers are neither ‘nice’ nor ‘regular guys’ in any sense of the words at all.

    • queer toronto

    But in the USA, AFA is fighting back as best they can.  


    The BSA has made its decision; now make yours by taking these immediate actions:

    1. If you are in scouting, or have a son or grandson in scouting, show your convictions by resigning from the organization. Your dropped membership will send a strong message that your values are steadfast, faithful and unchangeable.

    2. If your church charters a scouting unit, contact the pastor and scouting committee members. Urge the church to drop the charter based on the truth of God’s word and Christian values.

    3. Find an alternative to the BSA. AFA strongly recommends the Christian-based Trail Life USA program.



  • ross1948 12:07 on June 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Banyak Pesepeda Bugil Segera Datang ke Jakarta? 

    It’s hard to decide which is more ridiculous.

    The very concept of a World Naked Bike Ride..


    Expelling a male participant following reports that he had an erection.

    Just what do the organisers expect to happen if a bloke finds himself surrounded by naked women, all of whom must have been slightly deranged but some of whom were probably attractive?

    The WNBR was staged in Canterbury, Kent, on Sunday, the ostensible purpose being to raise awareness of the dangers faced by cyclists on the road.

    Here’s a statement from an eye-witness  “Everyone was taking their clothes off to get ready for the ride. I heard gasps and I turned around – it was a horrible sight.”

    But I suspect that among the dozens of naked bodies on display there must have been many other horrible sights.


    While sylph-like lasses displaying their charms for all to see may not be intolerable – and there are bars and clubs galore for those prepared to tolerate such sights…

    Penyari Bugil Kanada – Bare-Naked in a Good Cause? 

    … most of us, once past forty, are best advised to keep our bare essentials to ourselves – that’s not a moral judgement but an aesthetic one.


    “It looked like he was enjoying the event a bit too much.”

    I dare say.

    But the real culprits are the idiots who use their purported concern for road safety as an excuse for gross exhibitionism – like ride organiser Barry Freeman: “We do not accept this behaviour and he was dealt with and removed before the ride started.”


    Duh, engage brain, Barry – if you’re serious about promoting cycling safety, there’s absolutely no need to trivialise the issue by showing off tons of bare bums, etc.

    Or if you are desperate to get naked, hire a private race-track for the final lap, and have the participants decently swim-suited on the public highway till that final lap.

    And as in Toronto (see posts on their pervert parade Stop Toronto’s Gross ‘Gay’ Indecency! ) British Police apparently no longer deem indecent exposure to be an offence. 

    Officers took the man’s details but no further action will be taken. 


    • ……………..

    Another complaint from the member of the public that the event was allowed to take place was being “dealt with..generally speaking, nudity in public is not an offence where there is no intention to cause harassment, alarm and distress and therefore Kent Police did not have any grounds to stop the event.”   


    So some dork can walk down a busy English High Street, full of shopping families, and do so bollock-naked unless cops find cast-iron evidence he is out to cause alarm?


    • stupid_idiots_big
    • Well, that’s what Toronto’s Finest think, so why not in Kent, UK, also?
    • =======================

    According to this utterly amazing report, WNBR events are held in cities and towns around the world.

    I look forward to Jakarta’s.

    • ————
    • P
    • ————————–

    Our traffic jams here are already among the world’s worst.

    A bunch of yummy chicks without clothes, pedalling fast and furious, should ensure total grid-lock!

    PS – I cannot find any Jakarta event scheduled. I’m sure readers will advise if they hear of one.

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