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  • ross1948 12:39 pm on April 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Lets Jihadist Devils Prowl A UK Campus? 

    Shocking indeed, the report on the University of Westminster ‘students’ who embraced the evil Islamist cause.

    Good, of course, that several are now dead and others held in prison – but it would have been better had they been prevented from joining the ISIS rape-gang to inflict horror on innocents.

    Or would it?

    Had they been held in the UK, they would have got the full kid-glove care and slimy lawyers…



    …grubbing into the public purse to defend their ‘rights.’

    At least for some of the jihadist scum, their Mid-East jaunt ended in the grave, or crippled – an infinitely fairer outcome.

    However, what’s very disturbing about the prelude to the devils’ departure is the report on the BBC which reveals that one of the pigs, a particularly loathesome savage named Abukar Qasim…

    for more on the pig Abukar, use that BBC link


    …had been spotted by the UK’s security services, and restrictions placed on his activities.




    OK, except that, because the UK’s government is craven, there’s no internment. He should have been locked up indefinitely.

    But far from it.

    Instead,  ‘a High Court judge permitted him to interact more with fellow students, despite warnings from MI5 that it would mean “the risk of him engaging in terrorism-related activity”   https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-47772772

    Some High Court judges, in another context, have already been called out for what they are.


    Image result for enemies of the people


    It’s easy to forget that while Theresa the Traitrix deserves all the obloquy she’s getting, there have been other rotten elements involved in sabotaging democracy.

    Now we have a case of a judge who apparently decided that a jihadist swine’s “rights” take priority over public safety.

    The Hell with that!

    Jihadists should have NO rights at all. They are ipso facto traitors, their allegiance pledged to a supranational ideology.

    (BTW, universities should require all students to sign a pledge repudiating jihadism – of course most satanic sectarians would lie…

    …but once disloyal activities were revealed, it would facilitate expulsion).


    Brits surely have the right to know which robed and wigged exaltee exercised his judgement in such a wayward way.

    Why did the BBC report not name and shame him?

    Did ANY of the UK media do so?

    If readers come across any such useful info, please let us know!

    • Diana 2:39 pm on April 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I’m sure that judge’s name was mentioned somewhere but I’m also sure no action was taken against him.
      He would get away with it because of that everlasting threat from the European Court that has done so much harm to our country and to other countries.

  • ross1948 6:41 pm on March 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ELEVEN Years For FGM! Nice One, UK! Now Deport The Sow! 

    Just outa bed, here in Jakarta, and saw on the BBC news that a filthy alien savage has been given eleven years for mutilating a girl-child’s genitalia.

    The case is only the fourth FGM prosecution brought to court in the UK. The previous cases led to acquittals.


    Was the evil sow born in Britain? No! The report states clearly it came to the UK from Uganda.

    If that’s the case, deport it!

    The court is to be commended for the outcome, which is excellent in itself and a welcome slap in the face for the sort of gutless PC police we have covered in the past.

    UK FGM Scandal? Fire That Cop…  

    It’s also a sharp contrast to other verdicts, the soppy, sicko sort,  in other kinds of cases we have had to comment on…


    ..but there needs to be a lot more prosecutions for FGM and, in every case proven,  the bestial creatures convicted should be expelled to whichever cess-pool they oozed out of!

      • Jon Deakin 7:24 pm on March 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Of course deport them.
        We don’t want wild animals living among human beings.

      • Keith Milner 11:36 am on March 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        We have had the same kind of dirty animals in Australia.
        The families that are implicated should all be deported along with the mongrels convicted.

    • ross1948 7:07 pm on March 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      Sign The Petition – Keep Begum The Un-British Bitch OUT! 

      I wish there were a petition to have the evil sow hauled off to an abattoir, but that would be expecting FAR too much from the present UK Government….



      So instead I shall add my name to a simple call to keep her as far away from real British people as possible.

      There are several such petitions but this one has almost 60,000 signatures already.


      • Penny 8:11 pm on March 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        We should get everyone we know to sign this. Better still, somebody should start a petition to get her hanged!

      • Gwen Smith 11:36 am on March 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I signed already but will pass this around.
        She should be put to death, though, we are agreed on that.

      • David Persten 1:53 pm on March 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t go in for old beliefs like possession but she is a devil.
        It would be only fair if she was destroyed in the same way as her ISIS comrades did to that poor Jordanian pilot they captured.
        Burn Begum Burn!

    • ross1948 6:46 am on March 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      March 16th – March For Leave- Free UK From The Brussels Empire! 

      Calling all patriots!


      You’ll probably have seen the headlines about the Freedom March, from Sunderland to London, organised by Leave Means Leave..

      .  https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/nigel-farage-to-lead-14day-march-to-protest-against-betrayal-of-brexit


       But not many media have given full details of when and where you can join the patriot protest.

      So, as a public service, I present contact info so that as many as possible of my UK readers can take part in this important 14 day event.



    • ross1948 12:06 pm on February 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

      Nauseating but somehow, with that foul thing May as Prime Minister…


      theresa tran


      ..not at all surprising to read that British tots fresh out of kindergarten are to be drenched in state-sponsored filth.

       “Gay & trans sex education to be taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK ...”

      …and woe betide any mum or dad who takes a stand for decency, because…


      …opting out is ILLEGAL!”

      I can only give thanks that my offspring are grown and not being coerced by degenerates to wade into dirty drivel such as that described in the report out today, viz.

       ‘Tango Makes Three,’ a book about two gay penguins who nurture an egg taken from another family, and ‘My Princess Boy,’ which celebrates a dark-skinned child who loves to cross-dress.


      A hundred thousand signature petition from citizens horrified by this evil indoctrination will hit the House of Commons this week…




      If you are British, please sign it, and/or ask your MP where he or she stands on poisoning the minds of small children.

      PS …there’s a link to the petition in the RT story.

      • Vicki 12:29 pm on February 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        A hellish step and May is a devil for taking it.

      • Noreen Paterson 1:18 pm on February 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Why would anyone even write that perverted rubbish, except as brainwash material?
        Does anyone think children have any need to read such nonsense? Normal adults don’t have any interest in reading about queers or cross-dressers so why foist it on little schoolchildren and threaten parents who object?
        May must have a very twisted mind. I would say soul but I think she sold that long ago.
        The petition was still open when I looked so consider it signed.

      • Mack the Knife 2:26 pm on February 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        She is rotten to the core, agreed, but..
        When she is replaced, do you really think the next PM will be any better!?
        Remember Boris Johnson’s gay-appeasement when he was London Mayor?
        Mogg might be on decency’s side but he will never win power.
        Revolution time?

      • Edward Lamont 4:34 pm on February 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        May is worse than Cameron.
        I never thought I would say that about anyone.

    • ross1948 2:21 am on February 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      Three Down, With Plenty More To Go! 

      Three down, and three of the worst, but plenty more  Fake Tory targets to aim at.


      I admit I had my doubts about Leave EU’s campaign, but they deserve loud applause – as an exercise in direct democracy in action, it has worked.

      So far.

      But there’s a lot of tainted Tories still to be uprooted. I append their appeal and commend their cause.



      Dear Supporter, 
      We are delighted by today’s news that Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry, and Heidi Allen have quit the Conservative Party following our huge campaign to deselect Tory Remainers.

      Our supporters in Wollaston’s Totnes constituency had already submitted a petition to their local association calling for a vote of No Confidence and we were on the verge of delivering similar petitions in Broxtowe and South Cambridgeshire – very much a case of jumping before they were pushed!

      Soubry and Wollaston have highlighted the importance of our campaign in their decision to jump, making the case (without realising it) for more democracy and local participation in local associations.

      Wollaston complained about her association swelling with people “who have been urged to join the Conservative Party via aggressive and well-funded social media campaigns” and Soubry blamed our Facebook page (closing in on one million likes) for her decision.We are funded by very generous donations from members of the public who care about the cause of national independence. If you like our work and would like to see more of what we do, you can contribute to our grassroots fundraising on our website or by sending a cheque, payable to Leave.EU, to the following address:

      2440 The Quadrant,
      Aztec West,
      Bristol BS32 4AQ.

      Every donation is greatly appreciated.

      • Daniel Smith 10:57 am on February 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Nice news to wake up to!
        As you say,many more stinkweeds to be pulled up.

      • Noreen Paterson 11:46 am on February 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I felt much the same as you about Leave’s deselection moves, or democratisation moves as I would put it. I thought that the usual local Tory old farts would be their usual sycophantic selves and let these terrible women carry on betraying Britain.
        After reading what the terrible trio themselves have said, the chuntering about how local party membership was growing ( for the first time in decades?) and party members were being inconveniently bold enough to want a say in the party, it’s as plain as the nose on your face that Leave EU have succeeded brilliantly.
        I am going to send them a donation this week.

      • Jannie Foyle 4:35 pm on February 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I have earlier today sent LeaveEU a donation.
        Their success in getting that horrible Soubry to show her true colours deserves recognition

    • ross1948 6:42 pm on February 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      The UK’s Political Police – Now They’re Taking Sides On Brexit! 

      The once-proud image of the British Bobby…


      …has long been tarnished by the ruling class’s transformation of the police into PC enforcers, going after dissenters who challenge the state ideology, harassing patriots for ‘xenophobia’and Christians for ‘homophobia’ and counter-jihad campaigners for ‘Islamophobia.’

      Not to forget the latest nonsense – Weary Of Fake ‘Hate-Crimes?’ Now We Have ‘Brexit-Crimes!’ Seriously! 




      Ridiculous examples of intimidation of citizens abound – read this link https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/01/28/how-limericks-became-a-police-matter/?-and recoil in dismay at how debased British policing has become.

      That Met Police chief, London’s top cop, Cressida ‘Thick’ Dick, is a prime example…


      Hasil gambar untuk cressida dick

      London’s ‘Thick Dick’ Cop – A Menace To Free Speech! 


      …and over recent years, regrettably, we have come across numerous other unsatisfactory senior officers all over England too…

      Sussex’s PC Cops ‘Reviewing’ Antifa Thug Case! 

      Not just Sussex, but in Suffolk too, the situation is alarming. That lot get a mention in the Spiked.com weekly I received today, an old lady warned by some moron to ‘tone it down’ for saying that men are men and women are women.





      The old gal made a fuss and got an ‘apology’ but the moron cop was not fired for his evident aspiration to be a queer-collabo bully.

      But it ain’t just in Sussex.

      London’s Terrible Top Cop – Fire That F-Wit Mackey

      British Bobbies No More – Cringing Cops Even Warn Their Dogs on ‘Human Rights!’ 

      “Gay Gestapo” Harass Christian Brit for Bible Verses 

         and specialists in hounding decent citizens!

      Ranter? Whiner? Are There TWO Umer Khans in Manchester? 


      But now we have another arrogant specimen taking the Europhiliac side in the Brexit debate, a blatantly partisan intervention designed to boost Project Fear.

      Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu is the guilty party, one of Thick Dick’s men.


      Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu

      leaving the EU with no deal would be “very bad” for policing…Mr Basu said the possibility of a no-deal Brexit was “incredibly concerning” for police operations.   https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-46965780

      Is this upstart not aware that a large and growing percentage of the British electorate, and a significant number of MPs too, support a clean break, aka no-deal?

      If he is unaware that his little rant to the media represents an intrusion into politics, in violation of the long-standing principle that UK law enforcement is administered by police officer who do NOT take sides on issues being debated across the land and in parliament, if he is that ignorant, he is unfit for office.

      If he has been trained in the traditions of non-political policing and has now deliberately, and disgracefully, deviated therefrom, he needs to be fired, pronto.

      At least the Home Secretary has sensibly belittled the clown’s blabbering – https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-47108445  -but the next step should be dismissal.

      But perhaps Basu is taking the long view, confident that the Un-Brit side will come out on top in the Brexit battle, and his violation of impartial policing traditions will gain favour and preference when the dust settles in a reconquered UK.

      Let’s hope he gets SEVERELY disappointed.

      • Pamela 9:35 pm on February 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I read about that poor old lady in Suffolk. There is a quotation in the spiked report, from a member of the local ‘gay’ hate group, seriously saying that if people use words that ‘offend’ sexual perverts, police need to be set on the ‘offender.’
        Normal British people really must start taking back our country and restoring freedom of speech.
        A proper conservative government is what’s called for, a conservative Home Secretary appointed, with most of the existing chief constables pensioned off and instead a recruitment of policemen who are interested in fighting crimes, not harassing good citizens.

      • Fiona 3:20 pm on February 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Nobody trusts the police in Britain any longer.
        They play politics all the time, and left-liberal politics only, hounding patriotic people who tell the truth about alien crime, about shariah, and of course totally okay with Christian-bashing at the behest of the gaystapo lobby.
        The courts offer little hope of justice, especially now the European Court has announced that we have to hold our tongues if Muslims might be ‘offended.’
        Democracy is dying in the West.

    • ross1948 10:20 pm on January 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      Usherette? Gusherette! BBC Bint Promotes "Jungle" Play In USA! 

      ‘The Jungle is a measure of the impact of immigration policies

      Used to be, we had usherettes in theatres, but thanks to the BBC we really need to introduce a new word…

      Nada Tawfik



      Our opening quote came from that particular example of NYC-located hackettes, and she was talking about a play well worth avoiding, since it evidently avoids the realities of its subject matter, the Calais Jungle.


      Image result for new york play  the calais jungle

      Pinkos soak up the fantasy!


      Apparently it has been presented in London already, though I had not heard of it. Given the number of illegals May has imported, it probably had big audiences, full of crimmigrant parasites, not to mention the far-left creepos who infest the UK capital…



      The BBC news bizarrely featured this ‘news’ on its hourly bulletins this morning, my Indonesian house-guest impressed by the range of disgusted expostulations this provoked from my usually genial self.




      Taufik gushed along, with scenes from the show, never challenging the ‘stars’ to whom she gave a platform to talk rot about The Jungle.’

      Astoundingly, one of those she spoke to turned out to have reached Britain hidden in the back of a lorry – a mangy crimmigrant! Taufik didn’t voice any indignation at his arrogant disregard for British law .

      NOBODY mentioned the British trucker seriously injured by brutish aliens, or the other victims of the primitive rabble…

      …or the frightful rapine inflicted on an unknown number of women…

      How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

      Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

      Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 


       – Calais over-run as migrants outnumber cops 18 to 1 

      ….or the arson and mayhem, which the decent French folk of Calais were subjected to for years…  – Pathetique! Savage Mob Amok, As France Fawns On Calais Curs!  –


      Calais -Vive La Resistance! 

       – …while supine governments in Paris crawled to  the European Court’s evil edict…



      Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

      …and refused to detain the dirty swine.

    • ross1948 2:55 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      Lack Of Investigative Journalism Skills? Or Deliberate Donkey Cover-Up? 

      The Scotsman used, decades ago, to be a fairly sober, sensible newspaper, but these days, well, not so much.

      The ‘journalists’ employed thereon appear to lack the curiosity that ought to be a key characteristic of their trade.

      That newspaper is not of enough interest to me to go on about it, but it happened to be the one I came across first, with this odd tale, and I was especially struck by the abject absence of any ‘investigative’ aspect to their reporting… 


      …on the ‘activists’ who cower behind the label ‘Led By Donkeys’ as they put up anti-Brexit billboards purporting to expose politicians’ inconsistencies on the issue.

      Finding quotes from almost any politician that contradict what he or she has previously said, not just about Brexit but about almost anything, is not exactly rocket science. 


      What many, if not most, readers must surely want to know is WHO are these ‘activists?’

      That word often means people out of work, by choice or mischance, who while away their days stirring up trouble, or slugs on the pay-roll of some ‘Non-Governmental Organisation’ which turns out, on closer inspection…

      …to have its ‘NGO’ snout actually government-funded, buried deep in the public purse, whether via local taxes or national taxes or Brussels subsidies that are gouged from tax-payers’ pockets and dispensed to outfits they’d never voluntarily finance.

      But these ‘Donkeys’ are a mystery.

      Image result for unmask them

      They should not be allowed to hide behind a silly name.

      Yet all The Scotsman hack who wrote the story can tell us is that they prefer to  keep their real identities secret.

      Nor is that hack the only one, nor The Scotsman the only media outlet, that fails to do what people expect journalists to do.

      I swished through all the Google News items concerning the shy propagandists.



      Somebody must have the journalistic skill to rip away their masks and find out why they choose to skulk in the shadows…


      =Related image


      …while turning spotlights on other people’s ‘mis-speak’ short-comings.

      I rather suspect that the names and locations of the perpetrators are in fact already well-known to at least some of the rotten media…


      …but that at least some editors are collaborating in yet another cover-up. 



      • Diana 4:24 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        My thoughts too, there must be something fishy about these people, and the media do not seem interested in looking into them.
        I would not be surprised if they are pretty rich, like most of the pro-Brussels side.
        Is soros one of their backers?

        • Ollie 8:33 am on January 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

          I have been watching the BBC news again and every time I do, it makes me think that a lof of these Remainers must be rich, like that idiot in the Euro-Hat we see all the time outside Parliament, on a permanent political holiday.
          Senior citizens have all day free to demonstrate like that but this is an able-bodied man in his forties. If he is unemployed, he should be looking for a job.
          If he is in honest work, when does he ever do any?

      • Mack the Knife 4:55 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Something tells me you’re on the right track about these ‘activists’ and that something is the eerie silence in the media about their true identities.

      • Vanessa Reilly 6:19 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        If they are so enthusiastic to have our country kept under foreign rule, why are they so unenthusiastic about telling everyone who they really are?
        Might it be that they read history and know what happened to collaborators when the Resistance got hold of them once the war was won.

      • Frank Finley 7:03 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Isn’t it just amazing,how these fantastic media men can ‘expose’ and ‘probe’ and find ‘leaks’ to undermine all kinds of people they dislike ( or their editors dislike ) but when this happens they draw a blank,or more than likely don’t even try to get to the bottom of this donkey gang.

        • Noreen Paterson 10:02 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

          It’s very clear from looking at all the media that have covered this donkey bunch that some reporters have spoken with their spokespeople, so if I were a reporter AT LEAST I would have pushed for an explanation why they are so coy.
          The reporters have not being doing their job and that makes me very suspicious.

      • Ken Woods 8:37 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Love that Gollum picture.
        That’s how I imagine them too, all sneaky and sly.

      • Wyn Morgan 10:59 pm on January 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        As every person commenting has already said, these activists need to be dragged out into daylight so we can see who they are and who is putting them up to this.
        Never trust anonymous agitators.

    • ross1948 12:08 pm on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
      Tags: , , , French election, , , , , UK   

      Soros – Persona Non Grata Of The Year 2019? 

      A rather good article in RT this week, about the evil influence of plutocrat George Soros…


      …whom one of the most deplorably Un-British media in the UK has named “Person of the Year.”

      Were it only a matter of evil ‘influence,’ bad enough, because the poison Soros peddles does not stand up well when subjected to scrutiny.


      He holds a svengali-like sway over the likes of the Lying Drunkard of Brussels, but his left/ultra-liberalism has little impact on  the hearts and minds of normal, decent, patriotic people in any country.


      Image result for soros brexit money

      And so rather than just exert ‘influence,’ through the plethora of rotten media who dance to his tune, Soros actively MEDDLES!

      Meddling in other people’s countries’ internal affairs, especially voting, is of course arch-villainy  – if perpetrated (allegedly) by Putin (though oddly not by the likes of Mam Stasi Merkel…

      Meddling When Other Nations Vote IS, After All, OK? 

      Or her Comrade President?….


      SteinmeierSticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

      Or Obama –Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

      And don’t let’s forget the UN.

      Meddling! UN Sticky-Beaks Weigh Into Austrian Election! 

      But Soros doesn’t rant as loudly or as often as the grotesque supranational gaggle of globalist politicians.

      Instead he uses his wealth actively, brazenly, to interfere with and subvert democratic elections and referenda…




      …through a network of puppet ‘NGO’s

      So rather than Person of the Year, as The Economist offensively declared him to be for 2018, citizens in all the lands his arrogance plagues should be pressuring their governments to name him..

        Related image

      ‘In diplomacy, a persona non grata is a foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country’s government.’

      Image result for soros brexit

      Have him banned from Britain as an undesirable alien!

      • Toby 12:50 pm on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Great idea.
        But he is a US citizen so that would have to be rescinded before we Americans can exclude him.
        He was born in Hungary. I’d like to see him apply to Viktor Orban’s government to get his birth nationality back.
        Then Hungary could charge him with treason.
        End of problem?
        Only if they confiscated his assets.
        All glorious day-dreams, but thanks for inspiring them.

      • Edward Lamont 2:07 pm on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        The man is not welcome anywhere, except by the ruling elites who share his anti-national agenda.
        His record in the world of finance,convicted in a court of law, is one of many reasons he ought to be persona non grata.
        But like that old witch Lagarde, also with a conviction, much more recent, to her discredit, if you’re in with the globalist in-crowd, law-breaking is not a problem.

      • Vinnie F 3:53 pm on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I like that plan.
        He should be shunned and his undeserved billions confiscated and put to good use, building border walls, with a few mine-fields here and there.

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