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    London Lynch-Mob – Hundreds More Reasons Why UKIP Should Stand United! 

    Not nice news to wake up to!

    An appalling story from London, where the true face of The Enemy Within was exposed in all its snarling satanic majesty yesterday.


    Ukip MP Douglas Carswell targeted by ‘murderous lynch mob’


    These violent vermin are the shock-troops of the cultural marxist revolution. We have seen them before, since it became clear that UKIP’s message was getting through to millions of British folk despite the saturation propaganda of the lap-dog media.

    But let not the establishment parties wring their hands and seek to distance themselves from thuggery.


    • uaf-freedomsovietedition-300x2741
    • ——————
    • Who was among the founding patrons of the gangster group known as UAF?



    Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 


    None other than You-Know-Who!

    But most people in the UK do understand the threat to freedom posed by scum like the lynch-mob who ran amok yesterday.

    And they will increasingly turn to UKIP as the only serious hope for the future of the realm. UKIP is in truth the real revolutionary party. But not of the rotten marxist variety.

    A patriotic revolution is what’s required.



    • =========
    • But NOT if the party on which they pin their hopes dissipates its energies on silly little squabbles and witch-hunts against patriots who defy the imbecilic PC speech-codes.  
    • ———–


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    Baltimore, London…Mayors and Thugs – Hands Across the Sea? 

    • I’d been tempted to post on that abominable woman who holds the position of Mayor of Baltimore but she changes her opinions faster than a Jakarta expat running towards a bar near closing time.
    • Initially, my plan was to congratulate her on her forthright denunciation of those foul savages in her city as ‘thugs.’
    • That word sums them up perfectly, but many pinko pukes won’t tell it like it is.
    • And neither, alas, did Her Honor.
    • Within a day, I think, she APOLOGISED! 
    • ================
    • Imagine anyone, never mind the mayor of a once-great city, grovelling to scum?
    • —————————-.
    • The primitive mob destruction of her city required deployment of security forces with orders to shoot-to-kill rioters on sight.
    • Instead, six cops have been arrested, in what looks like a worse act of appeasement than Big Apple Mayor De Blasio’s betrayal of NYPD.
    • ooooooooooooooooo
    • ooooooooooooooo
    • But enough decent Americans quickly told her off.
    • Obama-son-of-Satan
    • That of course excludes Obama, who has no doubt been watching the hoodlums burning cop cars and thinking, in his typical racist way, that those look like the sons he never had!
    • =================
    • Instead I let my gaze stray across the Atlantic, to the British Isles.
    • —————–
    • OMG!
    •  What a collection of commie ratbags!
    • Thanks to Conservative Home for a neat little article (link below) but especially for the list of the speakers at a rally. It’s designed to support the disgraced ex-Mayor of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
    • ===============
    • ========
    • uaf-freedomsovietedition-300x2741
    • ========
    • Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism (and a senior member of the Socialist Workers Party)
    • John McLoughlin, Branch Secretary of the Unison trade union in Tower Hamlets (who can be seen here alleging Lutfur’s critics are islamophobes),
    • Salma Yaqoob, former leader of Respect,
    • The odious Lindsey German, of the Stop the West War Coalition,
    • John Rees, a spokesman for Owen Jones’ People’s Assembly (and the partner of the aforementioned Lindsey German)
    • ===========
    • I had to stop there and figure out what ‘partner’ means. Lindsey can be a bloke’s name or a chick’s name – so does it mean boy-friend or girl-friend. Or are they not only grotesque but ‘gay’ subversives?
    • Never mind – these days, leftists wouldn’t be offended if mistaken for queers.
    • On with the motley!
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    Anti-UKIP Freaks Face Threats? Reaping What You Sow… 

    I’m sure most decent people in Britain shared the disgust I felt for the filthy freaks who barged into a pub where Nigel Farage was having lunch with his family.



    I made no comment at the time. No need!

    It goes without saying that most parents who enjoy a pub lunch with their kids – a normal, civilised activity in the UK, BTW, if you’re not familiar with the British way of life – would react strongly to having their school-age children terrorised by these rabid ‘scum’ – as Farage accurately described them. 


    red nazis in action


    They have allies among the degenerates in what passes for British journalism –

    I struggle to find anything good about being straight, white and British. Farage fracas: my day with the anti-Ukip cabaret he called ‘scum’    Guardian23 Mar 2015

    What A



    But not all journos are sick swine of that ilk!

    If there are honourable, decent people in the media bothered to investigate the scum’s background, I strongly suspect they’ll find that at least the ring-leaders are ex-SWP, the red nazis of the Socialist Workers’ Party.  Much like the UAF hoodlum outfit whose violence we have all witnessed.





    That more or less defunct SWP marxist thug-gang was notorious in the 70s and 80s for its hateful and desperate efforts to intimidate students whose views they disliked.

    They were ardent enforcers for the NUS ‘No Platform’ policy which sought to silence opposition voices on university campuses.


    • UAF  idiot SWP


    So why on earth does the Guardian deem it a big story that the filthy morons are facing a backlash.

    Demonstrators who forced Nigel Farage to flee pub receive abusive messages by text and email as well as on Twitter and Facebook.   http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/mar/25/police-investigate-ukip-protest-threat-nigel-farage-pub


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    Racist Anti-UKIP Creep – “I’m Ashamed to be British!” – “So Leave?” – ‘Shut Up!” 

    Imagine how Old Adolf might have put it, on one of his more benign days.

    ‘The Jews are a terrible race,” or maybe, “the Slavs are a terrible race.”


    • kkkflying
    • ——————————
    • Or think too about how the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan would express his views on blacks – ‘a terrible race,’ most probably.

    Nowadays, in the UK, Brits giving vent to such opinions on other races would be liable to prosecution, fines, jail-time.

    But what about the dirty old racist creep Bill Oddie. He goes live on radio to tell the world that the BRITISH are a terrible race.


    Billoddie Hate-the-Brits Oddie


    The quote’s from The Independent, which covered this nasty old nitwit’s hate-rant against the people of the country from which he’s done very well, thank you!

    It appears Oddie has devised a controversial means of dealing with immigration; controlling the size of British families.  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/bill-oddie-suggests-that-large-british-families-should-be-contained-9804704.html

    The obvious reason for over-population is the crass folly (initially, perhaps, though latterly, certainly, a cultural marxist grand design) of UK governments over the past fifty years, worse since the UK was subjected to Brussels and Strasbourg..


    A tsunami of aliens, many utterly unwilling to adapt, many determined to force real Brits to adapt to barbarous practices and codes of conduct, ‘honour’ killings, child marriage, polygamy – even genital mutilation!

    Barbarous beasts!

    Yet this demented septuagenarian told a nationwide BBC radio audience that he’d blithely ignore the obvious solution, turn off the tap and start deportation of all who don’t leave savage baggage behind when they leave their home swamps.

    Instead the senescent renegade would startrestriction on the number of children that British people have …'”


    No surprise then that he followed through on his death-wish for Britain by declaring “I’m happy to say I’m not proud to be British. In fact, I’m very often ashamed to be British,” he said. “We are a terrible race, all the hooliganism and God knows what…” 

    God knows he deserves to be tarred and feathered!

    The rancid old rat was challenged by SianWilliams, who was chairing the discussion, on whether his views might prompt him to exit Britain…His response?

    He told her that she was “talking like Ukip. For God’s sake, shut up!”


    uaf-freedomsovietedition-300x2741 (a Cameron-supported hoodlum gang, BTW)  


    ….if people dare debate the enemy agenda, they’re ordered to shut up.

    Let’s hope UKIP don’t!


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