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  • ross1948 00:24 on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Sly Bias On USA Election… 

    Illegal immigrants in the US often get better care than the nation’s military veterans, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said.  Donald Trump: Migrants treated better than US military veterans

    And then, for no apparent reason, the BBC News report went on – Mr Trump – who has made controversial comments on a number of issues..
    trump The Donald
    The BBC is thus implying that the Vets V Illegals assertion was controversial.
    Well, suppose a vet breaks the law?
    Police will bring him in and once he’s arrested and charged, he will probably end up in court,
    Crimmigrants are only in the USA because they’ve broken the law. The police can check their documents anytime and bring them in.
    Or is that how it really works?
    No, very often, the cops cannot!
    Entire cities have ORDERED their police forces NOT to detain aliens for illegal immigration offences, and NOT to alert federal agents who might see to it that the wasters are punished for their  violation of US immigration law.
    That’s just one example of the way these sleazy queue-jumpers are pampered under the reign of the loose-cannon poser in the White House, who has made it very clear he’s on the side of law[breakers rather than law-enforcement.
    So illegals are treated better than vets, so Trump’s comments were TRUE, hardly controversial.
    Certainly, in a rough, tough election campaign, Trump has made and will make  controversial comments on a number of issues…
    His foolish comments on North Carolina, that he’d allow that wretched man/woman Jenner to use the women’s restroom, sure caused controversy.
    But why does the BBC single out Trump as the candidate who is note-worthy for making controversial comments...

    As if Crooked Hillary hasn’t?

    Hillary Clinton Endorses Obama’s Decree on Transgender

    The BBC’s bias is as glaring as a skull-and-crossbones flag on a sunny day on the 17th century Caribbean Sea.  
    Not a word about Clinton’s controversial comments, not least about her wealth…

    …nor about her brazen U-turns ‘Will you say anything to get elected?’ …nor about her own controversial aka scary pro-crimmigrant comments.


    Instead of saying in fairness that she too makes controversial comments on a number of issues, the BBC ignores her readiness to endorse the enormous and escalating sums lavished on crimmigrants and ignores her refusal to condemn the dozens, hundreds maybe, of municipal authorities that operate the subversive ‘sanctuary city’ system…

    Those are deliberately designed to shield undesirable aliens from the consequences of their illegal activities.
    The BBC rounds off its ideology-driven jihad against Trump ( and for illegals) by adding only that many states have written an assortment of laws and policies designed to restrict government services to people in the country illegally.
    Selective journalism, a key characteristic of the dishonest media. 
    • Matt Farren 02:48 on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Sometimes I think you are a little naive, Ross, although maybe it’s just your way to make the point.
      What I mean is that in cases like this, you write as if the BBC sees the world the way most normal people do.
      To BBC journalists, a promise to amnesty over ten million illegal immigrants is not in the least controversial. \
      To point out the factual truth that illegals commit rape and murder. is controversial.
      When a President orders schools to let men into women’s restrooms,and and a presidential candidate supports him, that’s not at all controversial.
      When another presidential candidate says that vets deserve more help than illegals, and that they’re not getting it, that’s controversial.
      In America, it’s been surveyed and proven that most journalists hold a leftist world-view, so naturally they think most Trump opinions are controversial.
      Most normal Americans are not leftist, so they are delighted when Trump does what few presidential candidates have ever done and not only disagrees with the media but attacks their shibboleths in the bluntest possible way.

      I personally would prefer somebody who is truly conservative, which Trump isn’t, but he delights me when he infuriates the media class. They are the most Un-American people and Americans therefore dislike them intensely. .


  • ross1948 13:52 on April 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Ugly?’ Uppity UN Arab Gives Trump Campaign Big Boost! 

    Just heard, again on the BBC, that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, some Arab git called Zeid has arrogantly interfered in the American presidential election.


    United Nations (U.N.) High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein addresses the 31st session of the Human Rights Council at the U.N. European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, February 29, 2016. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse - RTS8J0V

    Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein


    The UNHCR boss-man actually warns the Republican Party that their convention will be under supranational surveillance because Trump’s rhetoric is ‘ugly.’

    “The world’s eyes will turn to Cleveland,” bleats this Jordanian princeling. 





    But thoughtful Donald Trump supporters will draw satisfaction from such an uppity intervention, because it will undoubtedly give The Donald a boost on the eve of the New York primary.

    After all there’s nothing more likely to energise voters than a sticky-beak foreigner attacking a candidate, gross intrusion in domestic politics by an outsider whose huge salary is paid in large part by US tax dollars, the ludicrous largesse tossed gaily by Obama into the UN budget.


    • Speaking of Obama, the same goes for his condescending comments urging Brits to stay subjugated to Brussels.

    Pest Control Petition – Keep White House Weasel Out of Westminster! 

    Similarly, do those self-obsessed so-called ‘celebrities’ who say they’ll leave America if Trump wins, have some secret agenda?

    Animated garbage-bags like Al Sharpton, or Rosie O’Donnell MUST know that every decent American would cheer if they huffed off to Canada. Their ‘threats’ to emigrate are counter-productive.


    • moores-law-michael-moore-sloth-slob-pig-liar-panderer-political-poster-1283310205

    Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered 

    Loathesome Lard-Ass Michael Moore Slurs Snipers – Ho-Hum! 

    • Even better if they took the treasonous tub o’ lard Michael Moore along with them!
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