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  • ross1948 08:30 on May 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC – ‘Twitter Fears For Free Expression!’ 

    What really woke me up this morning…

    (must find a better word for ’emerging fron slumber’ – ‘woke’ now makes one think of sleazy degenerates making war on national pride and decent values!)

    … that BBC headline which told us how Dirty Dorsey’s Big Tech censorious leviathan ‘expressed fears for freedom of expression in India..’


    BBC evidently has no sense of irony.

    How the Hell can Twitter talk about freedom of expression?

    Dirty Dorsey Apes UK Pravda To Conceal Vote-Fraud Facts! 

    Hey, Twitter’s Still Outlawing The Truth! 

    Apparently this anguished yelping was in consequence of Indian police visiting Twitter’s premises.

    Given that India has suffered repeat aggression by Red China.…


    Bravo, India! Excellent Example To Us All! 

    …one might have thought it unsurprising that a ‘social media’ entity notorious for its inclusion of suspect influences…

    ….at senior management level – got the attention of Indian investigators.

    Given Dirty Dorsey’s devious ways…

    Dirty ‘China Doll’ Dorsey Incites Red Informers!

    …the more Twitter is investigated, the better!


    • Jack Hopper 19:59 on May 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Twitter expressing fears about freedom of expression is like a cat expressing concern about the welfare of mice.


  • ross1948 17:00 on January 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty ‘China Doll’ Dorsey Incites Red Informers! 



    More like Cuckoo Call – that’s Dirty Dorsey’s latest scheme, to ‘enlist users to report alleged disinformation episodes on Twitter..’

    Given the composition of his control cabal……

    ….we won’t be getting much in the way of action against the world’s largest source of disinformation…



    …Red China!

    We just watched a BBC mini-documentary

    A year ago, the Chinese government locked down the city of Wuhan. For weeks beforehand officials had maintained that the outbreak was under control – just a few dozen cases linked to a live animal market. But in fact the virus had been spreading throughout the city and around China..


    …which proved beyond doubt that nothing gets out that hasn’t been authorised by Adolf Xi’s bandit regime.

    If even the left globalists who infest the BBC acknowledge Beijing’s rancid record of deceit, why should not every statement issued by that totalitarian cess-pool not have at least a ‘credibility warning’ slapped on.

    Worms crawl, fish swim and communists lie!

    But not a chance DD’s network will upset his own Twitter in-crowd, who admire, aid and abet the cruel tyrant Xi.

    The creator of the petition wrote that Twitter is suppressing criticism of the CCP and suspending dissident accounts while pro-Beijing accounts remain unscathed.


     No, Comrade Dorsey’s informers will get their teeth into American dissenters first, ‘a pilot project’ in the USA, where pinko creeps ‘who identify information in tweets that they find misleading will write context notes.’

    As Dirty Dorsey’s henchman puts it, ‘… we aim to make the notes visible directly on the tweets to the global Twitter audience, when there is consensus from a wide and diverse of contributors….”

    Gimme a break, Comrade!  

    The only consensus is that of Big Tech and the Left, whose consensus is that dissent must be suppressed.



    Exactly as the ANSA report says, this is  – 
        …an initiative launched in the wake of the new effort to stem content deemed “false and harmful…”

    Deemed by whom, Comrade?

    By WHO?


    Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)


    Perhaps the least trustworthy echelon of the UN?


    • Lee HK 17:36 on January 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I wish all governments would understand that Xi and his Communist Party are liars.
      They have to be when they have so many crimes to hide.


    • Mel Henderson 18:38 on January 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Well said.
      Until Dorsey purges his Red China insiders, he should be shut down.


    • Ken Kasic 07:15 on January 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Twitter is a major threat to democracy, that’s true, and Facebook, but don’t forget Google.
      They own Youtube and just suppressed The Donald Trump channel.


  • ross1948 06:10 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    So Twitter Censors You, But Not Islamist Holocaust Deniers? 

    We know very well with whom Dirty Dorsey’s collaborating….

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – as awful in his personal appearance as his threat to freedom of expression

    ….and we know his freaky geekstapo have been censoring patriots in many different countries, not because the patriot tweets are in any way offensive but because they were likely to undermine Dorsey’s preferred candidates…

    Censor-Virus Spreads – Dirty Dorsey’s Now A MEDICAL Expert?!


    Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag!

    ….and causes!

    Sometimes the Twitniks shrink from outright suppression of what targetted patriots say, instead attaching a label smearing the message as ‘disputed’ – disputed, again, of course, by Dorsey’s comrades on the left!

    But how about something that MOST people, outside certain territories in the Middle East, would not think too long before ‘disputing?’



    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed Twitter on Friday for flagging one of her tweets warning about the risks of ballot harvesting…



    …. while leaving alone a tweet from Iran’s leader casting doubt on the Holocaust. “Wow. When Iran’s Ayatollah says the Holocaust didn’t happen, Twitter doesn’t say ‘this claim is disputed…

    Nikki Haley Rips Twitter For Flagging Her While Leaving Iranian Leader’s Holocaust Denial Untouched

    Is Twitter going easy on Holocaust Denial because the Red China despot Xi and the primitive old savages…

    Is China Iran’s last resort for survival?  Tehran sees a proposed strategic partnership with Beijing as its savior…


    ….who run the benighted Islamist dictatorship in Iran, are getting cosy?

    Just asking!

    If Dirty Dorsey explains himself, I’ll be happy to discuss his excuses.

    • Mel Henderson 10:56 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to see if Antifa will now make aggressive attacks on Twitter for siding with the Holocaust deniers in Tehran.
      I don’t think that will happen, unfortunately, because Antifa are not really interested in attacking Nazi sympathizers like the ayatollahs.
      They are more interested in stopping free speechand freedom of assembly of patriotic conservatives.

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  • ross1948 18:00 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bitter Twitter Bias – BBC’s Lefty Lucy Has Dirty Dorsey’s Back! 

    It’s not only Xi’s bandit regime in Beijing that must be delighted by Dirty Jack Dorsey’s election dirty tricks, the gargoylish Twitter toad perhaps guided in his censorship…..

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – as awful in his personal appearance as his threat to democracy?

    ….viz. labelling a tweet about mail-in voting posted by President Trump as ‘misleading,’ despite what we have already reported…

    Next Time BBC Slime Say Ballot Fears Are ‘Without Evidence…? 

    ….and despite Dirty Dorsey’s (and Zuckwit’s ) geekstapo meddlers having no way of knowing whether the inadequacies already known are merely the tip of the ice-berg.

    Not only Red China – we soon heard BBC’s Sally ‘Bias’ Bundock repeat their familiar left mantra, ‘without evidence!’

    Oh yeah?



    And what about when we heard the same BBC World News, Bundock, or some other UK Pravda shrew, telling us, without evidence, that ‘Americans didn’t like’ how the President handled Biden in the last debate. Debate? Another Report The Dirty BBC Will Hide. 

    Let he or she that is without sin cast the first stone!


    Oh, BTW, at 6.20pm, Jakarta time, another Beeb-Bint, Lefty Lucy Hockings…


    Lefty Lucy Hockings


    …..invited on an ‘expert,’ a college lecturer, of course, named Tristan Hotham, and let him say, without evidence, that Dirty Dorsey was correct to interfere with Trump’s tweet. Hotham went on to say that Trump might well win, so then the social media would have to sit down and figure out what to do about people…

    ….who say things they don’t like!


    No sign of Lefty Lucy inviting on anybody to challenge him.

    • Lionel 20:05 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Does New Zealand have any non-left hackettes?
      I use your word for ‘journalists’ of the female variety, after reading about that bigoted Tova in NZ and now this about BBC’s “Lefty Lucy,” who is also of Kiwi origins.
      It used to be that our Dominions sent their sons and daughters to the Mother Country and they did their Dominions proud.
      Canada’s Lord Beaverbrook is the most famous example.
      I believe that horrible BBC leftist Maitlis is also from Canada, but I doubt Canadians are aware of that. She doesn’t sound Canadian and her thinking is more suggestive of Cuba or Portland Oregon.


    • Emily 21:26 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that.
      She is not as unpleasant in manner as some of the other BBzc gang but just as biased.


  • ross1948 15:45 on September 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Did BBC Make ANY Reference To This Huge News? 

    A lot of the reports that I see on other news media but not on UK Pravda are arguably minor news…



    .. though not to victims of Red Nazi Antifa and/or BLM racist violence.

    But this easily verifiable report is surely HUGE news…



    China Released COVID On Purpose, Confirms WHO Virologist

    The coronavirus that has decimated countless economies and killed more than 950,000 people globally was manufactured and released “intentionally” by the Chinese Communist Party, claims virologist…
    China Released COVID on Purpose, Confirms WHO Virologist


    …which has been featured on a wide variety of media, including the leftist CNN.

    Even here in Indonesia, local news sites have covered the shocking exposure of Red China’s immoral antics.

    But though I have put her name in various forms into the BBC news-search, what do I find?



    A Great Big Nothing!

    This lady’s revelations have been subject to furious attacks by a number of scientists and most significantly by her former colleagues in Hong Kong who are, of course, under permanent threat from Adolf the Pooh in Beijing.


    But what has prompted widespread interest and support for her is the action taken by the Communist-collabo Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey…

    Twitter’s Lady In Red – Dorsey’s New Censoress? 

    ….who acted last week to shut down Dr. Li’s Twitter account.

    Jack Dorsey has distinguished himself as a ruthless censor..

    ….who operates a dirty double-standard, always intolerant of the right, habitually indulgent towards the left.

    We are unsurprised that Twitter stomps a terrifying truth.

    But why is the BBC doing the same?


  • ross1948 15:40 on August 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition – Fight Big Tech Enemy Within! 

    We all know that Zuckwit’s Geekstapo…



    …and Dirty Dorsey’s ChiCom fellow-travellers at Twitter…


    …..and the Google/YouTube evil empire too…

    ….are not on freedom’s side.

    Now there’s a petition ready for signature.

    It has over 80,000 names already, so why not add yours?

    Better than just complaining, right?


    • Owen Fox 18:45 on August 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I only just got done emailing Goodyear now you want me to sign this.
      No problem. .
      I will sign up although I think it will take more than a petition to break those Goliaths.
      The reason I like your blog is you dont just get the outrage off your chest but you give us things to do.


  • ross1948 14:28 on May 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Twitter’s Lady In Red – Dorsey’s New Censoress? 

    I don’t think many people non-resident on the island of Taiwan will have read about ‘calls for investigation into Twitter censorship,’ arising from events which followed the appointment of a female ‘expert’ named Li Fei-Fei to Twitter’s board of directors.

    Li Fei-Fei. 

    Li Fei-Fei

    Since this woman’s appointment, various people have reported their accounts cancelled.

    One man reckons the ‘real reason for his account cancellations was that, on May 17, he tweeted that Twitter’s new board member has a “red background”… .

    .that she is a member of a student association affiliated with the CCP’s United Front…

    ..and has close ties with “Second Generation” and “Third-Generation Reds.”

    It’s said that ‘many other Twitter accounts used by Chinese dissidents were suddenly suspended without notice…

    …they had also criticized Li or started commenting about Li just before their accounts were banned.’

    There’s a lot more about Jack Dorsey’s new board comrade Li, and since it’s been published here and on Radio Free Asia, that leftist no-good has no excuse for not knowing what he’s collaborating with!

    No wonder Dorsey’s meddling in the American election has become ever more blatant, not that he hasn’t long been guilty of left bias.


    Image result for twitter left bias


    No wonder he’s got it in for Donald Trump, who is fighting the good fight with Adolf-The-Pooh’s brutal dictatorship in Beijing.

    Here’s just a little bit more.

    French-based Chinese dissident Wang Longmeng (王龍蒙) wrote that Twitter’s ban on those who criticized Li and exposed her background “was undoubtedly related to Li Feifei’s appointment as a director…”

    He believes that Twitter was quickly “dyed red” after Li took charge.

    A week ago, in the USA, a petition was opened.



    “Call for a thorough investigation on Twitter’s violation of freedom of speech.”

    The creator of the petition wrote that Twitter is suppressing criticism of the CCP and suspending dissident accounts while pro-Beijing accounts remain unscathed.

    See also Radio Free Asia -https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/concern-05202020134312.html

    • Ted Reiter 16:52 on May 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dorsey knew all about her. He still took her on board.
      That puts him on the same moral (?) level as she is, a communist level, so not to be trusted in any position of responsibility.
      Trump is 100% justified in whatever he can do to prevent Twitter meddling.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 17:25 on May 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What’s happened to the blog, Ross?
      All your other output this week is fine, but this is all chopped off, makes it hard yo read.
      This wonan is a worry. I used the RFA link and I am amazed more media have not picked up on her communist links.
      It should be big news now that Twitter is openly at war with Trump


    • Mel Henderson 17:45 on May 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Usually your blog is very neat and tidy but this time some of it is hard to read, off the page at some points.
      A virus?
      Hackers angry about your exposure of this communist woman?
      Please check it out.


    • Vanessa Reilly 19:04 on May 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I never saw much use in joining Twitter so I only read about it.
      Now I read it’s out to get Donald Trump, even letting its users put forward suggestions how to murder him (Katie Griffin, the showbiz moron )
      Having a known Communist join their board can’t make it much worse than it is already.
      We should be glad that Dorsey is letting us know whose side he’s on, so nobody will ever take his comments wbout free speech seriously.


    • Allan Schappelle 19:56 on May 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dorsey and all the globalist rich hate America and Communists are their natural allies


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