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    Who Said It? Quick Quiz for Brit Patriots! 

    I got away with treachery ‘because I was upper class’

    Was it him?


    Or him?

    Kim Philby


    ANSWER on link below.




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    Hollande Bottles Out – Terror Traitors To Keep French Citizenship! 

    If anyone still thought  theFrench President was serious  abouttackling the dire threat of sectarian treason, get real!


    Merkel’s Muppet in the Elysee Palace has just dropped his solemn pledge to strip Islamist traitors of their French nationality, a move widely acclaimed as a good example for Britain to follow.

    He has given no coherent reason for this shameful U-turn, blaming “parts of the opposition” although subversive elements of his own Socialist Party were probably much more to do with it.  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/30/francois-hollande-drops-plan-to-revoke-citizenship-of-dual-national-terrorists

    Every individual of alien origin whose allegiance lies with supranational ideologies should be stripped of citizenship.



    How many times have you fumed when some news-jerk talks about ‘British’ jihadists, or ‘French’ jihadists or ‘Belgian’ jihadists, when the scum referred to, regardless of passport technicalities,  are obviously NOT British or French or Belgian.

    Yes, they should all be hanged!

    But pending the needful restoration of the death penalty, the very least they merit is expulsion from the nationality they taint by their perfidous conduct. Just wait and see who welcomes Hollande’s abandonment of principle.

    The agitprop enemy within will sing his praises – though not for long – if you pander to vermin, they just keep coming back for more.


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    What Next? ISIS Flags Over London Council Buildings? 

    Scottish council set to fly Irish tricolour over civic buildings to commemorate Easter Rising

    Please note, the map on this Sinn Fein/IRA poster does NOT include Scotland!


    I saw this a week or so ago and began to pen a few relevant questions, not least –

    Did these people not realise that the ‘Easter Rising’ was an act of treason, committed in time of war, when Britain was locked in combat with the Kaiser’s Germany?

    Will some other council soon be voting through some similar move to honour William Joyce, Lord Haw-Haw, another traitor, albeit in another, later, war with Germany?

    haw ‘Lord Haw-Haw’


    • After all, Joyce, like those involved in the events in 1916 Dublin, was executed for his shameful conduct, though he was no less sincere in his ideology, and treachery, than they.
    • ———
    • And how about Jihad John?
    • If some IslamoNazi swine want a sectarian banner hoisted over some London council’s HQ to honour the traitor who once lived within their area… 


    … would local councillors acquiesce?

    Admittedly, jihadist ‘British’ traitors are different – most commit their dishonourable crimes not through sincere belief in anything, but merely to assuage their uptight carnal frustrations with ISIS sex-slaves.

    Honouring treason is a slippery slope.

    A Republican organisation made the request to North Lanarkshire Council with the corporate services committee narrowly approving the move. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/scottish-council-set-fly-irish-7353067

    Despite scrutinising every line of the report, we found not a single clue as to the identity of this ‘republican organisation.’

    Does it glorify the IRA murder gang?

    Does it have any ties to Sinn Fein/IRA?


    adams murders


    I wanted answers to  those key quesions – if the answers were in the affirmative, it should never have been allowed across the threshold of the council buildings!

    If there had been such a link, the outfit should have been shown the door, not the green light it was provisionally given.



    Did its aims and objectives endorse the annexation of the British Province of Ulster by Eire?

    If so, it should have been banned, not pandered to.

    Just as importantly, the report did not identify the councillors who ‘narrowly’ approved the flying of the flag of a country which STILL lays claim to part of the UK.

    guilty men

    Who were these people?

    Members of the Labour Party?

    Members of the separatist SNP?  

    Key questions, because whoever they were, they should have been exposed.  


    Good news!

    The full council is now set to veto the treason gang’s request. Local Labour leadership says the move would contravene government policy. If they had declared it was disgusting and treasonous, I’d have been happier, but nevertheless.

    Interestingly, the SNP separatists are not united – they’ve got a free vote. http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/north-lanarkshire-council-will-not-fly-irish-tricolour-to-mark-easter-rising-1-4035764

    And thanks to The Scotsman, we know who sought council approval for the obnoxious proposal.

    Cairde na hÉireann!

    In their first official statement to An Phoblacht (Republican News, Sinn Féin’s official monthly newspaper), Cairde na hÉireann said that their main aim is to concentrate on building a political base that would prove itself in the Scottish Parliament. 

    Sounds like they already have friends galore in the Scots political establishment.

    In October 2006, a Cairde na hÉireann march was banned from going through Ayr…..it was reported the march was banned after the previous year’s procession when marchers produced banners declaring “Justice for Peter McBride,” in reference to a man killed in Northern Ireland by Ayr soldier James Fisher.

    They also distributed posters informing the people of Ayr they should be ashamed to have a murderer living among them. 


    Actually, the people of Scotland should be ashamed to have traitor scum like Cairde na hÉireann living among them. Clearly these people are enemies to Queen and Country.

    Fine, they’re not getting their enemy alien banner hoisted.

    But better to ban them altogether.


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    Revenant? Bear With Us! But That Traitor Trumbo Film? 

    As mentioned, I watched The Revenant this week, a good gripping yarn, the latest Leonardo Di Caprio adventure movie recording a badly injured man’s hazardous hunt for the man who murdered his son.


    I can confirm that the cause of the star’s condition was indeed a very grizzly bear, which, however, did not rape him.

    Di Caprio NOT Raped By Bear? Guardian’s Idea Of News! 

    No need for further details, just go see it, or buy the dvd like me and enjoy it at home.

    Yet while BAFTA was right to give Leonardo his award, what on earth is this hogwash film ‘Trumbo’ all about?

    I’ve covered something of the notorious Dalton Trumbo, a sleazy clandestine communist, before…


    America’s Enemies Within – Then and Now! 

    …so rather than repeat all I said at the time, I give you an extract from an informed American report…

    Trumbo supported Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung. He condemned Martin Luther King, Jr., for not being a true revolutionary. Yet, he is depicted in the film as just a family-friendly socialist and defender of the First Amendment in the film…




    Q: In what way does the movie hide or gloss over Trumbo’s Red record?

    A: All of his heavy-duty propaganda and activities on behalf of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin and the Communist Party are omitted. So is his vigorous support of Lenin, Adolph Hitler (during the Hitler-Stalin pact) and North Korea’s Kim Il-sung after his aggressive attack against South Korea in 1950. Even his membership in the American CP, which he eventually bragged about, is ignored….

    The villains in the movie, incidentally, are not the party members who worked covertly—and relentlessly—to turn Hollywood over to Moscow but the anti-Communist community who fought the Red conspiracy in the film industry—and won, at least for a time. Columnist Hedda Hopper, John Wayne, labor leader Roy Brewer, the House Un-American Activities Committee, the Motion Picture Alliance and other opponents of the Communists come in for a severe beating.

    Q: You say he was a “Stalinist” and a member of the Communist Party, facts that you argue are fundamentally ignored by the movie. But how do we know he was a party member?

    A: There is no question about his CP membership. In those famous 1947 hearings, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) submitted material proving beyond a doubt that he was a party member, though Trumbo and nine other screenwriters and directors refused to respond to questions about party membership..

    .communism tyranny

    ….Trumbo finally admitted to his biographer, Bruce Cook, that he joined the party in 1943, and that “I might as well have been a Communist ten years earlier. But I’ve never regretted it. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to say I would have regretted not having done it…” Hollywood’s Despicable Hero Dalton Trumbo

    The red rat went to jail all too briefly, for his arrogant refusal to come clean in the hearings.

    But that was much less than he deserved. Now we have to watch ( if we’re masochists) movies making out he was a decent human being, which he damned well wasn’t. 

    Instead, he’s almost apotheosised and his cheer-leaders get a prize, posthumously, by proxy, some prejudiced pinko winning that BAFTA award for a film that white-washes subversion.

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    Euro-Corbyns! Labour MEPs Would Welcome Traitors Home 

    Thanks to UKIP for letting Brits know how steeped in appeasement the Labour Party really is.

    I haven’t seen the individual MEP voting records, but it looks like every single one of Corbyn’s pack in Strasbourg endorsed an outrageous motion to embrace rather than prosecute any jihadist scum who come crawling back from ISIS-Land.

    These filthy swine (the jihadists, not the MEPs, or maybe…) went off to join Islamist rape-gangs making war on our allies, and thus merit treason proceedings. Instead, Labour dotes on the naughty little tykes, savouring a strategy of integration and social inclusion and of reintegration and deradicalisation of so-called ‘foreign fighters’ who are returnees;



    ‘We want social inclusion, now, please!’


    As Gerard Batten, one UKIP MEP, observed – “This is shameful behaviour from Labour. In an increasingly unsafe world the British public will be shocked to hear that their elected Labour and Tory MEPs have voted to allow returning ISIS fighters back into British society. Anyone who has supported these terrorist groups should be appropriately prosecuted or not allowed back in.”

    And the same red rogues made it clear they’re not having any silly nonsense aimed at stopping the travel of suspected terrorists, for immigration control purposes…


    Heaven forbid any of these courteous young gents might be an undesirable!


    UKIP conscientiously appended the relevant sections of the motion, so you can check they’re not misrepresenting the shocking moves by Labour –

    Amendment 50

    Amendment 50 – Vehemently believes, in light of the current refugee and migrant crisis in Europe, that Member States must refrain from using any border control measures aimed at fighting terrorism and stopping the travel of suspected terrorists, for immigration control purposes;

    Recital T. – whereas the important thing now is to put greater emphasis on and invest in preventive rather than reactive measures to address the radicalisation of European citizens and their recruitment by terrorist organisations; whereas a strategy to counter extremism, radicalisation and terrorist recruitment within the EU can only work if it is developed in parallel to a strategy of integration and social inclusion and of reintegration and deradicalisation of so-called ‘foreign fighters’ who are returnees;

    A more sensible policy can easily be enunciated.

    against the wall

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    Rowan’s Right – And Foul Fatima Should Be First To Hang! 

    Bravo, Christian Rowan, the Queensland MP who sparked controversy with a demand that Australia give serious thought to reintroduction of the death penalty for “certain or specified terrorist acts.”


     Dr Rowan


    But it should not be left to MPs, in any country, to take that decision. Bet your boots that if Hollande would tell Brussels to butt out, the French wold restore Madame Guillotine overnight. If ever an issue required a vote of all the people, it’s capital punishment.

    Damned few Australians could forego a cheer when the Bali Bomb Pigs were put to death, and Rowan’s common sense observation is all the more valid in the wake of the latest Islamist outrage in Paris. 

    referndmlet peole vote

    I doubt that enough Oz politicians have the guts to take a similar stand, but something’s got to give and a plebiscite is the fairest way forward. 

    The news that a filthy fanatic bint has been freely running round Sydney despite arraignment on a terrorism charge shows how mammoth a re-think is needed – things like Fatima Elomar would be a suitable candidate for the guillotine, or the gallows, but for her to be out on bail?


    The biggest obstacle to such a democratic solution, of course, as always, would be the pinko shrills, who would make a lot of noise, as Rowan says, about how killing the scum would risk creating martyrs and prompt further radicalisation.

    But those are just transparent excuses. The truth is that the left are viscerally hostile to proper punishments no matter what. They would campaign to save the skins of jihadist swine regardless of radicalisation and/or martyrdom risks – ‘life is sacred,’ they bleat – no matter how many innocent lives are taken, no matter that the tally of victims of Islamist terrorism continues to grow around the globe. 

    Meanwhile, Miss Piggy, pictured in all her hideous sectarian glory, below...

    Fatima Elomar has pleaded guilty in a Sydney court to one count of supporting foreign hostile acts.
    Fatima Elomar – the face of evil, skulking behind a mask that should be banned

    Apart from the fact that these cowls are an affront to decent people, there’s the consideration too that, if the authorities are so weak-kneed they let her out on bail, at least normal human beings in Australia should have the right to look out for this vile vixen.

    She should be confronted wherever she goes, made to listen to what decent people think of her satanic ideology and her mangy mutt husband.



    Happily, that rabid jihadist is now presumably turning on a BBQ spit in the bowels of Hell, not a virgin in sight – perhaps demonic chefs are slicing him up, providing tasty pig-meat treats for Lucifer’s non-halal legions…


    …I typed that last night, just a nice bed-time thought after enjoying this week’s episode of The Walking Dead!

    The cur deserves all he gets.  

    And as for his squaw…

    She was stopped at Sydney Airport on May 3, 2014, as she tried to board an international flight carrying cash, camouflage equipment and medical supplies. https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/30107067/sydney-wife-of-is-fighter-elomar-pleads-guilty-to-supporting-foreign-hostile-acts/

    She’s going to drop by court soon, for sentencing.

    In the absence of execution as an option, we should hope for fifty years minimum. 


    Dr Rowan stood by his speech on Monday, insisting Queensland and the rest of Australia needed to take “the strongest possible action … in relation to extremist criminal ideology”.

    The former Australian Medical Association Queensland president made it clear that although he

    He rejected civil libertarians’ assertions that the death penalty would risk

    “If civil libertarians want to defend terrorist actions and actions that threaten free people around the world – these mass casualty events – let’s see what basis and justification they want to put forward for that,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Commissioner Ian Stewart informed her on Monday morning that police were not aware of any threats in Queensland.

    But she said police would be adding extra resources at the annual Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast.

    “We do take any event of significance very seriously in this state, but just to re-emphasise – there is no known threat in Queensland,” she said.

    Brisbane’s French community will hold a vigil in the city’s King George Square at 6pm on Monday, which will include a minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris attacks.

    • uncle oz 11:44 on November 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more.
      And their ‘grand mufti’ didn’t help with what he’s been saying. I’m sending you the clipping.
      Why do they need to bring in a foreigner from Egypt to be their big boss – beats me, but they don’t like Australia, do they?


    • Tammy 15:01 on November 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Damn ugly brute hiding inside that head-bag, I would think. And more ugly inside her head itself, shariah stuff about kufars and harams and all the rest. Death penalty makes tons of sense for all of them that support terrorism.
      I thought to comment on this when you first posted it but forgot until now, when I just let out a cheer at the news from France. The police seem to have shot dead more of Fatima’s kind.
      Have a happy day!


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    Encore, Marine! Ransack the Banlieue Rat-Nests! 




    Just after the minute of silence has taken place in France, I take the chance to post again on the outrage.




    Good to see Marine Le Pen invited to the Elysee Palace to meet the President.

    After Hollande’s socialist flunkeys deliberately wrecked what should have been a time of national solidarity by refusing to invite her to the grand rally of remembrance in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo outrage, it’s high time this great patriot lady was given the respect she deserves.

    Good too, to hear Marine’s good sense, her call for anti-terrorist forces to launch house-to-house searches of the rat-nests, the banlieues, nasty suburbs infested by undesirable aliens with no shred of allegiance to the country they choose (nobody forces them) to live.

    Many of them have the gall to call themselves citizens of France, including the first jihad-pig identified as part of the ISIS slaughter spree this past weekend – and for sure he was only the tip of an ice-berg of treason.


    • Banlieue burning
    • ———————
    • We saw them run amok a few years ago, and it’s long overdue that their disloyalty was recognised and their rebellious addiction to mayhem subdued.

    Marine appears to be the only politician in the land with any serious intention of tackling this needful task.

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    PKI Belum Mati? Public Funds and Pinko Propaganda! 

     As predicted, another fine sunny morning here!


     Been meaning to follow up on an interesting report in the Jakarta Globe, about how parliamentary questions are being asked about some $11 million of public funds splurged on participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair.

    teguh-juwarno Teguh
     “There were complaints about the presence of certain groups,”  says Teguh Juwarno, a legislator for the Islamist PAN party.
     I’m not exactly a fan of Teguh, but I’d say he’s quite right to go through expenditure of millions with a fine-tooth comb.
    Except that he falls straight into that most annoying habit we find here, intentional opacity.
    Certain groups?
    What the heck does that refer to?
    No further concrete info from Teguh, nor the Jakarta Globe, which adds that these unspecified groups of people had managed to steer discussions at the book fair into a direction that the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry considered undesirable…
    Hasil gambar untuk frankfurt book fair pki
    But Teguh’s further words give us a clue. 
    He said his commission had received complaints from embassy staff and diplomats abroad about Indonesia’s representation at the fair.
    And back to the Jakarta Globe, which plays detective in the absence of any positive ID from Teguh.
    Presumably, Teguh was insinuating that there had been unease among Indonesian officials about the prominent role at the event of books dealing with the 1965 anti-communist purges..while it was supposed to have been all about promoting Indonesia as “17,000 islands of imagination.
    pkiposter PKI – a violent thug party
    As we all know, the PKI, Communist party of Indonesia, is outlawed here, a direct consequence of their attempted ‘kudeta’ in 1965.
    The public in general are fiercely anti-communist still, as we saw during the Presidential election last year, when attempts were made to smear President Jokowi as pro-communist.
    This was obviously done to harm his campaign, and his campaign’s energetic – and successful – effort at refutation indicate the electorate’s anti-communist outlook.
    Since the Reds were importing weaponry in vast quantities in 1965, supplied by Mao’s marxist tyranny, there’s little doubt that the PKI threat was very real.
    Yet there is constant agitation, spurred along by both the Jakarta Globe and its ‘rival,’ the Jakarta Post, to rehabilitate the totalitarian hypocrites in that party.
    This is dressed up as concern for those individuals either wrongly accused of communism or victimised purely because they had kin in the PKI or its various affiliated front organisations, like LEKRA, the ‘intellectual’ gang whose leading light was Pramoedya…

    I’ve referred readers to Tempo, issue May 16-22, 2006 before, but must once more do so, for it covers the evil old Red’s career rather well and explains why some 25 “prominent literary figures and cultural observers” put their distinguished names to a formal submission to the Magsaysay Award Committee in 1995, protesting at that body’s decision to give Pramoedya an award.


    Pramoedya the Red


    Their reasons were simply stated, viz his unethical role during one of the darkest periods for creativity during the Guided Democracy era, when he led the persecution of artists and literary figures who disagreed with him. (this protest is air-brushed out of most Western references nowadays, though a brief mention is to be found in an otherwise slavishly pro-Pram article in the Economist http://www.economist.com/node/168819 )

    ...but neither of those ‘revisionist’ papers seems able or willing to make a sufficently clear distinction between the above categories – who do indeed deserve sympathy – and vicious old PKI hacks who have never repented their evil ideology.
    We’ve noted this problem often enough.

    It’s a free country and if the JG and the JP want to lament the woes that befell communist traitors, they are entitled to do so.

    As they are entitled to afford present-day foreign marxist malignants a platform to advance their causes. 

    Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison! 

    However, in this case, if the allegations reflected in the JG report are correct, it’s not just pinko journos but government funds that have been enlisted in the revisionist cause.
    If the theme of the state-sponsored stand in Frankfurt was designated as boosting tourism, then stocking it with books by left-leaning authors was totally out of order.
    Not so long ago, we posted on the claims by various Islamist fanatic sources that the communist menace is alive and well.  
    Geriatrics V IslamoNazis – Jakarta 1965 – Whose Victims Were They? 
    I treated those ranters with some degree of scepticism, partly because of who they are, and partly because, knowing plenty of ordinary Indonesian folk, it seemed highly unlikely the PKI or any new version thereof, could ever gain a foothold here.
    But the news from that book-fair in Germany does make me wonder – and it has plainly made a lot of Indonesians wonder as well. 
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    Great News from Syria – But BBC Calls Jihadist Scum ‘Britons?’ 

    Splendid news from the Middle East tonight, but you wouldn’t guess so, not from the BBC headlines.

    Two Britons killed in RAF Syria strike, PM tells MPs – BBC …

    Yeah, seriously!

    One’s first thought on reading those words might be fear for RAF personnel carrying out the noble fight against the satanic rape-gang ISIS.

    devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm ISIS


    Or maybe an air-strike had inadvertently gone awry and hit some archaeological dig with British university connections?

    But not at all.

    It’s not two BRITONS at all, but renegades  – TRAITORS, sectarian sex-predators, at war with Britan and her allies!


    • kissing_pigs Predators and Child Molestors BBC’s idea of ‘Britons’
    • ——————————————————————————–


    Hogwash! A brace of bigot jihadist pigs taken out by the good lads flying the RAF sorties.

    Whatever possesses the BBC to present these swine as ‘Britons?’

    • a whiskey-glass
    • Ask yourself that question as you pour a dram to toast the pilots who made the Earth’s air purer!
    • PS – updating this, I was speechless to watch the BBC news late last night, with some people in the UK actually making a fuss about this strike against the traitor members of the terrorist rape-gang, including questions in the House of Commons.
    • congratulationssuperjob
    • I am very far from being a fan of Cameron, but instead of questioning him as if he’s done something questionable, a unanimous vote of commendation would have been more appropriate, surely.


    • Simpso 12:51 on September 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Medals, not questions, are in order here. I raise my glass to the guys who fired the drones, and to you, sir.


  • ross1948 03:29 on August 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Turdo – Jihadists ARE Less Canadian Than Everyone Else! 

    JustinTrudeau  Turdeau


    “There is a suggestion that some of us might be less Canadian than others…”  https://ca.news.yahoo.com/justin-trudeau-takes-aim-2-181443681.html


    devil destroyed ISIS

    Canadians join ISIS to fight in Syria – CNN.com


    Too bloody right, Turdo!

    Any treacherous swine who puts allegiance to an alien ideology before duty to Queen and Country IS less Canadian…



    The Canadian Boarder Security Agency reported last year that at least 130 Canadians have fled to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside jihadist militants. http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2015/06/03/canadian-mosque-reportedly-advising-members-how-to-join-jihad/

    …than the people they betray by choosing that alien allegiance.

    Turdo was, as one would expect, grubbing for votes when he made his remarks, to an Islamic conference in Mississauga.

    He’d have done better to demand a declaration from his audience that loyalty to Canada takes precedence over any spurious concept of sectarian supranational solidarity.

    Anyone who thinks differently is less Canadian than the hogs on my late Grandma’s farm in Perth Country, Ontario.   

    • Arnold 09:58 on August 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, jihadists are a sub-species, they deserve no status at all in Canada, no rights, no nothing.
      I just get so mad when I read that Trudeau dolt’s crap. Thanks for lashing him, he deserves it.


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