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  • ross1948 11:30 on December 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Renaming ‘Quidditch?’ Maybe ‘Wokockey?’ 

    Some of you may never have been aware of a “sport…popular at universities including Cambridge and Bristol…a real-life version of a magical game played on flying broomsticks…’



    She has nothing to do with today’s story.

    But it jogged my memory, of a day the offspring and I went to see some Harry Potter movie, ages ago.

    But as for playing ‘quidditch,’ It had never crossed my mind!

    Now, reading this…

    Quidditch organisations have announced that they will be changing the name of the sport to “distance” themselves from JK Rowling, the game’s creator, over her views….

    Not her views on baking cakes, or Brexit, or tattoos, or SNP Scottish separatism, oh no!


    No humble, nor even high-profile, issues match the power of the transfreak lobby!



    How utterly sad that grown men and women are so ignorant and/or shallow?

    Any suggestions for the new name?

    How about Wokockey?

  • ross1948 22:54 on March 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    A Trans-Freak Jest? CDU’s AKK OK After All? 

    What an exhilirating outbreak of sanity!

    I mean the German CDU chair’s thoroughly enjoyable joke about tranny-freaks, saying that the “latte macchiato faction” has “installed third-gender bathrooms” in cafés. She goes on to say that gender-neutral bathrooms are “for the men who can’t decide if they want to sit or stand when they pee.”


    Frau Annegret attracted applause from her immediate audience, but boy (girl?thing?) ! –  is she ever catching hell from all the fans of freakery, not least the near-traumatised Klaus Lederer, Berlin’s pro-perv deputy mayor, who thought her merry jest a ‘tragedy…’

      ( is he normal, BTW?)

    …as well another far-left Linke leader Dietmar Bartsch but also the so-called ‘centrist’ Free Democrats and even organised perverts within her own party, an arrogant band of aberrants called. ..  

    Lesben und Schwulen

    , …who are demanding an ‘apology from the CDU politician..’

    For what?

    Telling it like it is?

    Recognising that  ‘men’ who think they’re women are risible?

    Whether we should all now retreat from our initial suspicious stance…

    Just Another Mini-Mama? AKK Ain’t OK! 

    AKK: Merkel by other means
    ‘’  Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
    .– after all, she was Mama Stasi Merkel’s chosen heir –  


    ..and start hoping she might be better than Merkel ( a leprous camel would be better than Merkel, admittedly) all depends on what she does in response to the moaning maladjusts and their shrill supporters.

    If she apologises, backtracks, beats a retreat, expresses due regret for the crime of possessing a wholesome sense of humour, then she will forfeit the respect which her joke earned.

    If she tells the PC rat-pack to sod off, and continues cracking jokes at the expense of creeps who deliberately opt for an abnormal life-style, then who knows?

    AKK could be OK!

    • Joe Spicer 08:23 on March 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very few leftists have any true sense of humor.


    • Jerry Jerman 12:51 on March 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She makes a good joke but she would make no difference to Merkel madness, she is like a clone, except the wittiness.


  • ross1948 18:43 on February 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    I am not exactly a cheer-leader for Tommy Robinson, though when he was victimised I lent support.



    But the discriminatory way much of the media treats him annoys me, most notably how hacks and hackettes almost ALWAYS include reference to his previous convictions, no matter that such petty crimes may be absolutely  irrelevant to whatever TR story is in the news.

    Yet when other well-known persons have a record, the same constant yammering is not heard.


    Gambar terkait

    Guilty! But French Foe of Britain’s Freedom Walks Free! 

    That globalist extraordinaire is handed microphones time and again, with no criminality ‘heath warning’ before she gets to lecture the world.

    Lagarde is bad enough but what about somebody who is genuinely a menace to our country ( or rather countries!) like Soros…



    … when that meddler-monster features in those same media, rarely is his conviction mentioned.

    Even here on my blog, where both blogger and readers detest the man, I pen anti-Soros output at least once a week, but when was the last time I referred to his guilt, that was clearly established in a French court of law?

    Yet Tommy Robinson is forever belaboured about his previous offences – why?

    Because, whatever else he may be, he is a patriot.

    And didn’t he do a good job this past weekend, getting thousands of other patriots to gather at the BBC and protest against its biased programmes and bigoted hirelings, like that scumbag Sweeney…


    Sinn Fein/IRA’s Murder McGuinness


    …who was caught boasting that his idol is the late terrorist traitor, Martin ‘Murder’ McGuinness – aah,but Sweeney apologised, so the BBC is okay with that.

    I have yet to watch Panodrama, because I’m on vacation and otherwise focused. You can, I’m told,  get it easily via YouTube if you haven’t yet enjoyed the revelations.


    John Sweeney.
    John Sweeney.jpg

    Big fan of Sinn Fein/IRA terror boss McGuinness
    But BBC never tires of using him!

    However, reading the BBC’s report on the anti-Beeb demo ( after wading through the verbiage on TR’s convictions!) I was surprised to read that their hack Sweeney also made ‘homophobic’ remarks, also captured for posterity.


    We know that the BBC is so over-run by sexual maladjusts that they had to instal pervaloos, at great cost to the UK public…

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers! 

    …and that the infestation is nothing new – even in the Sixties, the hallowed broadcasting institution was commonly called the Bum Boys’ Club.

    So if Sweeney made remarks deemed rude to homos, he is, after all, lucky to have a job still.

    Meanwhile we must look forward to more and more protests against the Enemy Within.

    bbc propag

    It’s long overdue their despicable Anti-British bias be  confronted!

  • ross1948 21:15 on November 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    RT Screws Up The Brexit News! 

    RT, aka Russia Today, gives its readers a better and fairer round-up of the news…=

    Gambar terkait

    Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition! 

    …than fake-news sources like CNN or the British BBC and other European state broadcasting channels..


    …which coerce tax-payers into subsidising their liberal/leftist propaganda.

    RT often puts on tv shows that incense me, but also many I applaud.

    That’s more genuine balance than you ever get from France24 or Deutsche Welle.

    Honest Report On Berlin Jew-Haters? TRY RT, NOT DW! 

    Yesterday, however, I got home to find an RT report about a very odd ‘pastor’ whose appearance (in both senses) has raised many questions and provoked some ire.

    If you are interested, you may use the link and read all about it.


     But that’s not the sort of trivial pursuit I have time or inclination to ponder.


    IT’S THE R.T. HEADLINE that stoked my indignation.

    From Star Wars to Newsnight? BBC admits pro-Brexit pastor is also paid actor (VIDEO)



    But the individual concerned was NOT ‘pro-Brexit.’

    RT itself admits that the person defended May’s dirty deal with the devils of Brussels, which holds out the prospect of indefinite…




    …..endless submission to the EUSSR, with any bid for deliverance subject to an ECJ veto.


    evil judge

    That’s a mockery of what the UK’s 2016 referendum was all about.



    I suspect that, whichever RT scribbler wrote the report, he or she is not only ignorant of what Brexit truly means but also what being’conservative’ truly means, because the final lines include this bizarre assertion that the “pastor’s”  political beliefs seem to be both genuinely held and staunchly conservative, given her support for Theresa May.

    NOBODY ‘staunchly conservative’ can be even slightly in support of Theresa the Appeaser, not only on the issue of sovereignty,but also onBritish tradition values, against which her vile programme of indoctrination…

    Forget Guy Fawkes – Make It St. Theresa Of Transgendria

     …is no less than a declaration of cultural marxist war.

    RT ought to know better.

    • Jemmy Wells 09:28 on December 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And now she has lost ANOTHER of her ministers?
      How long before she is dragged out of 10 Downing Street?
      May is a traitor to Brexit.


  • ross1948 16:07 on September 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Now Accurate Anatomy Is Hate-Speech! 

    Incredible the vitriol spewed out by trans-freaks and their far-left fans against those who plastered the stickers around Liverpool.

    Hate speech or truth? ‘Women don’t have penises’ stickers scattered across Liverpool beach

    It seems that even a simple statement of the obvious these days is cause for offence and is judged to ‘hate-speech.’

    Zuckwit with his ideological catamite

    Mind you, when we look at all the other truths that can – shock horror – lead to ejection from Zuckwit’s Facebook…

    Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!

    Islamist pig revels in brutality at Cikeusik


    …or even land those who speak the truth in court, it’s no surprise that stating a fundamental fact of human anatomy is now deemed a hateful act.

    Sad really…

  • ross1948 03:24 on March 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A Reminder – Keep Targetting Target – Stop Molestation! 

    Since it’s a Sunday, less politics, more morality.

    And therefore a reminder about AFA’s admirable campaign against Target, where…


    Hasil gambar untuk boycott target


    dozens of women and children have been victimized by male predators inside Target stores.

    Keep the commitment to no longer shop at Target if you are one of the 1.5 million who have signed the pledge.

    Sign the #BoycottTarget pledge, if you haven’t already.

    Encourage family and friends to sign the pledge, too, as boycott numbers climb over 1.5 million.

    Voice your concerns on Target’s Facebook page.

    Call Target to politely let its executives know you’ve signed the #BoycottTarget pledge—Guest Relations, (800) 440-0680, option 1, then 1 again.


  • ross1948 17:27 on February 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    We Shouldn’t Laugh At Sad Freaks…But Sometimes…! 

    Transgender ‘Girl’ Saddened and Shocked That Straight Boys Aren’t Interested in Her


    That’s the headline and the link to a story that made me smile, even on Thursday morning last week when I was struggling to overcome the after-effects of an excellent party!

    Imagine any normal guy, unless blind, or blind-drunk, showing any interest in a ghastly tranny…

    …except, perhaps, the same sort of horrified fascination that drew our Victorian ancestors to those ‘freak shows’ that were often part of travelling circuses in those days.


    Gambar terkait


    Yet the article reports some sad freak named ‘Clare’ lamenting that –

    “Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts.”

    Ya don’t say, ‘Clare!’

    A bit of advice. Before you make the irreversible error of having some nut-doc cut off those awkward ‘male parts,’ why don’t you do what any and every individual as maladjusted as you are, SHOULD do.

    Seek treatment for your mental malady, not your dangly bits!

    • Richard of Tanglin 20:26 on February 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your ‘blind or blind-drunk’ words should be a warning to tourist men who visit Singapore.
      The lady-boys here can be extremely bewitching and there have been many stories of foreign men getting a nasty shock after picking up a lovely ‘girl’ in a famous mall on Orchard Road! ;


  • ross1948 13:19 on October 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Sweden Ministry Working On Cure For Trannies? 

    The Swedish government has ordered the Public Health Authority to carry out an in depth study into the living conditions and mental health of transgender people.


    That headline offered a brief, but sadly illusory hope that at last some government somewhere had stopped appeasing the ‘trans-power’ freak-show which has just ‘achieved’ another triumph over sanity with the UK census now refusing to ask people what sex they are!


    Yeah, seriously, fact again sacrificed on the PC altar.

    But closer inspection reveals that, while there’s a recognition by Swedish authorities that mental illness is widespread among transgender people in Sweden…

    .,.the dumbos are not engaged in curing the poor sad things of their maladjusted delusion that, despite possessing sexual organs that are clearly male or female, the Swedes are pandering to their pathetic whim that they themselves are not correspondingly male or female,

    The thing is, it’s not that long ago, there as elsewhere, that the authorities recognised that the wretches were off their tranny trolleys..Sweden to stop calling transgender people ‘mentally ill’

    No scientific justification was ever put forward for waving a dictionary wand over sexual aberration and at once calling it acceptable…


    Gambar terkait


    …any more than when the World Health Organisation in October to remove the transsexualism classification from the chapter on mental illness in its diagnostic guide.



    It was a purely political, ideological shift, so no wonder, I guess, that Sweden, a country with something like a death-wish…

    Multi -Cult Hell – Alien Ingrates Run Amok in Sweden 

    Death-Threat Imam Undeported, As Sweden Sinks In a Shariah Swamp 

    …has quickly embraced the hogwash WHO diktat.

    One of these days, sanity will prevail again, but I fear there will be terrible turmoil before that happens.



  • ross1948 03:06 on February 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Sessions OK! An Appeal All Americans Should Support! 

    American Family Association
    Here’s an appeal just in from AFA, which I simply pass on for good people to support!
    Attorney General Sessions needs to hear from you

    Thursday, February 16, 2017



    In August, Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas blocked President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directive. The Obama Administration appealed that decision to the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans.

    The good news is that, over the weekend, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice withdrew the appellate motion filed by the Obama administration.

    This means that Judge O’Connor’s ruling will likely stand. This is a victory for our children’s safety and the rule of law.

    Thank Attorney General Sessions for this action to protect our children’s privacy and safety.

    Related to this radical attempt by the Obama administration is the retail chain Target’s decision last April. Target announced it was allowing men who felt like women into female restrooms and changing facilities. Target’s policy undermines the privacy and safety of women and children. Men don’t belong in the same changing area as women.

    For this reason, AFA launched the #BoycottTarget campaign which has been immensely successful by garnering nearly 1.5 million signatures of individuals who will no longer be shopping at Target until they reverse this misguided policy.

    This recent action by the Department of Justice sends a signal that policies like Target’s should not be pushed on American families, much less America’s children. The #BoycottTarget movement is making a difference.

    We must let Attorney General Sessions know that we appreciate his department’s actions.

    Your effort in signing this petition will not go unnoticed. We must speak up if we are going to protect our children.


    Thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for withdrawing from President Obama’s transgender bathroom directive.



  • ross1948 22:34 on January 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    For Pity’s Sake, UKIP, Stop Grovelling! 

    That MEP defection does indicate a need closely to peruse the motives and backgrounds of UKIP candidates.

    I have a feeling Cast-Iron Cameron may soon enough have cause to regret his ready embrace of Amjad Bashir, but the recent ‘purging’ of the Essex man simply for upsetting poofters (by calling them exactly that) suggests there’s amnesia high up in the party.

    • ————————-

    Have they forgotten that they surged not just because of the EUSSR but because British people are sick and tired of PC intolerance?

    Free speech has been progressively stamped out by ‘progressives,’ the left-lib elite who run all three establishment parties.  And that intolerance is poisoning UKIP too, as Matthew Richardson’s pathetic grovelling confirms.

    He’s one of Farage’s right-hand men, and UKIP party secretary. He should be replaced by somebody with a bit more backbone, after his ridiculous ‘apology’ to ‘trans-sexual’ freaks. He merely described them as ‘she-males.’

    Which is what they are.

    And he told some sensible Americans that the NHS should not help people who needed gender reassignment surgery. 


    For a start, they don’t NEED anything of the sort.

    People with cancer or TB or arthritis etc. NEED treatment, and deserve to get it. No resources should be wasted on making freaks feel good about their maladjusted personas. If some charity wants to give them psychological counselling to cure their maladjustment, okay.

    But not on the tax-payers’ tab.

    • british money
    • Health services, like all services, work on limited funding. Pandering to trannies by snipping off their bits and pieces is a disgraceful waste of money. If you ask normal people, likely the vast majority would agree.

    But not Richardson, not these days. Now he has u-turned quite despicably. His views on trans people had changed, he whined to the media. “That kind of thing is not acceptable. I had forgotten that I had said that, and I am horrified 6 years later that I did.” 



    Next he’ll be telling us that ‘discrimination’ against such creatures is wrong, that if a boss wants to hire a secretary and has two candidates, a cute gal and a repulsive stubbly bloke in drag and lipstick, whose typing skills are better, the boss should be prosecuted if he employs the girl!

    One expects PC inquisitions from the Green Party, where an outbreak of common-sense was zapped promptly and the sinner forced to repent in similar terms.  

    All he’d said was “Imagine that some people regard themselves within themselves as disabled, as missing a limb,” he wrote, suggesting that people should not be “forced” to recognise transwomen as women.

    “Are disabled people obliged to regard those people as already part of the disabled community? I would suggest: obviously not.”   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/rupert-read-green-party-candidate-apologises-for-offending-transgender-people-9997956.html

    Plain common sense, clearly inadmissible in Green circles.

    But people expect a defence of traditional values from UKIP.

    If Farage’s team continue to let down decent folk, they may find support will disappear, like snow off a dry stone wall in springtime, when it’s time for votes to be cast.

    • Freddy G. Scouser 14:17 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Too right, mate, a lot of us are fed up with Farage’s trying to make nice with the Guardian, the Independent, the BBC, when he has to know all of them will hate us regardless.
      Richardson had the balls to tell the truth six years ago. At what point since then was he castrated?
      And by who?


    • Madge G 14:24 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      As a UKIP family, we all agree with you. We have put in a huge amount of hard work for the party but it’s depressing to read that Richardson’s so out of touch with the grass-roots. I am emailing Nigel Farage to say so but I wonder if he still listens to the likes of us.
      It’s all spin for him since he got the scent of power.
      It stinks!


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