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  • ross1948 00:15 on May 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ANOTHER Pakistan ‘NGO’ Exposed – An Erdolf Ally! 

    After our recent interest in the nasty sectarian discrimination practised by the Pakistani wing of a globally active ‘charity…’

    Pakistan’s Sectarian ‘Charity’ Has US and UK Wings! 



    …there’s a new series of revelations about another Pakistani outfit, spreading fake-news, about ‘Greece Mistreating Refugees,’ and it’s a shocker!

    I’d like to go through the whole story, but it’s a long one, and even though I’m largely without other things to do thanks to the Chinese Virus lock-down here in Indonesia…


    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan


    ….I have many other issues ro raise hell about, so will simply give you a taster…


    …a chunk of the Greek City Times’ excellent report on Million Smiles and their dirty tricks, which were so clumsy that it must have been a sheer joy to expose them!


    …the Million Smiles NGO have been exposed spreading fake news in their anti-Greek campaign.

    The hashtag first began with Million Smiles CEO and Co-Founder Zeshan Afzal, who has since restricted his Twitter account.

    Pakistani NGO with Turkish connections, exposed spreading fake news 14

    As the starter of the hashtag, the lack of research is evident in the very fact that the bottom right photo he used is clearly in Turkey, and not in Greece.

    Pakistani NGO with Turkish connections, exposed spreading fake news 15

    This is seen from the police shield that says “POLİS,” the Turkish word for police, as of opposed to the Greek “ΑΣΤΥΝΟΜΙΑ.”

    Even ignoring the fact that a refugee is someone seeking, quite obviously, refuge and safety, therefore meaning the people trying to enter Greece are illegal immigrants since they already found safety and refuge in Turkey, the deceit of Million Smiles continues…


    And it gets better, because the not-so-well hidden hand of Erdolf’s regime is revealed, buddy-buddy with this Pakistani organisation.

    What WE would like to know is whether, like that sectarian charity, there are branches, wings, or chapters, whatever, of this anti-Greek gang operating in Western countries!



    Meanwhile, it looks like  many accounts linked to Million Smiles have since been suspended by Twitter, or restricted by the account owners choice. In fact, most of the tweets with the hashtags by the Million Smiles team were deleted after Afzal was contacted by Greek City Times. Shortly after we contacted him, his and the NGO’s very own Twitter account became restricted.

    • Lorne Marzio 12:20 on May 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They have a very unusual idea of what a charity should be into.
      I hope they are not allowed to collect money in civilized countries which Pakistan most definitely is not!


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    Video – Watch Fake-Refugees Torment Tiny Tot! 

    Maybe you have already seen this, but the more widely it’s spread, the better.

    No need for comment from me. My feeling are adequately expressed in my headline, above.

    Well, no, not so. I have to say that I think these scum should be shot dead!

    A disturbing video allegedly filmed at the border between Greece and Turkey shows a man appearing to deliberately hold a young girl over a smoky log to get her to cry, while a woman nearby imitates crying. Another man then approaches, grabs the child, and runs off.
    • Noreen Paterson 20:37 on March 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone that owns a tv must by now have seen and heard those illegals on the Turkish side of the border, aggressively telling reporters that they ‘want’ to get across, as if their wants are more important than Greek law and what Greeks want for their country.

      So incredibly arrogant, you can picture what they would be like in any country they break into.

      lt makes me so angry, that from HRH Ursula to the lowliest EU functionary, the entire Brussels Establishment knows perfectly well what these savages are like, but they still want to let them in.


    • Vicki 21:28 on March 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      These migrants are worse than animals.
      I agree with you, shoot them!


    • Amanda Adams 22:33 on March 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They are not just illegal immigrants, they are subhuman.


    • Vinnie F 12:50 on March 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Monsters! Put them down!


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    Invasion 2020 – France24’s Pro-Crimmigrant Bias! 

    It’s probably just as well that I can only watch one tv channel at a time. Digesting multiple left-liberal biases would be insufferable!

    So last night, as also on the day before…


    …I just had a look at France24’s “news” and sure enough, their correspondent in Turkey came out with a blatantly bigoted assertion…

    ….viz. that, as far as importing further crimmigrants into Europe, it was just a ‘few enlightened countries’ that had offered to do so.


    Jasper Mortimer
    Jasper Mortimer, France24’s Turkey correspondent

    Jasper Mortimer, whose sly insertion of his leftist prejudices has brought him into our blog before…

    More ‘Refugee’ Terror – And France24 Shows BBC-Style Bias! 

    ….did not name these block-head regimes, nor did he explain in what possible way bringing in batches of aliens might be considered ‘enlightened!’

    Collins dictionary ‘sensible, modern attitudes and ways of dealing with things..’


    What’s ‘sensible,’ Jasper, about escalating a problem that’s plaguing one’s fellow-citizens and costing tax-payers gigantic sums of money?


    An up-to-date approach takes account of what happened in the past and learning from mistakes made, right? So if a significant number of ‘asylum-seekers’ are sectarian primitives and/or dastardly ingrates?

    What’s “enlightened” about taking in more of the same?


    Or worse!

    Governments that refuse to be pressured into any such asinine ‘offers’ are smart and far-sighted!

    Pinko propagandist Jasper, a South African married to a Turk, needs to go back to journalism school…

    …and swot up on the obligation to keep opinionated adjectives out his his broadcasting!

    • Mort 13:10 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Once more, as with the other example today, these reporting techniques are sly and low-key, ‘bringing judges to heel’, words that suggest judges are being mistreated by harsh use of a restraint.
      The judges are not being ‘brought to heel.’
      The recently re-elected Polish Government is acting on a legal reform, passed by parliament and approved by the democratically elected president.


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    Naked Truth? Arrogant Illegals Taught Needful Lesson! 

    Not before time!



    Some of the arrogant illegals invading Europe were given a handy lesson last week, when –

    ‘…migrants from Yemen and Palestine walked to the Turkish village after they were beaten by Greek police on the other side of the border, which they had crossed illegally.’


    Time and again we have read of alien savages trying to storm the sovereign borders of civilised nations…




    ..and there are photos galore to confirm the reality of those violent crimmigrant onslaughts, on Hungary, above left, and on Macedonia, above left, and on Spain, below.

    Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants


    All too often, the border security forces seem to have at least one hand tied behind their backs, facing vicious brutes. Often the defenders suffer grievous wounds…

    …yet denied, by weak-kneed politicians, the right to draw their fire-arms in defence of their invaded home-lands.

    What WOULD stop, or at least dramatically diminish, the endless influx of undesirables, would be no-holds-barred counter-attacks on all fronts and the Greek cops seem to have set a grand example…

    Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 


    Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 

    ….as one might expect of a feisty frontier force which showed such true grit in the past!

    Mind you, the splendid officers up there on the Turkish border  might very well find themselves getting knocked about, not by sleazy illegals…


    Tear gas fills the air as French riot police face off with demonstrators near the area called the "jungle" where migrants live in Calais

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

    …but by the far-left government of Red Tsipras, which is notoriously pro-crimmigrant.

    But we must wait and see.

    Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note how Erdolf’s subjects made the crimmigrants welcome when they came straggling in with their tails between their legs, no doubt whining tiresomely about the Turks’ ancestral enemies across the river.

    The Turkish villagers opened the local coffee house and turned on the stove heater to warm the half-naked migrants, who were offered clothes, food and warm drinks.

    Well, if they’re that keen on lawless aliens, let them take them in and keep them there!

    Maybe the villagers would be prepared to do so.

    Not a chance!

    Those illegals are not interested in sheltering in a safe haven. They’re not ‘refugees.’



    All they want is their parasitic snouts sunk as deep as possible in the juicy benefits available in European tax-troughs.

    Turkish gendarmerie forces later took the migrants from the village and bused them to a migration center.

    And how long will they be held securely there?

    • Noreen Paterson 00:11 on November 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It was good of you to say that in some countries the men and women on duty at the borders have one hand tied behind their backs.
      I don’t believe for a minute that British border security personnel are in any way inferior in courage to those in Greece or anywhere else.
      However, they must be aware that with hopeless Home Secretaries like May and Rudd and whoever is there now, they would be the ones to suffer if they dished out the beatings which illegals need.
      All the Amnesty crowd would demand dismissals or even prosecution and the British Government would throw them to the wolves, just like what’s been done to those retired soldiers who are being hounded for doing such a good job in Ulster years ago.
      Nor is it only that such beatings are well deserved.
      They would be a serious deterrent, as word would spread among other fake refugees.


    • Jim and Louise Baker 00:48 on November 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Applause, for you and for those Greek cops!
      And for the Libyans.
      We have read so much and so many times about illegals telling eveyybody that they want in and that what they want outweighs what evetyone else wants.
      We just want them to go home.
      And it’s our country.


  • ross1948 18:19 on April 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Like Canada’s Tamils, ‘German’ Syrians Exposed -‘Fake Refugees!’ 

    One of Ezra Levant’s great scoops was exposing those ‘poor Tamil refugees’ in Canada so traumatised by their treatment in their homeland, Sri Lanka, that they were taking vacations there.

    ‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

    That impression was  further reinforced…


    Vile Tamil ingrates, Toronto 2013


    …when hundreds of the ingrate wretches caused traffic chaos to their host country’s citizens in Toronto.

    More recently we’ve heard of other so-called ‘asylum’-(aka welfare benefit-)-seekers engaging in the same sort of sleazy trickery in European countries like Norway.

    ‘Desperate Migrants’ Demand ‘Asylum’ – Then Go Home for Holidays! 

    Now we learn of a similar phenomenon in Germany, proof positive that the ‘Syrian refugees’ concerned, now ‘seeking to return to Turkey’ are no more ‘refugees’ than you, dear reader, or I.

    On the plus side, this lot are not apparently going off on holidays – instead they are casting off all previous pretensions because law reform in Germany ‘has introduced new barriers to family reunification…’



    So if they can’t get Mama Stasi Merkel to squeeze more snouts into the German tax-trough, they flounce off home?



    NB,this is not some ‘far-right’ farrago but comes from the notoriously left-liberal state broadcaster ARD!


    Having been critical of the CSU, the Bavarian ‘sister-party’ of the Berlin Bitch’s CDU, it’s only fair that I acknowledge their role in the small step forward that the law reform represents.

    It’s a result of the negotiations which led up to formation of the coalition government – ‘a cap of 1,000 people per month was imposed on who could come to Germany for family reunification.’   http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/syrian-refugees-in-germany-returning-to-turkey-reports-130240

    But while I’m sure the CSU was sincere in its demands, they surely only got their way because failure to address the problem would have strengthened the electoral prospects of the AfD patriot party…

    …which made sure ‘family reunification was a hot issue in last year’s elections after media reported that around 390,000 refugees could apply for this right and bring their spouses and minor children to Germany.’

    That would have led to AT LEAST another MILLION aliens romping into the stricken country…



    …where angry protests have erupted over the rapes and murders committed by imported savages.

    • Beth 07:31 on April 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I remember what Canadians were saying about those horrible Tamils who caused the traffic trouble just to show how little respect they had for the country that took them in.

      Ingrates was not the word most used by the Toronto driving public to describe the Tamils at fault.
      The preferred words began with an ‘F’ or a ‘C’ or mostly a combination of those.


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    Ukraine And Turks Abhor Illegals – Unlike Brussels! 

    Twelve migrants, apparently from North Africa, have been sailing to and fro between Istanbul and Odessa on a Danish passenger ferry for the last seven weeks, locked in four cabins with no country willing to take them.


    Gambar terkait


    And no bloody wonder!

    “There has been a tendency to violence and aggressions…”

    Aaah, just what every nation needs, a pack of savages – as if we ain’t got enough already!


    Migrant savages storm Hungary


    Although there is a tempting alternative to keeping the arrogant swine locked up.

    …and they have threatened to jump overboard … so there is no alternative to locking them inside the cabins,” 

    There ARE alternatives!

    Used to be that anti-social behaviour on board a ship led to a sound thrashing…


    Hasil gambar untuk shipboard flogging


    …and that might make them confess where they come from. .. at least six are thought to be Moroccan and four Algerian.

    Meanwhile, it might be a salutary lesson, were they to be chained up in some sweltering annex of the engine room, rather than give them the undeserved comfort of a cabin.

    At least the Danes are declining any suggestion that because the scum are on one of their ships, responsibility might be shunted onto Denmark.

    “The problem can be solved. All it takes is a quick decision from Ankara or Kiev,” says Copenhagen. It’s said the wannabe welfare bludgers had Romania as their preferred victim-nation, no doubt, like those we mentioned last week…

    Now Romania -Is ANY Country Plague-Free? 

    …with a view to oozing northwestwards to Mama Stasi’s Germany.

    But the dimwits got on the wrong ferry…


    So not only are they unpleasant and violent but also stupid.

    …in accordance with the bilateral agreement, the country that delivered the people should take them back.

    But the Turks don’t want to know.

    A Turkish foreign ministry official said the case was being followed by “all related institutions.”   Migrants stuck on endless ferry journey as countries refuse entry

    Short-term solution?

    Any of my above ideas, or get a rickety raft and tow the wretches along behind the ferry…


    Gambar terkait


    ….but of course with armed guards ready at harbours to ensure the villains don’t attempt to ‘jump raft!

    Anyone else got an appealing thoughts on how to teach these toe-rags a lesson? And is it not refreshing when countries dig in their heels and say ‘No…’

    Italian island of Sardinia alarmed by increase in number of migrants …

    ….when every week the EUSSR willingly imports hundreds, thousands, of illegals.


    • Pamela 00:21 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think there are sharks in the Black Sea or I would go with the raft idea.
      The flogging sounds good though.


    • Shaun 08:48 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      How could any country in its right mind want to take this gang in?
      I didn’t just read your quotes and your comments but used the link to read the whole article and these are people who don’t deserve anything.


    • Iain Keegan 13:24 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is a baffling situation, but the one lhing that has got to made certain is NO asylum anywhere for violent aliens like the ones on the boat.
      It is frustrating to read over and over again about so-called refugees fleeing violence who are no sooner in somebody else’s country (and it’s been happening in many countries) y they turn violent. Sometimes it’s because they can’t get the menu they prefer or sometimes it’s to fulfil their sexual urges. Sometimes it’s just inexplicable.
      Whatever the reason, it should be one strike and you’re out. Immigrants have to be held to the highest standard if they are to be allowed in and allowed to stay.
      There’s enough thugs assaulting people in every country that are natives without adding foreign ones.
      Every time a ‘refugee’ commits a crime, they should be jailed until a plane is ready to take them back to where they can try out their violence on their own people.
      The violent migrants on that ferry need to be forced to tell where they’re from and immediately deported.
      If it takes some of the methods you have mentioned, then that’s okay by me.
      A flogging could be exactly what they need.to turn them off the idea that they have any hope of a welcome,


    • Diana 14:07 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I really enjoy waking up to read your blog when you are on form and you are really on form with this.
      Why would anybody want to let in violent illegals who refuse to say where they come from?
      Why shouldnt they be taught a lesson in manners?


    • Jacko 23:16 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Fly them off the ferry then drop them into the Bermuda Triangle?


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    A Powerful Antidote To Islamophobia? 

    Great news from Iraq, that a court has handed down a death sentence for a Russian who was part of the ISIS rape-gang.


    That judges in a Muslim country can show such a superior grasp of how to handle jihadist vermin is of course a powerful antidote to Islamophobia!



    Iraq’s retention of capital punishment puts European countries  – and Canada and Australia – to shame.

    Heck, in Canada, terrorists can even hope for hand-outs from the public purse!


    Hasil gambar untuk khadr devil

    Ten Million Bucks For Killer Khadr? Canadian Petition!


    But the other interesting aspect is the absence of any mention of Russian intercession on the sentenced swine’s behalf.


    • …………
    • Can any of us picture Putin sending in consular staff to console the savage, much less protest against the entirely just and proper penalty imposed?

    • Again, what a contrast with Western Europe’s effete attitudes, with Merkel’s minions under orders to visit and comfort vermin like those so-called ‘German’ slags we reported on…

    ISIS Slags Were ‘Jealous’ Of Sex-Slaves?!? Hell Mend ‘Em! 

    ….not that long ago, held in Iraq, who are getting visits from Mama Stasi’s consular corps.

    And it’s not just Germany, Australians please note.


    Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop


    Merkel’s readiness to help those bitches is matched by Julie Bishop’s unappetising u-turn.

    She apparently authorised Australian help to a foul sectarian traitor named Neil Prakash, who is currently residing in a Turkish top security prison, captured in the course of his service to the bloodthirsty ISIS caliphate .



    Gambar terkait

    Bishop had to issue a special permit allowing consular assistance…


    Because he had been previously listed as a proscribed person, meaning anyone who assisted him was guilty of a crime!



    If Turnbull had any cojones, he’d have over-ruled his flunkey and told the Turks to wring the b-stard’s neck!


    If Western nations lack the will to put satanic swine to death, they should at least declare that they are washing their hands of all those rabid renegades who knowingly went off to ISIS-Land, and invite whoever catches them to kill them.

    • Darryl 00:31 on September 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Nothing to disagree with in what you write here, Ross,
      How Iraqis punish their own traitors is up to them, but I hope they do us all a favor and execute any captured ISIS ‘fighters’ who went there from Western countries.
      Those ‘foreign fighters’ are traitors to Australia, like the one you name, and to Britain, Canada or any other country they are citizens of.
      Hang everyone of them.


    • Piers Johnson 06:34 on September 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Why should we take these ISIS rats back?
      They left our country which gave them free education and every chance to make good and when they chose to join our enemies, they used our country’s passports to travel to their ‘caliphate.’ So they have no argument against the charge of treason.
      They deserve the death penalty, not ‘consular assistance.’


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    ‘Millions’ Of Syrian ‘Refugees’ Go Home for Holiday! 

    Canadian readers may remember the brilliant investigation by Ezra Levant, which exposed those phoney Tamil ‘refugees.’

    ‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

    They had been given sanctuary  in Canada because they had to flee the frightful fate awaiting any of their kind in Sri Lanka.


    • ezra-levant-salim-mansur-discuss-multiculturalism-liberal-degeneracy-911

    Ezra Levant

    • But after getting settled into their new homes, there they were, gallivanting homewards, carefree tourists, back for family reunions, etc.

    I’m not sure the then government in Ottawa ever did round those lying swine up and deport them – somehow I doubt it.


    Toronto traffic chaos, thanks to Tamil ingrates

    Certainly there were plenty of Tamil ingrates dug into Toronto, causing massive disruption to the community which had so foolishly taken them in.

     Well, today I had France 24 on, which I don’t much like…

    Hasil gambar untuk france 24

    …but when I heard this mid-afternoon news story, from my front yard where I was getting stuck into a late lunch of fried egg and potato sandwiches ( local Jakarta eateries shut for Idul Adha holiday) I simply had to stop in mid-bite, hurtling indoors to check it out!


    Millions of Syrian refugees have been authorised to visit their families across the border in Syria to celebrate Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest festivals… Syrian refugees in Turkey head home


    Despite the obvious fakery of the crimmigrants in Calais and Cologne, I still toil under the old-fashioned notion that ‘refugees’ somehow should meet the definitions we find in both dictionaries and international conventions, viz. people who CANNOT safely be in their own countries. 

    • Hasil gambar untuk ya gotta be kidding
    • There’s nothing in any of those UN etc. treaties, so far as I know, that includes in the category those who feel perfectly free to return there when the idea appeals to them.

    The same shocking phenomenon was recently noted in Scandinavia – 

    “How dangerous is it really in their home country that makes them eligible to stay here when in only a few months they can return there on vacation?”

    ‘Desperate Migrants’ Demand ‘Asylum’ – Then Go Home for Holidays! 


    What next?

    • JustinTrudeau
    • Will Sheikh Justin of Turdostan start issuing free Air Canada vouchers to the Syrian horde he’s imported, to allow them long weekends in their dearly beloved homeland? 
    • Sandor 23:36 on September 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      And these would be the same poor refugees, terrified by the horrors of Syria, that Erdogan has told Europe he will send to Europe in exchange for every illegal Europe sends back?
      On a one-for-one basis?
      Brussels must be full of the kind of mugs who would buy the Brooklyn Bridge from a New York conman.
      Thanks for this.
      It’s a revelation. What a scam this whole ‘refugee’ racket is.


    • Pamela 14:04 on September 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Talk about brass neck. This is stunning!
      How dare they call these people refugees?


    • Arnold 16:05 on September 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This really does expose the sham for us all to see. These UN agitators trying to make us feel guilty about ‘refugees’ forced to leave their homeland, then we see millions of them criss-crossing the border?

      Yes, Ross, I remember that Tamil story. Ezra was on target but the government in Ottawa never acted to show them the door.
      Same as now, the UN will still be blabbering and blubbering about how these Syrians just have no country to go back to.
      Lies, lies, lies.!
      And good for you, the big media, the honest ones at least, are only today just catching up with the issue you told us about, and it’s an outright scandal!
      Investigation reveals registered asylum seekers have headed back to war-torn countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq
      Refugees can leave the country for 21 days a year, but are not obliged to say where they are going
      German MP Armin Schuster said the situation ‘leaves one speechless’
      Migration office says leisure trips show asylum seekers no longer fear for their safety, meaning they could be stripped of their status



  • ross1948 23:58 on August 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Turks in Austria Flaunt Their Disloyalty! 

    FPO’s Hofer

    Turkish people with Austrian citizenship who recently joined protests in support of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be investigated with a view to stripping their Austrian nationality, far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has said.

    I’m still waiting for EUObserver, or any of the rotten media, to refer to Herr Hofer’s opponent…


    van bellen

    green party red


    …the hoary old Red-Green Van Belleren, as the far-left presidential candidate.’


    But more to the point…

    Here’s something of what happened after Erdolf’s boogeyman ‘coup!’

    A young demonstrator – Austrian born of Turkish immigrant parents – explains why he’s marching behind Turkish flags.

    “We are Turks, we stick together, we’re always there and we love each other.” 

    Austria’s Turkish community numbers around 300,000. Many came in the 1970s so now there are second and third generations along with more recent immigrants… 4,000 of them staged a spontaneous demonstration waving Turkish flags and chanting pro-Erdogan slogans… 

    Austria’s leaders ‘concerned about loyalty’ of Turkish immigrants

    This brought powerful protest from Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.



    “We have evidence that the pro-Erdogan demonstrations that took place in Vienna were directly ordered from Turkey to get people on the street. Of course this is untenable and we will protest.”

    What surprised many Austrians was the rapid response of the Turkish community to the attempted coup.

    What surprises me is that anyone in Austria was surprised!

    We’ve all seen – especially Germans – the widespread disloyalty of Turks who revel in the privileges of not just residence…

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

    ,,,,but also of citizenship in European countries, yet retain allegiance to that alien country in Asia.

    I’ll bet the perspicacious Hofer wasn’t surprised, nor many of the smart millions who voted for him in June and will vote the same way in October.

    Already there a real signs of an wakening to the folly of clasping hordes of asps to the nation’s bosom. 
    Mayor Klaus Schneeberger of the conservative People’s Party said he did not want “current developments in Turkey to be imported” into Wiener Neustadt.
    “I therefore call on all those who have put up Turkish flags on their homes or balconies to remove them at once,” he wrote in an open letter sent to Turkish community groups and council estates.
    Schneeberger said the city’s “decades-old traditions and values” had to be protected in the face of the massive migrant influx…
    Time to choose.
    Turkey is a hostile country. Turks loyal to Turkey should live there, or be sent there. 
  • ross1948 10:52 on August 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Twisted Turks -‘F-Off Foreigner!’ But AUSTRIA’S Racist? 

    …Turkey’s foreign minister called Austria the “capital of radical racism” on Friday after Chancellor Christian Kern suggested European Union leaders discuss ending Ankara’s EU accession talks, citing democratic and economic deficits…


    So Erdogan and his sectarian fanatic party reckon Austria’s ‘racist?’ A serious insult indeed, which we must of course take seriously…



    • …until we read down the page and learn that…

    …a veteran lawmaker from Turkey’s ruling AK Party, Burhan Kuzu, wrote a Turkish abbreviation widely taken to mean “Fuck off foreigner…”


    • Gambar kisah untuk burhan kuzu dari Hürriyet Kuzu
    • ——–
    • How many of you are sick and tired of that pestilential regime in Ankara?
    • Mr. Kuzu went on to add this to his vitriolic outburst.

    “The European Union is collapsing. NATO is nothing without Turkey.

    Well, amen to the first assertion!

    The sooner the better.

    The EUSSR has done the dirty on decent Europeans in every member country by its absurd pandering to the Turks, that crazy deal whereby they send back one illegal immigrant and the Turks send us another!

    As for NATO, kick the swine out.

    We suggested that here months ago! Plus economic sanctions till they become civilised enough to control their own borders! Plus help for Kurds who want self-determination!

    Rogue Turk Regime Raises Ransom Demand – Fight Back, Europe! 

    Their membership was of value when there was a Soviet threat all the way through the Balkans, but Erdogan has made it very clear he cherishes the caliphate dream more than any commitment to the defence of the West…




    …. of which he does NOT consider his increasingly Islamised state to be a part.  

    And better still, start kicking out every Turk who displays disloyalty to the European countries they live in…

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

    • erdogan
    • ———–

     …pledging instead their allegiance to Turkey and the brute who reigns there.

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