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  • ross1948 18:38 on November 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Another, Bigger, Scandinavian Brat, Rude To Its Elders And Betters 

    Not as young in years as The Addled Swede Brat, but a Dane named Jonas Eika showed a similarly ill-brought-up demeanour last week…



    …at the awards ceremony organised by the Nordic Council.

    The ceremony hit some headlines when T.A.S.B *. gracelessly refused a prize for her infantile antics….

    = * the addled Swede brat!

    ….but what about this?


    Image result for jonas eika"


    You might not expect such a gaping galoot to produce much in the way of creative writing, but evidently his pinko scribbling, with its “global perspective” and…dealing with “contemporary political challenges,” appealed to the jury.


    Jonas the Jerk is in his late 20s, so even if his parents were as bad as Ghastly Greta’s at bringing up children…




    ….he ought by now to have learned a few basic manners all by himself.

    But no, once he’d said a brief thank-you to the jury, he showed the large gathering what a slob he truly is, launching a nasty pro-crimmigrant verbal salvo at Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, sitting on first row.

    The oaf whined that Denmark was ‘continuing the former government’s “racist language and policies”.

    By that, ignoring the fact that such a rant was completely irrelevant to the occasion, presumably he meant that alien ingrates were not being treated with soft enough kid-gloves…


    civilised man v savage


    …and that primitives couldn’t just barge across Danish borders and do as they damn well please.

    Nor was it only his own country’s concern for security that upset the klutz.

    He criticised all Nordic countries for placing refugees in prisons or remote camps, where they break down, get ill and some attempt to commit suicide.


    If the blighters don’t like it, they shouldn’t have imposed their ingrate selves on somebody else’s country

    Or countries

    Jonas the Jerk continued.

    “Many of you are contributing to the militarising of the EU borders in a process that risks the lives of thousands of migrants, while at the same time benefitting the security and arms industries, including several Nordic companies,”

    When you recall the sort of savages demanding, and sadly getting, easy entry into Europe…




    …one could only wish for some genuinely serious ‘militarising,’ instead of the idiotic importation of more and more primitives!


    After the awards, winners and nominees, politicians and guests were served a climate-friendly beetroot steak with potatoes.


    Beetroot steak?

    No beef on the menu? Glad I wasn’t invited!

    angry face

    Maybe foreknowledge of the fare on offer had put Jonas the Jerk in such a bilious frame of mind!


    All credit to PM Ms. Mette Frederiksen, who took the fanatic leftist’s discourtesy in her stride, afterwards merely observing –

    “Well, we live in a country with free speech.” https://euobserver.com/nordic/146465


    Which is what some of the dirty ingrates who have settled in civilised countries don’t seem to like…





    …swine such as the scum who were charged for their role in a murderous outrage, the terrorist attempt on the life of the cartoonist Lars Vilks…



    Cartoonist Vilks


    … which Vilks survived, but in which – and in a related attack, on a synagogue the same night – other innocent people died, slaughter about which  a pignoramus named Bhostan Khan Hossein had this gem of jihadist intolerance to add…


     “Those who died were innocent. The cartoonist deserved to die!”


    ..AND also in Denmark….

    Three months?

    Better just to hang scumbags like those, but if the death penalty is not yet re-introduced, DEPORT THEM.

    No doubt Jonas the Jerk would object!

    • Johnny Baines 20:02 on November 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      These leftists soil all they touch.
      Over the past few months I have read here how even quilting and sewing clubs have been taken over and turned into far-left fronts. I have seen fashion shows on tv waffling about promoting ‘diversity’ too.
      That book award ceremony should have been all about literary merit but that ‘jerk’ used it to push his extremist politics and so very discourteously.
      The left are infiltrating and politicising everything.


  • ross1948 18:35 on August 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    If Your Neighbourhood Were Over-Run By Red Nazis? 

    After several years of Red Tsipras’ anti-Greek misrule..




    …during which alien savages were free to run amok and Greeks were treated with contempt by their own government…


    Tear gas fills the air as French riot police face off with demonstrators near the area called the "jungle" where migrants live in Calais

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

    …it’s nice to see that a modicum of sanity prevails once more in that tormented land, with the news that in Athens, ‘police have arrested about 100 people in dawn raids on squats in Athens mostly occupied by refugees and migrants.’

    Note the deliberate attempt at mystification of readers by coupling ‘refugees’ with ‘migrants.’.

    Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 

    Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 


    Refugees?’ ‘Migrants?’ ‘’Asylum-Seekers?’

    I don’t suppose their Greek victims drew any such feeble distinction, when faced with the mayhem!


    The area in Athens concerned is Exarcheia, which, laudably, ‘was flooded by police during the operation.’

    But as we read on, the question arises – are there no decent Greeks left still residing in Exarchia?

    We are told that the anarchist squat movement in the area…resolved to open empty buildings in Exarcheia to house refugees….on the same principles of autonomous self-organisation.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/26/greece-police-raid-athens-squats-exarcheia-arrest-migrants-agency-reports


    We’ll see if he’s more ‘centre’ or more ‘right!’ And if he puts Greece before the sicko Brussels Empire’s addiction to their ‘European Values!’

    What he SHOULD do is – 

    Turn Exarchia into a semi-permanent training camp for police and the Greek armed forces, simultaneously instituting a comprehensive programme of evictions…



    …until every ‘anarchist’ (aka red nazi antifa) is evicted, detained and deposited in a cell…


    …and all non-citizens skulking there are corralled into confinement…



    …ready for mass deportations.

    • Pamela 21:10 on August 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      These ‘anarchists’ whom you rightly identify as the antifa by another name just took over that neighbourhood because they could.
      We have seen too much of this ‘occupy with impunity’ phenomenon over recent years, a complete disregard of property rights.
      As to your question about what might have become of normal Greeks in Exarchia, it is safe to assume that non-criminals would have left if they had anywhere to go. I feel terribly sorry for any who were left behind, surrounded by ( probably illegal) aliens and marxist thugs.
      The new government is off to a good start but as you also say, it should go further and clean out all the anarchist and alien squatters.
      Detention is the correct solution.


    • Basili 21:53 on August 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Tsipras was a liar who promised much then betrayed his promises.
      The new prime minister is better but anyone would be better.
      If he crushes the anarchists and sends back the illegal aliens, he will be a hero to all Greeks but I am very doubtful he is strong enoug.


    • Manny Freeman 20:16 on September 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I would not have noticed this article. https://www.europeaninterest.eu/article/end-anarchists-exarcheia/ If I had not read yours and shared your curiosity about how many normal Greeks remained in the Exarchia area of Athens.
      It is written under the auspices of a Washington Post journalist so it’s not remotely rightwing.
      The writer gives quotes from present and former gang members which reveal so much about the thuggery and intolerance of the anarchist/nazi mentality.
      I hope the Greek Police go in hard and clean up Exarchia and let the decent people there live in peace and freedom.


  • ross1948 22:32 on June 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Filthy Savages, Amok Again! Why Not Just Shoot Them? 

    And once more we read of a pack of violent brutes, in Germany because they claim to be seeking ‘asylum,’ turning on their hosts, spitting in the faces of German cops…



    ….and hurling all manner of missiles, including bicycles, for God’s sake, at outnumbered police officers.

    All that outrageous activity has just taken place in a small Bavarian community, probably much like Pocking…

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    …also in Bavaria, which featured in one of our first exposes of the madness of Merkel’s ‘open-door’ migrant policy.

    That old clown cleric we wrote about earlier tonight…


    …would have us believe it’s only wicked ‘populists’ who make decent citizens fear these lying alien parasites.




    Or, a similar leftist myth, that such outbreaks of savagery among the primitives are unrepresentative, that the primitives do not lack gratitude for German largesse.

    Oh yeah? How many have actually even said ‘Danke’ to any German?

    Get real, comrades!



    One in ten victims of violent offenses in Germany in 2018 had been assaulted by migrants, the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) said.

    The statistics on “violent crimes” included murders and contract hits, sexual assaults as well as particularly brutal physical abuse and robberies.

    Out of about one million victims of such crimes in Germany last year, 102,000 were assaulted by migrants.

    The number of such crimes committed by immigrants and asylum seekers against Germans increased by seven percent in comparison to 2017, the police said.


    German Police carry hand-guns.

    It’s time they were given orders to open fire on violent ingrate scum, like those described in our opening sentences.

    Once a half-dozen such wild beasts are laid out in the city morgue, there will be precious few recurrences of barbarism.

    • Penny 00:42 on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Why would anybody not want to shoot them?
      The police should get the go-ahead.


    • Jason Woodward 13:25 on November 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Not only in Germany – anybody wanting to emigrate to De Klerk’s and Tutu’s “Wonderful NEW South Africa???”


  • ross1948 19:45 on May 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Malta’s Migrant Terror Scum! UN To The Rescue! 

    Hang The Alien Scum!

    That’s what most of us will surely say about 3 ‘migrants’ facing ‘terrorism’ charges in Malta.

    After that shocking hi-jack in March, which ended in the crew of a tanker, under duress, unloading over a hundred illegal aliens on the long-suffering Maltese…

    Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers

    …any savage convicted should get a draconian sentence, decades galore.




    Alas, the death penalty is not available, thanks to the Brussels Empire’s decadent diktat.

    But just hold on there a moment!

    While right-minded people, in Malta and everywhere in Europe that’s had a taste of migrant crime…


    hands off


    …will want to see justice done, there’s another alien sticking her arrogant beak in on the crimmigrants’ behalf, an insolent UN bint named Ravina Shamsadani.

    “The accused, aged 15, 16 and 19, have been charged under Maltese laws for allegedly hijacking the ship and forcing it to go to Malta. Some of the charges are punishable by life imprisonment…”


    So says Sticky-Beak Shamdani.

    Splendid news indeed, but not to the UN’s nosey-parker, who clearly savours telling sovereign European nation-states what’s what.

    Only a week ago she was whining about Hungary, which knows how to handle undesirable fake ‘refugees.’

    And readers in the USA may be interested to read – https://workpermit.com/news/trump-us-visa-policy-will-stop-splitting-migrant-families-20180823 – how the stroppy vixen berated Trump’s efforts to curb crimmigrants there.



    Now it’s Malta’s turn, and the bint’s condescension is only matched by her contempt for the island republic’s law enforcement system.

    We have made our concerns clear to the Maltese authorities about the treatment of the three young migrants and what we believe to be exaggerated charges against them, and urged them to reconsider the charges,” she said..

    I’m hardly a fan of the leftist government in Valetta, but their police and prosecutors have at least as much info on what that dastardly trio got up to.

    Who does she think she is…



    …to gainsay the witnesses and evidence that put the swine in the frame for the heinous crime of hi-jacking.

    If Malta’s PM Joseph Muscat was worth more than a bucket of spit, which he really isn’t…

    Malta’s Muscat And A Mockery Of Democracy! 

    …then he would declare the uppity UN alien ‘person non grata’ and tell her to take her superficial quibbling and shove it where the sun never shines.

    Sadly, we know he won’t, any more than May did with regard to that ugly American UN SOB…


    Hasil gambar untuk Tendayi Achiume

    Tendayi Achiume, born in Gambia, a ‘professor’ in USA – how much does she ‘earn?’ 

    Sticky-Beak UN Bint Insults Brits! 

    …any more than Le Muppet Macron did when that other  UN ‘rapporteur’ Lousy Leilani went primping around Paris recently.

    Who Does Leilani Farha Think She Is? 

    united natio

    The United Nations is a rat’s nest, whose edifice in New York City should be razed to the ground or turned into a rapporteurs’ hostel, where these grimnast women should be obliged to dwell with a random sample of the undesirables they forever champion.

    Methinks they might soon change their tune!

    ‘…the U.N. is deeply concerned by the severity of the charges…’   https://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-migrants-hijacking-un/u-n-to-malta-drop-terrorism-charges-against-african-migrants-accused-of-hijacking-tanker-idUSKCN1SD1PD

    I’m surprised we didn’t hear about UN protests in other cases where charges were severe!

    • Mack the Knife 23:17 on May 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      From the yard-arm, I hope!


  • ross1948 21:34 on January 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Outrage! Austrians March Against Migrant Murders! 

    I tuned into EuroNews last night, and even that Brussels-funded media outlet felt obliged to report on the angry citizens of Wiener Neustadt, in Austria, who took to the streets to vent their righteous wrath over killings of young women by migrant savages.


    Image result for demo wiener neustadt die stimme

    “HOW MANY MORE? Never Forgotten!”


    The latest case is that of a 16-year-old girl, and the suspect, ‘born in Syria in 1999, had already been on their radar for allegedly assaulting and sexually harassing’ the young Austrian victim.



    Protesters interviewed on the tv news were indignant that this is the FOURTH case THIS YEAR of ‘murder by migrant.’

    Good for Die Stimme, The Voice, a recently formed patriot movement…


    Image result for die stimme oesterreich


    …that organised the march. They are collecting signatures for a ‘citizens’ initiative’ to achieve legal reform (see below) ( http://www.die-stimme.at/2019/01/14/ripfl-an-regierung-abschiebung-auch-bei-vergehen-muss-kommen-stimme -startet-signature action / ) and they also ‘collected numerous financial donations’ for the bereaved family.

    You can read about it in the link, which adds a lot to the above report, notably that the alien had already  https://leserbriefe.info/?p=13713 if you take the time – Google Translate can handle that.

    Interestingly, there are now checks being carried out on the girl’s self-confessed killer, as to his age, so it may well be that the Syrian has been purporting to be something he’s not!



    His lawyer, by the way, seems to be saying that the ‘client’ is no longer confessing!

    But what’s most disgraceful is that, even with the FPO patriot party in government, albeit as the junior pàrtner in Kurz’s coalition, the inadequate regulations concerning ‘asylum-seekers’ have not been overhauled.

    According to the report we looked at this morning,  ‘Austrian law stipulates that only serious crimes like rape, homicide, or armed robbery are grounds for revoking asylum status.’


    That’s absurd.

    A quick reform is required.

    These uninvited aliens should be under no misapprehension.

    They are in Austria on sufferance.

    Step out of line even once, no matter what law is broken, and they should be shown the door.

    • Arthur Granger 00:50 on January 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Four girls murdered by these invaders this year? This year is only three weeks old.
      No wonder the Austrians are furious.
      They should be kicking those invaders out by the trainload.


  • ross1948 20:23 on November 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    OTW Again – Migrant Menace In Macedonia 

    While much of the media focuses on Mexico, very little mention of Macedonia, on Europe’s southern flank, but in face incursions by the alien horde have continued almost unabated there…


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres

    UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres spoke today with FYR Macedonia Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki about the situation, and received assurances that the border will not be closed in the future.  http://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2015/8/55d740e76/unhcr-voices-concern

    Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 


    …since the evil Ephialtes gave his notorious orders in 2015.

    Macedonia is a small country, recently and shamefully bullied by Mama Stasi Merkel ( among others) into changing its name…

    Meddling When Other Nations Vote IS, After All, OK? 

    …but it is doing its best to resist the non-stop violations of its borders with Greece and Serbia.


    bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map


    This month its parliament voted to renew the existing state of emergency after ‘more than 6,600 illegal crossings of the country’s borders in the first half of 2018.’


    It’s important to remember how the villainous Guterres, then UN ‘refugee’ chief, now running the whole rotten show as Sec-Gen, coerced the Macedonians, into standing down.

    Since so many of these fake ‘refugees’ –  in fact violent crimmigrants, as seen in many photographs, like this…




    …have yet to be deprived of their mobile phones – even today, this basic security measure has only been implemented here and there…


    Gambar terkait

    Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones– Calling All Crimmigrants?  

    … and certainly not in that vicinity, given Red Tsipras’ pro-crimmigrant outlook…

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

    ….the wannabe bludgers became instantly aware of their friend in high places, and ever since have maintained their illegal onslaughts against that sovereign frontier.


  • ross1948 14:46 on September 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama’s Migrants Hog The News! 

    I chose my headline in deliberate mockery of the Europhiliac EU Observer, which published a story, written by the left-liberal Andrew Retmann, entitled ‘Far-Right Ministers Hog the Stage’ about a recent gathering of EUSSR ministers – https://euobserver.com/migration/142705

    How rude!
    EUObs hasn’t, so far as I recall, headlined how ‘Euro-Commissars Hog the Stage’ even though those un-elected swine often do just that!


    But let’s look at the latest news on the continuing nightmare unleashed by the Berlin Bitch on the people it’s her sworn duty to defend.
    merkel bloodhands

    So it seems that the number of closed murder cases involving a “non-German” suspect rose by 33 percent in 2017, according to authorities. Riots in Chemnitz have fueled a debate about the link between foreign nationals and murder..

    • Hannelor 17:58 on September 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful, how you tell of Merkel and her wickedness.


  • ross1948 20:00 on March 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Arab Jew-Bashers Amok – At Berlin Tourist Fair? 

    Hey, Berlin’s looking more and more like the Thirties, scumbag bigots in odd uniforms, terrorising Jews!

    Gambar terkait

    Israeli Stand at Berlin Fair Stormed by ‘Arab Security Guards….

    This time round, it wasn’t ‘Juden Raus‘ the swine were yelling, but ‘Free Palestine.’

    Three louts from a security firm employed at the ITB tourist fair mobbed the Israel stand shouting “Free Palestine,” police said.

    Good that the Berlin Police identified the three men and expelled them from the fair grounds.   https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/israeli-stand-at-berlin-fair-stormed-by-arab-security-guards-

    And significant that the hoodlums had an Arab background, but disturbing that the cops did not immediately confirm this on Friday.

    Most disturbing, though, is that there’s no further details, like, were the wannabe Jew-bashers charged with criminal offences, as they clearly should have been.



    Were they immediately fired from the security firm, as they also should have been…



    …and were their nationalities checked, and if found to be non-German, were they detained for deportation as undesirable aliens?


    • Henri 21:46 on March 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Nightmare, deja vu, because last year the same kind of haters were burning Israeli flags in Berlin, and I give you the link to your favorite paper The Local about that happening. https://www.thelocal.de/20171211/burning-of-israeli-flags-at-berlin-demo-disgraceful-says-interior-minister
      I feel sick that the nazis are back, in foreign form.. ..
      And no news of the Arab thugs charged with the crime, or even dismissal?
      I would ask about deportation but that is out of the question while Merkel is chancellor..


    • Jerry Jerman 00:12 on March 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is so, as you say, Henri.
      Like history going backward with these alien neo-nazis ‘storming’ places where they can find Jews and it is Merkel who has let them appear in Germany.


  • ross1948 09:55 on December 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: East Timor, , Lincoln Police, , , Timor Leste, , violent migrants   

    Preman2 Timor Leste – Savages Amok In England! 

    The gang of 20 from East Timor, in south east Asia, were caught on CCTV carrying out their attack in Lincoln city centre on May 15.

    =====Lincoln Attack


    Lincoln Crown Court heard how the gang punched and kicked the victim until he lay unconscious before jumping on his head.

    Eight of the gang members seen in the footage have been given a prison term for their role in the attack. 


    For you English readers, preman is the Indonesian word for thugs. Why do I use Indonesian in my headline?

    Just to alert local readers here to a topic that might interest them. East Timor ( Timor Leste) was, after all, a province of Indonesia till just about sixteen years ago, when it broke away. 

    But I’d say a better question is-


    • timor-leste
    • =======

    WHAT THE HELL ARE these Timorese scumbags doing in the UK?

    And why were those convicted given just a few years behind bars?

    They should be deported, or put down.

  • ross1948 11:30 on November 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    In Italy This Time, Ingrate Savages Amok Again! 

    We reported last week on the outrageous ingrate crimmigrants amok in Bulgaria, and the sensible, albeit belated, response of the Bulgarian Government.


    This time, we take another look at the deteriorating situation in Italy, where the citizens have long suffered torments at the hands of  undesirables admitted by Red Renzi. 

    Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  

    Pity Italy – Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  


    …between 100 and 300 of the migrants and refugees living in the accommodation went out onto the street, some of them reportedly shouting at local residents and causing damage.


    Italians protesting at degradation of their community


    • .This delightful display of gratitude by uppity aliens took place at a ‘migrant centre’ located in Turin’s former Olympic stadium, an edifice now degraded, alas…
    • Video footage filmed by local residents shows the migrants blocking the street and knocking over garbage cans, while local media reported that some members of the group also damaged road signs and parked cars, and threw stones and bottles.
    • ———-
    • civilised man v savage

    The savages’ ‘excuse’ was that they’d heard loud bangs nearby, which might have been fire-crackers or letter bombs.’

    That might indeed have prompted them to come out to see what was going on…



    …but hardly accounts for, or exculpates them from, their shocking rampage!

    Firefighters and police arrived on the scene and the street was closed to traffic as they sought to calm the situation.

    That’s from The Local, which fatuously asserts that –

    No-one was reported to be hurt in the incident. 


    Which is no thanks at all to the crimmigrant, stone-throwing rabble.

    The Leftal does not – 0f course – include the local patriot leader’s words with which it’s hard to disagree..


    •  Hasil gambar untuk fabrizio ricca lega nord torino
    • Fabrizio Ricca
    • 000000000000
    • …the leader of the Northern League on the City Council of Turin, Fabrizio Ricca, said about the night of tension:
    • ——-
    • “The situation in the former Olympic Village is increasingly incendiary…the facts of this night show that the situation ha totally degenerated and you cannot wait even one day, that area should be released, and the criminals, who this night have destroyed everything they had before, be sent back where they came from….
    • http://notizie.tiscali.it/cronaca/articoli/villaggio-moi-torino-disordini/


    And fingers crossed the referendum in a week’s time will see that Red in Rome forced to keep his promise to resign if the electorate rejects his so-called ‘reform’ of the constitution. 

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