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  • ross1948 17:48 on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Double-Talk! Evil Ylva Babbles! 

    That damn communist Euro-Commissar must be feeling the heat.

    While every decent patriot in every European nation watched in breathless admiration..

    Video spreads in social networks - migrants storm barriers on the Belarusian-Polish border - Perild

    …as the courageous Poles resisted violent crimmigrant savages seeking to invade their country, Red Ylva Johansson ranted as usual that –


    • Euro-Commissar Ylva Johansson

    We are not allowing pushbacks. We will not allow pushbacks.”

    Then she must have realised that only a dumbo marxist bitch would talk such tripe…



    …while brave men and women were being stoned by alien scum.

    We should not legalise pushbacks, but it’s also important to say member states are obliged to prevent unauthorised entries…”

    But that’s not pushing back?

    Sometimes the debate is a bit black or white. We have to do both. We do not have free entry to the European Union.


    We have to protect our external border but we have to do it in a way that is compliant with European values.

    Comrade Ylva, take your vile cultural marxist values and shove ’em…



    • Barb Cassain 18:57 on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      She even looks like an arrogant red.


  • ross1948 18:30 on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Again, Tell Mexico To Shoot The Savages! 

    You may have seen the outrageous violence unleashed on Mexican security forces….

    Violent clashes erupt as Mexico’s National Guard confronts US-bound migrants (VIDEOS)


    …. by vicious crimmigrant savages.

    Reports say that the Mexican National Guard personnel were pushed back by the undesirable aliens, who were using rocks and hefty clubs to batter the men in uniform.



    Why did the officers not use the fire-arms with which all should have been equipped? .

    This isn’t the first time we’ve noted the barbarous character of the illegals intent on gate-crashing the USA to leech off American tax-payers…

    Mexico – Tell The Cops To Open Fire On Undesirable Aliens! 

    Migrants clash with police in Mexco | Reuters.com


    ….and the invaders seem to resemble the brutes in Calais…

    On BBC! ‘Migrants Very Aggressive

    …plotting similar lawless transgressions against British borders!

    How many times will Mexico allow its men to be humiliated atthe hands of undesirable aliens?

  • ross1948 23:34 on August 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    In Treviso, Savages Amok, Again, Expose Conte’s Folly! 

    News this week of a mob of diseased savages in the Italian city of Treviso – not the first time primitive aliens have run amok there…


    …and if they’d got the sound trashings they deserved before, the present dire situation might well have not arisen!



    But the latest outbreak has exposed the folly of the Italian left’s approach to the crimmigrant menace…

    Virus! Italian Left NGO Says ‘Don’t Blame Crimmigrants!’ 

    ….and many’s the citizen there and all across Italy who must dearly wish they still had Matteo Salvini in a position of political power.



    The former Serena Barracks in Treviso is currently facing the largest active Covid outbreak in Italy and the chain of infections linked to this center for migrants does not seem to stop.

    So, after Italy’s long nightmare, all those weeks and months of grief, a new threat of pandemic resurgence has arisen, diseased aliens the source, and worse, aliens so shamelessly ungrateful to the country that let them come ashore that….

    last weekendthey ran amok, attacking the hospital in the compound, rioting against the declaration of a red zone.

    Treviso Police Headquarters intervened and arrested a 26 year old from Gambia. The man, after destroying some equipment inside the infirmary, first attacked one of the doctors and then threatened the officers with an iron bar.

    What a great pity the cops didn’t shoot the swine dead on the spot.



    What a pity, too, the English-language media has more or less buried this story of ingratitude and violence on the part of intruders.

    Sadly, one of the officers has now tested positive, while the other two are in isolation. https://www.ilgiornale.it/news/cronache/interviene-arrestare-migrante-nellex-caserma-serena-1882502.html


  • ross1948 20:49 on April 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Abdel Majed Abdel Bary ISIS, , , , , violent crimmigrant mob   

    ‘British’ ISIS Pig Held In Spain? But How’d He Get There? 

    Spanish police have captured a former British rapper who was on the run after fighting for the Islamic State (IS) jihadist movement in Iraq and Syria, officials and media said..


    This swine had his UK citizenship cancelled after it became known that he’d joined the Islamist rape-gang.

    Abdel Majed Abdel Bary was caught in the southern town of Almeria, where he had been leaving an apartment sporadically with a face mask during the coronavirus lockdown, according to Spain’s interior ministry and a European security source.

    But it’s not until we reach the end of the report that we find information that should have been at the top of the page!

    The ISIS pig, and two other suspects detained by the police in Almeria, had come into Spain via North Africa…

    And how many other evil undesirables have gate-crashed Spanish land and maritime frontiers, either by sly sea journeys or violent incursions?


    Spain Invaded Again – Give The ‘Open Fire!’ Order! 

    Brussels has a shameful record of taking the side of such primitive savages…


    The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said she was “very concerned” about Spanish police firing rubber bullets to deter migrants.  She added that the actions of any EU state protecting its borders should be “proportionate”, and should respect fundamental rights and human dignity.

    Invasion! So Brussels Stabs Spain in the Back! 

    Dignity?’ ‘Respect?’   Illegals deserve neither!


    …and the present PSOE (Socialist ) regime in Madrid is utterly complacent…

    ‘Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight! 

    ….refusing to treat vicious migrant ‘minors’ as the public enemies they clearly are!

    Only Spain’s patriot party, Vox, offers serious and positive proposals on how to handle the migrant menace!

    Round them up, kick them out!

    PS – An interesting foot-note.

    It turns out Spain is now considering whether or not the pig should be tried in a Spanish court.

    Having lost its UK citizenship, it retains Egyptian nationality. Better send it then to Egypt.

    Egypt knows how best to deal with terror beasts.

    • Mack the Knife 21:18 on April 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That idea of sending him to Egypt, I like it.
      Do the Egyptians hang terrorists or shoot them?
      Who cares? As long as they kill them, that will do nicely.


    • Mel Henderson 21:30 on April 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If my memory serves me well, that PSOE government in Madrid has been letting the ‘NGO’ migrant ferries unload illegals by the dozen, or by the hundred.
      All while violent illegals like those in the photograph above get into Spain and of the thousands already in, hardly any ever get put out.
      As you say, if an illegal alien rapes or robs a Spaniard, he does it 90% secure in the knowledge that the government will not kick him out of Spain.


    • Penny 22:08 on April 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hang him!
      Spain’s as bad as Britain, no chance of justice, so your solution makes the most sense.
      Stick him on a plane, any plane will do.
      Next stop Egypt!


  • ross1948 16:07 on March 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Those Naughty Greeks! How Dare They Fight Back! 

    An amazing rant, from one of Erdolf’s minions, Edirne Health Director Ali Cengiz Kalkan, who doesn’t quite claim that Greeks are monsters who eat babies for breakfast…



    …but his hysterical, spittle-flecked witter about Greece’s ‘inhuman treatment’ of violent savages seeking to invade their country is almost laughable.

    Greek authorities come up with new methods every day to discourage migrants.

    While Greek border police continue to use tear gas, plastic bullets and sometimes real bullets, they also used air fans to increase the impact of the tear gas. The last method has been the use of green lasers, which run the risk of causing permanent damage to the retina…  https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/eu-affairs/greek-security-forces-use-green-laser-against-migrants-at-border


    The rabble seem already to have problems with their eyes, unable to read the signs that say they are trespassing if they step onto Greek territory.


    The only fault I can find with the Greek defenders of their border is their failure to use live ammo to deadly effect.

    That would have ended the Turk-sponsored mayhem at once.

    Erdolf’s cowardly goon-squad skulked behind the savages..



    …cowering in the rear rather than leading the charge, even while the Greeks used only mild deterrent force.

    Yet the mayhem was entirely their doing.

    They very meticulously organised the illegal aliens’ transportation to the border.

    Read this…


    …by a journo who is most definitely NOT on the Greek side ( he ludicrously calls their resistance ‘heavy-handed!’) but who nevertheless provides explicit descriptions of the weaselly way Erdolf’s goons sent their puppets off to war…


    ….and then sat back to watch.

    Imagine the Turks’ reaction if real bullets began to fly?

    They’d have run all the way to the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

  • ross1948 09:11 on March 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – Report Pro-Crimmigrant ‘Charities!’ 

    Watching the stone-throwing savages vent their frustration by the banks of the Evros in Thrace…


    Just like these violent migrant hoodlums in 2015!


    ….savages enraged at being thwarted in their desire to plunge their snouts into the yummy tax-troughs of Germany and Austria and the Scandinavian lands…


    Britain’s too until Brexit is complete!


    …one can only admire the brave Greek border guards and hope their political masters will soon give them the green light to use live ammo.

    But what can we civilians far from the scene do to help?

    Well, we can read the Guardian!

    Not the sort of suggestion you expect on my pages, I know, but today that abominable newspaper revealed, as insightful citizens might have foreseen, the intervention of another ( I say ‘another’ because we know the media, mostly, will stab their own nations in the back) segment of the Western world’s Enemy Within.


    In an open letter to EU leaders and the Greek prime minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis, 85 charities, including Action Aid and Amnesty International, said they were “deeply concerned” about how authorities were handling new arrivals to Greece.



    Like these?

    Your Majesty, Please Remove Royal Patronage From Infested NSPCC 

    ..or this?


    WoW have received £400,000 from Comic Relief in the last two years, despite being an overtly far-Left protest group with a specific political agenda (pro-Palestine is high on their list) and anti-Trump and anti-Israel obsessions.
    They have recently taken things a little too far, and have been reprimanded by the Charity Commission for ‘inappropriate political activity,’ with their ‘Stop Trump’ campaigning.

    Given their intrusion into geo-politics, their upstart attempts to dictate political policies, how these are still registered ‘charities?’

    How come the Charity Commissioners are not calling these ratbag outfits to account.

    Real charities walk about town with collecting cans, go from door-to-door asking for old clothes etc.


    Not a new concern…

    UK Charity Commissioners? Slap Down This Brexit-Hating ‘Charity!’ 

    …but without exploring more detailed news of the particular ‘charities’ involved in this latest outbreak of arrogance, one can only hazard a guess at the names of others involved.

    So there you are, two steps you can take…

    Here’s the link to the CC email address – https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-charity

    …to help, indirectly and in a small way, to show solidarity with today’s version of Leonidas’ 300, the stalwarts on the frontline against barbarous invaders.

    Find out which ‘charities,’ besides awful Amnesty, put their names to that insolent epistle, then email those Charity Commissioners, demanding action!

  • ross1948 21:25 on February 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Wanna See Alien Savages In Action? 

    We often use this photo…


    …of fake-refugee savages violently assaulting Hungarian border guards, back at the height of the alien tsunami which Mama Stasi Merkel’s green-light unleashed on so many European nations.

    The Enemy Within these days frequently shrills about how that tsunami has abated, but evil aliens are still out there in abundance  – and still as viciously aggressive as ever they were.

    This link to a recent Breitbart report…


    …shows a savage migrant mob yet again attempting to  gate-crash Hungary’s frontier.



    Only one warning shot was fired, which is surely a pity.

    A dozen dead invaders would certainly persuade the rest of the fake-refugee primitives to behave themselves.

  • ross1948 19:46 on April 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    After Attack By Red Nazis, Vox Patriots Still Fight For Spain! 

    When red nazi scum resort to violence to suppress a legitimate party’s constitutional rights…


    Image result for barcelona antifa vox


    …we have to think the victims have something useful to say!

    And Santiago Abascal, leader of the patriot party in Spain, has indeed said something useful, a call for a wall to prevent incursions by violent savages, as seen in our previous posts…

    Spain’s Irrepressible Suicide Urge! 

    Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants

    …and he has argued that as Morocco “ sends waves of immigrants across the border” it should be one to pay for the cost of walls at the borders in Ceuta and Melilla, Spain’s two enclaves on the North African coast.


    Gambar terkait

    In view of the serious injuries sustained by border security personnel – again as we reported – Senor Abascal is also spot on with his proposal that  the army should be sent in to patrol the borders until the walls are erected and should be given “the necessary orders” to defend them.

    And the man’s plans for The Enemy Within, the ‘NGO’ subversives…



    …sound at least as good if not better still!

    He wants to stop “those NGOs that collaborate with mafias and go to the African coast to collect human trade…”\

    And who can find fault with his summing up of what’s needed.

    He believes that “the great wall that we should be building is a psychological one and consists of informing immigrants that those who enter illegally in Europe will never be able to regularize their situation nor will they have the right to stay, nor will they have social assistance, nor will they be given a health card,” he insists.


    Great stuff!

    BTW, there’s a link to a France24 video report, which records some of what a brilliant young lady told an enthusiastic Vox audience.

    One assumes F24 figured their viewers are all lefties, like F24’s journo hack-pack…




    ================ “

    ….and would be horrified by Rocio Monasteri’s  sound sense and brave words.

    Far from it, in my case – she speaks for millions, in all our countries.

    The election is on the 28th – fingers crossed for a good Vox vote!

  • ross1948 11:00 on August 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'street-vendors' illegal aliens, , Mayor Ada Colau, sectarian bias, violent crimmigrant mob   

    ‘Barcelona Street-Vendors?’ Spanish, Catalan, Or..? 

    We made brief mention of Barcelona’s Mayor Ada Colau last week, referring readers to a Gatestone report on her shocking lop-sided behaviour, displays of sectarian bias totally unbecoming in a civic leader.  
    Gambar terkait
    Now we read in The Leftal, sorry, The Local, that she ‘is facing calls to quit over perceived insecurity in Spain’s most-visited city as criticism after the assault of a US visitor sparked a very public insult by her tourism czar.
    Again, I am content to let you examine the linked story and judge for yourself what kind of mayor would fail to fire the foul-mouthed clown described as ‘her tourism czar.’
    But what made us sit up and go over, word for word, The Leftal’s entire report, was their description of the gang filmed running wild on the city’s streets, the specific incident baldly passed off as an attack by ‘street-vendors’ on an American tourist…
    Maybe so, but are the words an adequate description?
    In some country south of the Mediterranean, perhaps.
    Please take a look at the short video The Leftal included in its report …
    =Hasil gambar untuk barcelona tourist street vendors attack
    Bloody alien savages
    ….and ask yourself, given the debate on the identity of the people of the province of which Barcelona is capital, HOW should these ‘Barcelona street-vendors’ be defined –  as Spaniards or as Catalans?

    Or, as we might be entitled to ask, having read of the crimmigrant infestation of that big city….

    The Sheer Arrogance Of Spain’s Crimmigrants! 

    …if the amok savages on the video are actually illegal aliens.
    And if so, why did The Leftal’s intrepid reporter not think to ask the same question, do a bit of basic journalist work, and answer it.
    Or does The Local/Leftal KNOW the answer already, but shamefully shrink from publishing the truth?
    • Theo G 14:20 on August 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The Leftal must think we are very slow on the uptake, or that we wouldn’t notice those very non-Spanish figures attacking the American.


    • Reggie Palmer 17:50 on August 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It’s very poor reporting on the part of that ‘Local’ and any other media that didnt identify the attackers as illegals.
      Even more when the video showed us them in action.


    • Reggie Palmer 18:03 on August 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was looking to see if any other media at all had covered the story honestly and only the Russian ‘Sputnik’ seems to have. They report that one Moroccan has now been arrested.
      The Mail gave a lot more detail even so, and what happened was that the American tourist was trying to help a young lady who could not get past the aliens on the pavement.
      But while I was looking, I found a lot of other news that the ‘mainstream media’ has kept from us.
      Like this-
      28th July: 2 Moroccans rape a 17-year-old girl in the Alicante province town of Pilar de la Horadada

      1st August: A 25-year-old Moroccan was arrested after robbing and raping a 74 year old British woman in Valencia in May

      5th August: In Tudela, in North-Eastern Spain, 3 Moroccans were apprehended over the rape of a minor during the annual local fair

      8th August: 2 Moroccan youths, one an illegal immigrant, were arrested in Tenerife after raping and abusing a young English tourist

      9th August: A 38-year-old Moroccan man scared an entire bar’s clientele in Ibiza, threatening to shoot them all whilst brandishing a gun. He was later found with a 6mm pistol and 1500 ecstasy pills

      9th August: A 51-year-old Moroccan man was detained after masturbating himself in front of 4 teenagers aged 14 and 15 in Menorca

      It is shocking that the Socialist government despite all this has said it wants to make it easier for illegals by making the border fence easier to get scross. Spain needs to wake up.


      • Dietmar Dallen 18:48 on August 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Why if these alien are preying so on Spanish women, are the Spanish men not demanding action?
        Are Spanish media, as our German media, hiding truth by not reporting the reality of this situation?
        What is the Spanish for ‘Lying Media?’


    • Mack The Knife 23:04 on August 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If the Spanish insist on ‘welcoming’ boats full of illegal aliens, then legitimate foreign arrivals, i.e. tourists, will be fewer and fewer.
      Who wants to be attacked by violent aliens?
      Why have all those aliens in the video not all been detained for expulsion from Spain if only to make room for the latest lot?


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