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    “We Can’t Take More Refugees…” As His Boss Admits 30,000! 

    France’s prime minister Manuel Valls told several newspapers Tuesday (24 November) he wants Europe to completely halt the influx of migrants from the Middle East…,“We cannot receive more refugees in Europe. It is not possible”, Valls said.  .https://euobserver.com/migration/131262,   adding that Europe must control its external borders.


    • Valls
    • ————

    “If we do not do that, then the people will say: it’s over with Europe”, noted the centre-left politician…..

    Too right they will. But what cares he for what ‘the people’ want?

    All his pre-election rhetoric (Hollande U-Turns – Press On, Marine!  ) represents arrant hypocrisy, for he knows full well what the people of France have said – a clear no to his boss Hollande’s welcome mat to 30,000 more.  Most French citizens oppose softer rules on refugee status  

    And he knows full well what, or rather who, caused the crimmigrant crisis. 

    “It was not France that said ‘Come!’”, he added.

    Yet will he name the traitor? Not a chance. 


      • Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab
      • ————————–———————

    Valls was careful not to criticise the German chancellor’s welcoming policy towards refugees directly, calling it an “honourable choice.”…President Francois Hollande is receiving Angela Merkel Wednesday.


    When you think of genuinely honourable Germans in times past…

    …Vall’s choice of words, as my old Latin teacher was wont to say, when grammar errors obtruded, would make a cat laugh!

    • cat -Snow…-By-lenazlair-150x214
    • Valls is leftwing, but in the past has shown himself capable of talking sense, notably on the issue of Roma parasites.

    Manuel Valls stated openly that he wants to send tens of thousands more home, since the Roma ‘do not want to integrate.’  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/hey-uk-dont-abhor-romanians-roma-rogues-are-the-problem/

    But this latest double-talk disgraces himself, his government and his country. France, long considered an international king-pin, is put to shame by little Denmark, which almost at the same time Valls was speaking, declared enough was enough.

    • Danish terror arrests Danes learn from experience

    Little Mermaid To Stupid Swedes – You Made Your Bed, So Lie In It!

    “it would no longer take part in the relocation scheme. Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen explained that “when we made the offer it was because we needed to solve what was viewed in Europe as the ultimate solution: that if you could distribute those 160,000, the problem would be gone. It is not.”

    Bravo, Lars.

    But Valls? And Hollande?

    Sure, it’s right to hammer ISIS as ferociously as can be done. But meanwhile the Macedonians are facing a swarm of savages, their doughty guards standing alone like Leonidas’ 300 against an alien horde.

    French PM Valls in the interview noted that “public opinion is aware” that at least two of the Paris attackers “entered Europe by mixing in with the refugees.”.


    …two of almost 860,000 people who have arrived in Europe this year came with malevolent intent may be no statistical surprise…



    • Why stick this specious editorialising into what’s billed as a news report? Malevolent intent?  

    One In Eight Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans! 

    The violent, sectarian, indeed murderous character of the ‘refugees’ has been reported even before they reached Europe, Christians thrown overboard on the Med, subjected to persecution by migrant swine in Germany and Sweden…



    ….the Paris pair are merely the tip of an enemy ice-berg. 

    And we know that ‘vetting’ the swarm is an exercise in futility.So UKIP’s An EVIL Force? Howzabout Labour’s Treason?

    How about a French battalion to reinforce the Macedonian ranks?

    A message of solidarite, and a refutation of Liar Juncker’s latest mendacious exhortation, not to mix terrorists and migrants.

    Hollande knows, or OUGHT to know, what Czech President Milos Zeman has the guts to say out loud.



    That the “danger has come close to our borders…It is naive to think there is no link between the migrant wave and terrorism…” 


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    Hollande U-Turns – Press On, Marine! 


    666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666

    So the Ephialtes of the Elysee u-turns spectacularly, scrapping a pledge which was an affront to every French citizen. Hollande left it to his PM to announce, but not lucidly explain, why Hollande has ratted on a campaign promise.
    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said his government had no plan to let foreigners vote in local elections, backpedaling formally on a 2012 campaign pledge by Socialist President François Hollande.


    If Hollande had got his way, the next step would no doubt have been to hasten the registration of the Calais crimmigrants as voters…


    calais cop-18

    Calais – Hollande’s pampered pets V France’s poor police


    ….though even that treasonable step would likely be insufficient to prevent the predicted win for Marine Le Pen in Picardy.

    That region includes the Jungle and is where French folk, exasperated by the influx of parasites, have been turning to the blonde bomb-shell in increasing numbers.


    • Marine-drapeau-bbr Marine
    • ==================
    • But there’s a catch.

    “That promise, in all senses, will not be implemented,” Valls said during a speech Tuesday at Paris’ prestigious Sciences Po university. “And I am convinced that it will not be proposed again during the presidential election.”

    Mais oui!

    All these pinko sell-out creeps like Hollande wait till after the electoral spotlight is off before returning, like dogs to their vomit, to the Grand Design of reshaping ther countries. Remember how fast Cameron ditched his first ‘Cast-Iron’ guarantee of an EUSSR referendum once he reached Number 10 Downing Street?

    Sooner or later, the shameful voting plan will be resurrected…

    UNLESS France elects a government concerned for the welfare of its own people and not committed to abasing itself before PC multicult merde.

    And speaking of merde, get this as the ‘reason’ for the u-turn – the wound Hollande intended to impose on constitutional propriety would have put France “under pressure” by focusing attention on immigrants to their disadvantage, Valls added.

    Mon Dieu!

    Anything to avoid focusing attention on unwanted aliens. It’s like that irresponsible German TV network, hiding news of the rape of a young girl because the predator might have been a ‘migrant.’


       UKIP – Make Malignant ‘Migrants’ THE Oldham Issue! 


    Hey, Hollande!

    Attention is already focused – look to the opinion polls that show a majority of voters do not want France to follow Germany and allow vast numbers of migrants into the country.

    Well, it’s up to the voters, just one month from today. Despite Hollande’s scheming, they will be French, without that previously planned top-up  of aliens.

    Surely the true French in Picardy will turn to Marine, the only patriotic voice to be heard on the French political landscape!



    Except, that is, for her rather nifty niece, Marion Marechal-Le Pen (above) who’s running for similarly high office, way down south in sunny Provence.


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