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    24th May, Empire Day, 23rd June, Independence Day! 

    Yes, the 24th May has rolled around again, so what a splendid excuse –  not right now, it’s 8am! –  for a glass of Jim Beam!

    Although the British Empire did not, as Churchill famously hoped, last for a thousand years, its achievements still echo around the world..,



    …and those of us whose forebears were part of the great diaspora that established ‘dominion over palm and pine,’ toiling so hard and travelling so far, should take pride in  their glorious achievements. It’s a great shame that children in many of our schools don’t learn to share that pride.

    The Empire is gone, but Britain, despite the many travails it has suffered through the folly of almost all post-Churchill governments, remains.

    How ironic, then, that ‘Remain’ is currently the watch-word of those who would keep Britannia enchained to the supranational enemy in Brussels.

    june 23


    Wherever you are, if British you are, please redouble your efforts in the cause of deliverance from durance vile. 

    Independence Day falls in just under one month from today.



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    Get Your Aim Straight – Brexit Training Videos! 

    More great material for the liberation struggle.

    You are NOT alone in your fight.

    up your, eu

    Thanks to Bruges Group, you can BE PREPARED!

    We need to focus the debate on exactly how the new co-operative alignment of sovereign states that eventually replaces the European Union is likely to be structured. Only then will people stop obsessing over whether it is safe to leave the moribund EU, and begin to take departure for granted. Thinking and debating where you are going is always more exciting than mulling over where you have come from.

    This paper is a comprehensive critique of the EU and a look at what can be once we are free.
    Click here to read online


    Videos to help activists

    These short films are intended as a training tool for activists on the front line. They are to equip team leaders with quick ways to express the ideas we all feel – and to give pertinent facts and figures that you can readily deploy.

    Some look at serious issues in a new way, others are a look at campaigning, offering useful information in an accessible format.

    Training videos include:
    • Do you think there is real peace in the EU?
    • Skills for Front Line Activists – Canvassing
    • The Street Stall Trilogy (Part II)
    • The Street Stall Trilogy (Part I)
    • EU Free Movement of Labour – the Human Cost

    Every few days during the campaign we will upload a few sample conversations and brief explanations of argument. Be sure to soon come back to this page.
    Visit brugesgroup.com/training


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    UK Expats Are NOT All Europhiliac – And ‘Abroad’ Reaches Further Than Brussels. 

    …with over two months to go until the referendum date, 94 percent had already made up their minds, 67 percent were firmly in the ‘Remain’ camp, while 28 percent were planning to vote ‘Leave’.

    That’s The Local, talking about their survey of UK expats IN EUSSR countries. Nowhere else! But get the spin…no, not spin, the bare-faced lie…spewed out by the Europhiliacs.

    James McGrory, Chief Campaign Spokesman of Britain Stronger In Europe, said: “This survey shows the overwhelming consensus among Brits living abroad for remaining in Europe.




    Where the HELL are any facts, statistics, polls, to justify that blow-hard’s boast? Or does he really think that ‘abroad’ and ‘under Brussels control’ are synonymous.

    Memo to McGrory – they’re not! 

    Nobody here in Jakarta has surveyed any Brit I know. And I know quite a few, some of whom will vote against Brussels rule, others who are content to see the UK as a subject state.

    As far as I know, there are FAR more expat voters – and many born-and-bred Brits denied a vote by Camoron’s betrayal of his campaign promise to repeal the ’15-year-absence’ clause…




    …. in non-European countries than within the EUSSR.  There are thousands here in South East Asia, hundreds of thousands in Oz and NZ and Canada and the USA, and many more in Africa and Latin America.

    What does McGrory know of their views?

    To give due credit to The Local, they did offer some individual opinions, and I liked this one so much I add it now for readers to savour. 

    “Remember those three-legged races at school? You would run 50 yards until the rope practically burned your leg off, and you collapsed in a heap,” he said.

    “Well now imagine 28 countries with their legs tied together each trying to run in their own direction. The rope is frayed, as the bullies pull here and there and the young kids are getting trampled on. So is Brexit the answer? Possibly. I love Europeans – I went to school with them – That’s why I think maybe we should save them from the EU.”


    EUSSR red

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    Well Said, Nigel – But Action Needed! Mass UK Anti-Obama Protests! 


    Nigel Farage hit the nail on the head last week…

    “Mercifully, this American president, who is the most anti-British American president there has ever been, won’t be in office for much longer…”: http://sputniknews.com/world/20160415/1038093808/farage-obam-brexit.html#ixzz463G7qHfI



    It’s fair to say most patriotic Americans would add that Obama is the most anti-American president there has ever been.

    I might even add that plenty of decent folk in Egypt believe he’s the most anti-Egyptian, too!


    Smart Egyptians recognise Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood sympathies


    But while we applaud the UKIP leader’s wise words, what’s needed is a series of protests wherever The Manchurian shows his face on British soil.

    Now that Vote Leave has been designated as the official voice of the campaign to Get Britain Out in the referendum on June 23rd, what’s to stop Leave EU setting itself the task of staging ‘Kick Obama Out’ demos?

    And since that cultural marxist creep is so fond of ‘refugees…’ .One In Eight SyrianRefugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans! ….why not give him a farewell gift when he leaves the UK?

    A plane-load of so-called ‘asylum’-seekers!

    If the swine doesn’t want them camping out in the White House Rose Garden, there’s accommodation available in Guantanamo…




    …spare beds vacated by his shameful policy of releasing Islamist enemies of America…and Britain…and Egypt!

    • Wesley Jacklin 22:21 on April 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Swine is the right word. He has just released another nine Gitmo jihadists and sent most of them to Saudi Arabia and that means they won’t be long in getting back to work.
      Yes, he is anti-American as well as anti-British and I think the poster in the picture of those Egyptians should be copied by the hundreds and carried all around your streets and ours too.


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