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  • ross1948 13:51 on May 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Confuse Good Chinese-Canadians With Red Scum! 

    How very sad to see this headline, and the intro to a story…

    Chinese in Canada a target of increased hate during pandemic

    Spitting and violent attacks, to verbal assaults and vandalism of Chinese cultural sites

    ….which, if accurate, shows how stupid some people can be.

    One of my favourite outings as a kid in Stratford Ontario was to the Golden Bamboo, though I can’t recall what I ate there.

    It was the friendly Chinese staff and the ambience that hooked me.

    Most Chinese-ethnics in Canada, like those restaurant workers in Ontario, and presumably in British Columbia, where the report comes from, are there because –

    A – they were born there, or

    B – they didn’t like living in the giant prison called Red China.

    We covered the story some months ago

    “This is Canada! Go back to China!” 

    ….when good Chinese-origin Canadians clashed  with Communist filth on Canadian streets.

    VANCOUVER, BC., August 18, 2019 - Scenes from a rally outside the Chinese consulate to protest against "police brutality" against pro-Hong Kong supporters by police in Hong Kong as well as pro China demonstrators, in Vancouver, BC., August 18, 2019. (NICK PROCAYLO/PNG) 00058411A ORG XMIT: 00058411A [PNG Merlin Archive]

    Pro-Communist ratbags soil a Canadian street


    The Federal Government should at once have swooped on those who had made very clear their overt allegiance to Beijing…

    …and deported every last one of them.

    It’s the least decent people had a right to expect!

    All decent people hate Communism, of course, but in this context, I mean Canadians of every ethnicity who understand that the disciples of Mao are agents of evil.


    Mao the Monster


    By flaunting their disloyalty in Vancouver, those agents of evil provoked local dimwits incapable of recognising the difference between good Chinese, with whom we should all show solidarity, and the sort of red vermin who brandished the banner of the enslavers.



    But let’s agree that while dimwits harassing innocent people deserve to be caught and punished, only a dimwit government would have failed to take action – expulsion action – which would have deprived the pig-ignorant perps of their deluded excuses for aggro.

  • ross1948 09:46 on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Discrimination! Canadian Pinko Klutz Canned! 

    Just up, lazy Sunday, not quite nearly arvo, but getting on for 10am and I am craving coffee…



    ….and since It is Canada’s Dominion Day, I am delighted to offer you a pleasing tale from British Columbia, where an obnoxious leftist is now looking for a new job.

    The occasion for its dismissal was when the intolerant oaf, a manager with an eatery, demanded a customer remove his MAGA hat.


    Grinning Grimnasty Darin Hodge


    The klutz’s name is Darin Hodge, and his declared excuse for his offensive behaviour was that…



    he felt the hat signified “racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, (and) homophobia.”


    As another worker in Vancouver’s Stanley Tea-Room described the scene –

    “….the gentleman said that he had a right to wear that hat. And [the manager] refused to serve him if he wouldn’t take off his hat, and so the customer had to leave.”  http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/30/restaurant-manager-maga-hat-fired/

    Ten out of ten to the owners who fired the unprofessional ignoramus for “violating the company’s philosophy of tolerance.”

    But then deduct half that score for their media comment afterwards, that he was a “good person with a big heart…


    Plainly he’s an arrogant ass, afflicted with the sort of far-left discriminatory intolerance that’s been reported in various places, like Oakland, California…

     Oakland cafe won’t serve cops – Story

    …and more recently in Lexington, Virginia.


    These people need hard lessons in manners.

    • Arnold 11:38 on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Apart from the shame that fat fool brings on his city, province and country, there has to be some danage to our important tourist industry.
      Happy Dominion Day, as it will have dawned on your time zone.


    • Gordon Underwood 15:42 on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Is he queer?
      There is definitely something not exactly normal about that face.


  • ross1948 11:50 on August 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    C’mon, Canada – If US Congress Can Sanction Treason Cities…? 

    Are Canada’s cops betraying the people they’re duty-bound to serve?

    That’s a question I have to ask after getting a report which includes these words, about Toronto and Hamilton Police –
    What remains unclear is whether police services in those cities are willing to assist with deportation orders from the Canadian Border Services Agency.
    An official with Hamilton police issued a brief and unclear statement.




    “The Hamilton Police Service works within the confines of the Criminal Code as well as our Charter and will continue to serve all members of our community regardless of their documented status,” wrote Catherine Martin of the communications branch in an email.

    http://www.therebel.media/sanctuary_cities_in_canada_toronto_hamilton_police_won_t .




    That seems to me almost oxymoronic. If there are known illegals in Hamilton, cops ought to be detaining them, contacting Border Services to check their deportation date!

    Welfare bums especially should be raided and remanded if they are undesirable aliens.

    out with them


    Time for Canadian MPs to emulate the US House!

    Decent Americans, horrified by San Francisco’s shameful aiding and abetting the killing of Karen Steinle, are all applauding Congress’s belated attention to the issue.   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jul/23/house-passes-bill-punish-sanctuary-cities/

    True, the justified outrage over Karen should have boiled over years ago. Crimmigrant scum have committed one atrocity after another against Americans…Illegal Aliens Account for More than 30% of Murder Convictions in Several States  ….and political scum have been deploying the sanctuary strategy to protect them for years.

    I remind you of my post about a year ago.

    Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! 

    It featured this loathesome swine


    Nutter – a genuine enemy within.


    Mayor Michael Nutter had signed an executive order in April declaring it a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants…it’s the city’s official policy to defy federal authorities seeking to deport illegal immigrants unless the person sought by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has been convicted of a violent felony. 

    Who in Philadelphia has forgotten how a crimmigrant dragged a young doctor off the street into her apartment, where she was brutally raped, again and again….

    Of course Obama will go to any lengths to protect vermin…and what other word but vermin applies to such as these…

    1800 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Re-offended After Sanctuary Cities Let Them Go


    The Manchurian has vowed to veto the new American bill that would sanction ‘sanctuary’ treason.


    But Canadians are more fortunate, to say the least, in that their head of government, while far from perfect,  is basically pro-Canadian – unlike the Un-American and indeed Anti-American Obama. 


    • come on Canada
    • The Harper Government said last year it opposed the subversive coddling of crimmigrants. It is on record as opposing the treachery of Toronto and Vancouver. 

    Toronto Proclaims, Vancouver Aspires Parasite Sanctuary Status!…

    But what ACTION has it taken?  

    At the very least, city councils should be subjected to citizen approval before any crimmigrant sanctuary statute is passed. Local referenda, to curb red rogues at local level.



    Do these cities get any subsidies from Ottawa?

    Has Harper taken steps to turn off the tap?

    These are questions Canada should be asking, as they prepare to go to the polls.

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