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  • ross1948 17:21 on December 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God? 

    That oath – so familiar to every Brit, and quite possibly to everyone…



    …whose country’s jurisprudence derives from Common Law as known in the UK – is now being rendered worthless…



    …by appeasement asses known as the Judicial College!’

    The UK legal system has declared total surrender in regard to telling the truth in court.


    It should be possible to respect a person’s gender identity and their present name for nearly all court and tribunal purposes, regardless of whether they have obtained legal recognition of their gender by way of a Gender Recognition Certificate.”.

    So not only is truth to be jettisoned…



    …but even legality is to be immaterial?


    The new advice is contained in the “equal treatment benchbook”, a 540-page guide from the Judicial College, which is responsible for training judges in county, crown and higher courts in England and Wales. The guidance, however, is also used by sitting judges.


    And get a load of the excuse offered by this woko-weasel woman…

    See the source image

    ‘Lady Justice King’


    …a Dame of the British Empire, no less, but more alarmingly, a British appeal court judge, who chairs that ‘college…’

    ….and hails the cr-p quoted above as a “living document, constantly updated and amended to reflect changing circumstances and to incorporate the most up-to-date knowledge.”


    ‘Science,’ as a word, has a meaning – ‘knowledge,’ and biology, anatomy, two branches of science, make it easy even for a simpleton to grasp a truth…



    …that knowledge of a person’s body parts confirms instantly if the person is a man or a woman.

    This hard-faced Dame King made headlines a while ago, with another shocking judgement on another issue of good v evil.


    So let’s not be too shaken by her readiness to discard reason and science in the administration of British justice.

    • Frankie D 23:52 on December 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Enemies of the People!
      Friends of the Freaks!


  • ross1948 14:54 on December 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Judges – ‘Enemies Of The People?’ 

    Four men wearing stripey jerseys, black masks and toting sacks marked ‘Swag…’

    Thief, robber transparent background PNG clipart thumbnail

    …who were seen climbing a ladder towards an open window, have had their convictions for burglary quashed.

    The Court of Appeal said it had not been proven they intended to enter the house to steal.

    A mere winter’s tale composed by me…

    But from the BBC…

    Four Iranian men who crossed the English Channel in small boats have had their convictions for immigration offences quashed.

    The Court of Appeal said it had not been proven they intended to enter the UK illegally.. 



  • ross1948 14:48 on October 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    If You Meet That Fool Judy Farbey? 

    The latest British judge to make a damfool ruling is the grinning jackanapes below…




    , Mrs Justice Farbey ruled that being able to communicate by phone was essential for “interpersonal and social relationships as well as cultural and religious life… 




    …hence, thanks to this asinine elevation of a convenience to a ‘right,’ now the long-suffering UK tax-payer is likely to get a bill for millions so alien ‘asylumers…’


    Fake-refugee savages

    …many if not most of whomhave NO case for ‘asylum, ‘ having arrived from perfectly safe countries like France and Belgium, can call whomsoever they wish..…

    ….from their comfy hotel rooms…

    Bojo Puts The Boot Into Blackpool! 

    ..also, of course, paid for by Mr. and Mrs. Brit-Muggins.

    What should tax-payers thus oppressed do, about Enemy Within judge-jerks?

    While of course that F-Wit Farbey  ought to be fired, any vigilante action against legalice is inappropriate.

    However, if you do happen to see her, hovering around courtyards or anywhere, why not approach her, tell her politely that she’s a damned disgrace!



    Mind you, these robed creeps may be all for newly invented ‘RIGHTS’ when crimmigrants are involved, but British rights, like free speech?

    Farbey would probably call the cops!


  • ross1948 21:38 on June 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    These Judges ARE Enemies Of The British People! 

    The supreme court ruling stresses that their decision was not about whether they could resist deportation on family grounds…



    …but whether the home secretary had breached their human rights by deporting them before they could bring an appeal in Britain and without making proper provision for them to take part in appeal from abroad. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2017/jun/14/supreme-court-rules-uk-system-for-deporting-foreign-criminals-unlawful

    ‘Family Rights? Human Rights?

    The alien swine concerned are NOT British. So they are in Britain on sufferance. They should have NO ‘RIGHTS’ to be in Britain.

    Therefore they should be liable to deportation ANYTIME!

    The UK Government is responsible to the British people to rid them of alien blight, and this disgusting intrusion of ‘rights’ hogwash is an affront to British democracy.


    Hasil gambar untuk lady hale supreme court


    Who are the scum that the robed ratbags, Lady Hale and her creepy colleagues on the ‘Supreme Court,’ have decided to champion?

    …two men convicted of drug offences who had both served prison sentences. The first, Kevin Kiare, came from Kenya in 1997 with his family at the age of three. The second, Courtney Byndloss, a father of eight, came to the UK in 2002…

    Were they wrongly convicted?

    Hardly- the  Guardian would surely have mentioned it if their guilt was in doubt.

    So sod their ‘human rights!’

    They are mangy criminals, whose presence in the UK is offensive.


    It’s BRITISH RIGHTS that count.

    We have seen this amoral kind of ruling before, used to keep vile killers and other filth from being kicked out.

    One of the worst cases was that of the dirty swine Chindamo, who knifed a headmaster…



    Chindamo – Garbage


    His expulsion was thwarted by ‘European human rights’ law.

    Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 

    Chindano is still prowling British streets, unless (fingers crossed) he’s since died – hopefully in wretched circumstance!



    Ibrahim  – Garbage


    And how about ‘ Iraqi Kurd, Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who killed 12-year-old Amy Houston in a hit-and-run in Blackburn in 2003.

    He was jailed but allowed to remain in the UK after he and his wife had two children following his release from prison. Ibrahim’s lawyers successfully used Article 8 to argue for his right to stay and judges at the Court of Appeal refused an application to appeal against that decision….

    Cameron To Fight for Scumbags’ Right to Stay in UK! 

    Who was Cameron’s Home Secretary during most, if not all, of his miserable tenure at Number Ten?



    And NOW we read that Theresa May is said to be U-turning (AGAIN!) on her pledge to remove legislative barriers that stop deportation of evil-doers?

    Now Theresa May’s human rights pledge is axed …

    If all those Remainiacs who hated the idea of a referendum on ‘Europe’  – or on anything! – but now want another one…

     MPs must now get vote on second Brexit referendum

    …let them offer Brits a DOUBLE referendum, on the same ballot paper.

    Let the other question be all about depriving condescending elitist courts of any veto on the right of British governments to expel undesirable aliens.

    It’s up to Brits who gets to live in Britain!

    • Paul P 02:19 on June 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is why the Tories stumbled so badly, because nobody trusts Theresa May’s tough talk.
      People remember how many illegals, from Calais, for example, were allowed in, partly the grown-up ‘children’ whose age nobody checked, but also those who came through the Tunnel or on boats, all illegal, but none returned, as you have noted before,



  • ross1948 23:40 on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – Nauseating Nobel Nonsense! 

    It was fairly nauseating to watch the European elite fawning on on that Colombian creep Santos…

    Hasil gambar untuk colombia nobel prize


    ….who did a dirty deal with Communist terrorists, had it rejected by his own people in a free and fair vote, then went ahead and implemented it anyway, refusing point-blank to respect the democratic decision.

    Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy 

    The narco-reds of FARC were delighted, as well they should be – they were losing the war, which had reduced the FARC from a peak of 20,000 troops to 5,800. Three of the guerrillas’ top commanders were killed in targeted attacks; the others could no longer feel safe…


    Hasil gambar untuk colombia marxist farc


    ….and now they will be rewarded with seats in Congress rather than face any serious punishment for their atrocities.

    That Nobel Peace Prize award, with all its pomp and circumstance last week, cheapened the trophy even more than when it was bestown on Obama, for merely being a pinko pin-up, eight years ago.

    nobel peace prize 2009 joke barack obama international diplomacy cooperation peoples motivational posters


    But let’s face it, the subliminal reason for the ‘honour’ given to Santos was not so much for ‘peace’ but for his public contempt for basic democratic principle.


    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

    The left-liberal elitists who gave Santos what he called a ‘gift from Heaven‘ – evidently confusing the un-elected clique in Oslo with God Almighty – are in ideological lock-step with the left-liberal commissars in Brussels.


    Don’t forget – just four years ago, the Nobel Peace Prize was handed not to a person but to the EUSSR itself!

    Another lucky winner was the terrorist Yasser Arafat, big buddy of the unrepentant red wretch Mogherini…



    Arafat and Mogherini


    …the ‘EU High Representative’ whose public assurance that no crimmigrant would ever be removed from Europe helped unleash the tsunami still on-going on the Med.

    Democracy is a stench in their sneering nostrils.

    So who’s next?

    How about Rutte, the Dutch weasel, wriggling like the worm he is to thwart the result of that Dutch referendum, buoyed in his quest by in-put from the establishment in-crowd.

    His government’s main advisory body on foreign affairs. The Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) said a rejection of the treaty could damage the Netherlands’ standing and European unity, pointing out that the referendum on April 6 was advisory and not binding.


    Well, of COURSE Rutte should diss his own people in favour of an unelected gang of insider elitists, the ‘great and good’ who always know better than we do about what’s best for us.


    •  Rutte
    • —————
    • But no.

    Rutte may well concoct a ‘compromise’ –‘Many not happy’ with Dutch limits of Ukraine pact – between the Dutch people’s democratic decision and the submission that HMV in Brussels is demanding,
    But there are many stronger contenders for the discredited trophy next time round.

    How abut that malignant minx Gill Miller…

    Gambar terkait

    Miller the Minx


    …who launched the court action to block Britain’s June 23rd declaration of independence?

    Or even more so, the robed rogues in the British courts who are being cheered on by the chorus of deplorables…




    ….after they ruled that the majority of British voters may be over-ruled by ermine-trimmed upstarts in the House of Lords.

    Should we worry?

    Hell, no!

    They’re welcome to a tawdry trophy that’s been emptied of meaning.

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