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  • ross1948 23:56 on January 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Priti Got Him A Nice Hotel Room! 

    Publishing this today as the extradition ( to Austria) hearing is due and readers may wish to watch out for the outcome.

    Austrian police arrested the three other men, all of whom were also immigrants, after they reportedly boasted to a friend about having sex with an underage girl


    Does anyone in the British Government give a DAMN about the safety of British women and children?

    Easy, and reasonable, to blame Priti Patel…



    …but the buck stops at 10 Downing Street.

    Thousands of primitive illegal aliens, not one a genuine refugee…

    (since they arrive from a safe country, France)

    ..have been, and still are, oozing onto British soil, often with the disgraceful collaboration…

    ..of the pitiful poltroons of Priti’s ‘Border Force…’

    …and what happens then?

    Any sane, responsible government would pen them up, confined with armed guards, for months..

    …..until interrogation, vetting, Interpol enquiries, etc., are completed.

    Then, and only then, would those (a handful) not appropriate for deportation be passed on to appropriate accommodation personnel.

    No fancy hotels.

    There are housing units empty in council estates where no Brits want to live.

    Disperse them, with probationary status.

    What the government should NOT be doing…

    ..is handing out hotel rooms to unvetted savages!

    Channel migrant ‘gang-raped and killed’ young girl before fleeing to UK, court hears

    AN Afghan migrant has been accused of drugging, gang-raping and killing a 13-year-old girl before fleeing to the UK, a court has heard…


    …as Priti Patel’s Home Office did to this undesirable alien.

  • ross1948 08:42 on December 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘American’ ISIS Fan Boasts In His ‘Jamaican Patois!’ 

    In the presence of an FBI informant, McCormick recorded two videos on Oct. 19 pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader, one in English and the other in his native language of Jamaican Patois, authorities said. 


    That’s Kevin Imam McCormick, by the way, a name perhaps as unusual as my choice today of the far-left ‘Daily Beast’ from which to quote!

    Sad to say, there have been many evil people living in the USA who have chosen to cleave to the cause of the ISIS rape-gang.


    Other evil aliens too are a concern.

    One of 3 men accused in Portland beating death pleads guilty

    The Evil Within

    Few of them were born there, which explains the ever more urgent demands for intensified vetting of those allowed in.


    • The United States runs the names of potential refugees through terrorism and law enforcement databases and conducts health screenings — but makes no effort to learn whether they harbor extremist views, an administration official acknowledged Wednesday.
    • Simon Henshaw, principal deputy assistant secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, made the admission.…   http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/u-s-refugee-vetting-makes-no-effort-detect-radical-views/


    So the inevitable question that arises from the report in the Daily Beast this month surely has to be…



    Who let this Jamaican undesirable settle in America?

    • Stu Lacey 12:32 on December 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Detecting shariah ideology isn’t so hard, I would think, but if they are not trying to detect, no wonder we have a problem.


  • ross1948 13:00 on November 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Let That Primitive Pakistani Into Holland? 

    There’s a rather good judge in The Netherlands, named Van Steen.

    I say ‘rather good’ because when he sentenced a filthy Pakistani savage named Jaunid to 10 years in prison for plotting to murder Geert Wilders, the judge gave the primitive a longer sentence than the prosecution had asked for!

    Ten years is not bad, though I’d have been even more enthused had the brute been put away for life.

    There are too many savages in  civilised countries who harbour backward notions that ‘blasphemy’ merits punishment.



    Anyone who thinks it deserves death should be booted out.

    There’s no place for such in Europe or North America or Australasia.

    I found the story in a local media outlet here in Indonesia…


    …where, sadly, the ‘blasphemy law’ is still extant, and people found guilty are punished harshly.

    Jackboot! Woman Jailed For Complaint About Mosque Noise! 


    …though at least not subject to capital punishment.

    But let’s stick to the Western world today!

    Teaching violent sectarians a lesson is important, but even more  importantly, there’s a lesson for civilised people to learn – such creatures should never have got into The Netherlands in the first place!



    The same goes for that Afghan swine, ‘identified only as Jaweed S,’ who was convicted of stabbing two American tourists in Amsterdam Central Station, leaving one of his victims wheel-chair-bound.

    The pig was shot during capture but unfortunately was not shot dead.

    “He never showed remorse during his trial, repeatedly saying that he would return to doing the same thing if his religion was insulted,” the judge said…

     https://m.detik.com/news/internasional/4746281/tikam-2-turis-amerika-di-amsterdam-pria-afghanistan-dibui-26-tahun. ….and sentenced the foul creature to 26 years.

    Not bad…

    …but such a pity there’s no death penalty.

    But AGAIN, the real issue is WHY was the satanic savage in Holland at all?

    Why is there no vetting of ‘migrants,’ of so-called ‘refugees,’ of ‘asylum-Seekers,’ of all people from all countries, but especially from lands where civilisation is thin on the ground, like Afghanistan, like Pakistan… …

    In the USA during the Cold War, and maybe still today, who knows, anyone wishing to enter any port or airport, or land border, as far as I know, had to answer a key question -on membership of the Communist Party.



    Communism then was the perceived enemy.

    Nowadays, jihadism is the foremost foe of all free societies.

    All who would gain entry to Holland, or to Britain, America, Germany, Australia, etc. MUST be subjected to INTENSE interrogation…

    …to ascertain if they hold barbaric views on punishing ‘blasphemy’ or similar demented credos.


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