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    ‘Diversity’ Sunak Devalues Uni Free Speech 

    Free speech law to stop university cancel culture watered down by No 10


    It seems that whenever the Tories drift almost inadvertently in the right direction, some hidden hand steers them back towards appeasement of the UK’s vermin element.



    The persecution of both academics and students at British universities has escalated quite scandalously in recent years….

    Evil Freaks Claim A Fresh Victim.

    Hirsi Ali? Professor Stock’s In Good Company! 

    ….very often instigated by protagonists of transfreakery.

    So when moves were made to prevent the intimidation, well done, we thought.

    The latest sell-out approved by Rishi ‘Diversity’ Sunak reportedly comes ‘after lobbying by Tory peers,’ their wet knickers in a twist because universities might get hit with hefty costs.


    Universities waste tons of money on left-woke hogwash, like ‘equalities officers,’ and moronic lefts paid to write ‘trigger warnings…’



    …to prevent milk-sops suffering reality checks when they might have to read a good book.

    Hit the pinko swine who run them in the pocket and they might review their priorities.

    No wonder Kemi Badenoch, one of the few ministers who genuinely cares for free speech, is reportedly ‘concerned about any attempts to dilute the protections in the Bill.’

    Read the whole story and make your voice heard, perhaps quoting –

    Professor Jo Phoenix, who quit the Open University when it wouldn’t stand up to vile ‘transgender activists’ who came after her.

    How ‘Open’ IS That Tax-Funded University? 

    We looked at that episode a while ago!

    She describes Sunak’s sell-out as “horrendous”.

    To now think that I would have to go through a lengthy complaints process, well let’s just say that this process is an excellent way that university managers can kick the problem in our universities into the long grass,” she said.

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    UK Gaystapo War On Free Speech 

    Maureen Martin, running as a candidate for mayor in the London Borough of Lewisham, included in her campaign a pledge to…

     “….cut through political correctness and simply state the truth that natural marriage between a man and a woman is the fundamental building block for a successful society, and the safest environment for raising children  ‘

    Former Lewisham mayoral candidate Maureen Martin

    Maureen Martin

    She didn’t win the election, but she did get fired from her job.

    I’ll let you read the story for yourselves, but first, here’s the contact information for the vindictive collabo company that fired her.

    BTW, they seem to have hidden their main email address, but determined search uncovered a few other options, including what appears to be their big boss, Fiona Fletcher-Smith

    Telephone 020 8852 9181
    Website https://www.lqgroup.org.uk

    Get in touch ; 0300 456 9996. (020 8189 9996) ·

    Outside these hours, we operate an emergency only service ; 0300 456 9997. (020 8189 9997). Monday to Friday


     You may wish to remind them, ever so politely, of course, that free speech is part of Britain’s way of life.

    Or was…


    ....until low-life freakos came to rule the roost.

    Now please read on, and if you appreciate the well written report  donate to C4M, who are steadfast in defence of decency.

    You may think that in a democracy a candidate for election is well within her rights to state her support for a view which the courts have repeatedly held is “worthy of respect in a democratic society”.

    But Maureen’s employer, the London & Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q), disagreed. Following the usual fuss on Twitter among activists, two days after she published the leaflet Maureen was summoned by her employer for an “investigation meeting” because managers had received three complaints.

    An L&Q manager claimed during the investigation meeting that for Maureen to air her views “so publicly when you’re clearly linked to L&Q” could bring the trust into “disrepute”.

    Miss Martin told the Mail she was “shocked” by the “brutal” interrogation, and asked what has happened to free speech in Britain:

    “If we don’t have it in this country, we are in big trouble. Are we going to turn into a totalitarian country? Are we a free country, or aren’t we? We have to make our minds up.”

    L&Q, which houses over 250,000 people in the south east, states that it aims to maintain a high ranking in Stonewall’s Equality index…and has also recently been nominated for an award from LGBT website Pink News.

    After the disciplinary meeting on May 6th, L&Q fired Maureen and claimed that she aired her opinions in an “inappropriate manner” and that it was “reasonable to conclude that they will have caused upset, hurt and offence”.

    Simply for stating her support for real marriage?

    It’s hard to know what these inquisitors would regard as an ‘appropriate’ manner to disagree with them. They also seem unconcerned about bringing themselves into “disrepute” with anyone outside a narrow band of LGBT activists.

    With the help of the Christian Legal Centre, Maureen is suing L&Q for unfair dismissal, harassment and discrimination, on the grounds that the courts have repeatedly held that belief in real marriage is worthy of respect in a democratic society and thus a protected belief under equality law.

    On behalf of supporters of real marriage across the country, C4M wishes her all the best with her legal action.

    If you would like to support us financially, you can do so using the button below.





















































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    Freedom Is A Thoroughly Good Cause! Defend It! 

    • Uncle Oz 08:00 on February 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Good idea!
      All the English speaking countries used to be free but now you have to watch what you say every time you talk outdoors.
      Some wart will get offended.


    • Andy Moodie 09:10 on February 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A worthy cause.
      If it works,
      The intolerant left is riding high, thanks to May, and I see from what is happening in the NHS that Johnson is not prepared to stand up to the ‘forever-offended’ freak show.
      Free speech is not free if we may not feel free to offend unpleasant people ( those WE find unpleasing!)


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    Seen This Strange Man? If You Do See Him…. 

    The scandalous injustice, and the threat to British freedoms, which emerged from this jerk-judge’s mouth, a mere week ago, MUST be challenged.



    Already one of the many petitions demanding that Tommy Robinson be freed has getting on for 400,000++ names, and the first of what we hope will be regular demos has already taken place in Central London.

    But it’s not just one man who has been subjected to one judge’s draconian attentions.




    Geoffrey Marson QC’s  judicial diktat ordering a media cover-up of his outlandish behaviour on the bench has shamefully not been challenged.

    Looking through Google Search, the only big name I could find covering the story was RT, a good report – read it! – on how at least one politician is prepared to do the honourable thing and SPEAK UP.


    And of course he’s NOT a UK politician. 


    ‘UK behaving like Saudi Arabia’: Geert Wilders calls for release of Tommy Robinson


    Britain’s mainstream media has shown all the guts of a disembowelled weasel…


    Hasil gambar untuk weasel guts


    ….craven silence where there should be strident, indignant protest. For a fuller discussion on this, see –   https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12415/british-media-lies

    BUT from Canada, we hear another voice of honest journalism.


    Tommy was summoned before the judge. Tommy’s long-time lawyer was not informed of this. Rather, the court appointed a lawyer who didn’t know Tommy and wasn’t an expert in the specialized law of contempt of court.

    In a matter of minutes, Tommy was sent to prison — with a 13-month sentence. He is now in HM Prison Hull, a brutal facility near Leeds.

    A 13-month prison sentence for Tommy is tantamount to a death sentence — every Muslim criminal in prison will be trying to murder him. They’ve tried before.

    The only alternative is for Tommy to request to be put into solitary confinement — but no-one can live that way, locked up without any human contact for 23 hours a day. Not for a year straight…

    The day he was arrested, I spoke with Tommy’s wife and his lawyer, and offered to help in any way.

    Last year, when Tommy worked for us, he was arrested outside of the court in Canterbury. Back then, we crowdfunded a top-notch legal team, and we were able to keep Tommy out of prison.

    Obviously we will respect the wishes of Tommy’s family and lawyer.

    But there is something else very important that we can do,  on our own: we can go to court to have the gag order lifted from the media.

    The basic facts in this e-mail — what Tommy was doing and what he didn’t do; the shocking speed with which he was imprisoned; the fact that his own lawyer was not notified; the fact that Tommy has not had a proper chance to meet with his lawyer — are banned in the UK.

    Not just the underlying facts of the rape gang trial — but the whole incident involving Tommy. The judge who sent Tommy to jail, made it illegal to report that he sent Tommy to jail.


    Why did the judge keep his justice secret?

    Shouldn’t the British people be able to learn the facts, and decide for themselves?

    Why can people in Canada and the U.S. and Australia and Europe read all the facts — but not British citizens?

    So we’re going to court, to apply to have this gag order lifted…We have hired an outstanding lawyer who has worked with Tommy before — Daniel Berke, the lawyer who took the case of Chelsey Wright, the girl from Sunderland who suffered so brutally at the hands of a predator…

    It’s shocking that it falls to us — a small, independent, Internet-based news company — to fight for freedom of the press and open courts in the United Kingdom.

    Where is the BBC, or Sky, or any of the tabloids that so love to skewer Tommy when it suits them?

    Where are the organizations like Amnesty International or Reporters Without Borders, coming to the aid of a citizen journalist who was arrested and sentenced faster than in any dictatorship?

    I guess it falls to us.

    Because Tommy’s legal case isn’t just about him. It’s about all of us — and our freedom to have honest, public conversations about the threat of mass Muslim migration, gang rapes, and the Islamification of the west.

    If you want to help us crowdfund this court challenge to the gag order, please click here. Note that this is separate from Tommy Robinson’s own case — this is simply to pay for challenging the publication ban in the UK.

    It is hard to estimate how much it will cost, but my experience tells me it will be approximately £20,000.

    Right now, Tommy’s family and lawyer are still huddling and coming up with a strategy. Let us give them their space. But in the meantime, let’s go to court to lift the publication ban on this horrific story…If you can help crowdfund the legal costs of our emergency appeal, please click here, or visit http://www.LetUsReport.com.

    Tommy did his part. The biggest part — and he paid the biggest price.

    I think this one lawsuit is my part.


    So it’s up to you.

    And another option for the Brit-in-the-street.

    If you see that bewigged blighter Marson, with or without the wig…




    No violence, please, words will suffice, but don’t mince them – he merits denunciation for his deliberate decision to declare war on the liberties of the country which has given him a huge salary and a lush life-style – if he emerges from his luxurious lair, make him feel the verbal heat of your righteous anger.

    He deserves more, but it’s all law-abiding patriots can do.

    SO DO IT!


    If you can’t get at the swine, at least sign the petition.

    Sign the Petition

    Theresa May MP: Free Tommy Robinson

    Read this on change.org >

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