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  • ross1948 15:00 on August 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Greek Tragedy, in Kos – Crimmigrant Ingrates Amok! 

    The arrogant ingratitude of the crimmigrant aliens invading Europe was once more on stark display yesterday, on what was once, I believe, a popular destination for British tourists, the Aegean island of Kos.

    I offer a Greek media link, in case, unlikely, you haven’t heard the news.


    • kos_refugees_web6-thumb-large

    Migrants, police clash on Kos island

    Greek Police used fire extinguishers and batons against migrants on the island of Kos on Tuesday as tensions boiled over in a sports stadium..
    I earlier today watched the morning news on BBC international, with one uppity oaf shrilling at the camera, ‘If this is Europe, we’ll go back to Syria..’ .
    One could say, go back, you’ll not be missed.
    Nor would my advice flout the Mogherini Doctrine, which the EUSSR’s ‘high representative,’ the Italian communist Breaking News – Arafat-Fan’s Triumph At EU ‘Anti-Terror’ Summit? issued on behalf of Brussels, saying undesirable aliens may not be removed from civilised countries ‘against their will.’
    But one’s immediate response?
    NO respect for the country they gate-crashed, no shame at their riotous mayhem. ASTOUNDING, breath-taking arrogance.
    Whose country do they think they’ve brought their overweening sense of entitlement to?
    (Oh, and whose country’s watching gleefully over the swine as they set out on their bludger-boats? Erdogan’s Turkey, of course!)
     Greece has already suffered misery and humiliation at the hands of Brussels, and now these savages, presumptuous as pre-Revolution French aristos, reckon they can make demands  on their hosts.
    As I warned only last month, Greeks should not be fooled by their leaders’ carefully calculated nationalist rhetoric.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/thermopylae-day-victory-to-the-greeks/ 
    The Tsipras government is leftist to the marrow, cultural marxist to the bone, closing detention centres, encouraging more parasites with the prospect of new accommodation in central Athens where it says migrants will be free to come and go as they please: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3193541/
    Nor is it equipping the otherwise perfectly adequate security forces with effective weaponry to subdue that mob and drive back the swine still invading Greece.
    Instead the regime turns on the beleaguered cops, suspending one officer who, faced with a madding crowd of crimmigrants, was seen brandishing a knife and slapping a man identified by Greek media as a Pakistani migrant..
    OMG, a slapping!
    These policemen should be authorised to draw their guns and use them!
    civilised man v savage
    Tourism is one of the few remaining resources left to keep the Greek economy afloat, and that’s being devastated by the tsunami of savages marauding around the land.
    Even a public park in Athens has been colonised by the rabble, according to the BBC news. In Kos, the bludger bridge-head numbers 7000 and rising, as against a mere 20,000 Greek men, women and children.
    Hell, if Brits on holiday want to see undesirable aliens, they need only spend a few quid and cross the Channel – why travel to Kos?
    Indeed, why leave London?
    The Mayor of Kos is warning that blood will be shed.
    My heart goes out to the poor islanders.
    Greeks are warm and friendly people, among whom I once spent many happy summers.
    It should be recognised that helping them would be not just an act of solidarity but a sensible act of self-interest. Crimmigration menaces everyone in Europe.
    out with them
    Round them up and kick them out! 
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    Thermopylae Day – Victory to the Greeks! 

    One’s natural instinct is to root for anyone who can upset the Brussels Commissars.


    up your, eu


    But never forget that, despite his ‘nationalist’ rhetoric, the Greek Prime Minister is a dedicated cultural marxist. He has shown this by introducing legislation which panders to those elements, notably an ‘anchor baby’ law and a measure to appease the gaystapo agenda.



    Listening to the news, it’s evident that Greece is an economic disaster area – no economist myself, I have been examining a short but powerful article, which comes with this useful cartoon.

    Euro Greece - No Country For Wise Men

    Euro Greece – No Country For Wise Men

    I recommend you read it.

    I liked especially the reference to the jack-boot mentality of ‘Europe’ when the previous Greek Government was told no referendum was allowed – the EUSSR hates popular participation in the running of sovereign sates, because peoples – in Europe as everywhere –  usually have an instinctive taste for…running their own sovereign states! But meanwhile…


    One of the few areas where the Greeks can still hope for economic well-being is the tourism sector.

    But given this aspect of Aegean geography….


      …many erstwhile tourist isles so close to Turkey, a hostile power long guilty of pumping undesirable aliens into Europe, via Greece, it’s no surprise that that sector is now being blighted by hordes of crimmigrants.
    It tells you all you need to know about the  EurocRats that instead of providing (relatively) inexpensive help to defend Greece from that tsunami and a constructive policy of deportation, Brussels’ lackeys have, au contraire, harassed and insulted Greek self-defence…

    Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 



    See also Can Greece Be Freed from Crimmigrants AND EUSSR Commissars? 

    …and are now using the current crisis to demand that other countries accept colonisation by sea-borne parasites. 
    The wording of Tsipras’ referendum is confusing, as much to Greeks as to the rest of us. But at least they are having one and can figure out for themselves how best to vote.
    Invasion from across the sea, an external overlord desperate to clamp misrule on people unwilling to submit…
    It is all weirdly reminiscent of Thermopylae, those glorious 300 against the firghtful!


    • Alexa 08:37 on July 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The big losers were the polling ‘professionals’ predicting a 50-50 split.
      I read now that it is more like 60 -40 in favor of Leonidas’ 300.


  • ross1948 00:01 on January 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Mannerless Brussels Disses Democracy – Greece Today, Next UK? 

    Interesting actually to listen to what Syriza leader Tsipras said during his election campaign. He sounded as much right as left, with a clearly nationalist appeal.



    Pity is that if you examine his party and its platform you find no sign he’s prepared to carry on the war against crimmigrants which Greece has been waging admirably for some years. 

    ‘Asylum’ Thugs Amok in Greece – Kick Them OUT! 

    However, there’s always hope.

    He has now formed a coalition with the Greek Independents, described as ‘rightwing and populist,’ the latter adjective almost always indicative of a commitment to the real meaning of democracy.

    However, Tsipras is the people’s choice, like it or not, and the laggard despatch of standard courtesies by the EurocRats is totally out of order. 



    It’s deliberate disrespect towards not one politician but to the entire Greek nation. But hardly a novel display of contempt for democracy.

    Who’s forgotten how Brussels slapped diplomatic sanctions on Austria, a fellow-EU member, when the people there gave the ‘rightwing, populist’ Freedom Party enough votes to put them into a governing coalition?’ Brits will know what to expect later this year!

    Brussels Ban On UKIP Coalition Role? 


    EU leaders slow to congratulate Syriza




     EU president Donald Tusk, whose office is normally quick to congratulate the winner of a national election in one of the EU’s member states, had not publicly reacted by Monday morning, nor had EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.  https://euobserver.com/news/127364

    And Cameron was just as crass, taking his cue from HMV in Brussels.

    It seems that, of the big beasts in Europe. only two were prompt to congratulate Tsipras, Hollande and Schultz – two men I don’t often have much good to say about, but tonight I applaud their civility..

    There’s no good reason not to be polite.

    If I find myself in the company of a pinko, I behave properly, chat away  – dealing with people in a social or commercial context is not like blogging, which is a means to an end, getting a message across.

    In politics too, you can slag off opponents as much as you like on the campaign trail, but face-to-face? It’s perfectly possible to sit down and argue agreeably with a pinko, provided he enjoys a drink and a laugh. And if it’s a she?

    Only a few days ago, I met a very pretty lady from the UK who suddenly confessed to me that her worst nightmare would be a British Coalition Government including UKIP.  My response was to say that my fervent hope would be just that, ASAP.

    We then got on with a normal conversation. About the price of booze and how much fun we’d had as students.  

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