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  • ross1948 11:57 on December 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    MailOnLine Inserts ‘Big Lie’ In Crimmigrant Report 

    A useful story, on the thousands of UK tax-payer pounds wasted….



    ….on feeding the primitive horde imported by Priti Useless.

    Why for Heaven’s Sake did James Tapsfield, MailOnLine’s political editor, choose to insert the bare-faced Big Lie repeatedly brandished by pro-crimmigrant agitprop outfits?

    I refer to the following tissue of lies.

    ….there is little sign of the issue abating with people desperate to find sanctuary and a better life in the UK, often after fleeing war zones and barbaric regimes.

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ news/article-10339665/ Desperate-staff-buy-pizza- blankets-roll-mats-Channel- migrants.html

    Belgium does has a fair bit of mayhem these days, thanks often to the primitives it allows to infest its big cities….

    Belgian Illegals Policy ‘Under Scrutiny?’ For ALL The Wrong Reasons! .

    Terror Vermin Find Support In Brussels? 

    View image on Twitter

    An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels! 

    Blind To Reality, Belgium Turns Crimmigrants Loose! 

    Bonkers Belgium, Crimmigrant Paradise! 

    Belgium: Three men “of foreign origin” rape girl (18) on beach while making her male friend watch


    …and France too has all manner of alien violence on its streets…

    Brutal Paris Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic!

    Like Merkel, Macron Has Bloody Hands 

    2 Votes

    Image result for fake refugees paris bomb daily mail

    …oft perpetrated by filthy alien scum.

    Another Grateful ‘Refugee?’ Rwandan Re-Arrested In Nantes


    But neither of those countries’ governments, however much we might dislike them, can be characterised as a ‘barbaric regime,’ nor can either European nation be defined as a war-zone!

    Yet those two countries are whence the Channel Crimmigrant Tsunami is reaching the British Isles.

    Media must stop misrepresenting that key fact!

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    Vive La Flagrance! Clever Calais Cops Quell Uppity Illegals! 

    The Guardian’s silly headline warns us there’s going to be a lot of B-S to wade through…


    ‘Like torture’: Calais police accused of continued migrant rights abuses


    …but it’s worth the effort!

    According to figures from Human Rights Observers (HRO), a non-profit that monitors police evictions in northern France, there were 973 evictions in Calais in 2020 – nearly three a day, and more than double the 452 recorded in 2018. In December alone, 526 tents were seized and 41 arrests were made..”


    Then we get some whiney bint named Isabella Anderson, ‘an HRO field coordinator.

    “These constant evictions are part of a policy by the French government to wear down asylum seekers, to fatigue them and take away their hope. It’s like torture.”

    Well, no, Big-Mouth!

    it’s nothing like torture.

    Torture is what Captain Robert Nairac suffered at the hands of Sinn Fein/IRA…


    Body of Captain Robert Nairac may have been found

    Tortured to death by Irish Republican scum – Captain Robert Nairac


    …and is a word that should never be applied to a bunch of no-goods getting shifted from their squats.

    What the admirable French police are doing is a small but useful reminder to these swaggering undesirable aliens that they can’t park their sorry asses wherever they like in somebody else’s land, in somebody else’s country!

    Reported cases of police violence have included minors being teargassed, a tent with a refugee inside being dragged by a tractor and an Eritrean shot in the face with a rubber bullet from 10 metres, hospitalising him for two months.

    Well, boo-damn-hoo! I weep for the poor French tax-payers saddled with the hospital bills.

    The clever aspect is that these excelent police actions are carried out on a rolling 48-hour schedule to prevent refugees acquiring limited rights and the police requiring a court order to clear the land.

    Incredibly, the parasites interviewd by the Guardian make no secret of the fact that they are not refugees at all, because, having reached France, through however many countries, they have never applied for ‘asylum’ but only want illegally to cross to ‘soft touch’ Britain.



    One mangy Sudanese skunk named Abdul not only says that ‘in Sudan there is war, people are killed, women are raped. But in some ways, it is better than here.”

    So death and rape are contrasted to legitimate evictions?

    Another arrogant upstart, Nasser*, an Afghan refugee who turned 18 in December, gets very uptight because the police are diligent despite bad weather!



    You would think maybe if it rains they would not come, but they do. They even came on New Year’s when everyone was happy and it was a holiday. They take our stuff and we have to be outside for many hours – sometimes 10 to 12 hours. They don’t care if I’m a minor.”

    What an insolent lout, fully-grown, old enough to serve in many countries’ armed forces, and the slug whines that he’s a ‘minor!’ 

    Oh, and my headline is not a misprint for ‘fragrance!’

    Most evictions are carried out using “flagrance”, a measure which allows police to remove occupants of private land if there has been a complaint and they have been there for less than 48 hours.

    NB – ‘Private land!’

    So finally the Guardian acknowledges it’s private property that’s being abused by the odious aliens. Although it would be just as bad if it were public property, owned by the French people, not by illegal aliens.

    But listen to another moaning NGO Minnie, or Margot, whose agitprop outfit seems even to provide musical backing….

    Concert à L’INTERNATIONAL pour le soutien de l’association La Cabane Juridique / Legal Shelter  https://www.teckyo.com/evenement/we-need-to-cross-concert-de-soutien/


    ….for wannabe nborder transgressors.


    “It is a complete abuse of the system,” said Margot Sifre, who specialises in evictions for legal support charity Cabane Juridique. “Under normal circumstances, an eviction requires the authorisation of a judge, a social diagnosis to identify vulnerable people, and preparation to provide rehousing solutions. But under flagrance, which should be a short-term measure, there is no legal basis and no opportunity to appeal.”

    As said already, clever cops!

    Even a leftist lawyer admits their tactics are adroit.

    Bastien Roland, a lawyer working in Calais, said the tactics were “deliberately vague and difficult to contest”. He added: “The government spends millions of euros to slow these refugees down. They will still try to cross to England, but with how many traumas?”


    With enough ‘traumas’ round their necks, will they sink?

    Better news too for the long-suffering French townspeople in the area, because alien layabouts infesting Calais could be getting an overdue boot too.

    About 150 people now sleep under bridges in Calais city centre, where charities are banned from distributing food, but on 24 December an order for eviction was granted by the administrative court of Lille, which is expected to take place imminently.

    Last word to “Mohammed”( I use inverted commas because, as with the other crimmigrants named above, the Guardian’s collabo reporter admits he’s hiding their real identities!)


    He’s an Algerian currently sleeping under the Mollien Bridge.

    “Their strategy is to weaken us. But if everything was fine in our countries, we wouldn’t have left. We don’t have the choice.”

    Have you seen the unrest in Algeria? It’s arguably less violent than some of the scenes we have witnessed in European or American cities.

    Unpleasant, but no excuse for crimmigrant incursions to other lands.

    Is France, or the UK, expected to take in all the thousands of dissastisfied denizens of the casbahs there?

    Of course there’s a choice. 


    Stop leeching on the French public purse, give up the quest to violate British borders.

    GO HOME!


    • Jeanne 22:27 on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      So very true, what you write.
      Thank you!


    • Sam Drury 23:37 on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Torture is a word much abused.
      Getting tear-gassed is not torture.
      Getting hauled off somebody else’s land in a tent you illegally set up is hardly torture, more like a comedy turn!
      These illegals have a cheek to complain.
      They deserve any trouble they find themselves in, because they are trouble-makers .


  • ross1948 15:18 on September 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Not Just Scots Judges Merit Dismissal – These Scum Deserve LIFE! 

    A group of people behind the UK’s biggest ever visa scam have been spared jail.


    After my disgust at reading how a haggard, super-rich American bitch got a mere 14 days for despicable behaviour…


    Image result for felicity 14 days


    …I had to go into hyper-indignation mode over some wigged, witless wally, going by the name and title of Judge Martin Griffiths…



    ….who evidently thinks a gang of dirty scum convicted of collaboration in the importation of 900 illegal aliens into the UK ( at huge profit to themselves ) should be able to walk free, no doubt laughing their evil heads off.


    ‘Heads off?’

    That’s how these swine…

    Gang spared jail for visa scam that let 900 illegal immigrants stay in UK

    …taxi driver Jillur Rahman Khan, 43, married couple Mazharul Haque, 46, and Maksuda Begum, 45, and Shaheda Roxsanna, 47…

    ….should be punished, but in the absence of the much-missed death penalty, at least life without parole would be acceptable.

    I can’t see any info in the report – https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/13/gang-spared-jail-visa-scam-let-900-illegal-immigrants-stay-uk   – on how many of the 900 crimmigrants they imported have been captured and deported.

    Not a lot, I’d say.

    Will Home Secretary Priti Patel MP, who talks tough, match her words with actions?


    She needs to order police ( and authorised support teams of citizen volunteers) to launch a nationwide operation, serious saturation raids on likely infested areas, and round up all those illegals – in fact, ALL illegals!

    Don’t hold your breath.


    • Diana 18:57 on September 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If they can’t be hanged, they should be flogged, but that’s another thing Britain’s not allowed to do, thanks to ‘Europe.’


  • ross1948 00:05 on February 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Londonderry Air…Polluted By The Stench Of Treason! 

    Since when may British Armed Forces veterans not march proudly through the streets of a British city?




    Since this month, it seems, thanks to the disloyal minority in Ulster, whose spawn in Londonderry staged a ‘public outcry.’
    From whom?
    ‘…the Bloody Sunday families and local republican groups…’ ;https://www.derrynow.com/news/british-army-veterans-march-planned-derry-moved-coleraine/145193
    The march is being held in protest at the way British Army veterans are being treated as part of investigations into Northern Ireland’s legacy issues..

    Queen’s Speech – No Mention of Pardons For Her Troops? 

    British crown


    For pity’s sakes, have we not heard enough ‘Bloody Sunday’ bleating from these people?
    Not one of them is a loyal subject of HM – their allegiance is not to the Red, White and Blue but to the green, white and gold, the banner of the arrogant republic beyond the border.
    That foreign state has never fulfilled its obligations under the Helsinki Pact, which it signed, not far off fifty years ago, namely, to recognise all existing international frontiers in Europe.
    Eire still nurtures expansionist ambitions to bring Ulster under its alien flag.
    The march was planned for next month, to lay a wreath at Londonderry’s war memorial, Eire’s fifth column has got it re-routed to another city entirely.  


    sod that


    The ex-servicemen and women have been directed instead to conduct their ceremonies in Coleraine.Shame.
    And shame again on all the appeasement and surrenders we’ve seen, pandering to people who deserve not consideration but contempt for their engrained treason.




    If they don’t want to watch honourable people march through their streets, they should stay indoors – or better still, sod off to the republic they so badly want to be part of.
    None of them would be missed,.



    • Billy King 13:06 on February 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You sum it up just fine, Ross.
      It’s our army and our ex-servicemen and the ones who did the shooting on Good Sunday need medals not prosecution.


  • ross1948 18:40 on February 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dope Francis’ Ding-A-Lings Decry Dumpster! 

    Gambar terkait

    ‘Madre de Dios! Ain’tcha seen my place? 

    “You don’t think for uno momento I will let them start squatting on a single square klik of my palatial summer retreat, even in winter.

    “I can make alots-a-more-money from charging tourists just to look around!’


    Dope Paul Spurns My Plan – Castelgandolfo, Open To Tourists, NOT ‘Migrants!’ 


    I see Dope Francis’ hypocrisy –  bleating on behalf of crimmigrants while not letting any of them set up camp on his own vast acreage at Castelgandolfo, preferring instead to tell everyone else in Europe to play ‘open-house’ to undesirable aliens – is being emulated by his flock in Calais.


    A Catholic so-called ‘charity’ has opened a ‘mini-help’ centre in the beleaguered Channel port, which only recently celebrated the removal of a parasitic horde from the infamous Jungle.


    Gambar terkait

    These ‘Catholic Help‘ clowns don’t give a damn about Calaisiens!

    They know full well that providing facilities – free food, shelter and showers – will not only encourage the intruders prowling the local streets to stay in Calais – just as leaving scraps in the kitchen attracts rats and mice …




    … , but will also draw more dead-beats eager to seek illegal entry into the UK.


    Gambar terkait

  • ross1948 18:14 on October 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition Against Amber’s Army – Sign Up, Fight Back! 

    Verify that all child refugees accepted into the UK are genuinely under 18.



    As the organisers say, it should NEVER have been necessary to petition the UK Government, ANY UK government, to safeguard its own citizens against hulking young brutes, some of whom, at least, are clearly of military age.

    calais-children‘British’ (?!?) Dentists Bite The Hand!


    Amber Rudd is no better than a common traitor….


    Hasil gambar untuk tarred and feathered


    ….and in a healthier age would be tarred and feathered and paraded through the streets of London for the populace to vent its righteous indignation against her dismal dereliction of duty.

    As one of our most insightful commenters has informed us, even poor Sweden, in most respects bent on self-destruct, has approved this sensible step – http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/724075/Age-tests-ETHICAL-Sweden-dental-checks-migrants-Britain-refuses  – and no wonder, because so-called ‘child’ migrants there include a horde of predatory savages.

    Check it out!….Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is overrun …..


    evil children

    …those poor little unaccompanied minors

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden


    So now here we are, ready for your signature. 

    It is clear that there is some debate as to the veracity of many claims made by refugees, such as their actual age.

    Many appear visibly older than British children of the same claimed year of birth whose ages are verifiable with extensive documentation from birth.

    Sign this petition


    • Rob Johnson 23:25 on October 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Ross. It’s done, signed and passed on to everyone I know!


    • Diana 03:06 on October 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Signed it.
      But will it do any good?


  • ross1948 16:12 on October 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘British’ (?!?) Dentists Bite The Hand! 

    A BDA spokesman said it was “vigorously opposed” to the use of dental X-rays to try to determine the age of asylum seekers. “It’s not only an inaccurate method for assessing age, but it is both inappropriate and unethical to take radiographs of people when there is no health benefit for them,” he added.



    Hasil gambar untuk BDA logo

    How about the health benefit for Brits who have to go about their lawful business with no reassurance on how many phoney ‘refugee’ crimmigrants are prowling the streets?

    Brits have to pay a pretty penny to get their teeth seen to by these BDA creeps, who apparently reckon ‘ethical’ etiquette trumps allegiance.

    They don’t quite put it like that, but the malignant medics who subscribe to ‘Doctors of the World’ expressed their subversive mentality in terms as specific as can be… –

    “healthcare workers are not border guards”.’

    Newsflash for renegades in all professions –

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big


    • …in this day and age, EVERY loyal Brit is, and has to be…
    •   Calais aid workers admit migrants are lying about their age
    • …a border guard!
    • ooooooooooooooo
    • But there are a lot of liars about! 
    • Anybody spotting a likely lawless parasite prowling the streets of London, or anywhere else, in any country, has a civic duty to report the sighting to the police, just as you’d report a thug with a knife loitering in an alley.
    • —————–
    • We expect subversion as a matter of course from Corbyn’s comrade Diane Abbott, who refuses to acknowledge the danger, merely urges that it be disregarded as a ‘distraction.’
    • Denouncing patriot protests as ‘vile’ and ‘reactionary,’ she rants that ‘it distracts from the government’s responsibilities…’
    • British Governments’ responsibilities are to the British people.
    • But from May, through Rudd and the Home Office ratbags, and even to the BBC….


    Child migrant arriving in the UK
    ….which has been fiddling with photographs ( as above) to disguise the objects of concern, the safety of honest subjects of HM seems to take second place to these incredible hulking ‘children.’
    I don’t know if the BBC is taking its cover-up cue from the Home Office, or if Amber Rudd’s flunkeys at the H.O. are following the BBC’s lousy lead, but new photos  published in Breitbart…
    …expose how Amber’s ‘big kids’ are now literally covered-up on arrival, blankets over their heads to prevent Brits seeing for themselves what’s being brought into the UK. 
    Some people argue the dental checks are ‘inaccurate,’ but they are surely worth a try, and a lot better than the worthless system whereby one is expected to rely on ‘documents’ which are run off to order in Afghan forgers’ shops?

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 


    There are no serious grounds for NOT carrying out dental (and every other possible) checks on these imported aliens. 
    For Rudd’s flunkeys to whine that the aliens might think it ‘intrusive’ is an affront. 
    Who gives a monkey’s what they think?
    It’s NOT their country!


  • ross1948 12:53 on October 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Awful Amber’s Brat-Brutes – Proven Adult Liars Won’t Be Sent Back! 

    • In the year ending September 2015, 590 asylum applicants had their age disputed
    • Of those 574 were recorded as having an age assessment and 371 were found to be adults
    • Since 2006 there have been 11,121 age disputes. Of those, 4,828 were found to have been adults
    • =====================================
    • Hasil gambar untuk amber rudd theresa may
    • lies
    • And big or small, liars are liars!
    • ——————————————-
    • So how many of those lying crimmigrants were deported?
    • Scary answer?
    • Maybe none of them, because…!
    • Home Office sources said it was extremely unlikely that any migrants found to be an adult would be returned to Calais as they would be able to claim asylum in the UK, regardless of the age. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-37700074
    • Of course we can’t blame Atrocious Amber for all those previous cases.
    • She wasn’t Home Secretary for those years.
    • Who was, for six of them?
    • TheresaMay_1685363c
    • Home Secretary from 12 May 2010 – 13 July 2016
    • ooooooooo
    • Meanwhile, since we’re talking about liars, will the Charity Commission start serious investigation into ACTUAL unethical behaviour by at least one of the pro-crimmigrant charities, ‘TACT’  – the UK’s largest fostering charity – operating on behalf of the so-called ‘refugees’ in Calais?

    Hasil gambar untuk TACT fostering

    TACT expressed regret but refused to apologise.

    Its false claim was parroted by migrant support group Citizens UK and swathes of left-leaning celebrities and commentators.

    Charity falsely claims ’38-year-old child migrant’ from Calais Jungle is actually an adult interpreter

    out with them

    The people MUST rise up against this treasonous travesty.
    • Myra Haydon 14:14 on October 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Amber Rudd should take these ‘children’ into her own house and see how long she lasts. If she thought for a moment they were really children, she would not be refusing point-blank to do any real tests on them, She just doesnt want us to find out how old they are.

      If they are over 17 they have no legal right to be in Britain. Even if they are mid-teens, we dont want them. We have seen what these young barbarians like to do to undefended females of any age.


    • William Shepherd 15:50 on February 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Was anything ever done about the abuses of the system, all these adults pretending to be children?


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