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    Make Walgreens U-Turn – No Entry For Pervert Predators 

    I got this from AFA and pass it on, hoping American readers will take a moment to read about this disgusting move by Walgreens…



    … then join the protest movement against this latest example of big business pandering to perverts.

    Gambar terkait

    They’re turning their slogan into a sick joke!

    Read on!


    In a shocking policy announcement, Walgreens has now directed its stores to allow men full and unrestricted access to women’s restrooms in all of its 8,100 stores.

    On Nov. 17, 2017, Walgreens distributed a memo stating, “All individuals have a right to use restroom facilities that correspond to the individual’s gender identity, regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth.”

    The policy came as the result of being pressured by the ACLU of Southern California.

    Since a similar public policy was announced by Target Stores, Inc. two years ago, dozens of women and children have been victimized by male predators inside Target stores.

    Walgreens’ new policy could potentially result in female customers becoming victims of voyeurism, sexual assault and physical attack.

    1. Sign our petition urging Walgreens to immediately reverse its dangerous policy that allows men unrestricted access into women’s restrooms.

    2. To make your voice heard even more, please call Walgreen’s corporate office at 1-800-925-4733 and share your concerns.

    3. If you are a Walgreens’ customer, let your local store manager hear from you. You can find the local store number here.

    If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation. The easiest way to do that is through online giving. It is easy to use, and most of all, it is secure.

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    The Thing Seeks A Senate Seat? My Prophecy Came Close! 

    It was less than three months ago that I published this tongue-in-cheek piece.





    It would have all the things so many millennial degenerates adore!

    Irresponsibility, cowardice, treason and sexual maladjustment!

    The Perfect Democrat Ticket for 2020 


    It never for one moment occurred to me that anything remotely like that nightmare scenario would come to pass!

    Yet this week we see the headlines…

    …and wonder what next? Forget Bergdahl.

    Oprah For President? Scarier Than ‘Orrible ‘Illary? 

    Howzabout a Winfrey/Bradley ticket?

    If America truly loses its mind, if moronic millennials continue to multiply, maybe not in 2020, but who knows?

    I must confess, what I find most annoying is not the vile platform which The Thing appears likely to run on…

    ‘F— the police’: Chelsea Manning slams cops on Law Enforcement …

    …but the fact that so many media refer to Traitor Manning as ‘she’ and not ‘it.’


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    UK Bishop Bashes U.S. Christians, Embraces Trans-Freaks 

    Further to our recent post on renegade churchmen in Germany…

    German Patriot Party Slams Dog-Collared Pinkos! 

    …our attention has been drawn to the situation in England, where it’s no wonder Anglican pews are increasingly deserted.

    What are we to make of the bizarre bishop Paul Bayes spouting leftist hogwash, who has lambasted conservative evangelical Christians, arrogantly claiming they risked bringing the word evangelical into disrepute by their support for Donald Trump.


    Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, in his garden

    The far-left freako at least makes no effort to hide his purely political agenda.‘If people want to support rightwing populism … how are they going to relate that to their Christian faith?’

    Christian faith?



    Sounds more like Jeremy Corbyn than Jesus, similar shrilling to that of his boss, Justin Welby, who abused his Christmas Day pulpit  at Canterbury Cathedral by mixing prayers with fatuous jibes against “populist leaders that deceive!”

    Christian faith?

    Adding injury to insult, Bayes delivered his anti-evangelical, Trumpophobic tirade on the very same day that he exalted sexual perversion at the launch of a new Christian charity, which he is chairing, aimed at eliminating discrimination based on sexuality or gender.

    It’s pretty sordid that he chose that platform from which to snarl at American conservatives, when if he had any sense of Christian solidarity, he’d be shouting support for US evangelicals, good decent folk…


    Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 

    Spittle-Specked Spite of America’s Gaystapo! 

    ….most of them, fighting valiantly against gaystapo intimidation.

    I don’t really want to know about Bayes’ self-confessed ‘encounters’ with sexual maladjusts, encounters which, he brazenly claims, “profoundly changed” him. It’s certainly not clear if he was normal prior to those encounters or if he isn’t normal now

    The link  will take you to the names of other pro-freako priests in the C of E…

    – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/dec/28/evangelical-christians-uncritical-in-support-for-donald-trump-says-paul-bayes-bishop-liverpool

     …but I suppose if you happen to be a regular attender at any of their churches, you’ll already have sussed out their grotesque eagerness to champion sodomites.

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    Stop The Courts Imposing Trannies On The Military! 

    Another good move by AFA, starting a petition on the freak-show issue, specifically urging the Trump Administration to fight back against yet one more arrogant seizure of power by leftists in judicial robes.


    • I urge you to read what the AFA has to say and, if you are American, to sign their petition.



    President Donald Trump, as commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces, issued orders last year to strengthen the readiness of the U.S. military. President Trump’s order instructed the Departments of Defense (DOD) and Homeland Security (DHS) to strengthen America’s military readiness by ending an Obama-era, transgender policy.

    This policy allowed those who identify as transgender to serve in the military, and provided taxpayer funded sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for members of the military.

    This policy has negatively impacted military readiness, and taxpayer funds necessary to implement this social experiment could be better spent equipping the military. Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, said Obama’s transgender policy would “detract from readiness, deployability and morale.”

    The president’s orders have been derailed by liberal judges, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the President’s chief legal official, has yet to seek a stay from the Supreme Court to halt lower court decisions against the transgender ban.

    Sign the petition urging:

    1. President Trump and AG Sessions to seek from the Supreme Court a stay of the lower court rulings on the president’s transgender ban, or if the Court fails to issue a stay, then urge
    2. President Trump to issue a new directive to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security banning transgender individuals serving in the military.

    What we are now facing is a constitutional crisis where a judge can determine who can be a member of the U.S. armed forces.

    If these rogue judges remain unchecked by the Executive Branch and the U.S. Supreme Court, then they can practically determine any military rule from the bench.

    For example, could lead to a federal judge issuing an injunction to stop troops from going to war to protect American citizens? 

    America’s three branches of government have checks and balances, and the scales of justice have been tipped by these judges.

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) has the constitutional authority to intervene on such matters on behalf of President Trump and to call on the Supreme Court to issue a “stay” or to halt the lower court’s decision. Yet, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the DOJ have not done so.

    I urge you to sign the petition to President Trump and AG Sessions. We will be delivering this petition to the White House. Make sure your name is on the list.

    Now is not the time to remain silent. As Edmund Burke has said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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    MaYalta – Appeaser Theresa Joins Anti-Polish Jihad 

    As heroic Hungary steps forward, like Horatius who held the bridge against The Enemy in ancient times…


    At least Horatius had two stalwarts by his side – will Orban face the foe alone?


    …Viktor Orban alone among European statesmen  vowing a veto, offering resistance to Brussels tyranny, Brits with a knowledge of more modern history must be thinking of Yalta…


    Gambar terkait


    …the post-WWII betrayal of Poland, now to be action-replayed by Juncker, Merkel, and the rest of the Eurocratic clique.

    The war on Warsaw is being undertaken with the help of Polish collaborators, Donald Tusk and the likes of his deranged comrade, former foreign minister Radek Sikorski.


    Hasil gambar untuk radek sikorski

    Sikorski, keeping unwholesome company


    Sikorski, who, since losing his political power, has flitted off to a cushy job at Harvard, may be mentally ill, judging from his asinine burbling last month, when he said that the Polish patriot party (which is increasingly popular as Brussels gears up its war machine) was creating the kind of regime seen under Franco in Spain.

    Franco’s Spain? A one-party state? No opposition in parliament? No critical media?

    Sikorski is a blethering bone-head, not just to make such plainly false allegations but even more so if he expects anyone to believe him!

    The Polish Government is being insulted and assailed by the worst elements, both at home and abroad…



    …..because they are trying to use their parliamentary majority to implement the mandate they got in a free nd fair election…



    …to clean out Communist-era judges and to get rid of the cultural marxists in the state media.

    And Theresa MaYalta is in league with the swine.

    The Polish foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski, expected support from the UK ahead of British prime minister Theresa May’s visit to Warsaw…


    Hasil gambar untuk theresa the appeaser

    But May’s office dampened those expectations.

    It said she would “raise her concerns [on rule of law] with the [Polish] prime minister”, adding “we expect all our partners to abide by international norms”.

    And what the hell kind of norms has she imposed on her own people?


    ISIS rape-gang filth welcomed home to what was once a land of hope and glory!

    ‘Theresa The Appeaser?’ Where’s The Righteous Rage? 

    And an intensive operation in UK schools being planned by her ministers –  St. Theresa Of Transgendria  – to destroy the decent values Brits and Poles once cherished equally. 

    • Sammo Landos 2:44 pm on January 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is a bad one, like Merkel.

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    Happy New Queer? In 2018, Oz Faces Gaystapo Subversion 

    Nauseating piece in the Guardian last week, on the Australian pervert lobby’s plans to build on their triumph in the homo-wedding war…



    …with a Guardian hack named Paul Karp ( formerly of ABC, surprise, surprise!)…prophesying battles for ‘easier gender changes on birth certificates. Preventing unnecessary surgery on intersex children.Gender education in schools and LGBTI acceptance in aged care…  


    Of course anyone familiar with gaystapo arrogance knew that equating buggers’ menages with normal male-female marriage would NEVER satisfy their cravings.

    And of course it’s no surprise that schools feature high on their agenda.

    Access to children is a key goal for perverts.

    It’s sicko stuff, but decent people need to read it to get a firm grasp on what these creatures  – bisexual, trans or intersex  – are up to!

    The hack Karp makes no pretence of objective reporting.

    … it remains to be seen if there’s enough solidarity to bank the win and move on to the next fight.

    A repulsive person called Anna Brown rants that  it’s now time to refocus on trans and intersex rights and gender diversity issues…


    “As a movement we have a responsibility to stand by them and make sure they’re not left behind … to amplify their voices.”

    Yeah, as one queer said to the other – ‘Never leave your friend’s behind!’

    And another creature, which runs something called ‘Transgender Victoria,’ babbles about how the ‘no campaign displayed “gross prejudice by implying there is something wrong with gender diversity when, of course, it just is [diverse]”.

     It goes without saying that there IS something wrong with gender diversity   – that’s why until fairly recently queers and tranny-freaks and the rest were sent for therapy, in the hope they could be cured.

    And of course it is perfectly possible to cure them.



    From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured! 


    Just as NYC Mayor DeBlasio’s wife!

    But with no scientific justification, with only left-liberal political pressure behind it, a multi-pronged assault on professional bodies was launched…

    “It was never a medical decision—and that’s why I think the action came so fast…It was a political move.”

    “That’s how far we’ve come in ten years. Now we even have the American Psychiatric Association running scared.”
    -Barbara Gittings, Same-gender sex activist

    Homosexual Activists Intimidate American Psychiatric Association

    …and compassionate practitioners who cared about curing deviants were bull-dozed.

    Another grotesque, with the wearisome title of ‘director of advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre,‘ comes right out ( or left out!) and salivates at the prospect of ‘overturning the ban on same-sex adoption in the Northern Territory.’

    Why are these things always so eager to get their hands on kids?

    Well, we know why, don’t we?

    There’s a lot more Guardian guff but it’s still the Festive Season and I prefer to go out and have fun in the sun, so I will keep this alert brief.


    How normal people spend their time!


    If your party binges haven’t yet resulted in a chunder, reading the whole article certainly will.


    And oh, don’t let’s forget, one of the gaystapo causes listed is the treatment of LGBTI asylum seekers…!

    • Keith Milner 3:34 pm on January 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is exactly what many people expected to happen.
      The ‘gay’ gang are furiously setting their sights on children and their cute little legislator friends in parliament are stamping down on any moves to safeguard civil liberties for the nearly forty percent of Australians who voted against queer ‘marriage.’.
      Anyone who wont make a wedding cake for a queer ‘couple’ can go to jail regardless of their religious objections.
      The Gaystapo Republic Of Australia is their common goal to replace the Commonwealth.

    • Uncle Oz 4:06 pm on January 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Good one. Ross.

    • Stella C 5:19 pm on January 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Well said and well written, sir.
      It is overdue for somebody to take up a pen and lay into these abnormal ‘men’ and ‘women’ who think they can dictate to the normal majority.
      If they want to do disgusting things to each other, closeted away on their own, I don’t care but they have no right at all to make schoolchildren think that homosex is in any way acceptable.
      It is to be deplored.

    • Pamela 6:35 pm on January 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What a first-class article to start 2018, Ross.
      I honestly do not know that much about the situation in Australia but since Cameron legalised pervert ‘marriage’ here in the UK, the gaystapo war on decency just keeps escalating, under Theresa Transgendria, as you so engagingly named her..

      Australia, like Britain, has a ‘conservative ‘government that is not remotely conservative, though to be fair the Aussies do a much better job if keeping crimmigrants out.
      I believe there is now a real Conservative Party fighting elections ‘Down Under’ (my apologies for using that phrase, I know Australians do not like it very much but it is an old habit I find hard to break)

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    Christmas Shopping? Boycott Transphiliac Target,! 

    Another welcome reminder from AFA!


    American Family Association
    Three convincing reasons to boycott Target this Christmas
    Three convincing reasons to boycott Target this Christmas


    We realize that a great many American shoppers will begin shopping for Christmas this weekend and especially immediately after Thanksgiving.

    Target is hoping that you won’t care that they allow men into women’s bathrooms and changing rooms and will do your Christmas shopping with them. AFA knows that you do care.

    Here are three convincing reasons you shouldn’t shop Target this Christmas:

    Sexual Predators
    Despite Target’s denial that men entering women’s rooms is a problem, the reality remains that it is a major problem. We have the proof.

    Just last month, a man was charged with video-taping a women inside a Target store changing room in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. AFA has documented at least ten other recent cases in which women have been exploited by sexual predators inside Target stores.

    Boycott efforts are impacting the company
    Target’s policy is costing them money…big money. Since the boycott began, Target’s stock price has dropped nearly 20 percent.

    Target Corp. announced last week that it will close a dozen stores in 2018. The 12 stores, CNBC reported, are spread across Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas, and will close Feb. 3.

    Stay the course with us
    Any company as large as Target can withstand a short-term loss of sales. That’s where Christmas shoppers come in. Target is banking on this Christmas season to turn around this trend for 2017.

    Let’s hold firm to our conviction that men have no place in women’s restrooms and dressing rooms and continue our pledge to boycott Target stores, especially through the Christmas shopping season.

    With Target hoping you’ll do your Christmas shopping with them, send them the strongest possible message you can and let Target know, “Don’t Count On Me!”


    1. Forward this information to friends and family. Invite them to sign the boycott pledge at http://www.afa.net/target.
    2. Call Target headquarters at 612-304-6073 and personally let them know you are boycotting their stores.
    3. Voice your concerns on Target’s Facebook page.
    4. Support our ongoing efforts to promote the Target boycott. Make your tax-deductible donation today!
    • Ben Baniek 7:18 am on November 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I would never go shopping in Target and thats not just because of principle.
      Who wants to take family there if the women dont dare go to the restroom?

  • ross1948 5:00 pm on November 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Freak-Show UK – Teacher Facing ‘Firing’ Squad! 

    Mother Theresa of Transgendria presides over a realm dissolving into decadence, and she does so not at all unwillingly.


    Forget Guy Fawkes – Make It St. Theresa Of Transgendria! 

    It’s bad enough that the absurd ‘hate crime’ laws have been expanded to include sexually maladjusted freaks.



    But such is the triumphalism of the tranny-lobby, that now, if a hapless teacher makes an honest error and mistakes a boy for a girl – even though the wretched boy has deluded himself into thinking he’s a girl – the errant teacher faces persecution, suspension, and perhaps DISMISSAL!

    Or did the teacher ‘mis-gender‘  – that’s the new freak-show word, apparently – a girl as a boy?

    Who knows, in the degenerate mess into which Britain is being transformed under the malignant Mother Theresa’s vile tutelage?

    A teacher was suspended after referring to a transgender boy as a girl during class.

    Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, could now be sacked after the child’s mother complained to the Oxfordshire secondary school about his actions. He had praised the pupil and his friend by saying ‘well done girls’ despite knowing he identified as male.

    : http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/12/teacher-suspended-after-calling-a-trans-boy-a-girl

    If anybody should be ‘complained’ about, it ought surely to be that sad young creatures’ mother.

    In any wholesome community, any parent so indifferent to common decency as to allow her child thus to affront nature needs to be investigated with a view to removal of custody and control rights.

    Good to hear that the victim of this sicko nonsense…



    …who is a Christian, is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre.

    I only got to know of this when another teacher, a Brit transplanted (definitely NOT transgendered!) to Jakarta, sent me an SMS this arvo, to express his deep dismay.

    One can blame the queer lobby, and the British Government, for the evils afflicting the UK, but even evil can be rational.


    What’s being done to Mr. Sutcliffe is as much an abomination in the context of reason and justice…


    …as ‘transgenderism’ is an abomination in the context of civilised society and mental health.

    • Alex Mann 5:42 pm on November 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Full steam ahead for HMS LGBT towards the rocks.
      Has Britain lost its mind?
      Parents who condemn their children to this hellish ‘transgendring’ process should be brought in for psychological assessment. I doubt they are fit for parenting purpose.

    • Edward Lamont 6:22 pm on November 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The mother should be suspended from her position, not the teacher.
      I mean the child’s mother. May should not be suspended but fired. She reminds me of a phrase from schooldays, I think about a cat named McCavitty, – a monster of depravity.
      No matter Brexit, it’s no Tory voting for me ever again until they put a conservative in charge of their party.,

  • ross1948 9:57 am on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hallowe’en Horrors? But Are Target Toilets Scarier? 

    With  the approach of Hallowe’en, Americans tend to flock to shops for decorations and all the other eerie paraphernalia that are required properly to celebrate the annual ghostly-ghouly event.



    Costumes too, witches, zombies and vampires galore are in great demand.

    But these imaginary horrors are nothing compared to the nightmare threat…



    ….posed to women and children by chain-store Target’s eagerness to give perverts access to the wrong restrooms on their premises.


    So it’s timely to remind American readers of the admirable campaign mounted by the AFA against the irresponsible bosses whose frightening restroom and fitting room policy continues to put women and children’s safety at risk.

    For a year and a half, AFA has been encouraging shoppers to #BoycottTarget after the retailer publicized it would allow men free and unrestricted access into women’s fitting rooms and restrooms.

    In response, more than 1.5 million shoppers have signed the pledge to boycott Target stores…


    Target: A web of deception for women and children?

    We hope you will not be shopping at Target!

    As we have stated many times, our worries stem from both the real and potential threat that predators and voyeurs, or anyone with evil intentions, would take advantage of the Target bathroom policy to harm women and children –

    and we have plenty of incidents to show that they have.

    AFA has outlined just 10 examples that show why Target should immediately rescind its dangerous policy and keep men out of women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.

    As long as Target continues to allow men free and unrestricted access into women’s dressing rooms and restrooms, these sexual violations against women and little girls will continue to occur.


    There are still people you know who are unfamiliar with Target’s dangerous policy. Will you help spread the warning and let your family and friends know about the Target boycott?

    1. Forward this information to friends and family. Invite them to sign the boycott pledge at http://www.afa.net/target.
    2. Call Target headquarters at 612-304-6073 and personally let them know you are boycotting their stores.
    3. Voice your concerns on Target’s Facebook page.
    4. Support our ongoing efforts to promote the Target boycott. Make your tax-deductible donation today!

    Happy to help out by promoting this message!

  • ross1948 9:08 pm on September 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    John Lewis Clothing Clown Panders To Misfits! 

    Who’s this pinko wack-job?

    Caroline Bettis


    It’s none other than John Lewis’s ‘Head of Childrenswear,’ Caroline Bettis, who is the ‘brains’ behind the dimwit decision to stop labelling boys’ clothes for ‘boys’ and girls-wear for ‘girls.’

    We can’t see from her photo what she’s wearing, so it may be that she’s clad in garb that might “reinforce gender stereotypes” –  that heinous tradition of skirts and dresses being regarded as suitable for girls and not for boys.

    Yet I suspect she does not usually show up for work in a tweed suit and hob-nailed boots!

    I’d add ‘smoking a pipe,’ but given current persecution of smokers back in The Old Country, even transvestites would be in trouble for that transgression!


    Next season’s John Lewis models?


    Ms. Bettis’ parents very likely brought her up to understand that girls should dress in a feminine way and that putting boys into women’s clothing is unwholesome and risks maladjustment.

    There are surely enough sexual misfits in the UK already, in May’s Cabinet for starters!

    Theresa’s Lesbian Warns Churches – Bow To Gaystapo Diktats! 

    Obviously this woman should be fired, or at least demoted to some low-level job, such as that of toilet attendant…


    Gambar terkait


    …although given her peculiar mentality, she might start directing ‘transgender’ male freaks into the ladies’ room and vice-versa.

    Or just have one big bog for everyone!

    John Lewis has a Facebook page which ought to be targetted for comments by normal people who prefer that children understand that they are not all of one sex.

    And there’s an online form to use for complaints.

    But it seems pointless to complain if you continue to shop at a business that hires such hopeless help.


    for more on the story, go here – .http://www.christian.org.uk/news/dresses-boys-john-lewis-goes-gender-neutral/?e080917


    • Pamela 9:32 pm on September 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      She will lose John Lewis more than a few customers, including me.

    • Vicki 10:03 pm on September 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I once liked shopping there.
      Never again, until they remove her and reverse her offensive policy
      That gender stereotypes rubbish insults every British parent who wants their children to grow up healthy and normal.

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