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    Rogue USAF Officer Orders – “Take Out That Bible!” 

    America has been a Christian country since the earliest congresses voted for missionary work among the Indians.

    Now a rogue USAF dorkette has banned The Bible.


    Who’s going to win this battle?

    The Old Bat In Wyoming?




    Read on, my American readers, and do what you think fit.


    Air Force Commander bans Bible from base display

    Friday, July 27, 2018

    Air Force Commander bans Bible from base display


    The commander of Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is refusing to back down after she surrendered to the demands of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and removed a Bible from a POW-MIA table.

    Col. Stacy Jo Huser, the 90th Missile Wing commander has personally decided that the Bible should be replaced with a generic “book of faith” to ensure “the religious and non-religious feel included and cared for.”

    Sign our petition to United States Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson.

    According to Todd Starnes, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) had complained that the inclusion of God’s Word was a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    The Air Force has specifically directed base commanders to ignore MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein and direct him to take his juvenile complaints to the Pentagon for response.

    Huser disobeyed this command and cowered to the anti-Christian activist without as much as a whimper.


    Sign our petition to USAF Secretary Heather Wilson, urging her to correct and reverse Col. Huser’s renegade decision to toss the Bible from the POW-MIA table.


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    Anti-Christian Persecution In USAF Thwarted – For Now! 

    I think quite a few of our American readers responded positively to the petition launched by AFA, which we helped to publicise last year.

    So we are delighted to hear that the petition has resulted in a victory for religious liberty.

    Please read on!


    Victory for Religious Liberty in the U.S. Air Force!


    AFA urged supporters to sign a petition to reverse Obama’s hostility toward Christians in the Air Force, and the voice of AFA supporters made a difference.

    Over 50,000 supporters signed the AFA petition urging Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to restore the religious liberty of U.S. Air Force Col. Leland Bohannon.

    Col. Leland Bohannon was asked in May 2017 to sign a “certificate of spouse appreciation” for a retiring master sergeant in a same-sex “marriage.”

    As a devout Christian, Bohannon refused to sign the document stating it would violate his religious belief of marriage being between one man and one woman. As a result, the Air Force suspended the colonel and effectively ended his career.

    As a result, “Bohannon was relieved of command. Additionally, a letter sent by a superior officer recommended against Bohannon’s promotion to brigadier general, effectively ending his career.”

    But Col. Bohannon’s religious liberty was restored after an appeal to the Air Force Review Boards Agency. Secretary Wilson announced Monday that the Agency ruled in favor of the religious liberty of the colonel saying:

    The director [of the Agency] concluded that Colonel Bohannon had the right to exercise his sincerely held religious beliefs and did not unlawfully discriminate when he declined to sign the certificate of appreciation for the same sex spouse of an Airman in his command. (Emphasis added.)

    All good.

    But this welcome win should not mean decent Americans can relax their guard against those still in senior ranks office who allied themselves with gaystapoid intolerance.

    How many of those who sought to drag this honourable officer down have been cashiered, or even demoted?


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    Outward, Christian Airmen! USAF Anti-God Squad Gets Rough! 



    “It is this one nation under God that we call, with honor, the United States of America. God Bless our flag. God bless our troops. God bless America.”

    Offensive Language?

    That’s what the Obamanised United States Air Force thinks about those words, so much so that when the time-honoured phrases were uttered at a private retirement ceremony…


    Who needs God when you got a goon-squad? Kozak


    Colonel Raymond A. Kozak, had several uniformed men forcibly remove the offender. 

    The Kozak goon-squad’s victim, U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriquez was a retired service member not in uniform. 

    AFA.net – Air Force physically assaults retired Airman over the word ‘God’

    He was, moreover, an invited guest of Master Sergeant Charles Roberson, who had specifically asked his friend to make the traditional flag-folding speech at Travis Air Force Base.


    • obamaworship-220x220
    • Among his many affronts to American values, Obama has presided over a re-writing of the speech to get rid of God.

    Few have been as sedulous in enforcing The Manchurian’s attempts to eradicate the non-denominational faith every young American affirms at school with the Pledge of Allegiance, One Nation Under God, as the USAF.

    We’ve seen in the past how low they’ll sink

    Air Strikes on Bible, Courtesy of USAF! 

    So when Rodriguez revealed himself as a believer, Kozak had him hauled out.watch a video of the physical against Oscar assault here 


    Please sign the petition to Colonel Raymond A. Kozak, who is the commander of the 349th Air Mobility Wing at Travis Air Force Base.

    Sign the Petition NOW!

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    Air Strikes on Bible, Courtesy of USAF! 

     As the year unwinds and we look back, there’s been some good news but a lot more bad news. Some items have left loose ends. 

    “The single biggest frustration I’ve had in this job is the perception that somehow there is religious persecution inside the United States Air Force,” the general told lawmakers. “It is not true.”

    • Gen Mark A. Welsh III CSAF.jpg
    • Thus spake USAF Chief of Staff Mark Welsh, earlier this year. Yet he lied.  

    Rewind to March this year. 

    The following is the Air Force’s explanation of what happened:

    “The 45th Space Wing deeply desires to honor America’s Prisoners and War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) personnel.





    Unfortunately, the Bible’s presence or absence on the table at the Riverside Dining Facility ignited controversy and division, distracting from the table’s primary purpose of honoring POWs/MIAs.

    Oh yeah? Who complained? The ACLU, who hardly even qualify as American? Some uptight little pinko?

    Does General Welsh also plan to remove ‘offensive’ signs from the dollars with which he’s paid his large salary?

    Acceptable? To a tiny trouble-making minority? Not, we know, to the families of the Missing Men!

    Each item is an integral part of the Missing Man Table & Honors Ceremony, according to the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia“The Bible represents the strength gained through faith in our country, founded as one nation under God, to sustain those lost from our midst,” the official ceremony document states.

    But what do Mark ‘Appeasement’ Welsh’s flunkeys have to say?

    After consultation with several relevant organizations, we now intend to re-introduce the POW/MIA table in a manner inclusive of all POWs/MIAs as well as Americans everywhere.”  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/03/31/air-force-removes-bible-from-pow-mia-display/

    SO what’s happened since the shameful removal of that Bible in March?

    I can find no update – any readers know?

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