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  • ross1948 10:15 on April 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    India, Quite Rightly, Shames Europe! 

    I felt sorry for India’s leader this morning, hearing how he had to sit through an on-line ‘summit’ with The Dotard, wondering if Psaki and Winkin’-Blinkin’ had let the old fool do it in person….


    ….   or created one of those holograms such as we see in cool movies.

    But, like ‘the ranks of Tuscany‘ in the famous Horatius saga, I ‘could scarce forbear to cheer...’

    75 years of independence: What India needs to do to fulfill its tryst with destiny


    …when a polite, quietly-spoken Indian Government spokesman appeared on our tv screen to remind us that ‘what India imports (in needful energy purchases) in a month, is less than what what Europe takes in an afternoon!’



    Well said, sir!

    Memo to NATO, and in particular to Biden…



    …give Brussels a call after your long afternoon nap!

  • ross1948 15:30 on March 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Putin’s Invaders Fly Satan’s Banner? 

    I saw this on tv a day ago, not sure which channel, and couldn’t believe my eyes.

    Surely old WW2 footage, or fake news?

    So I checked.

    It’s real.


    Russian 'Z' tank flies a Soviet Union flag through southern Ukraine amid claims Putin wants to 'rebuild the USSR'

    That picture is from The Sun, but there are plenty more, including a video.


    I had heard that a few demented reds in some Western country had been caught flying the flag of evil…

    Fundamentally, little to choose!


    …but put that down to the deranged thinking which characterises marxists everywhere.

    Yet I find it hard to understand why Russian commanders would allow any of their tanks to be decorated with the flag which brings instantly to mind the horrors of Holodomor…

    ‘Bitter Harvest – Red Evil Exposed- And A Lugenpresse Reminder! 

    …when Communists committed genocidal assaults on the Ukrainians.

    However, on reflection, is the foul flag a deliberate terror tactic, dictated directly from the Kremlin?

    In which case, I can only echo the call approved, in discriminatory fashion, of course…


    …by Zuckwit’s Geekstapo.


    • Tania Mariska 22:37 on March 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The hammer and sickle should be banned in all countries everywhere across Europe.


  • ross1948 15:33 on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC At War…No Longer Neutral? 

    One’s natural instinct, when a mighty power targets a smaller country.. .


    Poland’s treatment by the Third and Fourth Reichs, for example….

    …is to sympathise with the bully’s victim.

    Just been listening to UK Pravda’s Steve Rosenberg in Moscow, assuring us that ‘this is not a war the Russian public wants.’

    Very possibly true, but who knows?

    How many of Russia’s millions of people has Mr. Rosenberg spoken with?

    Overall, it’s fair to say the BBC has been overtly anti-Putin, its numerous ‘guests’ differing in approach but united in hostility to Moscow.

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE from the Falklands War…

    …when the BBC was NOT exactly pro-British…

    “…it is not the BBC’s role to boost British troops ‘ morale..”


    “…the widow in Portsmouth is no different from the widow of Buenos Aires.. “   https://www.bbc.co.uk/historyofthebbc/research/editorial-independence/falklands-conflict

    Just saying!

    • Petra Malley 20:21 on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      We all remember the shameful (or should I say shameless? ) role of the BBC during the Falklands War but we all prefer to forget Maggie’s failure to follow through
      After defeating Argentina, she had a chance and the popular support, to take on the ‘enemy at home, ‘ the BBC.
      We are still suffering today because she did not.


  • ross1948 07:59 on February 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Did Truss Border Blunder Delight Dublin? 


    Lavrov said, “Do you recognize Russia’s sovereignty over Rostov and Voronezh oblasts?” Truss said the UK would “never” do so – before the ambassador told her they’re not in Ukraine.. 




    So should Brits in Ulster now be on the alert in case Eire’s Foreign Minister asks her about where the Fourth Reich’s beloved soft border actually runs!?!

  • ross1948 14:55 on November 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    German Leftist – ‘Divert Illegals To Ukraine! 

    We are well aware of the unwholesome elements that the permeate the German Socialist Party (SPD).

    German Collabo Parties Trample Fair Play! 

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration

    But rank rubbish like the outburst from one of their Bundestag MPs, Nils Schmid, rather expands the scope for alarm, or derision.

    Herr Dummkopf has called for the primitive horde threatening Poland…

    Evil Ursula’s Bogus Borders Solidarity! 

    …to be diverted to Ukraine!

    ...it would be possible to agree with Kiev on the temporary admission of refugees..’ 


    That’s to be for as long as it takes to process ‘asylum’ applications.

    Nutty Nils has a deceptively appealing argument..

    “This way we can make it clear that not every migrant will automatically enter the European Union,” Schmid said.

    But we all know how readily Mama Stasi Merkel’s regime has deported failed ‘asylumers.’

    Mostly they remain in Germany…

    If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    Schmid’s suggestion falls not far short of designating the personal safety of female Ukrainians as a matter of indifference.

    But then he IS a leftist, who has, the DW report confirms, criticized Poland’s treatment of migrants who are trying to illegally enter the country.. 



    SPD proposes to send migrants from Belarus to Ukraine | News from Germany about Germany | DW

  • ross1948 17:14 on August 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    A Useful Reminder, How Worthless Pulitzers Are 

    It’s not every day we get a powerful reminder of the lack of both principle and professionalism to be found in the DNA of the liberal media.

    But the fresh discovery of human remains in Odessa, between 5,000 and 8,000 victims of Communist mass murder…


    Not only Ukraine – remember Katyn!


    ….should refresh our contempt for the slugs who run the Pulitzer pantomime, still dishing out ‘prizes’ to hacks  – and hackettes!

    On the other hand, if they take pride in their reporting, they should return the trophies, soiled as they are by the refusal of those who bestow them to acknowledge the truth…

    Fighting The First And Worst Fake-News Fiend! 

    Pulitzer-Winning Lies | The Weekly Standard

    . …that they handed that Pulitzer Prize to a lying, lickspittle New York Times leftist.

    Until they remedy their predecessors folly, no decent person should accept any honour from the cabal.

    And those who have already received Pulitzers?

    Hand them back!

    Or stage a public ceremony, involving dumping the things into a vat of pig-sh-t!


    Churning out Pulitzer Prizes;


    Duranty’s evil work for the NYT was NOT journalism but collaboration with Marxist evil.

    As last week reminds us, ‘hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians died during Joseph Stalin’s rule of the Soviet Union.’

    Stalin-era mass grave found in Ukraine

  • ross1948 10:06 on August 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Hello Ukraine! Happy Independence Day! 

    I was only just told that today is Ukraine’s Independence Day, so….


    Vector illustration, greeting card, banner or poster Independence day of Ukraine. The watercolor frame is painted in blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag. A beautiful girl with flowers in her

    …having often written about that country….

    ‘Bitter Harvest – Red Evil Exposed- And A Lugenpresse Reminder! 

    Fighting The First And Worst Fake-News Fiend! 

    Pulitzer-Winning Lies | The Weekly Standard

    …I am duly offering felicitations

    • Stepan 13:26 on August 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you..
      Puiitzer is our enemy so we like it when friends remember us.


  • ross1948 15:21 on January 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Time To Honour Holodomor Victims! Think Again, AfD! 

    So that slimy authoritarian Heiko Maas, formerly Mama Stasi’s Interior Minister….


    HEIL MERKEL!   – Heiko Maas

    Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    ….and now currently Germany’s Foreign Minister, ‘opposes a petition to recognize the Holodomor, the Soviet manmade famine that killed roughly 4 million Ukrainians in 1932-1933, as genocide…?’

    We’ve written about the Holodomor more than once.      

    Holodomor – “one of the great crimes of history!” 


    ‘Bitter Harvest – Red Evil Exposed- And A Lugenpresse Reminder! 

    ..but now we’re talking about what a CDU MP named Arnold Vaatz told a Ukrainian newspaper this month, and how Maas’s flunkeys have adduced a specious argument to support his put-down of petitioners who want the Communist atrocity formally condemned by the Bundestag.

    The Foreign Ministry wants the petition to be rejected on the grounds that the concept of genocide was not defined until 1951.”

    As Vaatz pointed out, supporters of National Socialism could demand the revaluation of Adolf Hitler’s genocide in the 1940s on the same grounds.

    While I don’t often applaud many of Mama Stasi Merkel’s legislators -they’re not all bad, but some are the scum of the earth…

    Merkel’s Manikin Manfred – ‘Ignore What Voters Think!’ 

     …I hope Vaaatz wins majority support, and likewise, while I often applaud the AfD patriot party’s legislators…

    Another Bundestag In-Crowd Witch-Hunt! 

    …I’m disappointed to read Vaatz’s motion is not expected to gain their support, allegedly because the AFD opposes anti-Russian sanctions.

    Frankly, that’s illogical.

    Being pro-Russian, if you have ever studied what Stalin, and not just Stalin but the entire Communist apparatus from the 1917 Soviet coup until the USSR was brought down thirty plus years ago..


    ….then you know that anyone truly pro-Russian has to loathe the evil marxist ideology and all its works.

    I  hope AfD thinks again on this, because Germany should join the 15 countries, including Australia, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Mexico, Poland and the Vatican…


    ..and the USA which have formally recognised that, as the petition puts it, the Holodomor was “not an ‘ordinary famine’ caused by crop failures, weather disasters or such. It was a crime – an artificial, organized famine that had cost tens of millions of Ukrainian lives and starved a nation of farmers.

    This inhumane and monstrous act was ordered by Josef Stalin, who wanted to break the resistance of the rural Ukrainian population against forced collectivization and aimed at destroying the cultural and religious life of Ukraine…”

    With all the attention this past week on the controversies swirling around the Holocaust, it is only right and proper to note that it was a dreadful episode but hardly unique.

    There were other outrageous crimes committed in modern European history, and we should accord the Ukrainian victims similar honour and commemoration.


    • Will Roxborn 15:44 on January 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, it’s about time the marxist mass-murder of Ukrainians by starvation was given the same attention as other mass-murders.


  • ross1948 00:05 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Ukraine And Turks Abhor Illegals – Unlike Brussels! 

    Twelve migrants, apparently from North Africa, have been sailing to and fro between Istanbul and Odessa on a Danish passenger ferry for the last seven weeks, locked in four cabins with no country willing to take them.


    Gambar terkait


    And no bloody wonder!

    “There has been a tendency to violence and aggressions…”

    Aaah, just what every nation needs, a pack of savages – as if we ain’t got enough already!


    Migrant savages storm Hungary


    Although there is a tempting alternative to keeping the arrogant swine locked up.

    …and they have threatened to jump overboard … so there is no alternative to locking them inside the cabins,” 

    There ARE alternatives!

    Used to be that anti-social behaviour on board a ship led to a sound thrashing…


    Hasil gambar untuk shipboard flogging


    …and that might make them confess where they come from. .. at least six are thought to be Moroccan and four Algerian.

    Meanwhile, it might be a salutary lesson, were they to be chained up in some sweltering annex of the engine room, rather than give them the undeserved comfort of a cabin.

    At least the Danes are declining any suggestion that because the scum are on one of their ships, responsibility might be shunted onto Denmark.

    “The problem can be solved. All it takes is a quick decision from Ankara or Kiev,” says Copenhagen. It’s said the wannabe welfare bludgers had Romania as their preferred victim-nation, no doubt, like those we mentioned last week…

    Now Romania -Is ANY Country Plague-Free? 

    …with a view to oozing northwestwards to Mama Stasi’s Germany.

    But the dimwits got on the wrong ferry…


    So not only are they unpleasant and violent but also stupid.

    …in accordance with the bilateral agreement, the country that delivered the people should take them back.

    But the Turks don’t want to know.

    A Turkish foreign ministry official said the case was being followed by “all related institutions.”   Migrants stuck on endless ferry journey as countries refuse entry

    Short-term solution?

    Any of my above ideas, or get a rickety raft and tow the wretches along behind the ferry…


    Gambar terkait


    ….but of course with armed guards ready at harbours to ensure the villains don’t attempt to ‘jump raft!

    Anyone else got an appealing thoughts on how to teach these toe-rags a lesson? And is it not refreshing when countries dig in their heels and say ‘No…’

    Italian island of Sardinia alarmed by increase in number of migrants …

    ….when every week the EUSSR willingly imports hundreds, thousands, of illegals.


    • Pamela 00:21 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think there are sharks in the Black Sea or I would go with the raft idea.
      The flogging sounds good though.


    • Shaun 08:48 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      How could any country in its right mind want to take this gang in?
      I didn’t just read your quotes and your comments but used the link to read the whole article and these are people who don’t deserve anything.


    • Iain Keegan 13:24 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is a baffling situation, but the one lhing that has got to made certain is NO asylum anywhere for violent aliens like the ones on the boat.
      It is frustrating to read over and over again about so-called refugees fleeing violence who are no sooner in somebody else’s country (and it’s been happening in many countries) y they turn violent. Sometimes it’s because they can’t get the menu they prefer or sometimes it’s to fulfil their sexual urges. Sometimes it’s just inexplicable.
      Whatever the reason, it should be one strike and you’re out. Immigrants have to be held to the highest standard if they are to be allowed in and allowed to stay.
      There’s enough thugs assaulting people in every country that are natives without adding foreign ones.
      Every time a ‘refugee’ commits a crime, they should be jailed until a plane is ready to take them back to where they can try out their violence on their own people.
      The violent migrants on that ferry need to be forced to tell where they’re from and immediately deported.
      If it takes some of the methods you have mentioned, then that’s okay by me.
      A flogging could be exactly what they need.to turn them off the idea that they have any hope of a welcome,


    • Diana 14:07 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I really enjoy waking up to read your blog when you are on form and you are really on form with this.
      Why would anybody want to let in violent illegals who refuse to say where they come from?
      Why shouldnt they be taught a lesson in manners?


    • Jacko 23:16 on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Fly them off the ferry then drop them into the Bermuda Triangle?


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