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    Exposed! In Tory-Ruled GB, ‘Teachers’ Freely Spread Evil 

    I usually quote from articles I like, but this is so shocking that I feel obliged to offer readers the entire C4M article.


    Clare Page is an ordinary mum who finds herself single-handedly taking on the State in defence of her daughters’ education. You can listen to Clare tell me about her epic battle here.

    Clare Page interview

    Clare noticed that her daughters’ schools were teaching controversial ideologies around sex, gender and race as if they were facts. But, she tells me, the questions she was asking “were unanswerable by the school because of what’s happened at [the] Government level”.

    Clare first noticed a change in 2017 when pupils at her daughters’ primary school were being taught to address each other as “they” if pronouns weren’t given. The school was a test site for the Government’s recently implemented Relationships and Sexual Education curriculum.

    Then, over lockdown, her children were asked to produce “social justice” materials that Clare considered “breached safeguarding” standards.

    Her daughter was taught in secondary school that “we live in a heteronormative world” which is a “really bad thing” and must be countered by becoming “sex-positive”. 

    The school refused to send Clare the lesson plans and materials because the copyright belonged to an external organisation. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) sided with the school, confirming that she would have to attend in person to see what her child was being taught.

    Clare tells me that children were referred to the external organisation’s website, which, she says, contained sexually explicit learning materials, and encouraged underage children to use explicit sexualised terminology on social media. “These are known areas” for children to come into contact with “abuse”, she says.

    Clare is now challenging the ICO’s decision at Tribunal on behalf of all parents. She would like to see political intervention to make it impossible for schools to withhold materials from parents.

    Ask your schools “for full transparency” Clare advises. Request lesson plans, materials, and the names of any external providers used. Then be prepared, she says, to make constructive, respectful complaints.

    It’s important for child safety and for democracy, Clare concludes, that we all now get involved.

    You can follow Clare on Twitter @NoSecretLessons.

    C4M believes all children should be taught that growing up with your married biological mum and dad leads to the best outcomes for children, adults and society in general.

    While other relationship types exist, it is very clear at the population level that nothing comes close to the benefits of real marriage.

    If you would like to support us financially, you can do so using the button below.


    Yours faithfully,

    Dr Tony Rucinski

    Dr Tony Rucinski
    Director of Supporter Strategy
    Coalition for Marriage (C4M)


    So that’s what the Tories are doing to British children.

    Next time you hear ANY Conservative Minister or MP prattling about educational standards, think about what they’re up to, and…

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    NutMegh’s New Role? Class-Room Ammo! 

    School accused of ‘indoctrination’ after ‘partisan’ lesson on Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and racism





    …now NutMegh is being used as class-room cannon-fodder by far-left ‘teachers’, the red rats aiming their ‘race’ poison at kids as young as NINE years old?


    Primary school children were asked if the Duchess of Sussex would have ‘haters’ if she was white in a lesson described as ‘one-sided’


    Time to sack the ‘teachers’ involved in this?

    Here’s the guilty school’s contact info….

    Lytham Road, Manchester, Lancashire M14 6PL


     0161 2243 892

    …which you could use to discuss the issue with those responsible!

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    Two Decent Brits, Fighting For ALL Kids! 

    Good news, a brave couple going to court to fight Jellyfish Johnson’s amoral ‘Cornwall Guidelines.’

    Christian parents launch legal action over extreme trans policies in primary schools

    No, he didn’t write them or institute the nonsense – that happened, if I’m not wrong, when his lousy predecessor..

    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

    Forget Guy Fawkes – Make It St. Theresa Of Transgendria!

    …also a pretend ‘conservative, ‘ was running the show.

    But we know Johnson discriminates in favour of the sexually maladjusted…


    London Calling – Big-Mouth Boris Bans Free Speech on the Buses 

    …as his gaystapo crawl during his years as Mayor of London made very clear.

    He has, moreover, had heaps of time to scrap the so-called ‘guidance’ – actually, interpreted by leftist-run schools as a gaystapoid diktat, as this extract –

    ‘In the letter, the school suggested that an “inability to believe a transgender person is actually a ‘real’ female or male” and the refusal to “acknowledge a transgendered person’s true gender e.g. by failing to use their adopted name or using gender inappropriate pronouns,” was “transphobic behaviour.. ‘https://christianconcern.com/cccases/nigel-and-sally-rowe/

    – from a Church of England (!) school commissar proves.

    Read the whole story..

    …and if you think they deserve wholehearted support, donate to their court costs!


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    Teacher Demands ‘Right’ To Brainwash! 

    Great news from Florida, where a ‘language arts’ teacher – maybe I should extend those inverted commas to include the word “teacher’ – has been fired for ‘refusing to remove a Black Lives Matter banner from the wall outside her classroom…’

    Good riddance!

    Such racist propaganda has no place in any school, of course, at any time.

    Thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis’ prudent prohibition on the hateful Critical Race Theory….

    …in the state’s schools, responsible eucation officials, as well as parents, are now ever more vigilant.

    Yet incredibly, the perpetrator of the indoctrination effort…

    ….is going to court, claiming that her ‘free speech’ rights entitle her to introduce such toxic trash into  school premises.

    I mention all this not merely to report American resistance to BLM brainwash…



    …but to alert British parents to the menace…

    UK Schools Sink Into BLM Swamp? 

    …..because we already know that BLM poison is flowing along the corridors of UK schools!

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    We Know BBC’s Infested But School Collabos MUST Be Fired! 

    The BBC said the programme is aimed at teachers for use in classes and is not directly aimed at children.

    In the clip an expert can be seen telling young children that she has come across more than 100 different terms used to describe gender


    An Expert?’

    A poisonous propagandist, or a polluter, perhaps, might be a more precise description of that individual.

    And of course the BBC cannot shrug off its share of guilt – to collaborate with such evil is damnable, especially for UK Pravda…




    …which leeches of tax-payers coerced by a law which Jellyfish Johnson shows no interest in reforming.

    However, what more urgently needs to be done is name and shame those ‘teachers…..’



    ….as well, of course, any local education authorities, known to have subjected those children seen in the ‘clip’ to the perverted indoctrination caught on camera.


    What has HM Secretary of State for Education had to say on this?

    It’s child abuse, moreover, so why has the Home Secretary Priti Patel not asked for a police investigation?


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