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  • ross1948 10:22 am on April 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Another American Petition? Why Not? 

    Chick-fil-A is a respectable, honest business that we have mentioned before!

    Forsworn on the Fourth of July! 

    Mental Menino and Where to Take Loved Ones To Lunch 


    So how come they’re being hounded and harassed…..


    ……by undesirables in positions of power?

    Read on, please, and sign the petition!
    Sadly, several times in just the past few weeks, Chick-fil-A has been attacked by hate-filled groups, primarily homosexual activists.

    At a Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game last weekend, protesters interruptedthe game and staged demonstrations on the hockey rink over the company’s values and support of marriage.

    The incident is just one of a recent string of backlash incidents against the fast-food chain, including rejection from the concession area at both the San Antonio and Buffalo airports, as well as protests ahead of a location’s opening at the San Jose International Airport.

    Bad enough the company is subjected to outbreaks of pervert rage, but outrageous that those airports are lining up with the gaystapo cause.


    Let Chick-fil-A know you appreciate their faithfulness to its principles by signing our petition of support.

    If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation. The easiest way to do that is through online giving. It is easy to use, and most of all, it is secure.

    Tim Wildmon, President
    American Family Association

  • ross1948 11:37 am on April 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Border Patrol, Denisse Moreno Melchor, in a just universe, , obnoxious student brat, Robert Robbins, , USA   

    An Un-American Loutess In Arizona ! 

    Image result for Denisse Moreno-Melchor,

    That obnoxious leftess in the picture is University of Arizona student Denisse Moreno Melchor, who should be, in a just universe, an EX-University of Arizona student!

    The badly brought up little bitch tainted her college’s reputation by berating and stalking Border Patrol agents on campus, but I doubt the UofA president will expel the mangy tyke.



    It took him long enough even to get his act together and require college police to charge two students and conduct an investigation to uncover more criminal violations. 

    And it has to be said that, without Judicial Watch, the pro-crimmigrant brat might have got away Scot-free.




    Mureno-Melchor, disrupted class and yelled “Murder Patrol” and profanities in Spanish at the agents. In videos widely circulated online the Mexican-American studies major likens the Border Patrol agents to the notorious hate group Ku Klux Klan and targets the agents by repeatedly chanting “Murder Patrol.”

    President Robbins’ first response to the creepy sow was pathetic, disturbing, even.

    “the university will always protect students’ confidential information, including their immigration status…”



    Sounds to me that he is entirely indifferent about the danger that there might be crimmigrants  on his campus…oh, and..

    …all members of our campus community should be able to engage with a variety of viewpoints and positions and express themselves as well. That requires we respect others’ right to speech and that they respect ours.

    =====Image result for robert robbins Arizona




    Moral equivalence between brave defenders of the USA on the one hand and defenders of  undesirable aliens on the other?

    Disgusted by his lack of any condemnation of the sow, Judicial Watch ‘held Robbins’ feet to the fire, calling on him to do his job as president by enforcing the Student Code of Conduct.’

    The wimp crumpled under pressure of public indignation

    Under pressure, Robbins changed course days later. He apologized to the U.S. Border Patrol for the student’s atrocious behavior, sources inside the agency told Judicial Watch. Then he got the campus police to do its job.

    Read all about it, here.


    • Vinnie F 2:45 pm on April 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, she is so keen on speaking Spanish, Mexico is not so far.
      Robbins should drive her there.

  • ross1948 9:24 pm on April 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    A Week To Go? C’mon, Good Americans! Fight Schools Gaystapoids! 



    We offer our American readers a chance to get organised to fight the so-called ‘Day of Silence’ organised by the pro-perv movement in U.S. education.

    FREE Downloadable POSTERS for Day of Silence WALKOUT

    For Parents and Students, from Mission America

    Now you can download and print posters to protest the radical “LGBT” agenda, including the “Day of Silence,” scheduled in many schools for April 12.

    You can express your views about the radical agenda in our schools and communities with these posters. Just print yourself or take to your printer. The art is already done!

    Go HERE to choose from many poster options.

    Send us pictures of your protest!! We want to see how American students and parents make a stand for the TRUTH.  

    • Sheena Jard 12:09 am on April 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I wish there were an organised resistance in the UK similar to Mission Anerica’s.
      It is shaming that instead of Christian parents in our Christian country leading massive protests against ‘gay’ indoctrination, it has been left to those responsible Muslim parents in Birmingham to fight back and defend their children against brainwashing.

  • ross1948 8:33 pm on April 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    American Action – Don’t Let Gaystapo Sway Congress! 

    Helping out the good folks at Mission America. 

    Hearings on So-Called ‘Equality Act’ TODAY! Call now!

    ‘LGBTQ” Behavior is NOT a Civil Right

    The U.S. House Judiciary Committee is holding hearings today on the so-called “Equality Act,” HR 5, which would make homosexuality and gender confusion part of the U.S. Civil Rights Code, treating this deviant conduct as if it’s like race.

    Please CALL today the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee. Here’s what you might say:

    “Hello, I am _______ and I am calling to urge you to NOT support the ‘Equality Act.’ This measure is very extreme and would violate religious and conscience rights of many Americans, and parental rights as well. However, a religious exemption will NOT fix this because the ‘LGBT’ community has already said they do not believe there are any such rights, so they will ignore this. This does not belong in our civl rights code. Thank you very much.”

    Republican members of the House Judiciary committee:

    Sensenbrenner (202) 225-5101 
    Chabot (202) 225-2216 
    Gohmert (202) 225-3035 
    Jordan (202) 225-2676
    Buck (202) 225-4676
    Ratcliffe (202) 225-6673
    Roby (202) 225-2901
    Gaetz (202) 225-4136 
    Johnson (202) 225-2777 
    Biggs (202) 225-2635 
    Reschenthaler (202) 225-2065 
    Cline (202) 225-5431
    Armstrong (202) 225-2611
    Steube (202) 225-5792
    McClintock (202) 225-2511
    Lesko (202) 225-4576


    • Cherie Hale 9:11 pm on April 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Mission America is very brave to speak up.
      Anyone who tells the truth, that ‘gay sex’ is a perversion, is in real danger of persecution in modern America.
      If the Democrats get away with this, they will soon put pedophilia and bestiality on the same protected list.

  • ross1948 11:13 pm on March 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition – Stop Filthy Perverts Polluting America! 

    More good work by Mass Resistance in America, where both local government and big biz hotels are welcoming disgusting perverts and disregarding the health hazards that accompany them.

    Here’s one mayor who actually sent ‘an official welcoming letter’ https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/18b/CLAW-BDSM-in-hotels/intro.html#MayorLetter to the sick creeps.


    Frank G Jackson with Navy.jpg

    Mayor of Cleveland, Frank C. Jackson


    I’m not going to provide any more illustrations, but if you want to read all about the sleazy freaks, please go here- https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/18b/CLAW-BDSM-in-hotels/sign-the-petition.html 


    Then go here to help stop the pollution by signing the petition!

    PLEASE: Go to our CitizenGo PetitionDEMANDING that the Cleveland Public Health authorities – the Mayor of Cleveland, Cleveland Dept. of Public Health, Cleveland City Council, and Cuyahoga County Council – STOP this unsafe event from taking place in April.

    • Catrin Tuser 12:07 am on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      These are revolting people that ‘participate’ in that group. I used the links and there is no other word to describe them. A lunatic asylum would be the best place for them.
      It’s no wonder you couldn’t offer any pictures.
      What do the people in that mayor’s city think? What about the hotel companies who welcome them?
      Does shame not exist any longer?

  • ross1948 9:40 am on March 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Religious Liberty Petition! For U.S. Readers! 

    A good petition, forwarded with no need to comment/


    One of the US government’s most important tools to fight persecution is a commission known as USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom).
    USCIRF was created by the US Congress to hold foreign governments accountable for persecution and to push for greater religious freedom. It also exists to act as a gadfly to the US government to focus on religious freedom in our relations with other nations.
    Every few years, USCIRF must be reauthorized by Congress in order for it to continue doing the essential work of monitoring religious freedom conditions around the world.
    It is now time for its reauthorization.
    USCIRF serves a vital role in regards to persecution.   


    Please sign this petition requesting Congress to reauthorize USCIRF and pass it on to as many friends as possible.  
    There are some who would like to see USCIRF disappear, but we can’t emphasize enough how crucial their work is.


    This is the last week to sign the petition, calling on Congress to reauthorize USCIRF. Will you join us in our efforts to protect religious liberty around the world? Sign thepetition today. 
    Sign the Petition
  • ross1948 12:28 am on March 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Congress gaystapo bill, HR5, RINO Retlicans, USA   

    Republicans Endorse Gaystapo Congress Push – Fight Back, USA! Petition! 

    This petition is good in itself, but what our American readers need to note well is how three Republican Congressmen have joined the gaystapo ranks.

    They need to be booted out by their local GOP rank-and-file!

    Legislation pending in Congress would make showing support for marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman to be illegal. Under HR 5, the grossly misnamed “Equality Act,” holding the view that marriage should only be between a man and a woman would constitute sex discrimination against someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. 

    NOM launched a petition last week opposing HR 5. Thousands of people have signed the petition already. If you have not yet added your name, please do so – a link is at the end of this email.

    Help NOM Defeat HR 5

    In the meantime, while we deliver thousands of petitions to members of Congress, I want to point out the urgency of the problem we are facing.

    As of last week, 240 members of the House of Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of this legislation. This includes every Democrat in the House, along with three Republicans (Brian Fitzpatrick, R-PA; John Katko, R-NY; Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon, R-PR).

  • ross1948 10:17 pm on March 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    American Gaystapo – Ohio School Victimises Christian Teen! 

    Image result for lebanon high school ohio


    A young teenage girl in Ohio put up some Christian messages around her school.


    Image result for gaby helsinger lebanon high school


    That was after Gaby Helsinger saw that her school was festooned with pro-homo propaganda




    “I was coming back from lunch … I see the teachers taking them down, and the next day, I got called to the office and there is a letter that says that I have an ISS, which is an in-school suspension, and the reason why I have it is because ‘abuse of others, disrespect, rudeness…’  https://pjmedia.com/faith/high-school-student-suspended-for-responding-to-lgbt-pride-flags-with-bible-verses

    ‘Teachers’ took the girl’s Bible verses down?

    Wannabe brain-washers, who are a disgrace to a profession which once commanded respect! Watch the video via the link.

    These people are the lowest of the low, contemptible collaborators with the gaystapo’s agenda of indoctrination, seeking to normalise sexually aberrant behaviour…




    ….suppressing the views of those who believe in decent values.

    Persecution of Christians is clearly not the monopoly of ISIS and North Korea but is flourishing in Lebanon, Ohio, USA.

    The perpetrators deserve condemnation and here’s how you can contact them to say what you think!

    Principal – Scott Butler  butler.scott@lebanonschools.org


    BTW, they’re also on Facebook!

    Write to them!


    1916 Drake Rd.
    Lebanon, OH 45036
      Call them! Ask to talk to Scott Butler! Main Phone:


    • Frank Napier 10:37 am on March 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The gaystapo is a worldwide threat to freedom and to our children.
      Just look at how they go after kids, in Ohio and in Texas too. I am enclosing info on the latest Houston library scandal.
      We need to fight them

  • ross1948 6:36 pm on March 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition! Don’t Let Soros Attack-Dogs Tear Down Tucker! 

    I don’t always go to bat for Fox News, which has hired some dubious characters in recent years.

    Fox’s Fave Leftists Slapped Down In ISIS Row! 

    The magnate who launched it was, in my view, motivated by commercial rather than ideological motives.

    Having seen how appalled millions of American patriots were by the glaring left bias of much of U.S. media, Murdoch‘s brilliant business brain recognised that a channel orientated to patriotism could be a money-maker.

    He was correct, and who can blame him?


    Image result for tucker carlson


    Whatever, it  has been a success, and one of its stars has been Tucker Carlson!

    He’s been doing a grand job for the patriot cause…

    Don’t Touch These Companies With A Barge-Pole! 

    …as we have mentioned from time to time.

    Now a pinko clique called Media Matters…


    Image result for media matters soros

    … Sorosites, of course, want to take him down! It’s not the first time we’ve looked at attempts to silence the man…

    Don’t Touch These Companies With A Barge-Pole! 

    …but it needs to be fought.

    Good Americans know a lot about this, so I won’t rattle on, simply offer the petition, below, for concerned citizens in the USA to sign.

    Have a nice day!


    • Stacy Gray 6:42 pm on March 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s great to see Tucker is getting support from so far away. I just stumbled on your blog this week and can’t get enough of it.
      You will have seen this story about how he is fighting back but if not, your readers should enjoy it.

      WATCH: Tucker Carlson Nukes Media Matters’ President, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes
      Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed Media Matters president Angelo Carusone on Wednesday over racist, anti-Semitic, and bigoted writings from his past.


    • Ben Baniek 7:06 am on March 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We like Tucker, so we will sign.

    • Ken Kasic 1:42 am on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Media Matters is a group aimed at suppressing not just Tucker Carlson but Fox News and any patriot media that challenges the left’s domination of the news.

      Here’s a list published on a conservative website of ‘advertisers who have pulled out or considering pulling out of Tucker’s show’ and you should get in touch with them.
      Some you may never have heard of but some like Jaguar Landrover are big names that should be warned off playing the far-left game.

      23andMe (Statement). ASPCA (Report) Abbvie (Report) Ancestry (Report) AstraZeneca (Report)
      Bowflex (Report)
      Career Builder (Report). Credit Sesame (Statement)
      Farmers Insurance (Statement)Graze (Report) Harris Teeter (Report). IHOP (Report). Indeed (Report)

      Jaguar Land Rover (Report)

      Just For Men (Report)
      Leesa Sleep (Report). Lexus (Report)Mint Mobile (Report) Minted (Report) Nerd Wallet (Report)

      Pacific Life (Report)

      Red Lobster Restaurant (Report) Robitussin (Report) Sandisk (Statement) Scottevest (Report)
      Sheex (Report) Smile Direct Club (Report)
      SodaStream (Report) SunBasket (Report)TD Ameritrade (Report)
      Takeda Pharma (Report). Totes Isotoner (Report) United Explorer Card (Report)
      Zenni Optical

  • ross1948 7:44 pm on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: English offiical language, Iowa, lazy migrants, USA   

    Dems Don’t Want English As Iowa’s Language? Is Iowa No longer In USA? 

    Look at this old battle-axe below, who wants to repeal a sensible law of many years standing that declares English is ‘the official language of the state of Iowa.

    That common-sense recognition of reality sends “a terrible message” to immigrants, says the leftist termagant…


    Image result for mary mascher democrat

    …Representative Mary Mascher, an Iowa City Democrat, who also reckons that the Iowa English Language Reaffirmation Act is ‘antiquated!’

    How so?

    It’s a most innocuous act, requiring only that official documents are printed in English, and in what other language should they be printed, I hear you ask.

    Every good immigrant makes it his or her first priority to learn the language of the new homeland, and if they obstinately refuse thus to adapt, they are bad immigrants and should go home, of course.

    Yet Maschner asserts ‘it tells immigrants they are not welcome.’

    Nor should they be, if they are arrogant and/or lazy and/or recalcitrant wasters!



    She’s not talking about any old new-comer, BTW. Inexplicably, the report tells us that she had three categories in mind.

    “We should do everything we can to make them more welcome,” Mascher said about Hispanic, Bosnian and African immigrants coming to Iowa…”


    When good immigrants used to undertake arduous voyages to reach America, they did so on the understanding that THEY would need to make the effort, not rely on tax-payers, but Mascher wants the state to provide more classes for English language learners to help immigrants transition to their new communities.

    Kaufmann said he hasn’t heard from constituents that they want to change the law, which does not prohibit any legislator of officer of the state from using languages other than English to communicate “if that member or officer deems it necessary or desirable to do so.”

    Fair enough.

    BTW, Mr. Kaufmann seems to be a dashed fine chap, out to clean up filth too.

    Republican Lawmaker: LGBTQ Youth Conference “Obscene”


    • Ken Kasic 11:15 pm on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Why would any real American object to the English language? It’s what real Americans speak!
      That GOP legislator is a good man and if you read about that conference, you will see how bad it is, the usual phoney concerns about ‘bullying’ but in reality it is a kind of training course for perverts.

    • Vinnie Fiore 4:42 am on February 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So whydoes she want to provide tax-funded English classes for immigrants if she doesn’t like the idea of English being the language used by Iowa?
      Far-left fool.

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