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  • ross1948 8:08 am on December 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    More Reasons To Eschew Alien Remainer’s Ryanair! 

    More reasons to avoid using Ryanair, the airline run by an arrogant alien named O’Leary, who thinks he has the right to interfere in Britain’s affairs.


    Hasil gambar untuk Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive, Ryanair

    Michael O’Leary

    Let’s Ruin Ryanair – Boycott Europhiliac O’Leary! 

    This uppity citizen of Eire has in the past denied pressuring staff to hit specific sales targets, after it emerged they were encouraged to sell products in return for bonuses.

    But letters sent to crew members by recruitment firms that supply staff to Ryanair– seen by the Guardian – warn of dire consequences for those whose average sales per flight fall “below budget”.

    Ryanair crew told to sell more perfume and scratchcards or face action

    The UK Government is facing a guerilla war in parliament by sycophants…


    Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe


    …like Soubry, that strident ‘Conservative’ MP, desperately struggling to keep Brits under the heel of the Euro-Commissars.

    The arrogance of O’Leary’s bullying management style echoes that of those who’d dismiss the referendum verdict. 

    Nor is Ryanair the only company deserving of boycott.

    That rancid hypocrite Richard Branson…

    oooooooooooooooooooHasil gambar untuk richard branson brexit

    Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products 

    …is still as bilious as ever.

    Britain will be part of EU again in five years, says Richard Branson

    Odd, is it not, how the super-rich are the most bigotedly pro-Brussels.

    Not really – their loyalties are to money and not to their fellow-citizens. Although O’Leary is of course in line with HIS country’s snarling hostility to British independence, with Eire busily out to use the Brexit battle in its own despicable war…

    DUP’s Nigel Dodds hits out at Ireland’s stance on Brexit talks

    ….on the Ulster Brits’ right to self-determination. 

    While the British Government appears content to respond in supine fashion to all these provocations, everyday Brits should use the power of their pockets to slap down the plutocratic prigs.

  • ross1948 12:05 am on December 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    What Next, Amber? Import Young Guns Of Calais? 

    Amber Rudd is a notorious Europhiliac, so presumably she keeps abreast of news from across the Channel.

    Like this…

    Five migrants were wounded on Saturday when shots were fired during a brawl in the northern French port of Calais, the local prefect’s office said.


    Gunshots were exchanged between groups of Afghans in the late afternoon, it said.


    Macron is a dead-loss, we know, all mouth and trousers, no round-up of illegal aliens swarming Calais, no sign of the mass deportations required.


    But decent French people are going to end up literally dead if firearms are now in the hands of these alien savages.

    Of course, if the savages concerned can pass themselves off as ‘unaccompanied minors,’ Amber Rudd may be happy to take them off his hands.


    Amber Rudd: It is ‘unthinkable’ we could walk away from Brussels …


    And I wonder what she thinks about the news reported in Breitbart last month, news which confirms what everyone knew but that dishonourable UK Cabinet minister refused to admit…


    Arrest Amber RuddCalais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “

    ….that the bludger brats swarming across Europe, Destination UK Benefits, are NOT, in VERY many cases,  children at all, just lying scum.

    Almost Half Of ‘Underage’ Migrants In Hamburg Are Adults

    Shocking, yes, but consider the implications.

    Children are human beings who have not yet reached puberty.



    Until that definition replaces the imbecilic supranational categorisation which includes as ‘children’ many young beasts eager to sexually assault innocent women and girls, no females in civilised countries are safe.


    Just got sent this story from The Leftal, sorry, The Local, which dies nothing to undermine anything said above.

    ‘Teen’ asylum seeker on trial for Freiburg murder is 33, says father



  • ross1948 12:01 am on December 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Exposed Again! BBC Pay-Back For Brussels Funding? 

    Har har har!

    The BBC said in a statement; ““This is an impartial issue explainer. We continue to report on Brexit developments in an impartial way.” 


    You can use that Express link to watch the new BBC propaganda yourself.

    It is an insult to your intelligence and to everyone’s, to describe it as impartial, and the BBC know it…




    …but because they do not believe they can be brought to book for their abuse of public funds, they will carry on doing this kind of thing.

    MPs talk a lot, but under Traitor May…


    Traitor Theresa kisses Liar Juncker


    …nothing will be done to curb BBC’s anti-British bias.

    It would be almost comforting if we could believe they were only repaying a favour, making nice because of all the EUSSR funds they’ve had…


    BBC ‘biased’ receives millions in EU cash for filming and broadcasting …

    BBC trousers MILLIONS in ‘secret’ cash from Brussels.   Jan 2016 –

    …but it’s worse than that.

    They are the Enemy Within, at war with British freedoms and REAL British values.

    If only Brits were as lucky as the Poles, with a government that stands up to media treason and brings public broadcasting institutions under public control.


    EXCLUSIVE: Top Polish Government Minister Hits Back 

    That’s probably why the BBC hates Poland!

  • ross1948 12:01 am on December 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dick Off, Cressida! London Top Cop Threatens Whistle-Blowers 

    A rare day, in the Ulster/Scots sense, meaning fine, not unusual, with hot sunshine Jakarta outdoors…



    …but rare too in that I applaud The Independent, for its focus on the porn scandal which May’s right (left!)-hand man, Damian Green, is stoutly denying.

    He is also under investigation by the Cabinet Office over disputed claims that he behaved inappropriately towards a young Tory activist.


    Europhiliac Green


    But denials or not, why is Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick getting so hot and bothered at the retired senior officers who dragged the story out of the shadows and into the daylight?


    Hasil gambar untuk cressida dick

    Former police officers who leaked Damian Green pornography allegations could face prosecution, says Cressida Dick



    Shooting the messenger as a policy is generally understood to be both unfair and unwise.

    For my part, although I have absolutely no time for Green, who represents all that’s ideologically rotten about the Tory Party…

    With Reckless Abandon, UKIP Breaks the Silence of the Sacrificial Lambs! 

    …I’m willing to wait for the facts to be made clear and any prosecutions deemed suitable to be launched. But that would never have been likely to happen without these old cops.

    Crabby Cressida should try collaring some of the politically-motivated police elsewhere in the UK.

    Poor Syrian Refugees!’ UK Police Cover-Up Exposed? 

    British Bobbies? Not in West Midlands – Fire The Filth! 

    Wiltshire’s Wallies – Ill-Educated UK Cops Menace Tweeters 

    • Darren S 6:11 pm on December 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So clean cops get threats of prosecution.
      Why wont Dead-Eye Dick concentrate on dirty cops?
      Why so keen to keep evidence of politicians accused of being dirty old men under wraps?

  • ross1948 6:02 pm on November 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Skip Kevin Spacey! Here’s A Brave Way To “Come Out!’ 

    Once again, we have news of Mass Resistance, that excellent organisation founded in the USA but active around the world in the resistance to gaystapo evil. Whilst American have suffered grievously at the hands of homo hate-freaks…

    …in the United Kingdom the entire state apparatus, police, courts, local and national government, has been co-opted to enforce that evil agenda.

    There’s a nationwide inquisition in progress…


    ….the foulest aspect of which must surely be the use of schools to indoctrinate the youth with the offensive delusion that sexual perversion is somehow ‘normal!’

    So a welcome addition to the arsenal, in the form of its video. Spread it as far and as fast as you can, because freedom, under Theresa May, is under threat.


    Telling the truth is a risky business.


    Just posted on the MassResistance website:

    VIDEO from MassResistance in the United Kingdom:
    “Be yourself: Coming out as a homophobe.” Fighting back in an oppressive anti-family nation. 

    So-called ‘homophobia’ is illegal in the UK and can result in arrest. Here’s how our MassResistance-UK chapter deals with it! More

    The video was considered to be dangerous enough that their UK-based video-hosting company – run by conservatives – told us they were afraid to post it.

    Help us continue our work!

    MassResistance fights to protect parents and families across America and overseas from the radical agendas. We depend on people like you for financial support.

    Help us continue our critical work. Donate to MassResistance

    Better yet – become a monthly donor (email us to get set up)

    Donations can also be mailed to: MassResistance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454
    ALL donations are confidential. MassResistance does not sell or lend any of its lists.

    Contact us if you want to get involved!

    For all recent posts see our website.

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    Exploiting Brexit Fall-Out To Push Gaystapo Agenda? 

    So now the gaystapo is up in arms, or at least mincing furiously, about re-location of two London-based EU agencies after Brexit.

    It seems the phoney ‘NGO’ calling itself  ILGA- Europe, which is not in the least ‘Non-Governmental,’ but rather parasitical…

    …bloated on funds gouged from tax-payers’ pockets, is throwing a dainty little tantrum about the future of shirt-lifters etc. who work for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA)

    We’ve heard of this revolting gang before, but only in connection with the way they feed off YOUR taxes.

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 


    Four candidate countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia – do not offer registered partnerships for same-sex couples. 


    • oooooooooooooHasil gambar untuk Katrin HugendubelKatrin Hugendubel, advocacy director at Ilga-Europe.

    • ========

    • The parasite outfit’s spokesperson, Katrin Hugendubel, is visibly fretting about what happens to the rights of LGTBI staff if the EMA moves to Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, or Warsaw, or if the EBA moves to the Polish capital?

    • I’d have thought the obvious advice to give anxious queers is that if you move to another country, you are obliged to abide by its laws.

    • Otherwise, don’t go there.

    • Even Hugendubel recognises that, despite the pro-homo prejudices of the EUSSR in-crowd…. family law is a national competence…

    • =============

    • And quite right too!


    But already Slovakia has crumbled, their Health Minister Tomas Drucker, saying there should be no problem.


    However, Poland seems to be made of sterner stuff!

    The Polish spokeswoman quoted makes it fairly clear  –

    ...the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU confirmed rules on marriage and family are “within member states’ remit” – ignoring this website’s question if Poland saw the word ‘spouse’ in the directive as gender neutral.

    Sounds promising, especially the sensible brush-off given to the gay-friendly website.

    But trouble could be looming, because a very malevolent outfit, the European Court of Justice, is currently investigating.


    Meanwhile, we await a decision from Brussels as to where the two agencies will go. November 20th is the deadline.

    With the double-talk one expects of the gaystapo gang, Ilga-Europe did not want to give ministers any voting advice. But the lobby group said it hoped the debate would increase “marriage equality” for all in the bloc.

    So they won’t give advice on how to vote but hope the debate goes their way?

    Yeah, right.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope those judges in Romania stop pfaffing around and let the people there vote on the constitutional amendment…

    True Solidarity Against Gaystapo – Karen’s Bucharest Battle 

    …the only secure way to block the gaystapo dragging that country down the perverse path we’ve seen in France, Germany and Italy – as well, of course, as the UK!

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    Sign Up, Brits! Petition Against Foreign Aid Folly! 

    Now and then there’s a surge in readership statistics, like this week, with hundreds of Canadians enjoying my post about Hallowe’en, but even on the best days, I can’t yet rival the UK’s Daily Express for the number of people who read my distilled wisdom!

    Hasil gambar untuk rising stats

    I am never loath to give credit where credit is due, so am delighted to offer true Brits the chance to sign up to the Express petition against the May Government’s asinine approach to ‘overseas aid,’ which now, it seems, does not all go overseas at all…

    ….but is pumped into the glorious cause of making life more agreeable for undesirable aliens who have gate-crashed Great Britain.

    Foreign aid madness: Outrage over £1m spent a DAY … – Daily Express


    Please read about the petition and, if you agree with it, sign up.


  • ross1948 5:50 pm on November 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    May’s Terror ‘Watch-Dog’ Shows Blunt Fangs! 

    The Government’s terror watchdog today said introducing tough new laws to tackle hate preachers would be “quite wrong” despite a recent wave of Islamist attacks. 



    It was only last month we had to stand aghast at Max Hill QC’s eagerness to welcome back sectarian scum who wanted to come ‘home’ after serving the satanic cause of the ISIS rape-gang.


    Hasil gambar untuk max hill terrorism



    Another T-May Betrayal – Welcome Home, ISIS Terror Pigs! 

    This, please note, is the watch-dog, aka ‘adviser’ on whom Theresa May relies for guidance on how to tackle the Enemy Within!

    Now he’s ranting against imposition of common-sense curbs on blood-thirsty ‘clerics’ spreading their poison.

    It’s surely been long enough that preachers of vile doctrines that call for violence – even murder- of ‘apostates’ and blasphemers…’



    ….have felt free thus to incite a slaughter-house mentality among anti-social undesirables like those in the photo above.

    Brandishing that placard alone should be sufficient to merit immediate deportation.



    Hills’ justification for inaction is downright weird.

    “Thought with steps towards action can be terrorism. Thought without action or preparation for action may be extremism, but it is not terrorism.


    Go figure.

    Even in Macron’s France there is more gumption to be found! Look at their brand new law, as describe on Gatestone –

    The new law authorizes prefects to order the closure of mosques or other places of worship for a period of up to six months if preachers are deemed to express “ideas or theories” that “incite violence, hatred or discrimination, provoke the commission of acts of terrorism or express praise for such acts.”


    Why should Merry Englande lag behind?

    We can’t control what our internal enemies think, but we absolutely can interdict what they put into words, written or spoken.


    If I were to stomp along a road saying ‘pinko progressives deserve to be slain,’ would not the police take an active interest, and rightly so?

    Hill may be correct in saying no new laws are required – though I doubt it – but there are already laws against incitement to murder, so they must be enforced against ‘clerics’ as strictly as against anyone else.

    And not just post facto but preemptively.

    Any preacher, of every denomination, must be told to make a declaration each time he takes to his pulpit…


    …that those who convert from their creed are under no circumstances to be subjected to threats or other sanctions, except that of ostracism. Sure, if some Anglican drops out to become a Baptist, and you are a keen Anglican, you are free to snub him.

    Or not shop in his grocery store.

    But…in a civilised country…


    If any cleric crosses that sectarian red line, deportation should ensue. Any such preacher is pig-ignorant of how to behave in a democracy…

    Hill’s other exhortation is equally bizarre, urging ministers to speak to a wider range of Muslims, including those with whom they did not agree…

    Like, what is this geezer on about?

    Of course ministers should talk to decent Muslims, who repudiate shariah law and reject any notion that supranational sectarian solidarity trumps duty to Queen and Country.

    But no way should ministers talk to Hizbut Tahrir, or the likes of Anjem Choudary, or to evil people like these, in the photo below…



    ….except to tell them to take a hike – they’re not welcome in a civilised realm.

    As for how Hill has criticised calls for them “to ‘do more’ to fight extremism” without spelling out what that should involve…


    …fair enough.

    But we have, as above, already spelt out what that should involve!

    No hate-speech sermons, no threats to converts, no elevation of dogmas emanating from imams in Saudi Arabia or ayatollahs in Tehran above loyalty to Her Britannic Majesty!

  • ross1948 7:57 pm on October 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Brexit Brainwashing – Why So Many Disloyal Millennials? 

    Hasil gambar untuk brexit millennials


    Why are so many younger people so devoid of that loyalty to their own country that was evident in previous generations?


    Hasil gambar untuk empire day 1936

    Young Brits in 1936


    It’s a vexing question, and the answer has to be that something, somebody, has been spending much time and effort, and money, on poisoning their minds.

    Their time and effort is theirs, to do with as they please, but when they spend YOUR money…


    ….it’s high time somebody with a sense of responsibility –  of honour, for pity’s sakes –  stepped in to put a stop to this indoctrination, more proof of which has been published this week.




    Check out this shocking report on the war against British deliverance being waged on British campuses by arrogant Europhiliacs paid handsomely from YOUR taxes!

    Remainer universities: The extent of anti-Brexit bias is laid bare

    • Joseph B. Fox 11:15 pm on October 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Centre, not center.

      • ross1948 11:52 pm on October 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I had to go back and pore over it, but it wasn’t me – it’s an illustration from my voluminous files. American, where ‘center’ is correct.
        Just take it as my nod to diversity!

    • Petra Malley 5:38 pm on October 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Indoctrination is the only explanation.
      Normal people in normal societies do not want to see their own people subjected to rule by others and their society’s values despised.

  • ross1948 10:23 pm on October 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Hey, Theresa May, Act To Save Those Kids Today! 

    No comment on this article.

    Except to ask if  Theresa May’s pro-freak  Conservative Government…

    Tory Tranny-Plan Princess – Maria Gets Mad But Is She Sane?

    …is going to do ANYTHING to save defenceless children from a lifelong nightmare!


    Almost 40 Kids Per Week — Some Only 4 Years Old — Referred to Transgender Clinics in the UK

    • Pamela 12:29 am on October 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I did take the day off from commenting, Ross, and from what you say about the technical problem, I made a wise decision..
      This horrible story about these sad children and their mentally retarded parents has made me change my mind, because we all have a duty to comment on such an outrageous situation..
      Not old enough to go to school but old enough to demand a sex-change?
      It is an indictment of our society that this kind of child abuse should be tolerated.
      I am all for parents’ rights but any parent who takes their son or daughter to a transgender laboratory should be deprived of custody..

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