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  • ross1948 16:40 on March 17, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Even BBC Aghast At Fake ‘Refugees!’. 

    Numerous Afghan women soccer players were brought to the UK,  after the satanic Taliban….


    How Many Taliban Are Into Bestiality? 

    ….who abhor human females, came to power.

    But it seems a substantial number of the women who arrived here were not what they purported to be.



    A BBC Newsnight report to that effect was covered by UK Pravda news at 8.30pm (Jakarta time) last night.

    Up to half the women on the rescue flight were fakers, it’s said.

    If as notoriously pro-crimmigant a media source as BBC…



    …is expessing concern about fake ‘refugees,’ one must take it seriously.

    The Home Office now says they will investigate.

    Maybe they should investigate all the other ‘asylum’ approvals…

    .‘Oh, Those POOR ‘Child’ Migrants!’ 

    Another Lonely ‘Unaccompanied Child?


    Another Poor Eritrean, Fleeing War?

    If Deported, He Might Get Hurt!’ – YES! 

    Rapes 12-Year-Old Boy – Deportation ‘A Possibility?’ 

    ….because a lot of those prowling UK streets are evil primitives, who should never have been unleashed on the innocent British public…


    …and who should be expelled immediately.

    • Diana 23:50 on March 17, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      I do feel sorry for all Afghan women but some of those that come to England think they can tell our government what to do, only in the country a few months and like you reported the ungrateful minxes were taking the government to court. So bad mannered.
      People like that don’t deserve asylum and the lawyers who make a living out of them are worse.


  • ross1948 16:58 on January 31, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Young People?’ Not ‘Children?’ Crimmigrants Regardless! 

    Two of the young people were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs in Cambridgeshire and Gloucester, while the third was arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis in Tottenham..


    Funny, that, the way the BBC, which normally takes pains to refer to strapping brutes of military age..



    ….as ‘children…,’



    ….now suddenly decides they are not ‘children,’ after all, but ‘young people!’


    UK Pravda’s editorial department is teeming with skilled propagandists…



    …so there is no doubt a reason for the switch.

    Whatever, the ingrate swine no sooner got into Britain…



    … illegally of course, than they turned to crime.

    Crimmigrants indeed!



    Interestingly, the Tory government’s flunkeys avoid both terms, sticking with ‘minors!”

    But what irrelevant rot they talk.

    The Home Office said the welfare of minors was an “absolute priority”.

    What the Hell are they blabbering about?

    The ‘welfare’ of the villainous ‘minors’ concerned should NOT be an ‘absolute priority.’



    Their immediate deportation SHOULD be!

    The UK has no need to import lawless alien scum!.



    There are quite enough of the home-grown variety.

  • ross1948 17:40 on January 16, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Hotel Wars – Another Brit Victory 

    Good news heard from Northamptonshire, in Middle England, where the local MP has ‘shared correspondence that confirmed the Home Office would not be using the hotel.’



    That’s the Highgate House Hotel, in the tiny village of Creaton, whose residents must have quailed at the deranged scheme to house up to 400 asylum seekers


    ….in their small community, especially since the Home Office infamously refuses to keep such crimmigrants under 24/7 lockdown.

    Good grief, 400?

    That’s enough alien parasites to outnumber those Brit villagers, or near enough.

    Okay, a happy ending, but a couple of interesting aspects to the UK Pravda report, namely…

    Chris Heaton-Harris Official Cabinet Portrait, February 2022 (cropped).jpg

    1 –  the MP is Chris Heaton-Harris, the Northern Ireland Secretary.

    So government ministers know that the Home Office hotel hunt  is not just dangerous…

    Another Lonely ‘Unaccompanied Child?


    Another Poor Eritrean, Fleeing War?


    filthy savage indeed!

    Rapes 12-Year-Old Boy – Deportation ‘A Possibility?’ 

    …but needless…….


    No Man's Land

    … one of the UK’s many offshore and uninhabited islands

    ….when there are obvious, and very secure, alternatives available.


    2 – note the wording of the Home Office response to the MP, claiming that ‘it worked to “ensure arrangements are safe for hotel residents and local people” https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-64282179

    Usually, Home Office communications on these matters – at least those reported in media – are gunk about a ‘duty’ to house illegal aliens, and treating the crimmigrants with ‘respect,’ which the lawless intruders of course don’t deserve.

    Those words quoted above, however, indicate that they are finally acknowledging that the safety of local, i.e.British, people, matters…


    …and should matter, a lot more than that of the ‘asylum’ moochers who shouldn’t even be in Britain .


    • Expat Irene 21:55 on January 16, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      It’s sad to see what’s become of England. I would go back and help fight, but most people there don’t care enough to fight, so why should I?


  • ross1948 15:30 on January 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Age Review Required? OK, Re-Do ALL Illegal ‘Kids!’ 

    Two migrants have won a High Court battle after complaining about how their ages were assessed when they arrived in the UK.

    The pair said they were teenagers but “short” and “unfair” assessments by social workers at a holding centre in Dover, Kent, had deemed them as adults.

    Mr Justice Henshaw said the assessments were “not lawful” in “particular respects”.

    Huh! ‘Not Lawful?’

    Never mind the ‘assessments!’

    What we know for sure is that their arrival in Britain was ‘not lawful!’


    One of the migrants, a young Kuwaiti man who arrived in Kent on a lorry in December 2020, said he was born in June 2004 but was judged to be 20 years old after a 42-minute assessment.

    So he was allegedly 16, hardly a child. And he came from France?

    A safe democratic country.

    No way should he have avoided instant deportation.

    Another Iranian man, who was rescued at sea in January 2021 after travelling in a rubber dinghy, said he was born in May 2003.


    Another lawless alien, 17, he claims, so no way below the age of puberty, no way a ‘refugee’ if he was ‘fleeing’ La Belle France.

    However, if that dim-wit judge has ruled in favour of two clearly illegal aliens, then the Home Office should round up EVERY ‘child-migrant….’


    What a ‘child’ looks like! Some more of those the Tories brought in!  . Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out!


    It is a matter of national security and should be expedited, ‘X-ray age checks’ or dental checks….

    80% were grown-ups’:   Swedish dentist fired for exposing migrant ‘kids’ as adults… 

    ….and carry out the age-checks they’ve shamefully failed to use for years!


  • ross1948 15:22 on November 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Priti Pampers Parasites! What, No Dessert? 

    Next time you see frail old Brits looking for discounts on the shelves of your local supermarket…

    Elderly Cartoon png download - 552*598 - Free Transparent Old Age ...

    …tell them to ring up Priti Patel, whose Home Office minions last week ‘ordered 3,000 chicken shish for £14.50 from four Turkish restaurants dotted across Kent as well hundreds of pizzas from the Domino’s in Dover…’


    For whom?


    Need you ask?


    Migrants crossing Channel to claim asylum in UK ‘will no longer be prosecuted’

    Priti’s Legalice Stab Brits In The Back 

    Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

    Priti Useless Patel


    Priti Patel must know that squandering tax-payers’ money in this way is beyond wrong.

    At best the crimmigrants should be given bread and water, or fed slops.



    That woman has to go!


    A lorry driver who works in the area said that when he drove through last night it sounded like the migrants were having a party – laughing and eating pizza.

    A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘We are committed to delivering the best value for money for the British taxpayer.

    ‘We ensure all spending is carefully scrutinised to make sure that every pound of taxpayers’ money is spent in the most effective way.’

    … ….


    • JazPen 15:37 on November 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It’s infuriating, even more when you compare these illegals getting slap-up free dinners with the old people whose country it is.
      The Tory government is a disaster.


  • ross1948 15:33 on October 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Home Office – Enemy Within Infestation? 

    This far-left creep must have hopes of returning to government employ…


    ….since he or she has begged the Guardian to conceal his identity!


    “Anyone with an ounce of compassion should be ashamed of a government that, to garner votes, allows a dysfunctional asylum processing system and promotes hostility to migrants.
    Name and address supplied


    It beggars belief that somebody so consumed with animosity…

    …would not have done whatever they could to undermine any sensible steps taken to curb crimmigrants, when they ‘used to work in the Home Office!’



    Think about it!

    If the ex-Home Office rat had been identified as a pro-crimmigrant subversive and fired, there’d be no reason to get the Guardian thus to suppress ID info.

    So either the H.O. is hopeless at sniffing out undesirable civil servants who sympathise with undesirable aliens…

    …or else the disloyal drips are well-known to management but not sent packing.

    Another problem to put in Priti Useless’s to-do file?


  • ross1948 17:00 on June 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: GPS tags, , , UK Home Office   

    UK Left’s Hysteria On Criminal Aliens 

    What a numbskull reaction to a common-sense measure!

    Home Office condemned for forcing migrants on bail to wear GPS tags….those affected by the GPS tagging are foreign nationals who face deportation following criminal convictions of 12 months or more….

    So they should have no rights to roam British streets, none at all.



    Better to chuck ’em in a cell, or stick ’em on one of those neat little real….

    I.o.M. Rejects Crimmigrants, But St Kilda’s Ideal!. 

    ….or artificial, islets…


    No Man's Land

    One of Britain’s offshore and uninhabited islands

    ….which the UK has aplenty.

    But the tags are not that bad an idea, if the scumbags can’t detach them from their ankles, or ears, or whatever body-part the tags are stapled onto!

    However, listen to this bleating jackass.

    Rudy Schulkind, at Bail for Immigration Detainees, said:

    “This is effectively an extension of immigration detention beyond the physical walls of the detention centres and prisons…’



    Most people would prefer rhe parasitical criminals to be kept behind ‘physical walls,’ surely!

    But he’s not the only odd-ball given oodles of space in the Guardian, of course, to emit similar laments on behalf of undesirable aliens who ought to be booted out of Britain ASAP!

    Round-the-clock tracking condemned as ‘Trojan horse’ giving government vast surveillance powers that violate human rights


    So if it’s not to be round-the-clock, when might the authorities be permitted to see what the crimmigrants are up to?

    By appointment, arranged by the likes of that Schulkind?

    ‘Vast surveillance?’

    What utter cr-p!


    • Neil Kenney 17:17 on June 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What is their problem?
      We’re not even talking about ‘asylum’ seekers but dishonest people proven guilty of criminal offences.
      There’s no reason for any country to put up with that kind of ne’er-do well.
      Deportations need to be speeded up but while they are in Britain, their every move should be tracked, day and night.


  • ross1948 15:21 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , NRTP anti-parasite rules, , , UK Home Office   

    Lawyers’ Latest Triumph – More Snouts In Troughs! 

    It might be offered in mitigation that ‘Lady Justice Laing and Mr Justice Lane did not accept the boy’s arguments that the policy was racist…’


    I’m talking about the latest ruling from a senior UK court, where of course ‘the boy’ undoubtedly understood little or nothing of what went on.

    The brat’s lawyer – hired and paid for by whom? – …

    …nevertheless continued to whine, that they were ‘disappointed that the court did not find that NRPF is unlawfully discriminatory.. 

    But at least we know that lawyer’s name, Adam Hundt, a refreshing change, when we look back at previous cases..

    Identify This Legalouse, “Scared,” But Heedless Of Migrants’ Many Victims

    ….undertaken by other lawyers  which we have noticed in the past.

    Whatever, Hundt, of Deighton Pirce Glynn…

    Contact details

    82 City Road
    London EC1V 2QA

    Tel: 020 7407 0007
    Fax: 020 7837 7473
    DX 146640 Islington 4
    Email mail@dpglaw.co.uk

    …convinced those judges that a section of the immigration rules was maybe not ‘racist’ but ‘unlawful. ‘

    Incredibly, instead of now using their large parliamentary majority to make the rule lawful, the Tories are going to bow down to the brat and his Zimbabwean mother…

    …. ‘immigration rules, which set out the NRPF policy, are expected to be amended as a result of the judgment.

    NRPF refers to rules that deny aliens ‘recourse to public funds…’



    …rules that keep many a non-British snout out of the UK tax-trough.

    It’s very likely such anti-parasite rules are good news to a large majority of Brits…

    …but not to the Guardian, which gloatingly adds that last month’s ruling was ‘the second successful challenge against the Home Office’s NRPF policy since lockdown.

    And now we’re getting to the nub of the matter – oops, I almost used the old phrase about the wood-pile! – because the report explains the previous reverse for the government was predicated on ‘human rights laws.’ https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/apr/29/boy-wins-case-against-home-office-policy-of-no-recourse-to-public-funds

    So all Jellyfish Johnson and Priti Useless…



    …have to do, to get the sensible rules – which they obviously thought were sensible, since they approved them! – restored is legislate, get rid of those damfool ‘human rights laws.’

    Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png

    Don’t hold yer breath!


    • Amanda Adams 17:27 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      People should locate these lawyers offices and ring them or even walk in with or without appointment and tell them what we think of them.

      No violence, just go in and sit down and refuse to leave till we can talk to somebody above receptionist level.
      If they have us manhandled out, great publicity for their caring compassionate image.

      Sometimes they even use our money for their litigation.
      The government should reform the legal aid system too, make sure evil people like Begum get not a penny.


    • Pamela 17:50 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Can it be true that every ‘immigrarion lawyer’ is a friend to every country but his own?
      That’s the question we need to ask those engaged in this lucrative racket.


  • ross1948 15:43 on February 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Arson, Lies, Ingratitude At Napier – An Everyday Tale Of ‘Asylum’ Folk? 

    We do seem to hear such narratives every day, don’t we?

    Sky News is evidently prepared to swallow every unsubstantiated tale of woe they hear from two aliens whom they don’t even identify.


    Majid (left) said he still suffered bouts of depression because of his time at Napier

    ‘Mysterious ‘Majid’ rants outrageously but hides from the camera – with Sky reporter’s connivance


    ‘Majid’ and ‘Mohammed’ spin weird and wonderful yarns, including a whopper about ‘attempts at suicide’ – all of which, unsurprisingly, have been unsuccessful, merely attention-seeking by spoiled grown-up brats!

    ‘Mohammed’ says he was scared stiff when fire broke out at Napier Barracks…

    …but that fire and other mayhem was the work of ‘asylum’ ingrates!

    Nowhere do either of the two free-loaders express ONE single word of gratitude for the hotel rooms…



    ….and ‘three-squares-a-day’ that they have so far managed to mooch out of unwilling UK tax-payers’ pockets.

    Moreover, although it’s surely true that they oozed into Britain somehow without going through the proper legal channels that honest foreigners are obliged to use…



    …they have the nerve to whine that ‘we are treated like criminals!’ 

    They claim they need ‘asylum’ but no details about how many countries they passed through, in which they could have claimed that ‘aylum,’ so as to get their greedy snouts into the British public purse?

    Sky News is pathetic, exposed by their own utter abject failure to engage in serious investigative journalism.


    In a statement from the Home Office, immigration compliance minister Chris Philp said: “Napier has previously accommodated army personnel and it is wrong to say it is not adequate for asylum seekers.

    The hapless Tory says not a word about punishment for the trouble-makers who ran amok, not a whisper to reassure the tax-paying public that the arsonists have been identified for deportation, as they clearly deserve.

    So Priti Patel hardly comes out of this with any credit either – again unsurprisingly.


  • ross1948 21:34 on May 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , precocious brat, UK Home Office   

    Primed By Leftist Tutors, An 8-Year-Old Goes To Court! 

    When I was eight, I had emerged from the Davy Crockett craze and my fave reading material concerned Dan Dare V The Mighty Mekon…

    Mighty Mekon’ Hague’s Very Vague Grasp Of Democracy

    …whom I wrote about a few years ago…


    Gambar terkait


    …though I still had time for The Beano and The Dandy.

    I am sure I wasn’t brash enough even to consider writing to my local councillor, never mind ‘taking the Home Office to the high court.’


    How inferior I must have been, to be unable to grasp the intricacies of arguing that the Home Office’s no recourse to public funds (NRPF) policy is unlawful and that during the Covid 19 pandemic…        

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan


    ….the policy increases the risk of families becoming destitute as well as heightening public health risks as people are forced into overcrowded accommodation or onto the streets.



    No room for Bounty Bars or jammy donuts in that child’s diet of dictionaries!

    What an inadequate lad I must have been, in comparison to the  ‘eight-year-old British boy’ thus lionised by the Guardian for challenging  the UK Government ‘policy of denying families like his access to the welfare safety net.’


    Turns out that HIS family includes an alien migrant!

    Unfortunately, because the boy ‘cannot be named,’ we are unable to interrogate the precocious brat, who is clearly being manipulated by the politically motivated leftist pressure groups, who are named by the Guardian.

    I’ll betcha a tenner he didn’t ask for their help until prompted by some well-heeled pinko sticky-beak.

    Child abuse by any other name.

    In democracies, the correct and proper way to change an elected government’s policies is by voting, in parliament or by referendum.



    Brits have surely had enough of inteference by un-elected judges!

    On issues of aliens getting benefits, far fairer to put it to a people’s vote!

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