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  • ross1948 16:46 on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Java Killjoys Ban Valentines! Why? ‘Non-Compliance!’ 

    Told you so!

    Less than 24 hours ago, we posted on the cultural marxist war on Valentines in the USA. We mentioned the annual killjoy-fest here in Indonesia…

    Valentine Wars Back Again – But Not Just in Indonesia! 

    ..and sure enough, an uptight eruption has just been reported from the fine city of Malang, East Java!

    Metrotvnews.com tells us that Malang’s Education Department has issued a diktat prohibiting students from elementary to secondary level from celebrating the festival of love next week.

    The ban is contained in the Circular (SE) Number 421.3 / 0452 / 35.73.307 / 2016 – but the reasoning is as laugh-provoking as some of the cards on sale in every city mall. Valentines do not comply with the moral values, religion, and culture of the Indonesian nation, both inside and outside the school.

    NB – so not only are these wowsers out to fatwa in-school activities, but they seem to think they can dictate what kids do at home or out on the town.

    And how blatantly sectarian – Valentine, as a Christian saint, may be unpalatable to fanatic Muslims – though not to normal Muslims who know it’s just a bit of fun.

    ‘Reject Valentine Day’s Heathen Culture!’


    But this decree applies to all schools, not just Islamic ones. Who do they think they are, these sticky-beak bureaucrats?

    With sublime arrogance, the letter also advises parents to keep an eye on sons and daughters not to do negative things that can harm themselves.

    Yeah, right – as if normal mums and dads neglect that duty any day of their lives! 

    “We hope the schools actively monitor their students,” said Head of Education Department, Zubaidah.

    She’d have done well in the Stasi!

    Zubaidah with the Diktat!


    And she’s a vindictive old besom (I say ‘old’ but those awful head-scarves do tend to make women look older than they really are!)

     Zubaidah also asked schools to impose sanctions if their students are caught celebrating Valentine’s Day. http://jatim.metrotvnews.com/read/2016/02/06/480439/pemerintah-malang-larang-siswa-rayakan-valentine

    What a mean woman!

  • ross1948 01:03 on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Valentine Wars Back Again – But Not Just in Indonesia! 

    Every time we hit February here in Indonesia, we have to make space for stories on the imbecilic rantings of Islamist kill-joys against young people ( and I suppose older folks too!) who send cards and in other ways celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    If you’re a new RRA reader, here are a few of our previous posts to enjoy!


    Sumatra Goon-Squad ‘Monitors’ Valentine Vice! 

     satpolbekasi  Valentine_Menurut_Islam

    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    IslamoNazi Thugs Threaten Hotel Over Valentine Ad! 


    But the first news this year of Valentinophobia comes NOT from Indonesia, but from Minnesota, where a pinko jackass who runs an elementary school in St. Paul has decided to ban all Valentine fun.

    And not just Valentine fun!

    Christmas, Hallowe’en and the all-American Thanksgiving are also condemned to the trash-can, a wholesale destruction of American tradition.




    Denounced as “dominant holidays,” those happy days are now erased from Bruce Vento Elementary School’s calendar by order of Principal Scott Masini , “until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view.”


    Comrade Masini issued his fatwa in consultation with his staff because he’s concerned about threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”

    What a pity he doesn’t seem concerned about American culture!

    Because, in a school teeming, we’re told, with kids who don’t even have English as their first language, some deep immersion in what the USA is all about would seem to be a dashed fine idea. Both Christmas and Thanksgiving are, after all, official national USA holidays.

    The report mentions parental reactions.

    “Very sad. All the fun is gone!”

    “Totally ridiculous!”

    “Tired of the PC!”

    Masini sounds like a total twat, viz. his bizarre behaviour in a teacher training session, when he had those present sit in silence and reflect on a photograph of a Ku Klux Klan hood.


      kkkflying   burqa


    One might wish his concept of cultural diversity back then would have put the unpleasant KKK baghead gear side-by-side with a picture of the equally unpleasant burka!

    But of course to cultural marxists, diversity training is a one-way street – diss the ‘dominant’ culture and exalt the backward!

    Meanwhile I’ll scan local media to see if the Islamist killjoys of Indonesia can match Masini’s mean-spiritedness.

  • ross1948 19:25 on February 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hats Off To Lukman! IslamoNazis Rant At Rational Valentine Comment 




    Hats off to Lukman, Minister of Religious Affairs in 90% Muslim Indonesia!

    You know somebody’s said something sensible when he or she is condemned by the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) and today we have a splendid story in Merdeka.com – the Minister, Lukman Saifuddin, has expressed respect for those who celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    I said only this week that Lukman was light years better than his predecessor.


    fpi-menag-4FPI Fuhrer Rizieq with former Minister Ali


    But that in itself could be seen as damning the man with faint praise, because Suryadharma Ali was an international embarrassment. He was not only bigoted but ludicrously so, with asinine declarations that sought to elevate his own uptight horror at the sight of women’s knees into a universal criterion.  Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst

    No, Lukman is not only an improvement but a breath of fresh air, all the more surprising, perhaps, in that he belongs to the PPP, a party noted for its ‘Islamic’ stance.

    But the fresh air of tolerance is anathema to IslamoNazis. 

    “Religion Minister, but doesn’t understand religious shariah,” shrilled FPI’s Twitter. http://www.merdeka.com/peristiwa/fpi-kecam-menag-lukman-saifuddin-karena-dukung-valentine.html

    The white-shirt vigilante gang reckons Lukman shouldn’t make such comments before seeking and finding the facts of Valentine’s Day.

    Which are?

    According to their notorious Habib Rizieq, it’s a ‘Free Sex Day.’


    • silhouetee
    • ——————————
    • His revelation may trigger a surge of visitors this evening to bars of ill-repute around Jakarta, but I fear they’ll be disappointed. I think what Rizieq means is that all those teens who exchange cards, flowers and chocolates will respond to such delights by going at it like demented rabbits.

    Lukman, unsurprisingly, takes a more rational view. “I never celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I respect those who, in a nice way, do so.”  In other words, he thinks young people are capable of having fun without throwing themselves into orgiastic sex.

    Habib is usually wrong but I went into town today (the rainy season had given way to lovely sunshine) and I kept an eye out for misuse of public parks, secluded doorways and alleys  – but alas, now I must report I was unable to spot, let alone join in, any untoward activity.  

    End of the intolerants’ anti-Valentine uproar, till next year!


  • ross1948 10:43 on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta SWALK Horror! Valentines “Could Lead To Kisses…!” 

    Ayo, S.W.A.L.K!

    Those were the letters which one would scrawl on the back of the envelope in which Valentine cards were lovingly placed – back in the day, back in the Old Country.  

    • ooooooooooooooo
    • In those days, a card was seen as sufficient proof of true love, and given the fact that it was ‘sealed with a loving kiss,’ the recipient would see no need for any gift as further evidence of devotion.


    tutty-alawiyah-ok Tuty


    Nor does Tuty Alawiyah, top lady gun of the Islamist MUI, the Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars!’     She is seriously hostile to Valentine presents.

    Fair enough, love needs no fancy expensive tokens to prove itself.

    But surely, though, a few chocs and flowers never go amiss!


    Tuty has deep, dark suspicions – “The purpose of presents might be negative, it could lead to kisses and other things,” Tuty said.    


    Other things?  Like what? Holding hands? A cuddle? OMG!

    And what the hell is wrong with kisses!

    Negative? That’s a weird take on the world.

    Guess she liked her Silver Queen choc gift!    Red Alert! Rampant Adultery Looms In East Java! 

    Could lead to kisses?        That’s the whole darned point, Tuty!  

    • Jackie T 11:39 on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Tuty can relax. No card from me this year.
      But seriously what plant are these people on.
      I read in one of the Jakarta newspapers, this was six years ago,maybe more, that one of their ‘scholars’ was horrified by the filthy foreigner habit of taking off clothes before making love.
      How did he find out? In his scholarly texts, I suppose.
      I laughed for days about that.
      But they are VERY backward.



    • Santi 12:09 on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Very funny, Ross, and very true how these MUI always hate the day of love.
      Every year, same stupid stories in our newspapers, fanatics who think women so very lower than men, why can Tuty be any part of this council? She thinks that kissing is so bad, what will she say to MUI men who want FGM?
      SWALK to you tomorrow.


  • ross1948 00:01 on February 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Red Alert! Rampant Adultery Looms In East Java! 

    The latest outburst of alarm from the MUI (yeah, them again, the Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars’) is droll indeed, grim prophecies of a ‘rampant adultery‘ outbreak in East Java.

    And why this imminent moral collapse?

    ‘A chocolate Valentine gift package, along with condoms. Two Silver Queen candy bars and Fiesta condoms neatly in plastic wrap and tied with a pink ribbon.’


    Cokelat berhadiah kondom. Foto: Istimewa


    “RED ALERT !! Choc + condoms distributed free in Malang. Possibly also in other areas or sold in supermarkets. Be Aware …. beware ! “  wrote one frantic Facebooker.  “May Allah bestow guidance on the sons and daughters of this country! “

    Since condoms are on sale not only in every mall chemist/ pharmacist shop but also in most of the mini-markets we can find almost every hundred yards along both main and minor roads, the sons and daughters of this country hardly need the prospect of a couple of bars of Silver Queen to lure them into rampant adultery. (though it’s very popular here – the confectionery, not adultery!)


    Nor, since they’re likely to be teens, is adultery remotely likely – a bit of fornication, maybe, but not transgressing marital vows! 

    Needless to say, politicians are lining up to fight  the war on wanton chocolate!.

    Listen to the shrilling  from Tri Murny, a member of the Legislature’s Commission VIII, whose stern visage in the photo is fairly scary – she’s a leading member of the National Democrats, part of Jokowi’s ruling coalition.

    “Indonesia is predominantly Muslim. There should be no such ads. They should give a gift that is normal.”  .http://pojoksatu.id/pojok-news/2015/02/06/sambut-valentine-beredar-coklat-berhadiah-kondom/

    That’s all from one obscure site, pojoksatu, which is no doubt reliable, but I thought I’d dig into more sources on this shock/horror/drama story.


    It was from Merdeka.com that we learned of that fantastic phrase – rampant adultery.



    Baidlowi Musleh MUI’s top man in Malang


    Baidlowi Musleh reckons the Valentine gift package will make adultery rampant….gifts in the form of a condom clearly point to usage as a means of adultery.

    He even helpfully explains what condoms are for“Condoms are the tools used to prevent pregnancy, used by certain people in the act of adultery. So clearly prohibited by religious law!” he continued.

     But Musleh offers a more fulsome explanation.. The condoms are bad news, of course, but here’s the key objection coming. 

    Every Muslim, Musleh said, is forbidden to wear or show attributes as well as certain symbols that reflect other religions’ symbols. Celebrating Valentine’s day is clearly prohibited from an Islamic perspective.

    Actually, Musleh, it’s just a bit of fun. There’s not one single teen in this country or back West who even imagines there’s ANY religious significance to it. 

    When the nice polite Muslims I know break their fast at twilight during Ramadan, they think nothing of inviting me to join them. I suppose by doing so I’m part of their ‘celebration‘ of their religious feast. But of course I’m not converting!

    Neither are the kids who delight in Valentine cards, flowers and chocolates – worry about the condoms if you please, but don’t be so darned intolerant.  

    It’s civilised to enjoy the nice things about other people’s creeds. 





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