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    Fox Channel’s Pro-Illegal Private Eye – “Us Good Guys Must Thwart I.C.E!” 

    I have to say, after previous posts on the regular diet of leftism served up on the Fox Channel.

    Fox Channel’s Lefty Lesby Soap – Anti-Deportation Drivel! 

    Fox Channel’s Klutz ‘Comedy’ – Anti-ICE, Pro-Crimmigrant ! 

    ….I had hoped they were exceptions to the rule, but on Saturday I tuned in for ‘Magnum P.I.,’ a harmless eponymous series about a private detective in Hawaii.


    Image result for magnum private eye


    He and his buddies and the posh-spoken English blonde who works with him are all likeable characters who bring manifold baddies to justice.

    But this week we had the whole pro-crimmigrant propaganda bit, an Afghan teen ( a fan of baseball, of course, a cheerful boy who’d known the heroes when they were fighting the Taliban) being smuggled in, amid much concern about how he must not fall into the hands of ICE, how the splendid city social work employees would never turn him in and how even Kasimoto, the cop with whom the good guys cooperate has no sympathy with feds seeking to corral crimmigrants…



    …because ‘my grandfather was an illegal and I believe what that statue in New York says.

    Evidently there is a policy instituted by those who make Magnum shows that the realities of ‘unaccompanied minor’ illegals as experienced by their victims are not to be mentioned.

    Junior Jihadis? Merkel Has Been Blocking Surveillance! 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

    But that’s in Europe.

    Perhaps in the USA it’s different? I know AOC maintains that position but do most Americans?

    Incidentally, I’m amazed AOC did not have a cameo role, given that she’s the only member of the ‘Squad’ who could be defined as remotely photogenic!


    • Ryan Keltz 11:26 am on December 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that episode.
      The leftists who write scripts like that are much more effective enemies of our country than any number of Antifa hoodlums,


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    Guardian Shrills For Fake Crimmigrant ‘Children!’ 

    Even the Guardian, you might think, hope, imagine, would be on the side of statistical accuracy.

    Their oft-shrilled concern for the well-being of ‘unaccompanied child migrants’ – who are almost invariably accompanied, by larger, equally dangerous, migrants and who do not comply with the biological definition of a child, which is a prepubescent human being.

    Age disputes are having a “devastating impact” on unaccompanied and refugee or asylum seeker children arriving in the UK, the UN refugee agency has warned.

    “A Devastating Impact?”

    What about the devastating impact on the family of that young German girl brutally murdered by the alien savage who claimed to be a kid but wasn’t?

    Or the devastating impact on the victim of another evil alien, an Afghan ‘asylum seeker....’


    …accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl in Germany, could be set free as his lawyer maintains the refugee was younger than 14 at the time of the incident and cannot be tried…

    Oh, Dear! Another Poor Little ‘Child Migrant?’ 

    We could also mention the devastating impact on public trust by the disgraceful importation of those incredible hulking ‘children’ by that irresponsible Home Secretary.

    Little kiddies imported into UK by Rudd

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks

    What indeed of the devastating impact on the Danish girls molested by primitive ‘child’ beasts, who were far from pre-pubescent?

    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    …and elsewhere…

    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun

    Junior Jihadis? Merkel Has Been Blocking Surveillance! 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

    Exactly when do pinko creeps think aliens, or natives, qualify as adults. The Labour, Lib Dem and SNP reckon they’re adult enough to vote at 16: so surely migrants of that age should be treated as adults too.

    Aaah, but the supranational stick-beaks are into bleeding-heart mode in a BIG way!

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    Kiwi Cabinet – Why Kow-Tow To Globalist Media Diktats? 

    Beware, New Zealand.

    The UNHCR is a supranational outfit that has shown itself ever-ready to interfere in the internal politics of sovereign states…

    Meddling! UN Sticky-Beaks Weigh Into Austrian Election! 

    UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers –NAUGHTY Oz

    We know all too well how, under its malevolent series of leaders, UNHCR has shown itself virulently hostile to patriotic parties and people all over the place…


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres

    UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres spoke today with FYR Macedonia Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki about the situation, and received assurances that the border will not be closed in the future.  http://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2015/8/55d740e76/unhcr-voices-concern

    …and the news that it has ‘asked’ the NZ Government to ‘start accepting unaccompanied‘ juveniles ought to be seen as the onset of pressure politics, not any kind of polite request.

    I won’t go into the whole story, though you can read it all via the link, but it seems that, happily, New Zealand’s ministers did not knuckle under to a UNHCR call  ‘for the proportion of African refugees to rise to a quarter and those from the Middle East to increase to 35 percent to rehome refugees from Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo and Eritrea.’

    If you look back through our various posts on crimmigrant atrocities in Europe…

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

    …you’ll see why one might applaud the reluctance of the Cabinet to give in on this point.


    And NZ has only to look across the Tasman Strait…at this…”..

    Uppity African Calls For AUSSIES To Be Deported? 

    …a leader of Melbourne’s South Sudanese community has criticised colleague Richard Deng for his calls to “deport” Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton.

    Hasil gambar untuk richard deng melbourne


    Mr Deng, a spokesman for the South Sudanese Community Association, yesterday said thePrime Minister and Home Affairs Minister should be “sent back to where they come from

    and at this...

    Hey, Aussies! Be ‘Sensitive’ to Migrant Savages! 

    …to see what Australia has had to put up with from the ingrate off-spring of so-called ‘refugees’ from certain parts of the world.



    ….rarely has the role of the biased globalist media been so plainly documented in published government records.

    The papers show MFAT warned that old geographical and other criteria had reputational risks.

    “It considers there is a risk that New Zealand could be perceived as less welcoming of refugees from the Middle East and Africa…. “

    That was echoed by other officials who said New Zealand risked bad publicity because international media outlets were intending to publish articles if changes were not made.


    How dare the rotten media seek to impose its sick, destructive multicult agenda on any sovereign nation?

    New Zealand’s hitherto fairly rational migration policy, ‘with its family-link criteria, had seen quota refugee numbers from Africa and Syria plummet to less than 7% of New Zealand’s intake…’


    …has clearly incensed the globalist hacks, which aim to push, prod and pressure the government to submit to UNHCR .

    And despite the unwisdom of admitting fake alien ‘children,’ as seen in so many countries…

    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun

    Junior Jihadis? Merkel Has Been Blocking Surveillance! 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

    two documents also show MBIE and the Ministry for Children may conduct further policy work in the next three years on including unaccompanied minors in future refugee intakes.


    It also shows the UN’s refugee body, UNHCR, has asked the government to start

    • Delise W 10:47 am on December 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for this.
      Immigration is a big issue in NZ but if you say what you think you get told to embrace diversity or shut up.
      NZ is and always has been diverse enough, two cultures, the Maori and us white Kiwis of British descent.
      That was good enough and worked pretty well.

      They gave us a referendum on our flag so why not on who gets to come here.


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    ‘Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight! 

    If you have a lazy day today, and an urge to read a longer than usual post, pour yourself a coffee or a cool drink and get this!

    While El Pais is a leftist newspaper, a sort of Spanish version of the UK Guardian…



    …it does include facts in its reports, albeit in a weirdly half-hearted way, as with recent coverage of how crimmigrants of the ‘unaccompanied minor’ variety (i.e. bludger-brat louts) have blighted Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia.

    We covered this blight before.

    =Hasil gambar untuk barcelona tourist street vendors attack
     alien savages terrorise a Spanish city square!

    … but it’s always useful to update readers on bad situations and how soft policies make them worse.


    The report kicks off with a sweet vignette  – by describing a park, with… 

    ‘a group of young immigrants sitting on the grass…one of them sniffing glue from a bag.’

    Lovely, yeah? We saw the same in Belgium a while ago…


    View image on Twitter

    An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels

    …and its a damned disgrace!

    Parks are meant to be pleasant places for decent local people to enjoy and relax in.

    Vagabond migrants should be hounded out by police and crammed into cells.

    There’s about ‘another hundred or so’ wasters dossing down in the same park – El Pais could improve its reputation for accurate reporting by describing these layabouts as illegals…




    ….but prefers to blur the reality by saying they ‘ended up in Catalonia from North Africa!’

    Ended up?

    Like, uh, they were off to do a spot of shopping in the casbah in Tangier and turned the wrong corner?

    Or, uh, they went fishing off the Libyan coast and got lost?



    Gambar terkait

    Filthy savage migrants amok after violating the Spanish border

    These good-for-nothings violated Spain’s borders. They are law-breakers.

    And there are a lot like them, as the Generalitat ( the regional authority) knows to its cost!).


    Since 2015, a total of 7,248 unaccompanied adolescents have arrived in Catalonia – 1,129 this year until June …relevant agencies admit that they are overwhelmed by the problem.

    The report doesn’t say how much tax-payers’ money  gets splurged on the 4203 of these ‘youngsters’ ‘under the Generalitat’s protection.’

     But what about the third of these illegals who have gone on the run and are still on the loose?


    They survive by selling drugs, stealing cellphones or even prostituting themselves,” explains a priest who tries to help.

    He also says they‘re ‘very aggressive!’

    Under The Generalitat’s Protection?’

    Sounds like it’s the locals who need ‘protection,’ not the crimmigrants, especially not that third who are “no longer under the care of the authorities, or have managed to evade the system. “

    Like those in that park!

    At this point you begin to wonder why these scumbags have not been corralled and deported.

    What possible benefit accrues to Spaniards by suffering such undesirables to stay?


    Aaah, but fear not!

    The Generalitat has an ‘action plan!’ And a ‘team that will analyze the more complex cases one by one. ‘

    A good sound thrashing, one by one, might be a better approach, but how many such thrashings would be required?

    According to social services, there is “a small percentage” – they have not confirmed how many – “who are resistant to the system.” When they are taken into a shelter, they escape.

    So why are armed guards not posted, or barbed wire fences erected, around those ‘shelters’ to prevent such ‘escapes?’


    They should be designated detention centres and guarded effectively!

    It’s the local population which needs to be ‘sheltered’ from the inmates’ criminality!

    The bludger-brats’ uppity arrogance is downright offensive.

    Near La Rambla in Barcelona, there is a building that has been taken over by migrants who are demanding their rights.

    ‘Taken over?’

    Are the local cops out-numbered and out-gunned?

    Why have the parasites not been dragged out and sorted out?


    The authorities’ appeasement mind-set!

    One pro-crimmigrant ‘NGO’ spokesman – apparently with a straight face – seems to think Spain needs to do more to appease the uppity illegals.

    They have expectations when they migrate and, when they get here, it’s not what they expected.  That generates frustration and anger that needs to be managed.”




    They need to be beaten till they bawl for mercy!

    And THEN deported!

    Instead, more money down the toilet!

    Since June 2017, the regional government has created 3,000 places for such cases at 250 centers. But the experts say they need more resources.

    It just gets sillier!

    The regional police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, know that the young migrants are not responsible for the majority of the crimes that are committed in Barcelona.

    Since the undesirable aliens number thousands and the local population comprises millions, that’s scarcely a stunning insight.

    But even the El Pais hacks are obliged grudgingly to admit that their arrival could partly explain part of the uptick in crime that has been seen over the last year or so, which has coincided with the arrival of more youngsters (2018 saw an increase in crime of 17% in the city). 

    Please note, the crimes committed by alien ‘youngsters’ include ‘violent thefts and robberies,’ as well as ‘vandalism or thefts’ –  incredibly, the cops seem almost to be making excuses for the vile ingrates’ thuggery.

    “They work in groups. No one has shown them how to steal and they use violence.”

    However, my comments above, about appeasement, are aimed at the in-crowd, not at the people of Barcelona, or Catalonia, or Spain in general.

    Incensed by ‘thefts and even attempted rapes,’ decent Spaniards, ‘in some municipalities where there are children’s shelters,’ have had enough of the vermin, sorry, ‘children!’



    Some honest folk, ‘encouraged,’ of course, by ever-so-naughty ‘far-right groups,’  have struck back against the ungrateful savages.

    The hacks give one example of retribution, an ‘attempt to attack one such center in El Masnou, an incident that saw four youngsters left with injuries.

    Well, BOO-bloody-HOO!


    • Helen Howie 6:32 pm on July 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A lot of interesting new detail but while the information is new to me, I am not in the least surprised by any of it.
      It shows Spain has a political establishmen as sick as almost every other West European country’s.
      Italy is the only and very lucky exception.


    • Chrissie Miles 7:16 pm on July 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      All this ‘refugee’ rubbish has to be debunked.
      Many are truly looking for ‘a better life’ but only in the sense that they have heard how easy it is to go on welfare provided by taxation on the people of the country they aim for.
      Others are evil.
      Headline and report from Washington Examiner.

      “Two men arrested for allegedly attempting to join ISIS: ‘I want to be the beheading person’ “
      Two men who came to the U.S. from Somalia as refugees were arrested after attempting to fly from Arizona to Egypt, allegedly with the intention of joining the Islamic State


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    Oh, Dear! Another Poor Little ‘Child Migrant?’ 

    When Brits raged at the importation of Amber’s Army, the dirty deal by May’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd to bring in a pack of sturdy young brutes improperly labelled ‘child migrants…’


    Little kiddies imported into UK by Rudd

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks

    the protests were based on her dishonourable refusal to use valid methods of determining their true ages, ages which were dubious to say the least.

    But even had they been technically ‘children,’ the latest reports out of Germany about an Afghan ‘asylum seeker....’

    …accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl in Germany, could be set free as his lawyer maintains the refugee was younger than 14 at the time of the incident and cannot be tried

    surely show that it is sheer folly to allow savages of any age into civilised societies.

    It was sickening to read the DW report, but you need to, because it paints such a shocking picture of what has been visited on innocent German women and children thanks to Merkel’s wicked open door.



    One of the first pieces we published on the impact of the alien incursions was almost prophetic, albeit not so lurid as the saga of sexual assault in the German media this week.

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates

    Remember that episode?

    Had those vile louts in that little Bavarian town been taught a lesson, even just a few days locked up in dark dismal rooms, punctuated with occasional educational experiences, e.g. short (or, better, long) doses of corporal punishment, then they might, just might, have understood that they had to drop the pig-ignorant habit of affronting their hosts and learn the duty of respect!


    • Back to the poor little ‘child ( maybe!) migrant’ in the news this week –

    • Mansoor Q, is suspected of raping the German girl on several occasions in April and May 2018, together with other asylum seekers. According to the prosecution, Mansoor and an Iraqi, identified as Ali Bashar, who is also on trial over a separate rape and murder case, first assaulted the victim near a supermarket…

    • ============

    You may read on, but IMHO, if it’s old enough to rape, it’s old enough to be castrated, or better still, put to death..

    • Jerry Jerman 6:20 pm on April 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Merkel is not mad. She is bad.


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    ‘Child’ Migrant Fakers Can Veto Age-Tests? Insanity! 

    ‘Eat your carrots or no ice-cream dessert….that’s if you agree with me, of course!’

    Related image

    ‘It’s 9pm, tomorrow’s a school-day, so bed-time for you…if we have your consent, of course.’ 


    Absurd, yes?

    Children do not get to say what’s what.

    Rules are made by grown-ups and are there to be followed.


    France’s top constitutional authority has validated bone testing to determine the age of young migrants…’


    ..and that is good news.

    Medical examination can surely cut down the number of fake ‘child’ migrants, a vexation not unique to France…



    Lying Parasites! Aged ‘Asylum Kids’ Allotted Homes As Aussies Wait in Line! 


    …but obviously a problem there too.!

    Or so it might seem, until you read down the page a little bit, and learn that –

    …an exam can be requested by a judge…

    after the minor in question AGREES TO the exam.


    We also read that, insanely, unaccompanied minors who arrive in France have the right to stay and be educated until they are 18.

    And who picks up the tab?

    NOT the ‘NGO’ political pressure groups that constantly agitate on the mini-leeches’ behalf…



    …but honest hard-pressed French working folk, whose taxes are filched by Macron’s revenue-men.

    Some parts of the report are almost funny.

    During a court case regarding bone testing from 2016, Jacques Toubon, the head of the Defenders of Human Rights organisation, said that he was “resolutely opposed” to the tests that were “ill-adjusted, inefficient, and UNDIGNIFIED.”


    Related image

    In what possible way can a wrist x-ray be undignified?

    But Toubon’s gabbling is only marginally more deranged than the idiotic protection of children law which prohibits the examination of puberty development…

    Like, why?

    But let’s not waste time on that, just get this!.

    The case was brought to court this month after a young Guinean refused to consent to a bone exam, which the judge in his case had used as proof that he was an adult.


    The uppity git should get a smack round the head and sent packing.

    Related image

    Nobody asked him to come to France.

    • Keith Milner 5:04 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A bit late in my day but worth waiting for.
      I remember that Australian report, nearly nine years ago and did anything come of it?
      So many countries seem to like being made fools of by these liars.


    • Tiny Camwell 5:28 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That Guinean doesn’t need a slap on the head. He needs a powerful boot to his backside that’ll land him back in his own country.
      I was sure I read somewhere in your blog last year that Macron had announced that he had introduced an ‘age of consent’ law making childhood end at the age of 15; and I scrolled back till I found it. You quoted the BBC – ‘France to set legal age of sexual consent as 15 – BBC News’
      The strange thing is that the reports out of Calais indicate that a lot of the migrant louts and drifters there are over fifteen.
      Logically then, they are past puberty and that makes them not children, so they have no ‘child’ rights and they can be expelled from France. Why won’t Macron get rid of them?
      I am trying to take the argument stage by stage, because I thought logic was a big thing in France?


    • Mack the Knife 5:56 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I would feel sorry for the French more if we had not got the same stupid rules that give every parasite a break. France, Britain, Germany, we all have bad laws and useless governments.
      Speaking of break, I broke my wrist when I was 16. It was painful but when it was x-rayed at the hospital I never felt anything undignified about that.
      That Frenchman Toubon is a stupid berk and no mistake.


    • Fran Burns 10:40 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What can the legislators who framed that insane rule have been thinking of?
      An alien should have no right at all to refuse such a simple check, and even less an under-age alien, if it is under-age.
      Why are the French, and other European governments, putting themselves in that position?
      There is no rational basis for such a situation to have been created. Nobody wants these aliens, who are often not just liars but violent and quite unwilling to assimilate.


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    Poles Stop Brussels Pandering To Perverts! 

    At least one country in Europe has its priorities right, more or less.

    It makes agreeable reading, the EUObs report that ‘Poland has vetoed an EU human rights statement on the grounds that it covered gay people but not Christians and Jews.’




    But only two out of three cheers, given the full explanation from the Ministry of Justice in Warsaw.

    We proposed that recognising the need to protect Christians and Jews against religious discrimination be put on an equal footing with protecting the rights of people with a different sexual orientation, migrant children, or women,” the Polish justice ministry said on Thursday (11 October).  https://euobserver.com/justice/143100

    Women of course deserve the same rights as men, but any declaration to that effect…



    …without an explicit decree, outlawing sexist shariah law throughout Europe, is pointless.

    As to the other categories, the term ‘migrant children,’ as understood by Brussels and its collaborators, means hulking brutes like those Amber Rudd improperly imported from Calais…



    Little kiddies dumped into UK by Macron, green-lighted by Rudd

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    …,and the predatory beasts we have noted in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere.

    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun

    Junior Jihadis? Merkel Has Been Blocking Surveillance! 

    Another True Tale Of Filthy Savages In Berlin? 

    Children – real children – are prepubescent human beings, whereas many, if not most, of the so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ were quite capable of unaccompanied violation of more than one border, to gain access to Europe’s yummy tax-troughs.




    And the ‘orientation’ nonsense?

    How much MORE agreeable, were we to read that it is an absurdity to talk of ‘rights’ for sexual perverts.


    If they wish to seek remedial therapy for their off-putting carnal compulsions, that’s one thing.

    But any measure, declaration or whatever, that seeks to put them on parity of esteem with decent normal folk is an affront.

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    Bolsonaro, Better All The Time! 


    Jair Bolsonaro’s 46% in the first round of the Brazilian presidential election has the pinko media in a welter of weeping and wailing, because he is ‘far-right’ and/or ‘populist,’ whatever those labels mean.


    Gambar terkait


    I have no claim to be an expert in the politics of Brazil so have largely been reacting to the pinko media. If they hate Bolsonaro, there must logically be a lot to be said for him.

    He has only this week declared that he won’t roll back his forthright rhetoric – nice to see somebody prepared to stick to his principles!

    But even were he not as sound as the pinko shrills make him out to be, ANYONE has to be preferable to a socialist slug like Haddad, who is so indifferent to democratic principles that he has taken on a self-confessed Communist Party activist as his VP running-mate.

    Image result for manuela d'avila communist

    Manuela D’Avila, Communist wannabe VP

    A man with a rancid red on his ticket or a ‘Tropical Trump?’

    No decent voter in Brazil, or anywhere, should have to contemplate voting choices for more than a nano-second, before marking his or her ballot paper in the latter’s favour.


    Fingers crossed for 28th October!

    Brazil is a very big country. If it falls into the hands of a good guy, that amounts to a major boost for the worldwide resistance.

    But exactly what is this man proposing?

    Digitalmedia.com yesterday provided a useful objective comparison of policies and proposals.

    And one from Bolsonaro that struck me as outstandingly wise,  and that should be emulated all across the Western world,has to be –

    Change the Age of Criminal Responsibility to SIXTEEN!

    In fact one report from the start of the year suggested he wanted it to be 14, but that seems not to be the case.

    Brits who remember the brutal murder of little Jamie Bulger by ‘underage’ scum might even think a lower figure is worth thinking about…

    …but one day at a time, yeah?

    Imagine if those clods in Brussels, and those degenerates styled ‘judges’ on the ‘European Court of Human Rights,’ were to come out and say there’d be no more hogwash about dastardly young alien thugs and sex-predators aged 16 and 17 being designated ‘children’ and given kid-glove treatment accordingly?

    Nine Young Women In Denmark     Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun

    Yes, imagine, cause it ain’t gonna happen.

    Real children are human beings under the age of puberty, but no chance of that reality being introduced into the sicko permissive system in Europe…

    Junior Jihadis? Merkel Has Been Blocking Surveillance! 

    …where so-called ‘unaccompanied’ so-called ‘minors’ are not hammered, corralled and promptly deported when they step out of line in someone else’s country.

    The same sensible approach, of course, should also apply to home-grown mini-vermin who have passed their 16th birthdays. Again, one wonders, why not 15th, or 14th?

    Another True Tale Of Filthy Savages In Berlin? 

    Lock ‘em up!

    But don’t throw away the key. Access required for regular floggings if they act up whilst ‘inside!’


    Not that the age of responsibility is the only issue on which Bolsonaro talks sense.

    How about this?

    Categorize invasions of property and homes as “terrorism.”

    For which, one hopes, the death penalty would be made readily available under a Bolsonaro government.

    And it’s still getting better all the time. Denouncing the Brazilian left’s stance, of cosying up to the marxist menace in Caracas, Bolsonaro is crystal clear!

     “We are going to stop hailing murderous dictatorships” — said in reference to Venezuela — “and denigrating big democracies like the United States, Italy and Israel.”

    And on a very different issue, he promises that Brazil’s schools will be directed to get on with schooling, ‘“without indoctrination or early sexualization.”


    What a contrast to his opponent, the leftist Haddad, who sounds as dementedly committed to decadent liberalism as the UK’s St. Theresa of Transgendria…



    ….pledging lots of rot about how he ‘will strengthen an inclusive, non-sexist, non-racist and non-discriminatory view of the LGBT” community.


    • Al Barker 7:44 pm on October 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There has not been enough attention to the fact that Haddad is running not only with the full support of the organized Communist movement but with a red running mate who if Haddad wins would then be a heartbeat away from running Brazil.
      The mainstream ( dishonest) media tend not to mention this, possibly because it would mean that while they call Bolsonaro ‘far-right’ over and over again, the Communist link would oblige them to call Haddad ‘far-rleft’ which he must be if he’s ready to share power with dedicated marxists.

      I shall take pleasure in forwarding this to as many people as I can, because I think we won’t see CNN or CBS or NBC telling the truth about Haddad’s far-left extremist ties.


      • Maggie Jacks 9:42 pm on October 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Communism should be THE untouchable for any politician who calls himself a democrat.
        Note, for my American friends I use a small ‘d.’
        We should all hope Bolsonaro wins.
        We have seen what marxist rule does, just look at the decades of dictatorship in Cuba and the ruination of poor Venezuela.
        Brazilians do not deserve to suffer as Cubans and Venezuelans have suffered and still suffer.


  • ross1948 8:30 pm on July 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'unaccompanied minor' savages, , , , ,   

    ‘Unaccompanied Minors!’ = Killers, Hookers, Rapists… 

    I don’t suppose Amber Rudd ever gave a tinker’s cuss about the sort of things she imported from Calais…


    Some of the ‘unaccompanied children’ imported by Awful Amber


    …under the threadbare guise of ‘unaccompanied minors,’ but ordinary Brits, the victims of her policy, which was of course endorsed by Theresa May, may wonder if any of those ‘poor little kiddies’ resembled the similar category shockingly exposed in the USA..



    Judicial Watch investigators uncovered 224 pages of documents containing nearly 1,000 summaries of Significant Incident Reports (SIRs) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ (UAC) processed during the Obama administration…



    …included admitted murderers, rapists, drug smugglers, prostitutes, and human traffickers. Judicial Watch: New HHS Documents Reveal


    • Vanessa R 9:09 pm on July 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If any of Amber’s Army are facing, have faced or at any time in the future will face prosecution for criminal activity, there will be a scramble by the political establishment to cover it up.


    • Diana 2:05 pm on July 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Truly evil.


    • C. P. Challoner 3:19 pm on July 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am getting really sick and tired of the way the Media-Democrats and the RINO Republicans are demanding the real migrant children ( not the teenage delinquents) get handed back to criminal parents.
      Those parents are good examples of really bad parenting.
      I am with you all the way when you say they should never regain custody of little children.
      Best to have the kiddies adopted or fostered by honest families who will bring them up as law-abiding citizens


  • ross1948 5:56 pm on July 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'unaccompanied minor' savages, ,   

    Another True Tale Of Filthy Savages In Berlin? 

    • Looks like Deutsche Welle is up to its news-filtering tricks again.

      Earlier this week they carried a story about two homeless men in Berlin, sleeping in a railway station, who were attacked by a person or persons unknown, set on fire for no reason save murderous malice.

      Police are investigating.

      As part of the story, DW reminded us that in 2016 there was a similar attack, but back then the evil savages were apprehended.

      The main suspect and group ringleader was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. Three others in the group were convicted as juveniles and were given eight-month suspended sentences, while another three group members were ordered to spend several weeks in a youth detention center for not helping the man…

      The obvious question surely is why such piffling little sentences?

      And the answer becomes clear when we go back to their rather more honest report at the time.

      Turns out that the ‘ring-leader was a Syrian refugee!’

      And the other ‘young men came to Germany as refugees between 2014 and 2016, several of whom entered the country as unaccompanied minors..  .https://www.dw.com/en/berlin-court-jails-syrian-for-fire-attack-on-homeless-man/

      Aah, those poor little ‘unaccompanied minors!’ 

      Question Time!

      Firstly, how many of those filthy alien brutes were deported after serving their pat-a-cake sentences?

      They were, are, clearly not civilised enough to be allowed to live in any country populated by normal, decent human beings.

      I have no way of answering that question, not from any media reports, nor any access to official records in Germany.

      Yet I am confident that my answer – NONE of the dirty scumbags –  is 100% correct, because so spineless is Mama Stasi Merkel’s regime that she will NEVER deport ‘minors…’


      …no matter how loathsome their crimes against Germans.


      Secondly, in view of the self-evident fact that DW felt the previous incident of homicidal arson was relevant to the latest, in that they provided full details of the number of criminals in 2016, and their specific sentences…


      …WHY did DW simultaneously HIDE that most telling of aspects,that the evil creatures convicted then were ALL from Merkel’s horde.


      Gutless government, pusillanimous press.

      Poor Germany!

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