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  • ross1948 08:15 on February 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘None Of Your F”””n Concern!’ Turdo Goon-Cop! 

    None of your f****** concern, man,” one officer responded… 

    … to a passer-by who was alarmed by the way a 78-year-old great-grandpa was being maltreated by a uniformed lout….



    …aka ‘officer” Of Ottawa’s Foulmouthed Finest.

    Watch the video and recoil,as I did, to how despicably low….



    …the Canadian ‘police’ have sunk!


    Don’t just recoil, though.



    Inundate your local Canadian Embassy with protests!

  • ross1948 09:10 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Turdo, Canada’s Very Own ‘Inglorious Bastard!’ 

    Canada’s prime minister was in hiding last night as a huge convoy of vehicles descended on Ottawa to protest against vaccine mandates, clogging the capital’s roads.


    Quite incredible, the sheer craven cowardice of Justin ‘Pretty Boy’ Turdo.

    It wasn’t that long ago that The Turd revelled in mingling with the crowd, seeming especially happy in a crowd of maladjusts…



    …but now, faced with massive popular resistance, he skulks in some place of concealment arranged by his security forces.

    No real need for comment!

    • Arnie 22:53 on February 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I think it is so bad, Turdo going into his bunker.
      When another country’s leader had to that, he didn’t survive very long.


  • ross1948 08:42 on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    In Minneapolis, Scum Beat Trucker – Trucker Arrested? 

    I just saw on BBC news ( 9am Jakarta time) that a truck-driver in Minneapolis was beaten up by hoodlums because the man chose not to have his right to drive on the highway unlawfully obstructed by arrogant ‘protesters.’

    Incredibly, it’s said that not only had the cops colluded with the rabble by ‘closing’ the road to honest citizens, but that the VICTIM of rabble violence, not the perps, had been arrested!

    If law enforcement were doing its job properly, such obstruction of highways would be immediate cause for arrest.



    These uppity louts and loutesses should be tear-gassed and tasered off the roads they’re blockading.

    Any driver who exercises his or her right to drive through them should be applauded, or at the very least, assisted, NOT arrested.

    In a separate report, the  Minnesota Governor has warned truckers that they’re being targetted by scumbags aka ‘protesters’ –

    Minnesota Governor Warns Truckers… Protesters Are “Blocking Roads and Raiding Semis”

    PS  – as I am typing this, we are seeing scenes in LA.

    Apparently more scumbags have invaded a peaceful suburban area, Fairfax, and have been setting police cruisers on fire.

    The sibilant American news-twittess invited by BBC to comment said this intrusion was designed to show the suburb the ‘hurt’ they felt by their sense of ‘disenfranchisement.’



    Does she not understand the meaning of the word? It means being deprived of your right to vote!

    Nobody has been ‘’disenfranchised!”  

    They have the vote, if they’re not illegal aliens.

    What they don’t have is any sense of responsibility!  

    Presumably they do vote.

    If their preferred policies are not subsequently enacted, then they have no right to run amok.


    • Paul Keyer 08:48 on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You got it right.
      Truckers are targetted.
      Look at this story and watch the video.


    • Sonny Brower 09:07 on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Not acceptable!
      The federal governnent has identified the antifa terror networks as the major factor in all this and there is an overwhelming need to act on this knowledge.
      Immediate curfew, and merciless enforcement.
      If the Un-Americans want this to become Armageddon, so be it.
      There are thousands of real Americans ready, able and willing to be deputized.


  • ross1948 00:01 on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , conditional discharge, Jakub Zdunek, , Polish trucker, , stun-gun, truckers, ,   

    Let’s Stun Calais Scum – Give The Pole A Royal Pardon! 

    What a grand people are the Poles!


    It’s not just the ones I’ve met, although they’ve always proven to be fine folks.

    It’s a deep admiration for their courageous tenacity, after America and Britain betrayed them most foully at Yalta, sold them into marxist slavery for the worst part of half-a-century.

    Now they are free again, and not only free but as brave as ever…



    …standing up to the EUSSR, just as they never gave in to the USSR.

    But today’s news is fresh cause for solidarity, a sensible young Polish trucker reportedly charged with a criminal offence on Britain’s M1 motorway, because, having had to travel through Calais, he’d taken prudent precautions against the savage scummigrants there.

    Jakub Zdunek, 28, was arrested for possession of a fire-arm, at an M1 service station, after police found a stun-gun in his lorry.


    Gambar terkait

    Just the thing for illegal aliens!


    Happily, when he appeared in Nottingham Crown Court, and pled guilty, Judge Stuart Rafferty QC showed sense and gave the young Pole a two-year conditional discharge.    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4985166/Driver-bought-stun-gun-protect-migrants.html#ixzz4vgWa3y6B 

    • That’s the best His Honour could do in the circumstances, and means the accused basically got a warning.

    • Gambar terkait

      But I’d have thought a pat on the back would be more in order. Otherwise, he, and all truckers, may feel inhibited when facing the need to give crimmigrants their just deserts.

    • First, a fair number of undesirables would no longer be in a position to menace law-abiding citizens… and…

    • ..as a logical consequence, far fewer of the swine would any longer be interested in causing trouble!

    • But meanwhile, perhaps HM The Queen could grant Mr. Zdanuk a Royal Pardon.

    • Hasil gambar untuk royal coat of arms of the united kingdom
    • The conditional discharge means there was no shadow of a doubt in the court that the man standing in the dock was without any malign intent, but it would be an act of generosity to have it expunged it from the records.

    • Just a thought!

    • Petra Malley 01:11 on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, there will be no royal pardons EVER for conditional discharges.
      You know that so you are just trying to wind up the lefty mob. A very small mob, because I think very few lefties read your blog.
      Even so, I do think any driver, truck or bus of private car, going through Calais should be given an exemption from gun restrictions.
      It’s no secret that gangs of illegals have been attacking defenceless people and why should they not be allowed to arm themselves against this violence.
      If a dozen of the gang members were shot down, and I mean fatally, most of us would cheer and we would be very angry if charges were brought against people protecting their vehicles, their families or their property.


    • Jenni Warren 02:25 on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Poland is a wonderful country. I was in Warsaw not long ago and everyone was so friendly and there were none of those migrants you see hanging about in Paris and Berlin, Warsaw was very safe to walk around.

      I am not sure the Queen will dish out a pardon for this Polish lorry driver but I don’t blame him for carrying a stun gun or any kind of gun if he has to drive through Calais.
      It used to be fun for a day trip there but now, the last time I was there a year ago, it was just crawling with migrants.
      French people told us it was horrible to have to live there but the police weren’t allowed to help them. Arrest one of the illegals and they are out again in a week or even a day. .


  • ross1948 11:39 on December 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Haute Cuisine for Jungle Hoodlums? 

     I have no time for that prissy little cook Jamie Oliver…

    Politicians should ignore celebrities who want a nanny-state...the state, he thinks, should “frankly, act like a parent” Jamie Oliver is a patronising bully and he can stick his sugar tax


    Reckon what I whipped up here at home this Christmas –  –  was likely more enjoyable than his fancy-pants fare.

    Now I have to read that he congratulated one of his disciples, former drug dealer Jai Harrower, 24, who decided to give aid and comfort to the rabble in Calais, preparing a gourmet meal of vegetable soup, couscous and bread.  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/629323/Christmas-Calais-dinner-Jamie-Oliver-chef-10-tonnes-presents

    “I want to inspire hope in others,” says Harrower. 

    That is outrageous.

    Responsible citizens should do all in their power to inspire DESPAIR in queue-jumping crimmigrants, dispelling their ‘hope’ to transfer their scenes of mob violence and rapine from France to the UK, illegally.

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 

    16 French police hurt in clash with Calais migrants


    • They have no right to gate-crash borders, since they are not ‘refugees,’ by any definition, having passed through many safe countries to reach Calais, which itself is located in a safe country, where again they refuse to apply for ‘asylum.’


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • ———————
    • The arrogant swine are simply demanding access to the British benefits system, which insanely pours largesse into trough after trough, regardless of the burden thus placed on British tax-payers.

    Not that collaborationist ratbags are a phenomenon unique to Britain. 

    French charity Secours Populaire dropped off 10 tonnes of presents for children and adults in Calais on Monday, which include clothes, boots, painting and educational material.


    Those boots could come in very handy when the louts bring down some poor French cop, or Brit trucker, and kick his head in….


    Truck Driver Tells The Truth About Immigrant Thugs


    • Linda Miller 15:23 on December 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I have three friends christened James. One is called Jim, another is Jimmy, and the third is called James, as his parents intended. I have heard Australians use Jimbo. No worries, as they say.

      Jamie, on the other hand, is suitable for a cat or a hamster but not for a grown man unless he works as a ladies hair-dresser or a male model.
      I read about how you made your Xmas dinner and laughed, but it sounds as if you enjoyed both the making and the eating. I think I would rather take my chances with what you cook than with “Jamie’s” junk.
      I think I’d rather have dinner with ANYONE but Jamie.


  • ross1948 09:59 on December 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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     Cameron’s “Swarm” Amok – It’s Time To Declare Open Season On Mad Dogs! 

    Cameron called them a ‘swarm,’ then backed off sharpish because truth hurts little pinko feelings.
    We call them savages, and worse, because they are barely better than wild animals – sorry, that’s unfair to hyenas and wolverines.
    Now even the BBC has to report some truth about the crimmigrant scum in Calais, quoting a senior figure in the UK’s Road Haulage Association.-.
    “Migrants are throwing boulders, bricks, even a 10-foot spear from a bridge which went through a cab window,” he said. “There’s a massive risk a driver is going to get killed. The problem is it’s not being contained.” Kent haulage boss tells of daily migrant attacks at Calais
    —–civilised man v savage


    If the French police can’t handle the murderous brutes, why the hell aren’t drivers issued with fire-arms and training in the use thereof, and immunity from prosecution if they take out any of these barbarians?
    It’s hardly old news!
    Hundreds of refugees and migrants have stormed a motorway leading to the port at Calais…Refugee crisis: Hundreds of migrants storm Calais motorway


    But of course any steps towards sanity are obstructed every inch of the way.




    Even when an iota of sense emerges, from Brussels, of all places, immediately the Enemy Within starts shrilling, as this week, when Italy was warned that ‘migrants’ have to be finger-printed, and if the parasites don’t like it, tough, force should be used.

    Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano responded Tuesday by saying the Italian legal system already allowed for the use of force in such situations, but other lawmakers expressed concern over the demand.

    EU demands Italy use force to fingerprint all migrants

    Dear God, you’d think Alfano had proposed ripping off finger-nails!


    Hasil gambar untuk mario marazziti Marazzitti


    • “That the EU legitimises the use of force against migrants flies in the face of UN conventions on human rights (and) is very worrying,” said legislator Mario Marazziti, president of Italy’s social affairs commission.
    • hogwashmeterred
    • ———–
    • Old-fashioned folk like me fondly imagined that if undesirables refuse to obey the law, authorities are entitled to use force to thwart their malign designs.
    • Migrants-622855
    • And since we know that a significant proportion of these crimmigrants are intrinsically hostile to the basic decencies and freedoms most European nations hold in esteem…

    Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard 

    …finger-printing the swine is the mildest possible move that could be made.

    But it’s a very small step towards what’s needed.

    • shoot terrs
  • ross1948 16:39 on June 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    A Chance for YOU to Vote on Calais’ Crimmigrant Savages! 

    Seems like almost every day we get fresh news to support my previous suggestion that the Calais cops use the firearms they carry to quell the crimmigrant savages who have turned their town into a war-zone. 

    Vive Les Calais Cops – ‘Brutality?’ No, Just Common-Sense Crimmigrant Control! 

    Now we have this, from a British truck-driver. 

    “Drivers are being stabbed. I had a friend who suffered a cracked rib and broken eye socket as a result of being attacked.” 

    Some truckers are taking long detours to cross the Channel to avoid the northern French port town altogether, he said….many drivers, who are saddled with mortgages and families to look after, feel they have no choice but to carry on despite the risks.


    Calais Crimmigrant Savages

    civilised man v savage


    “It’s quite intimidating, particularly when you’re faced with 10 to 15 of them. On Monday, they created their own roadblock, so truckers had to stop, then suddenly they found themselves surrounded by 150 migrants.”


    It goes without saying these swine should be dealt with by whatever means works, including live ammo.

    If need be, authorise the drivers to carry guns for their own protection.

    • referndmlet peole vote
    • But that’s not the reason I’m posting today.

    The same Express link above takes you to an opportunity, a POLL, admittedly a poor substitute for the referendum on ‘asylum’ parasites which Cameron and other Western leaders are denying their citizens, but better than nowt!


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