Ukraine And Turks Abhor Illegals – Unlike Brussels! 

Twelve migrants, apparently from North Africa, have been sailing to and fro between Istanbul and Odessa on a Danish passenger ferry for the last seven weeks, locked in four cabins with no country willing to take them.


Gambar terkait


And no bloody wonder!

“There has been a tendency to violence and aggressions…”

Aaah, just what every nation needs, a pack of savages – as if we ain’t got enough already!


Migrant savages storm Hungary


Although there is a tempting alternative to keeping the arrogant swine locked up.

…and they have threatened to jump overboard … so there is no alternative to locking them inside the cabins,” 

There ARE alternatives!

Used to be that anti-social behaviour on board a ship led to a sound thrashing…


Hasil gambar untuk shipboard flogging


…and that might make them confess where they come from. .. at least six are thought to be Moroccan and four Algerian.

Meanwhile, it might be a salutary lesson, were they to be chained up in some sweltering annex of the engine room, rather than give them the undeserved comfort of a cabin.

At least the Danes are declining any suggestion that because the scum are on one of their ships, responsibility might be shunted onto Denmark.

“The problem can be solved. All it takes is a quick decision from Ankara or Kiev,” says Copenhagen. It’s said the wannabe welfare bludgers had Romania as their preferred victim-nation, no doubt, like those we mentioned last week…

Now Romania -Is ANY Country Plague-Free? 

…with a view to oozing northwestwards to Mama Stasi’s Germany.

But the dimwits got on the wrong ferry…


So not only are they unpleasant and violent but also stupid.

…in accordance with the bilateral agreement, the country that delivered the people should take them back.

But the Turks don’t want to know.

A Turkish foreign ministry official said the case was being followed by “all related institutions.”   Migrants stuck on endless ferry journey as countries refuse entry

Short-term solution?

Any of my above ideas, or get a rickety raft and tow the wretches along behind the ferry…


Gambar terkait


….but of course with armed guards ready at harbours to ensure the villains don’t attempt to ‘jump raft!

Anyone else got an appealing thoughts on how to teach these toe-rags a lesson? And is it not refreshing when countries dig in their heels and say ‘No…’

Italian island of Sardinia alarmed by increase in number of migrants …

….when every week the EUSSR willingly imports hundreds, thousands, of illegals.