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  • ross1948 04:55 on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Viel Glück, FPO! 

    Elections today in Austria, with the FPO patriot party polling well enough to merit re-inclusion in a government led, as is likely, by the ‘centre-right’ Sebastian Kurz, of whom we once had high hopes.

    But media rumour ( aka hope!) is that he may instead join forces with the leftist Greens…


    …and another ‘liberal’ party called NEOS.

    We shall see.

    But what was most alarming in the run-up to the election was the arrogance of the Austrian President…

    Far-Left Bellen Brays Support For Biased State Media! 

    ..   Van der Bellen

    Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

    …van der Bellen, a person once described rather accurately as a ‘green fascist’ by the admirable Herr Hofer, who’s now in charge of the FPO.

    Campaign posters featuring the far-right Freedom Party leader Norbert Hofer during the party's Oktoberfest in Vienna on September 19, 2019

    Like Italy’s President Matarella, he’s meant to be a ceremonial leader, in a position like Queen Elizabeth in the UK, with various powers that are not meant to be used if there’s a functioning parliamentary government.

    Vaffanculo, Matarella! Impeach This Lousy President! 

    Like that Italian, he aspires to much greater power.

    When the green and grizzled Austrian jackanapes narrowly defeated Hofer in presidential elections two years ago, Bellen‘s authoritarian leanings were already obvious.

    And since then, he has revealed an excessive level of animosity towards one FPO notable in particular.

    The Interior Minister, Herbert Kickl, showed real grit and patriotism throughout his term of office.

    Euro-Court Exposed For What It is – Creeps Gang Up On Kickl! 

    Bellen is an enemy of democracy!

    In response, Kickl said it is possible that he may receive a considerable number of preferential votes in the election. This would mean the president would have no choice but to swear him in, arguing that he must act in accordance with constitution, and “cannot act arbitrarily.”  


    Tomorrow night, or Monday morning at the latest, we will see who wins as far as votes are concerned.

    Good luck to Kickl and the FPO.

    But once the votes are counted and the coalition wheeling and dealing gets done, we shall see who wins when it comes to that arrogant president trying to impose his will on an elected government.

  • ross1948 17:51 on February 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Far-Left Bellen Brays Support For Biased State Media! 

    Rather perceptively denounced as a ‘green fascist’ during the election he narrowly won…

    ..   Van der Bellen

    Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

    …Austria’s far-left president, Alexander Van der Bellen, has rushed to the defence of media hacks paid from the public purse whom the FPO patriot party has accused of bias.

    Displaying its own impeccable talent for partisan bias, the Leftal, sorry, The Local, their report whitewashes Bellen’s Enemy Within ideology by dubbing him a ‘liberal ecologist.’

    Yeah, right.

    The row arose after Vice Chancellor and FPO leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, made a series of controversial statements aimed particularly at the public broadcaster.    https://www.thelocal.at/20180217/austrian-president-warns-far-right-not-to-slander-media


    Hasil gambar untuk strache orf

    “There’s a place where lies become news – it’s the ORF” – that’s what Strache posted on social media about the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

    Despite the constitutional expectation that presidents exercise ceremonial duties and not interfere in politics, The Leftal boasts that Bellen has already intervened to try to keep the FPOe in line more than once.

    Keeping them in line?

    Whose ‘line’ are patriots supposed to toe?

    Bellen’s? Or the Berlin/Brussels line?

    The EuroCommissars and their leftist satraps made no secret of their joy when Bellen won –

    Sigmar Gabriel, the German vice-chancellor who leads his country’s centre-left Social Democrats, expressed agreement and heartfelt relief.

    Victory for Van der Bellen and the left is a sigh of relief for Europe 

    – and he has served them faithfully ever since.

    I obviously don’t get to see ORF Austria’s state media, but have today been reading up on it.

    “I can promise you one thing: I will … do everything to ensure that ORF is reformed, finally becomes a public institution, finally reports objectively and in a neutral way, and that the coercive fee is done away with,” Strache said…

    The FPO has long argued that ORF has a left-wing bias. The main board that oversees the organization’s work is mostly composed of political appointees, and the government nominates some of those board members directly. The current director general, Alexander Wrabetz, is a Social Democrat.

    Austrian far-right leader pledges to take on public broadcaster

    Normal people everywhere must applaud the FPO plan to rid Austrians of the license fee albatross slung around their necks…

    …and make ORF compete on a level playing field with media that don’t get to leech off the public purse.

    As to the extent of bias, if ORF is anywhere near as downright dishonest as Germany’s state media…


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

    …or Britain’s…


    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

     …or indeed as Canada’s…

    CBC bias – Immigration Watch Canada

    …then chances are that Herr Strache is spot on in his criticism.

    Good luck to him, and to patriots in every country fighting tax-funded Enemies Within.


    • Jimmy Urquhart 19:19 on February 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The Poles had the same problem with state broadcasting and the reason Brussels is mobilising against them is because they fixed it and ended left control.
      CBC in Canada needs something like that but we will never get that done while Turdo is in power


    • Vicki 00:24 on February 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It’s nice to read that Herr Strache will be working to clear out the Leftwingers and make OTR impartial,
      Britain needs somebody to do the same here too.
      Why oh why have subversive leftists been able to take over nearly all state broadcasters in the Western world?


  • ross1948 22:10 on December 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The War of The Austrian Succession? Let’s Wait And See! 

    In December, it may take one or two additional days to count all ballots, the Interior Ministry‘s top election official, Matthias Vogel, told public radio Oe1.





    Well, we didn’t have long to wait, our fingers crossed, for what’s turned out to be a grave disappointment. Herr Hofer didn’t win in Austria. After Brexit and Trump, a Triple Tap against the forces of darkness would have been just grand. 

    But it’s not as if there wasn’t other news to keep us energised.

    Italy – Red Renzi Out, But More Crimmigrants Pour In! 

    • But let’s stick with Austria!
    • As noted in our intro, in Austria, the Freedom Party’s Herr Hofer wasn’t successful in his bid to become Europe’s first patriot party President-Elect…



     … but just because he lost to the far-left Van Bellen, who had the entire Europhiliac establishment, including the so-called  ‘conservative’ OVP behind him –  Vienna’s Phoney ‘Conservatives’ Urge Vote For Far-Left!  – it certainly doesn’t mean his country’s a lost cause.


    Predators and Child MolestorsThough its dire plight —Austrians Face Rising Tide Of ‘Asylum’ Crime!  — will now get worse before it gets better.


    Even the pinko media are admitting, in near lachrymose fashion…

    Van der Bellen, however, may have scored a Pyrrhic victory…The FPO is strongly positioned for victory, with opinion polls consistently showing it far ahead of any other party.   https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/136143

    …that the FPO patriot party is on track to come out in first place in the two rounds of elections.

    Hofer’s 47% is a proportion of the electorate never reached by the FPO before.

    The rotten cronyist parties in the current coalition are up against it.  They didn’t win the presidency. They had to get Bellen, a red/green who cleverly chose to run as an ‘independent,’ to do the job for them.

    If the FPO does win the next parliamentary elections, don’t forget that the Europhiliac ratbag publicly vowed he would NOT acknowledge the will of the sovereign people.


    He would NOT accept an FPO Chancellor, no matter how the people of Austria vote.

    Now the old red rat is saying he didn’t really mean his dictatorial pledge – In a post-victory interview, Van der Bellen pointedly refused to repeat his earlier campaign assertion that he would make use of his presidential powers to deny a potentially victorious FPO the opportunity to form a government.

    So how come he made that assertion? Let’s wait and see if he dares defy democracy. 

    THEN watch how such a constitutional crisis unfolds.

    We’ll see if Austria’s Armed Forces – whose oath of allegiance is surely to Austria rather than to a jumped-up jackanapes like Bellen – allow their fellow-citizens to be treated with contempt by the man whom Hofer perfectly defined as a ‘green fascist.’. 


    • Mort 09:37 on December 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      All good points, Ross, but the bad elites will do all in their power to bamboozle voters. Merkel just said she’s going to ban burkas, but a lot of people probably missed her little tail-end get-out words, ‘where it is legal to do so.’


  • ross1948 10:27 on December 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Glad Tidings B4 Xmas? ‘Nervous Whispers in EU Corridors!’ 

    Always encouraging to hear of such things as ‘nervous whispers in EU corridors..



    ….fears of a tsunami of nativist populism sweeping through Europe in 2017 – in France, Italy, the Netherlands and beyond.’


     If the Commissars in Brussels are getting fretty, it’s just about GOT to be to a good thing.

    The EuroCommissars are the common enemy of every patriot and democrat in Europe and if they’re ill at ease, it’s time, surely, to pop a cork and stand by for celebration.

    And there’s cause, also, to cheer if the BBC manages to produce anything that’s not riddled with bias!




    Not that the piece we’re talking about, by Katya Adler – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38180629 – is bias-free.

    Herr Hofer, of the FPO Freedom Party, is carelessly ( or maliciously) dubbed ‘far-right’ while his opponent, the red/greenVan der Bellen, is not identified as a far-left ‘green fascist’ who resents the very idea of letting ordinary people given access to the levers of power.


    • lying_liberal_media
    • ……….
    • All this ‘far’ stuff depends entirely on where you stand. and journos who take seriously the principle of impartial reporting should eschew such prejudicial language.

    Yet Ms. Adler recognises one indisputable truth.

    The so-called populists are growing in influence and strength because there’s a yawning gap in the political market.

    They are able to say to voters “We will actually listen to you.”

    And that is the glaring contrast between the Brussels elite, who fear voters – witness their engrained hostility to referenda…



    ….and, if referenda don’t deliver the required knee-jerk obedience to the EUSSR’s wishes, to the electorate’s decision!

    Ms. Adler also reveals for her BBC audience some truths that much of the media prefers to conceal.

    I don’t mean the obvious truths that pro-Hofer Austrians  are not all a screaming mob of far-right extremists, when in fact they are overwhelmingly solid citizens who have seen their country dreadfully damaged…

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair! 

    ….by the rotten coalition government’s  –   the bloated, self-entitlement-oozing parties of the centre–  refusal to prevent Mama Stasi’s tsunami marching through Austria.

    But more, like the fact that young Frenchmen with a North African background hold visible positions in Marine’s Front Nationale.  

    This crystal-clear evidence that Marine Le Pen is open to GOOD citizens of any skin colour and is hostile only to those alien brutes in the banlieues…




    ….whose allegiance is to a sectarian ideology absolutely inimical to France, is rarely seen or heard on the ‘mainstream’ media.

    Yet perhaps the most pleasing part comes when Adler puts inverted commas around the nonsense word bandied about by the left-lib clique whenever the patriot upsurge is mentioned – “populists” are so popular, and perhaps work on serving their electorate far better.

    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

    They could hardly serve the electorate worse than the arrogant condescension of the Eurocrats!  Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 

    By the middle of next week, we will know if Hofer has won, and, perhaps an equally desirable prize, if Red Renzi has had his cultural marxist fire quenched in Italy’s referendum.

    Though I wish the tormented Germans could also be given a referendum on an issue of consequence, namely the shameless ingratitude of the horde Merkel unleashed on them!

    ANGRY migrants waiting to claim asylum in the promised land of Europe have bemoaned the lack of comforts at shelters…

    We can’t stay HERE’ Furious migrants bemoan their shelter …

    Never mind, The Vixen’s day of reckoning will surely come!

    Let’s just hope for two early Christmas presents, one from Vienna, one from Rome.


    Which reminds me, time to dig out the tree and get it ready.

  • ross1948 23:58 on August 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Turks in Austria Flaunt Their Disloyalty! 

    FPO’s Hofer

    Turkish people with Austrian citizenship who recently joined protests in support of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be investigated with a view to stripping their Austrian nationality, far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has said.

    I’m still waiting for EUObserver, or any of the rotten media, to refer to Herr Hofer’s opponent…


    van bellen

    green party red


    …the hoary old Red-Green Van Belleren, as the far-left presidential candidate.’


    But more to the point…

    Here’s something of what happened after Erdolf’s boogeyman ‘coup!’

    A young demonstrator – Austrian born of Turkish immigrant parents – explains why he’s marching behind Turkish flags.

    “We are Turks, we stick together, we’re always there and we love each other.” 

    Austria’s Turkish community numbers around 300,000. Many came in the 1970s so now there are second and third generations along with more recent immigrants… 4,000 of them staged a spontaneous demonstration waving Turkish flags and chanting pro-Erdogan slogans… 

    Austria’s leaders ‘concerned about loyalty’ of Turkish immigrants

    This brought powerful protest from Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.



    “We have evidence that the pro-Erdogan demonstrations that took place in Vienna were directly ordered from Turkey to get people on the street. Of course this is untenable and we will protest.”

    What surprised many Austrians was the rapid response of the Turkish community to the attempted coup.

    What surprises me is that anyone in Austria was surprised!

    We’ve all seen – especially Germans – the widespread disloyalty of Turks who revel in the privileges of not just residence…

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

    ,,,,but also of citizenship in European countries, yet retain allegiance to that alien country in Asia.

    I’ll bet the perspicacious Hofer wasn’t surprised, nor many of the smart millions who voted for him in June and will vote the same way in October.

    Already there a real signs of an wakening to the folly of clasping hordes of asps to the nation’s bosom. 
    Mayor Klaus Schneeberger of the conservative People’s Party said he did not want “current developments in Turkey to be imported” into Wiener Neustadt.
    “I therefore call on all those who have put up Turkish flags on their homes or balconies to remove them at once,” he wrote in an open letter sent to Turkish community groups and council estates.
    Schneeberger said the city’s “decades-old traditions and values” had to be protected in the face of the massive migrant influx…
    Time to choose.
    Turkey is a hostile country. Turks loyal to Turkey should live there, or be sent there. 
  • ross1948 19:09 on July 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Europhiliac View – Ask The People? That’s ‘Playing With Fire!’ 

    Europhilia, like demophobia, is not a form of mental aberration unique to the UK elite.

    Another shocking outburst hit the headlines last week from Vienna, where, exemplifying those who abhor the common people’s right to self-determination, a far-left Green in Austria was in extravagant rant mode.

    Alexander Van der Bellen’s short-lived ‘victory’ in the June Presidential election was overturned by the country’s highest court after major irregularities were uncovered.
    Now he and the FPO candidate, Norbert Hofer, are fighting a re-run in October.
    Austrian far-right 'playing with fire' over EU referendum
    Alexander Van der Bellen
    Maybe this Green geezer is simply ticked off with the nuisance value that voting represents to his chances of achieving his ambitions.
    Because, please note, it’s not just the idea of an Austrian exit from the EUSSR that Bellen abhors, but the very idea of ASKING the Austrian electorate what they think about that idea.
    FPO’s Hofer
    Herr Hofer has only mooted a referendum, saying that if Brussels rules continues to develop along current dangerously authoritarian lines, his fellow-citizens deserve to be consulted on the issue.  

    “…and if Turkey joins, then for me it would be time to say that Austrians must also be asked (about membership),” Hofer said after the “Brexit” vote.

    Yet even this basic acknowledgement of democratic principle provoked a bout of characteristic Bellen bleating.
    Even to think about escape from rule by the EuroCommissars…
     god of hellfire
    …if the patriot party “are going to fantasise about an EU exit – they are playing with fire!”
    So there’s the Left’s October platform, just so Austrians are under no illusions.
    If voters imagine it’s their country, not the property of the rotten political establishment (who are lining up to back Bellen’s bid) then…
    Schweigen Sie, Untermenschen!
    (Silence, Subhumans!)
    Not since Hitler’s 1938 Anschluss, the expansion of Nazi rule which annexed Austria to the Reich, has naked hatred for democracy had such currency in public debate.  
    The Fourth Reich mirrors the Third. 

    And just a little more insight into why this re-run, for a mostly ceremonial position, is said to be raising concern that apathy could result in a lower turnout than last time (about 73 percent).

    The biased journos on EU Observer ( and I say biased since they perpetually slur Hofer as far-right but never ID Bellen as the far-left fanatic he is) don’t explain why lower turnout enhances Herr Hofer’s chances.

    But they fear it could be a development that could play into the hands of the far right.  


    Maybe their bias arises because they see themselves among the ranks of the righteous in the apartheid-like ‘divide’ they describe.

    The electorate is divided between educated elites and the working class, the city and the countryside, liberal EU idealists and nationalist EU critics.

    Elites are not so much educated as indoctrinated, otherwise how could they write such pinko piffle, as if ‘idealists’ can only be found on the Europhiliac side.

    But never mind. Their minions on the EUObs pay-roll staff, by their final words…

    …the outcome of this election will determine whether Austria is fortified as a bastion of EU values, or becomes another domino waiting to fall.

    …may have given some European readers an incentive to take a late summer break in beautiful Austria…


    …and lend a hand to the FPO campaigners.

    But girls should bring pepper-spray….




  • ross1948 18:41 on July 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ITMA! Hofer May Yet Take the Reins in Vienna! 

    Brilliant news from Austria, where some honest judges in the Constitutional Court have declared last month’s Presidential election invalid, due to various unacceptable aspects of the counting of votes. 




    This gives the FPO patriot party’s Norbert Hofer more than a fighting chance to win the re-run, presumably facing that gnarled old red/green who squeaked in last time.

    The margin of the green leftist’s success was tiny!

    And the continuing crimmigrant crime-wave should have brought even more Austrians to support the only candidate talking sense on the ‘asylum’ menace.

    Especially Austrian women! .

  • ross1948 11:16 on April 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘A Fascist Green Dictator?’ D-Day for Austria! 

    Austria’s patriot party, the FPO, led by Hans-Christian Strache, has been surging since the crimmigrant crisis broke.

    The Freedom Party came close to winning the local elections in Vienna last year, campaigning to get real on the undesirable tsunami . 

    Oesterreich Wahlen


    But now the FPO faces a  fresh hurdle, if Austrians go nuts and elect an authoritarian leftist in tomorrow’s presidential election.

    Van der Bellen, a soft-spoken independent with Green backing, said he would refuse to swear in Strache as chancellor, prompting Hofer to call him a “fascist green dictator.”



    Hasil gambar untuk norbert hofer

    FPO’s Hofer -Your Homeland Needs You Now!


    What a slap in the face for constitutional principle. If a party wins a parliamentary election, of course its leader should be given the top job.

    Norbert Hofer is the candidate from Strache’s party, and he too is riding high in the polls, just a point or two behind the anti-democratic Greenster.  

    Austria – Infested Italy Could Push Herr Hofer To Victory 

     You’d think there’d be an outcry from the left-lib media or the Council of Europe, which waxes loud and shrill about perceived but illusory ‘threats’ to fair play in Poland. 

    Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland! 

    Bellen – no nonsense about democratic principle from this Green gargoyle


    But I’ve heard nothing.

    Certainly not from Deutsche Welle, which, next door to Austria, might have been thought to express at least concern, if not alarm, at the rise of Van der Bellen-style extremism. Instead, we get a weird report about how Austria’s ‘press freedom’ is endangered.  http://www.thelocal.at/20160420/press-freedom-under-more-threat-in-austria


    Because journos demanding entry into a crimmigrant holding centre at Transkirchen had to apply several times before gaining access!

    Their purpose of course was to collect and transmit whines on behalf of and about aliens who shouldn’t be in Austria anyway!

    Double-standards in there somewhere.

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