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    Vienna’s Green Fascist Meddles, Says Far-Left BBC! 

    At the request of Austria’s president, the posts of justice minister and interior minister would not be held by the same party.


    That’s a quote from a BBC report on Austria’s new coalition government. It’s attributed to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, and it bears out the warning we issued a week ago.

    Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

    President Van Bellen won his high office by a narrow margin last year, but before, that, when the polls showed the green fascist might not win, and that Herr Hofer of the FPO could edge the old buzzard out…

    Hasil gambar untuk hofer van der bellen

    Green fascist Van Bellen V Patriot Hofer

    • ….we were oftimes assured that the Presidency was merely ceremonial, like the position of a king or queen in a constitutional monarchy, no intrusions into the party political sphere.

    • Not so, if that Europhiliac septuagenarian can now boss Kurz about to make sure the influence of FPO patriots is thus restricted.

    • True, Bellen u-turned on his previous arrogant assertion that he would defy the democratic outcome were the FPO to win the parliamentary elections.

    • But the ministerial meddling is something which should have been needs to be slapped down – Kurz’s failure to do so is an ominous sign.


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    Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

    Good to read that talks in Vienna on a coalition between Sebastian Kurz’s OVP and the FPO patriot party are close to an accord.

    Kurz may lead a party tainted by its former collaboration with the Socialists but he has shown readiness to listen to the people…



    Can Kurz Turn The Crimmigrant Tide Within A Month? 

    …and take firm action on the migrant menace.

    The Freedom Party has long been campaigning to tackle the threats posed by the horde of alien savages in the small country…


    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair! 

    But there’s a possible problem, namely the far-left Alexander Van Bellen, who narrowly won the presidential election a year ago.


    Hasil gambar untuk hofer van der bellen

    Green fascist Van Bellen V Patriot Hofer


    He has made some very anti-democratic noises in the past, so much so that his FPO opponent, Herr Hofer, called him a ‘green fascist.’


    The War of The Austrian Succession? Let’s Wait And See! 

    However, as we have said before, it’s a ‘wait and see’ situation.

    Van B may have decided to back off from his extremist stance of a year ago.

    If not, let’s hope the patriots will confront any move on his part to obstruct the democratic process.e

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    Vienna’s Phoney ‘Conservatives’ Urge Vote For Far-Left! 

    .Like populist parties elsewhere in Europe, the FPÖ is currently leading national polls…opinon polls suggest the outcome of the re-run is too close to call. http://www.thelocal.at/20161119/conservative-shun-far-right-hofer

    So faced with a choice between the unabashedly patriotic Herr Hofer of the Freedom Party (FPO) and the far-left Van Bellen…

    Gambar terkaitgreen party red


    ….a pro-Brussels ‘green fascist’ – as Hofer accurately described his intolerant opponent – one might expect everyone not addicted to the multicult authoritarianism of the EUSSR to get behind Hofer.

    Not least anyone even vaguely atyled ‘conservative.’ 

    Think again!

    …senior conservatives including former EU agriculture commissioner Franz Fischler and ex-vice chancellor Wilhelm Molterer, both from the People’s Party (ÖVP)…

    Gambar terkait



    Gambar terkait



    • …have thrown their weight behind Van Bellen – “We do not want to be faced with speculation about Austria leaving the European Union..”

    But in fact Hofer has not said he’ll try to lead Austria out of the European Union. 

    All he’s said is that he might seek to put that issue to a referendum. So these old-guard ogres are growling grimly at the mere prospect of democratic consultation!

    Conservative can mean many things, but in most political contexts, we expect those who call themselves conservative to be committed to –

    A patriotism and

    B traditional values.

    Van Bellen is almost oblivious to both A and B, so what kind of ‘conservatives’ rally to his red/green banner?

    Unfortunately, we have seen this before.

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the ancien regime, uniting to obstruct the advance of ‘populists’  – aka national liberation.

    In France, the reds and greens and all sorts are busily organising to get a collaborationist ‘conservative’ chosen as the ‘centre-right’s’ presidential candidate, in hopes of fending off Marine Le Pen’s rising challenge.

    Conservative voters, whatever way they voted before, should wake up to this desperate strategy by the Enemy Within to cling at all costs to power




    December 2nd.


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    Europe-Wide Media Bias – Bellen Is Far-Left – Say So! 

    As we all wait nervously for the postal ballots to be counted in Vienna (and BTW, there’s an interesting article about British postal balloting in the coming referendum here… http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/05/tory-eurosceptics-fear-government-sneakiness-on-eu-postal-votes/ 

    …Europe’s main-stream media has shown its true colours – varying shades of rouge – with their almost ubiquitous designation of  Herr Hofer as ‘Far-Right.’

    At no point, please note, has his rival in the presidential election been described by these media as ‘Far-Left.’ 

    Hofer, in my view, and in the view of approximately half of his fellow-citizens, it seems, is an Austrian patriot who respects his country’s heritage and seeks to preserve it.

    His ‘extreme’ views comprise giving voters their say via referenda and, shockingly, making the political in-crowd hold elections if they can’t get their act together.

    referndmlet peole vote

    In other words, Hofer believes in democracy.  

    Story image for van der bellen policies from euronews Van der Bellen


    His opponent, Van der Bellen, is a Green, a ‘green fascist,’ some say, noticing the reality that fascism was always a socialist heresy, because he has openly boasted how he would, if elected President of Austria, use his powers to block an FPO government even if such a government were backed  by the electorate.


    green party red

    Van Bellen has also taken an extreme left stance on the crimmigrant issue, opposing efforts to limit the ‘asylum’ influx which has caused so much trouble in Austria.  


    Yet not one of the big media outlets has dubbed him Far-Left?



    The Lugenpresse, in the German language –  the Lying Press. 

    • jul 12:47 on May 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I am sitting waiting for news from Vienna..


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