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    “And The Band Played….” 

     “…believe It If You Like…”


    Or so Brits say when they hear a tall story…

    I’m only being fair when I append the report below, because I have often ..

    ( as recently as last week..School Pronoun Cr-p? Skip It! Tories Won’t Lift A Finger! 

    .….although many a time prior to that,  too)

    ….questioned the ‘conservative’ bona fides of Sunak’s ( or any) Tory government.


    Rishi Sunak has pledged to publish new guidance on gender issues for the summer term after a report from a centre-right thinktank found some schools are not informing parents when a child questions their identity…https://news.sky.com/video/gender-pm-rishi-sunak-said-he-was-very-concerned-over-reports-of-children-changing-gender-in-school-without-their-parents-knowing-12845686






    No, not really, because…



    ‘..guidelines…’ are only that, a .general advisory within which….


    earthworms, worms


    …wily woke-worms will find plenty of room to wriggle…





    Sunak is ignoring the reality that evil ideologies do not percolate out of systems or imported pamphlets by themselves, or by magic.

    They are facilitated by bad ‘teachers,”of whom, sadly…

    …we are all well aware.

    TranStasi Schooling – UK Court To Rule?

    .Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 


    So what needs to be done is identify every ‘teacher’ who has been actively disregarding the legal and moral duty to report children’s delusory behaviour immediately to parents…




    …and FIRE them!


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      This nickname you attached to Johnson, Jellyfish? ‘ It applies to every Tory MP if they won’t tell Sunak to order the dismissal of every ‘teacher’ who complied with a mentally ill child’s demand to conceal their illness from their parents.
      This sums up the problem.
      In a sane society, people do not pretend to magically transform into the other sex (and yes, there are only two categories of reproductive sex for humans), nor do we allow people to dictate their “preferred pronouns.” Sexual identity is set at birth, and barring medical anomalies or a doctor’s faulty vision, that is our actual sex until we die. At least that was the case until recently when the justifiably mentally ill and the radical Left (and those categories often overlap) demanded that we play along with their twisted game of make-believe and agree that men and women can somehow scientifically “transition” to the other sex.

      Original Article: https://nworeport.me/2023/03/28/transgenderism-remains-a-mental-illness/


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    No Arrests? “Rehome” Kids With “Queer-Friendly Adult?” 

    Whatever next?

    On September 27th, various media reported on a group eager to…


    … help gender-confused students leave their families and “rehome” them with a new “queer-friendly adult.”

    Best thing to do with that lot?

    Or maybe…

    Or maybe…


    • Hasil gambar untuk tarring and feathering
    • Tarring and feathering has a lot to be said for It!

    • This pack of degenerates, in the not so distant past before The Dawn of The Dotard…

    • Is The Dotard declaring for a free-for-all?

      Has BBC Covered Biden’s Under-Age Gender-Bender Agenda?

       President For All The Freaks!

    • …would surely have been collared by the cops.

    • Instead, the Pride Liberation Project…

    • (which also says it can give money to students who run away and hide from their parents)

    • ..called on 12,000 high schoolers to walk out of class in protest against a policy reform that would bar educators from hiding children’s “gender transitions” from parents….  READ

    • Read the whole story…

    • …and take action.

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      Borrow an idea from the Islamists.
      Stoning is easy to organize.


    • Mike N 14:34 on October 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Up against a wall with predators.


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    Yale Used To Be Respected! 

    No Comment Needed?

    Many were furious when a video went viral depicting Dr. Christy Olezeski, who co-founded the Yale Pediatric Gender Program, saying she helps children as young as three with their medical “gender journeys.”

    The director of Yale’s “gender program” said in the video that she and her staff work with “gender-expansive individuals 3 to 25 and their families.”

    After a day of public outcry, Yale hid the online video.  READ


    Yeah, comment needed!

    Bad enough what was said, and what’s being done to children –


    – but then for Yale to engage in cover-up?


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      Yale is as bad as Harvard.
      We have lost most of our universities to enemy control and it’s going to be hard work to take them back.


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    ‘Child Protection’ Or Child Abuse! Fight TransStapo Evil! 

    We have covered some distressing cases of cruel courts…



    …and asinine authorities pandering to deluded children’s aspirations to interfere with sexual reality.

    • I offer you another example today.

    Chicago Mother Forced to Give Up Custody of Child Because She Denies She Is Transgender

    What is being done in such cases is not just wrong….but evil!

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    Mass Resistance Reminds Us – Big Biz Is The Enemy! 

    Mass Resistance continues to do an excellent job.

    I pass on a chunk of their latest and hope many more good people will flock to their banner of resistance!

    Texas MassResistance activists up against Corporate America – fighting to pass important “Save James” legislation at the State House.
    Goal: To stop ghoulish “gender clinics” from mutilating and sterilizing children in “sex-change” procedures. A big money-maker for clinics and pharma industry. Public hearings coming up this week. More
    Outside the entrance to the infamous “gender clinic” at Children’s Hospital in Dallas. These gruesome “medical” procedures on children must stop!
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    Pro-Freak Tammen Fumes – Hoogland Goes Free! 

    Want to see a picture of what’s wrong with the Dominion of Canada?

    No, not more pretty pix of Justin ‘Pretty Boy’ Turdo surrounded by his sycophantic supporters!


    I think most readers around the world know what that creep looks like.

    No, today, something rather different.

    Look no further, here’s British Columbia Judge Michael Tammen, who, in a saner world, would be prosecuted for crimes against justice and humanity, but alas, he won’t be.


    Justice Michael Tammen yelled at Rob Hoogland for calling his daughter a “she,” but recently released a man convicted of murder pending an appeal of the conviction! https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/free-from-gag-order-dad-tells-how-judges-forced-transgender-insanity-on-daughter


    We have written about Rob Hoogland before and made our views clear, but it’s time to update.


    ‘The important thing at this point is that Rob has said everything he needs to say – and we have a great deal of that safely posted on MassResistance.’


    As we reported, during Justice Tammen’s closing remarks on March 19, he was extremely irate that MassResistance had posted court papers, hospital communications, and other documents that proved Hoogland’s claims about what was being done to his daughter –


    My insert here –

    • plus my capital letters!

    – and the government was trying to hide.

    We also posted video interviews with Rob where he described in detail what had happened.

    Since our website is outside of the jurisdiction of the Canadian courts, Judge Tammen had threatened that unless we took all that material down, he would take retribution on Rob and give him a harsher sentence.


    Read the rest, and see if you agree with me…

    What a jackboot judge that SOB Tammen truly is!

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      Hoogland is a hero and a martyr.
      Tammen is a sh-t that should be flogged in public.

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    UK Court Gives Kids Some Protection- How About Adults? 

    So it has taken a judicial ruling in London to stop ‘experts’ facilitating poor deluded children who think they’d like to change their sex?

    Although it only applies fully to under 13s, it’s a step in the right direction.


    Three judges have said that children aged 13 and under are highly unlikely to be able to give their competent consent for treatment.


    When you were a child and had to have an operation, was your consent sought?

    Kids get to play – they don’t get to make important decisions.

    They need to be protected, and if parents are unfit, somebody should be looking out for them.

    They also stated that it was “doubtful” that 14 and 15 year olds would understand the long-term risks of gender reassignment treatment.

    Again, it goes without saying…

    ….or would in a society not driven towards Bedlam by trans-freak lobbying 

    As one of the individuals who underwent the ‘treatment’ says – 

     “This judgment is not political, it’s about protecting vulnerable children. I’m delighted to see that common sense has prevailed.”

    It should never have come to this.
    It shouldn’t take the high court to defend kids from junk science that denies Nature.

    To submit a little lad to preparation for emasculation is child abuse of the vilest kind.

    Same for whatever nightmarish operations would need to be done to girls whose minds are so disturbed that they believe they are meant to be male.

    But what about adults who are maladjusted?

    If a grown-up nutjob announces that deep down he’s sure he’s an elk…

    …does the National Health Service spend tax-payers’ money on providing hm with prosthetic antlers?

    Maladjusted adults should be afforded therapy – their delusions should not be pandered to.

    • Mel Henderson 11:35 on December 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      An elk?

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    • Arnold 15:41 on December 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      No sooner read this than some pathetic showbiz Canadian starts raving that she is now a man.

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    Has BBC Covered Biden’s Under-Age Gender-Bender Agenda? 

    Did the BBC feature this news?

    Joe Biden Supports 8 Years Olds Being Able To Change Their Gender


    At least Obummer had the grace to lie about his secret plan for so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘weddings!’


    Given the BBC’s institutional commitment to those afflicted with maladjusted sexual inclinations…

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

    …..you’d have thought they’d splash this all over our tv screens!

    But perhaps not.

    They are rotten to the core, but fully aware that most Brits find trans-freakery a total turn-off.


    And the BBC is, after all, working as hard as they can for a Biden victory!



    • Ben Baniek 19:14 on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      How can anyone vote for Biden after this?
      As for that ‘mother’ he was talking to?
      Where are the child protection services got to?

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    Support Robert Hoogland – But Tell His Tale In Canada? Go To Jail! 

    This is a sickening and tragic story, not just, though especially, for Mr. Robert Hoogland Of Vancouver…


    …but for Canada as a country!

    My usual practice when another website has a story that speaks for itself (as Mass Resistance usually has) is to give a brief intro and an extract, then add the link, so here’s the link if you like…


    …but in this instance, I am so completely nauseated and horrified by the events, and by the vile people involved, most of whom are photographed below, who make me think of Churchill’s words, that ‘we are dealing with evil things…’

    …that I’m simply reproducing the entire report.

    Canadian court prohibits father from interfering with 14-year-old daughter’s “sex-change” medical treatments. Father now faces punishment if he even discusses it!


    February 16, 2020
    ALT TEXT Robert Hoogland, the father in British Columbia, spoke with us via Skype.

    In Canada, transgenderism has become a state-sponsored ideology. It is fueled by out-of-touch politicians, fiery protesters, judicial activists, and aggressive lawyers looking to push this agenda at all costs. Is this what’s coming to the United States and other countries?

    In a series of decisions over the past year, a Canadian court in British Columbia has ruled that a 14-year-old girl who believes she is “transgender” can go through medical procedures to “change” her sex to a boy – despite her father’s fierce objections.

    These procedures include puberty-blockers and opposite-sex hormones. According to the hospital’s own consent forms (which the father refused to sign), these drugs are experimental and will cause sterility and other dangerous side effects, such as unhealthy bone growth. The effects are irreversible. But the court is ignoring those dangers. At this point, the father reports his daughter is already growing facial hair and has a deepened voice.

    The court has severely clamped down on public reporting of this. The father is prohibited from discussing the case with media (or anyone else who might publish his remarks). He is banned from mentioning his own name, his daughter’s name, or the names of any of the doctors involved with the medical procedures, in regard to this case. Anyone in Canada who has posted articles or videos that disobey that ban has been ordered to remove them under threat of arrest.

    The case has made national news in Canada and is celebrated by the liberal media, which have no problem abiding by the ban and edit their articles appropriately.

    But MassResistance is not going to be silent on the details of this terrible perversion of justice and state-sponsored child abuse.

    A father loses his daughter to the State

    The father, Robert Hoogland of Vancouver, British Columbia has been through an incredible nightmare.

    This goes against all the normal laws in Canada (and most other countries) regarding parents and their children. A few years ago, Rob and his wife went through a divorce. But the terms of the divorce give the father and mother equal say in the daughter’s medical decisions. According to reports, at first the mother was against these experimental treatments. But now LGBT activists and “allies” have persuaded her to not to contest it. However, the father continued to adamantly oppose the treatments. And the judges arbitrarily took the decision out of the parents’ hands completely.

    Over the past year, the father has gained the strong support of pro-family groups in British Columbia, including Kari Simpson of CultureGuard, a major Vancouver-based organization. Kari  has been at his side at every court appearance.

    On Feb. 8, 2020, Rob agreed to be interviewed by Arthur Schaper of MassResistance, to tell his story.

    This father’s courage should be commended, celebrated, and emulated by parents around the world!

    Our Interview with Rob Hoogland

    MassResistance: How did you find out about MassResistance?

    Rob Hoogland: A MassResistance activist based in British Columbia contacted me. That was a year ago.

    We share the same goal of stopping the abuse of children. For too long, doctors and legal professionals have been allowing young people to consent to procedures that are hurting them, and you guys oppose it.

    MassResistance is a great resource because you have such a great audience, and because I haven’t been able to talk. You are a great outlet for my voice, explaining what has been happening in Canada to the United States. Canada is pushing state-sponsored child abuse.


    MR: How did you daughter start thinking that she was a boy?

    RH: It started with the counselors in her elementary school, Brooke Elementary School in Delta, British Columbia. I don’t know the names of the counselors.

    Then she saw this doctor, Wallace Wong, a psychologist who is attached to the local high school, Sands Secondary School in Delta, BC. So counselors had apparently been telling my daughter that she was a boy for years. The schools have these SOGI [Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity] policies in which the counselors do not tell the parents when children come to them confused about their sex.

    ALT TEXT Psychologist Wallace Wong runs a notorious “gender” clinic for children in BC. According to reports, “Wong explained that parents should exaggerate the severity of their child’s condition to get them “transition” treatment – . even using a suicide threat. (See also The Federalist.) Note his book: “It’s so Gay and it’s Okay.”

    MR: Did you notice anything at home?

    RH: She cut her hair really short. After grade 7, she asked us to start calling her a different name. The school counselor gave her this new name. It’s hard to know which counselors were indoctrinating my daughter, because the SOGI policy which has infiltrated the schools and the curriculum also has the counselors transferring from one school to another a lot.

    MR: When did this case start?

    RH: It started in the provincial courts in British Columbia in December 2018.

    I took the schools to court, along with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Delta School District, the Delta School District Counselors, Dr. Wallace Wong, as well as Dr. Brenden Hursh, a medical doctor [pediatric endocrinologist] at British Columbia Children’s Hospital does the cross-sex hormone therapy for children.

    Then this lawyer named Barbara Findlay sued me back. And the judge ruled in Findlay’s favor instead of mine.

    MR: This Findlay person, who is paying her legal fees? Who hired her to represent your daughter?

    RH: I have no idea who’s paying her. Technically, she wasn’t allowed to be on this case, because as a minor, my daughter needed parental consent to have this person as a lawyer. The judge said it was fine, though.

    This lawyer is so crazy. She’s a sex activist lawyer. And she writes her name only in lower case names and letters. If you write about her with upper case, she will sue you for that. She made a big stink about this in court last year when I wrote her name with upper case letters!

    ALT TEXT Barbara Findlay, the radical lesbian lawyer allowed to represent Rob Hoogland’s daughter without his permission.

    MR: What happened next?

    In December, 2019, the case went to the British Columbia Supreme Court.

    We were in front of Justice Gregory Bowden. In February, 2019, he ruled that my daughter [then age 14] had to be addressed by her preferred pronoun. She could legally change her own name, which she did. She is now in charge of her own medical care, so she immediately began taking cross-sex hormone drugs like testosterone. (See the full Bowden ruling here.)

    Brenden Hursh, MD at BC Children’s Hospital who administers cross-sex hormones to children. The Hospital told Rob Hoogland that his opinion regarding his daughter’s treatment didn’t matter.

    I was told that as the father, if I did not abide by these rules, that I would guilty of “family violence” – which technically is what a parents are guilty of when they kick their child in the head or they beat them in some way. “Misgendering” my daughter would get me convicted of family violence! That is a criminal offense.

    I was also told that I had to essentially cheerlead this whole process, though they are taking a healthy body and mutilating it. If I did not support this process, then I would also be guilty of family violence. I was told I could only talk to two people about this whole case: my two lawyers. And the only thing that I was allowed to have beyond that were my own thoughts, since they could not police my thoughts.

    ALT TEXT British Columbia Children’s Hospital is very open about giving puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children, as well as other “services.”

    Within days, I did an interview with The Federalist. I had decided at that point: “I am not going to respect the ruling.” A girl is a girl, that girl is my daughter.

    After that, I was hauled in front of Justice Marzari, another BC Supreme Court Judge, in March 2019. Because of the Federalist story, I was convicted of family violence in that courtroom. I was handed a protection order by Justice Marzari, which stated that if I were to violate the ruling of Justice Bowden again, I would be arrested and thrown in jail without warrant. (See Justice Marzari’s April 2019 ruling here.)

    BC Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari. She is hardly impartial, having formerly has served as counsel for the radical feminist, pro-transgender group West Coast LEAF.

    I didn’t talk about this case for months, because I did not want to breach the protective order before my next court appearance which was in September 2019. It was before the British Columbia Court of Appeal, which is higher than the BC Supreme Court. From there, most appeals go to the Supreme Court of Canada, the federal court.

    The British Columbia Court of Appeal issued its final ruling on January 10, 2020. And the ruling scaled back much of the bad stuff. I am now allowed to dissuade my daughter from transitioning, but I still have to use her preferred pronouns.

    But also, the ruling said that a Court cannot decide what is in the best interest of the child — only a doctor can decide that. Still, it’s not the parents, but a doctor. In addition, they said the doctor must do what’s in the best interest of the child, not affirm what the child thinks is in his or her best interest.

    MR: That’s an important ruling, isn’t it?

    RH: This now opens up for all of these kids to file malpractice lawsuits against the doctors. The children, when they grow up, can say to the doctors: “My body is ruined now, I’m sterilized, because of you. You said that it was in my best interests do to this.”

    There is a lawsuit happening now, but it’s not in Canada. It’s in the United Kingdom. [Click here for the story.]

    MR: Are you still under a gag order?

    RH: I am under a “conduct order.” I cannot talk to media. But I can talk about this with others. They can’t arrest me at this point. They will probably go after me civilly.

    MR: Who have you spoken to already about this?

    RH: The Federalist. I also did a recent interview with Frank Vaughan, who has a commentary podcast based in Ontario. He ran in the People’s Party of Canada for federal parliament. He received a letter within 24 hours of posting his interview with me. The lawyer who sent him the letter is Barbara Findlay. [That video was later taken down.]

    I also just finished a detailed interview with another pro-family activist, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. [Note: That interview was ordered by the court to be taken down. However we have re-posted it below.]

    MR: Have you received any legal notices after speaking out recently?

    RH: Strangely, I have not.

    MR: Are you prepared to go to jail or get sued for doing this?

    RH: I want to get my story out to as many people, as many parents as possible. They need to understand what is happening to their children in the public schools. The children are being brainwashed into believing that they are something that they are not.

    MR: What else are you doing?

    RH: I am working with a local pro-family activist to start a foundation to serve as a resource for parents and the children who are detransitioning. We want to provide information as well as support for parents to know their rights and know what rules and resources they have to protect their rights. Later, we want to take these doctors to court for harming these children.

    MR: Where is your daughter now?

    RH: The last time I saw my daughter was Christmas Eve. Since then, she has been kept from me.

    She still lives with my ex-wife, who actually supports what my daughter is doing. She is only there with my ex-wife because of this court case. I will be going to court to rectify this. I have lost my lawyers because I chose to go public, even though I have received a conduct order not to speak with the press. I am looking for an attorney because I am pretty sure that this case is heading to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    We won’t know until the next phase of this case takes place on March 10, and until then I will keep telling my story until I can’t!

    What I like about MassResistance is that you share the same mentality that I do, that we can win this. There a lot of people who feel like they’re up against a brick wall, and that we can’t win this LGBT fight. And there are so many people who are always on defense. But you guys are on the offense, and I like that.

    The following week: February 12 court hearing to remove Thompson’s video interview, etc.

    When the daughter’s LGBT legal team found out about the video by Laura-Lynn Thompson, mentioned in the interview above (and shown below), they immediately summoned Thompson and Rob into court.

    At the  hearing in Vancouver on Feb. 12, 2020, Justice Michael Tammen ordered Thompson to take down her recent interview from everywhere on the Internet that it was posted. He instructed Thompson and all other media that they may talk about this case in general terms, but not with Hoogland. The Judge ordered that neither the media, Hoogland, Thompson, nor anyone else may mention names of doctors or counselors, or even Hoogland’s name, in regard to this case.

    Furthermore, Hoogland was reprimanded by the judge for calling his daughter “she.”

    B.C. Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen reprimanded Hoogland for “misgendering” his daughter – calling her “she” instead of “he.” (Vancouver Sun photo)

    Laura-Lynn Thompson’s video

    Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is a Vancouver-based journalist and pro-family activist. As mentioned above, this hour-long interview with Rob was done a few days before ours. It includes more detail about his case. Although she was ordered to take it down by the Canadian court at the Feb. 12 court hearing, we are providing it here.

    VIDEO: Powerful Interview with Rob Hoogland

    Final Reflection

    In the U.S., a number of state legislatures are introducing bills to prevent ghoulish gender-transition drugs and surgeries for children. And there are growing numbers of people who have used these methods to attempt to “change” their sex — and now regret it tremendously.

    Nevertheless, the LGBT movement is relentless in supporting these procedures – even with children – and aggressively attacking and demonizing anyone who disagrees. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with the rest of the LGBT agenda, most of the pro-family movement has been afraid to fight back with anywhere near the aggressiveness and intensity that the other side uses.

    As we said above, Rob Hoogland’s courage and willingness to fight back should not only be commended but emulated by parents around the world!

    MassResistance will be there fearlessly for all parents who want to push back against this tyrannical transgender agenda to protect their children, and all children.

    Facebook Twitter Google Reddit Email Print

    Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!

    Our successes depend on people like you.

    Donate to MassResistance

    Your support will make the difference!


    • Arnold 16:48 on February 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      This is not the Canada I was born in. I read this and though I am tired out, I am finding it hard to go to sleep after reading the whole story,
      A very sick society and my heart goes out to Mr. Hoogland.
      Those nightmare people in those photographs belong in a horror movie not in a free ciuntry.


    • Marty N 18:12 on February 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What they are doing to this man makes me ashamed of being Canadian.


    • Chrissie Miles 19:33 on February 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to talk about what punishnent these people deserve foe what they have conspired to do to this father but in a case like this, possibly only God can punish them adequately for the evil they are doing.


      • Death to Pedos 13:40 on March 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Stop being a coward relying on God to do all the work. Deliver justice yourself.


    • cadgbd 00:00 on February 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The quality of sodomites is Arrogance. Look at their faces in the article above. Notice the facial expression of Arrogance. Sodomites arrogantly defy nature and that is why they are an abomination.


    • Murray McGoldrick 16:07 on March 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I used to think Canada was a free country.
      After reading this, I have changed my opinion.
      Canada is a gaystapo police state.


    • Don 16:15 on May 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The world is run by Dark Occultists. Until we know what they know we are their play things. The world will continue to be turned upside down and you can expect more loss of liberty. This is not joke. Please YouTube Mark Passio’s ” Natural Law the REAL Law of Attraction” .


    • Billy King 22:44 on March 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Purely by chance I read this, just because it has been on top of your most-read-list for quite a few days and you published it a long time ago.
      After i read it, I looked up Robert Hoogland on the internet and there’s precious little there.
      That must be because those courts and commissions are still using their powers to censor the story of this man and his poor daughter.
      It’s honestly sickening, what’s been done to her and how he’s been persecuted by LAW for trying to defend her.
      I am no softy but it’s heart-breaking.
      Please give us an update if you can. Canada’s media must be in on the cover-up.


      • Barb Cassaln 13:40 on March 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Sorry, Billy.
        I put my response in the wrong place..
        Here it is

        All I can find is in the handful of honest media Canada still has.
        The Rebel and The PostMillenial, a week ago, made much of this.
        You must have seen those reports.
        Besides that, there is an appeal from the victimised dad.


        • ross1948 13:49 on March 18, 2021 Permalink

          My fault for not spotting it, Barb.
          I was distracted by rhe young kittens, who are getting better care and concern under my roof than Canadian courts give to young humans under their control.
          If the UN were in any way serious about ‘human rights,’ which of course the UN is not, there’d be a rescue team otw to help Mr. Hoogland.


    • Amanda Adams 14:11 on March 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I always thought Canada was a civilised country.
      How can their courts approve child abuse as horrific as what’s been done to Mr. Hoogland’s daughter?
      The ‘judge’ that made Mr. Hoogland a criminal for calling his daughter ‘she’ is a monster who belongs in a lunatic asylum, not in a courtroom.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 15:00 on March 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, I almost can’t believe what I read about this man’s ordeal.
      If a court in any country approved this kind of crime against any daughter of mine, I would end up in prison for life if I got hold of the judge.


    • Arjan 20:42 on March 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      1984, that’s all I can say. Stupid, that is.


  • ross1948 14:54 on February 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'transgender' children, , Fred Deutsch GOPSouth Dakota   

    Fightback Against Transfreak Child-Mutilation Programme 

    And good news!

    Other states are introducing similar bills…


    to the one reported in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader-

    Rep. Fred Deutsch and 44 other lawmakers are proposing to make it a felony for medical professionals to treat transgender children with hormones and sex reassignment surgery in South Dakota.  http://enewsletter.missionamerica.com/enews/enews_January2020

    Fred Deutsch

    Fred Deutsch

    Never heard of Fred Deutsch before!

    But he’s the kind of caring legislator the world needs ten thousand more of.

    His Vulnerable Child Protection Act makes it a ‘Class 4 felony for a medical professional to conduct several practices on children, including emancipated children, in an attempt to change or affirm the child’s “perception” of their sex “if that perception is inconsistent with the minor’s sex.” ‘

    First, well done these 45 law-makers for skipping that ridiculously misused word ‘gender’ which belongs in grammar books.

    But most importantly, hurray for their humanity!

    That compassionate piece of legislation should earn them the respect and appreciation of every parent, not just in Fred Deutsch’s state but throughout America.

    Should…and we hope it does!

    Yet we can rest assured that it will also draw down on the man in South Dakota an avalanche of abuse and vilification from every degenerate in his state and from every evil freak everywhere.

    And there are a lot of those.

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