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  • ross1948 20:09 on October 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    It’s Time To Bust The Fop’s Fake Brexit! 

    So now it’s on and let’s call it what it is!



    I make no apologies for likening the December election to the Biblical battle between Good and Evil.

    The Remain parties are motivated by anti-democratic arrogance and contempt for the British people.



    Johnson’s Tories are arguably more meretricious, those who endorse his dirty deal trying to tell the UK electorate that it restores independence…



    ….when it leaves our best and bravest…

    …hog-tied to appease their ancestral enemies.

    Johnson plays fast and loose with truths and leaves Brits little choice but..

    The Brexit Party!

    Indeed, there are other parties which are definitively clear in their support for a clean break…


    Nigel Farage


    …but when all’s said and done, Nigel Farage and his candidates are far and away the team that can score enough votes to make a difference.



    • Petra Malley 21:01 on October 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      100% agreed!


    • Fiona 21:12 on October 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We have had a meeting here, our weekly discussion on what to do next and now we have to organise for the election in December.
      All of us have washed our hands of the Tories and most of us are for the Brexit Party.
      Armageddon is a fair description of what lies ahead.
      I am not Catholic but St. Ignatius Loyola’s words about how in a righteous war we must be ready ‘to fight and not to heed the wounds’ are so true..
      It will be hard going but I believe we will win.
      Thanks for staying the course.


  • ross1948 11:01 on March 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    May’s Malevolent Mafia Stomps Party Democracy! 

    All the prattle we have heard from Theresa The Appeaser about how she’s standing up to the Brussels Empire vanishes like snow off a dry stane dyke in springtime…



    …once we read how her Central Office lick-spittle lackeys have been ordered into action to defend Enemy Within Tory M.Ps.

    LeaveEU have just exposed the slimy tactics adopted by Central Office and local collabos…



    … and we may rest assured none of these dirty tricks would be in play without May’s approval and authority.

    When the Commons votes this week, voting that could precipitate her downfall, feel not the slightest sympathy for the Remainer in Number Ten!


    Dear Supporter, 
    Conservative Campaign Headquarters are desperate. The launch last week of our AGM drive within our wider deselection campaign received a sensational response. No confidence motions against sitting pro-Remain MPs have been filling local association letterboxes across the land.

    Knowing that if allowed onto the agenda, the majority of these motions would pass at general meetings taking place this month, CCHQ is using underhand tactics to reject proposals. The party machine is exposing its despotic hierarchy, which is completely misaligned with the grassroots.

    In Dominic Grieve’s Beaconsfield seat, John Strafford, chairman of the grassroots Campaign for Conservative Democracy, had his motion rejected on the grounds his membership had lapsed. Mr Strafford had not been sent a renewal notice in January as he has for each of the past 56 years. In sneakily and not so subtly neglecting to ask him to pay his annual fees, CCHQ timed out Strafford’s membership, rendering his no-confidence motion void.
    Industrious deselection campaigners in Bracknell, Eurofanatic Phillip Lee’s constituency, have discovered that the Party Director General has drafted suspicious new guidance, issued to association chairman trying to find a way of invalidating no-confidence motions.

    The new rules have given collaborating local party chairmen all the excuse they need to reject letters sent in over the past two weeks. Any motion tabled later than 21 days before the annual meeting will not make it onto the agenda we’re now told. Bizarre, since the Party constitution states notice of annual general meetings must also be given at least 21 days prior.

    How on earth are members supposed to get their motions in if they don’t know when the annual meeting is even happening? Under the guidance, as soon as they’re informed, it’s automatically too late to add items to the agenda. This is the type of political engineering comrade Stalin would have been proud of. Red stars all round.

    The isolated upper echelons can only stem the tide for so long. We’ve received thousands of emails from outraged activists agitating for their anti-Brexit MPs to be shoved out. They have the party constitution on their side. It cannot be subverted by new made-up rules, it’s also very clear on how to call a special general meeting via a petition of 50 signatures – usually less – in order to table a motion of no confidence. We encourage you to find out more on our deselection page.

    Nevertheless, AGMs still represent an immense opportunity to humiliate CCHQ’s accomplices. Comically, the Beaconsfield association has allowed a motion “expressing its full confidence in the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP” to make its way onto the agenda. Strafford suggests the motion be moved to replace “its full” with “no”.

    So if you’re a Tory Party Member sick to the teeth with your MP’s obstructionist antics, get down to your upcoming general meeting (find dates and locations here) and pile on the pressure. It will also be a great opportunity to get momentum going behind a deselection campaign via an SGM.

    As always, we’re looking for participants. Remember, you need to have been a member of the Conservative Party for at least three months in a seat represented by a pro-Remain Tory MP. If those two criteria apply to you and you haven’t volunteered already, drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


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