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    Another Call To Our USA Readers! 

    As with the previous post….



    …this is an expression of solidarity with American resistance fighters.


    On Monday, U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS), who is a physician, introduced two pieces of legislation that would protect children and taxpayers from transgender surgeries. The two bills are titled the Protecting Children from Experimentation Act of 2023 and the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act of 2023, respectively.

    The first bill would make it illegal for doctors to perform “gender transition procedures” on minors.

    The law would be punishable with prison time if violated.

    The second bill would ban federal funds from being used for transgender surgeries.

    Tell Congress to protect children from gender experimentation.

    “Doctors must be prohibited from performing or assisting in child mutilation procedures,” Senator Marshall told Daily Caller, a media outlet, before introducing the legislation.

    “Enough is enough. These procedures can cause severe and irreversible damage to children’s bodies and have long-term detrimental health risks. We must protect our kids and make sure American taxpayers aren’t footing the bill for these dangerous procedures.”

    U.S. Representative Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) has introduced two versions of this legislation in the House.

    “Across the country, vulnerable children are being exposed to radical gender transition ideology and pressured into going through invasive and irreversible medical procedures

    . Minors should not be making these permanent decisions as minors.

    Adults should not be pushing minor children and teens into irreversible decisions either.

    Let kids be kids and wait until adulthood to make a choice they likely wish they hadn’t as a child.

    Adults and the medical field shouldn’t be allowed to coerce this ‘woke’ agenda onto them when they should be their protectors.

    Adults need to realize that their coercion is abuse, and should face appropriate consequences,” LaMalfa told the Daily Caller. “

    Both the Protecting Children from Experimentation Act and the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act would protect children and taxpayers from paying the high price of these unethical medical interventions,” LaMalfa added.

    These bills are vital to the health and safety of children in our country.

    Contact your members of Congress today and tell them to co-sponsor these important bills!

    Tim Wildmon, President
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    Only 20 Years? Hanging’s What’s Needed! 

    Even before the outcome, a 20 year sentence….

    Fluke-Ekren’s Guilty – Hang The Sow! 

    …Allison Fluke-Ekren, a mother who once lived in Kansas, allegedly trained women and children to use AK-47 assault rifles and suicide vests in Syria….


    The face of evil!

    Fluke-Ekren informed this same witness that it was important to kill the ‘kuffar’ (disbelievers) and die as martyrs on behalf of ISIS in Syria,” prosecutors said

    ….more and more testimony was heard, clarifying how evil this satanic sow really is!



    Family Details Horrific Abuse at Hands of Female ISIS Leader

    Family members of a Kansas native convicted of leading an all-female Islamic State group battalion say they suffered years of horrific abuse at her hands well before she ever became a terrorist.. https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2022-10-24/family-details-horrific-abuse-at-hands-of-female-isis-leader


    Why not just put her down?

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    Budding Roses? More Like Poison Ivy! 

    Another story from Cesspool City, aka Portland, Oregon, a place blighted by evil for years now…

    .Stumptown TV Series – Aimed At Polishing Portland’s Putrid Name? 


    …but which keeps popping back into the news, almost invariably bad news….

    Portland Police Wives Protest Against City ‘Leadership’ Betrayal! 

    …and now it’s got to a new level, as low as it gets…


    ….poisoning children’s minds.


    Budding Roses is using taxpayer money to brainwash a new generation of social justice warriors. Kids should be swimming in lakes and playing baseball at summer camp, not learning how to handle tear gas. This is child abuse of the worst kind…

    Anarchist Summer Camp for Kids in Portland – Can you say “terrorist”?

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    Sauron, Named, But Unashamed? 

    Amid all the reports about the terrifying upsurge in violent crime across the USA…


    … there’s one that hits an old and unpleasant nail smack on the head.



    George Soros has blood on his hands for the rise in killings nationwide


    Of course the aged billonaire leftist meddler has not personally lifted a finger in the commission of criminal offences…



    …but his free-flowing funds, via various agitprop outfits, have been put to evil use in state-by-state elections –  to instal district attorneys more concerned with far-left fantasies like ‘racial justice’ than stamping out mayhem by savages.

    We’ve drawn attention to some examples over the past few years…

    Remember That ‘Most Racist Woman?’ Sauron’s Funding Her! 

    ..but there are plenty more.

    Please read the NYP report and pass the truth on to people who may be unaware of what Soros has done.. and is still doing.

    And if you’re not American, don’t skip this!


    Image result for soros brexit money


    Sauron’s dark presence is not confined to one country.

    Soros-Funded ‘Think-Tank’ Panics At Advance Of Europe’s Patriots! .

    The ECFR was established in 2007 and  relies primarily on “donations” from various organizations – including such purveyors of a globalist agenda as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund

    Far from it!

    • Ken Kasic 18:29 on December 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      He should never have been given US citizenship.
      There must be a way to cancel it!


  • ross1948 15:45 on November 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Solidarity With ‘Save Our Sequim!’ 


    I don’t suppose many ( any?) of you have heard of a small community in the west coast state of Washington, USA

    John Wayne Marina in Sequim

    John Wayne Marina in Sequim
    Sequim, Washington


    But with heavy rain beating down on this tropical island of Java, and little to do indoors…



    ….I want to recommend you hope for a win for five local candidates there.


     Sarah Kincaid, Keith Larkin, Mike Pence, Patrick Day and Daryl Ness

    They are reportedly running as supporters of the Independent Advisory Association.



    My endorsement will make absolutely no difference, but I was so appalled by the snide, biased piece in what, appallingly…



    …is a ‘public radio’ station there, called’ ‘KNKX,’ that I felt obliged to put pen to paper ( actually, finger to keyboard!)

    You can read the leftist scribbling via the link below.
    • Jason Liddell 23:58 on November 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I read that ”public radio’ article and there’s no effort by the ‘journalist’ to hide his hostility to the non-left candidates.
      He would fit right in to BBC’s USA team.
      It will be interesting to see whether the voters swallowed his biased goop.


    • Kessy Barr 02:57 on November 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Another example of a small American town under bias attack by ‘public’ broadcasting.


  • ross1948 12:00 on August 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    What Are These Far-Left ‘Teachers’ Hiding? 

    We have often urged readers, and especially parents with children still in school ( or indeed temporarily confined to distance learning) to keep a close eye on…

    ….what their teachers may be spoon-feeding them in the guise of education.

    It’s a concern on both sides of the Atlantic…

    More Good Parents Resist School Subversion

    Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation!

    Why Has That Vixen Not Been Fired

    But this latest story is quite outrageous, a moneyed, powerful and deeply leftist teaching union going to court…


    Nicole Solas

    …to stop this dauntless American mother trying to find out the extent of BLM propaganda being foisted on her child – who’s still in kindergarten!

    What have these creeps in Rhode Island got to hide?

    But the lady’s not for turning!

    “I just got served with a lawsuit from the teacher union NEARI. Throwing down the gauntlet, are we? Game on.”


    Read the whole story.

    What a damn fine woman!

    More power to good parents like her!

    • Allan Menchor 22:11 on August 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Teachers asking a judge to stop a parent who only wants to know what they are doing to her son?

      It is frightening, in view of all we know about the extreme left’s grip on teaching unions and the battle in school boards, most teachers pro-BLM, most parents anti-marxist.

      When I say most parents, I mean most of those who take an interest.
      Far too many don’t realise that things have changed from when they were at school back when teachers were usually people of good character who cared about children.
      Now there are more and more who openly admit they see their job as a means of indoctrination.

      Have a look at the report I”m attaching.
      I said the law-suit is frightening but the report is positively petrifying.


  • ross1948 01:03 on June 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    More Good Parents Resist School Subversion 

    Here’s another good fightback story, this time from California.


    UK readers shouldn’t skip this kind of report, because the same sort of degenerates are busy in Britain too.

    Parents derail hiring of toxic Critical Race Theory consultant in California school district.
    School Board had no problem with her radical views, but parents went ballistic! Exposure goes viral – featured on national Fox News! More
    The “diversity, inclusion, and equity” consultant, tells the officials (via Zoom) how she’s going to help stop the white suprem­acy prob­lems in their schools.

    Good to see Mass Resistance backing up decent people who want to keep that kind of ugliness out of their kids’ class-rooms.

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    Petition For Americans – Safeguard Justice! 

    During those ridiculous ‘impeachment’ hearings, one of the most repulsive Dem-Creeps was Nader, a self-important toad who has the knack of being instantly unlikeable.


    Norman Eisen and Barry Berke, Democrats' legal advisers, float Trump conspiracies in impeachment bid - Washington Times


    When I saw he was mentioned below, I decided to help the petitioners spread the word.


    leading Democrats in Congress are sponsoring their own insurrection, this time aimed at the independence of the judiciary, by introducing legislation that would pack the US Supreme Court with liberal justices appointed by Joe Biden.

    Authored by leftist Rep. Jerry Nadler D-NY, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee and Sen. Ed Markey D-MA, the legislation would add four new justices to the Court, allowing Democrats to instantly transform the judiciary into a liberal bastion.

    This is an outrageous, unprecedented attack on our values, our nation and the legitimacy of government itself.  Please sign our petition demanding that Congress and President Biden reject this attempt at court packing.

    Sign The Petition To Stop Court Packing
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    Freak-Show USA! No Comment Needed! 

    Just read this and struggle to grasp how the Western world has gone nuts…


    …and rest regrettably assured sure that what happens in the USA does NOT stay in the USA.


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    Indonesia’s Approach To Chinese Virus MUCH Tougher Than Biden’s! 

    Here in Jakarta, we have heard drastic plans mooted, even a weekend lock-down, which would be very unpopular.

    But the government has been taking tough action to prevent anyone with the Chinese Virus getting into Indonesia.


    The same goes for Australia.

    I’d love to take a few weeks off my routine and fly off to see people who matter to me there.


    But if I did get into Oz, I’d see nothing but the view from my quarantine hotel window – and pay a pretty penny for the two-week privilege.

    How different in the USA, where Biden has shown absolute dereliction of duty, allowing hordes of illegal aliens flood in!


    Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security are not COVID testing the illegal aliens and their children. Why? Even if they did test positive, “they cannot return children and some families.” 

    Read The Washington Examiner report for more-


    Adults can be deported, but not people with children?

    Special indulgence towards criminal aliens so devoid of conscience that they drag their children into their lawless enterprise?

    It gets worse!

    The Border Patrol is not allowed to quarantine illegal aliens with the virus. The Examiner reports that they’re urged to turn them over to “local health systems.”

    The Border Patrol cannot legally force anyone in custody who is suspected of having the virus to stay in custody for a 14-day quarantine period. Instead, agents have been instructed to refer migrants suspected of being coronavirus-positive to “local health systems,” which CBP noted “could be any local health authority, hospital, health facility, etc. depending on the area.””



    Just be glad, if you’re suffering Wuhan-worries, that you’re in Indonesia, where, whatever its shortcomings, the government cares about Indonesians.

    What a contrast to America, where Biden cares more about illegal aliens than Americans.

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