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    Priti Patel ‘COULD’ Suspend Visas? 

    Priti Patel could suspend visas from countries that refuse to take back illegal migrants
    Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea and Philippines understood to be countries most reluctant to co-operate with Home Office





    Why has she not done so already?

    Why have the culprit countries in receipt of UK aid…



    …not been told to haul their dirty snouts out of the UK tax-trough unless they IMMEDIATELY take back every primitive parasite…



    …identified as having originated from within their territory?

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    Crimmigration – Treacherous Turk’s Pound of Flesh! 

    NATO was founded on the principle of collective security – if one member state faced foreign invasion, by conventional or non-conventional means, then all other members had an obligation to join in to defend the victim’s sovereignty.


    • —————————–
    • As usual, I digress at the drop of a hat, to remind you that the lying swine in Brussels often claim that Europe’s long years of peace were due to the EU(SSR) whereas the true reason was NATO – but that’s BTW.

    Both Greece and Turkey are long-standing NATO members.




    Yet Erdogan’s Turkey openly allows, indeed abets, invasion of Greece by hordes of savages. That’s why we have warned for a long time (and again very recently Erdogan’s 5th Column Roars Islamist Slogans In Europe’s Heart!   ) against doing deals with the Islamist ideologues who rule Turkey.

    We warned back when that visa deal was struck, pointing out it was Danegeld bribery in return for which Ankara was only expected to do what any responsible government has a duty to do, control its borders and prevent undesirable aliens flood into neighbouring states.

    Since then, of course, poor Greece ( which had been putting up a fair old fight against the crimmigrants, that 12-kilometre barbed wire fence on the Turkish border  Greeks Show How to Handle Crimmigrants!  until Tsipras got power) has been inundated.

    • erdogan-cameron Erdogan with his chief sycophant
    • ————————-
    • We have noted how Erdogan’s deliberate inertia was an open secret FOUR YEARS AGO.

    Some of the country’s refugee issues would be helped if neighbouring Turkey signed a readmission agreement – involving taking back migrants – with the EU. But Turkey has let the readmission pact – technically-speaking, ready to be signed for the past two years – gather dust as it waits for the EU to first open visa liberalisation talks. Greece to complete anti-migrant wall ‘very shortly’  April 2, 2012

    NB – that was reported in 2012, and the ‘deal’ had been mouldering for two years before that. Turkish perfidy, treachery, irresponsibility, ENMITY towards Europe is limitless.

    Any hack journo today is able to watch boat-bludgers embark towards Kos and Lesbos, unhindered by the Turkish authorities. The EU Observer report which made me write today quotes an off-the-record Brussels spokesman thus -“ Basically, we need them to stop the boats”


    The same spokesman added, anon, of course, that he knew the Turks were deliberately dumping the primitive garbage into Greece

     “…they can do a lot if they want to..”

    The problem being, alas, that Erdogan DOES NOT WANT TO HELP!

    A false ally, a fanatic, a facilitator of crimmigrants…yet despite this jihadist’s hostile activity, it turns out Juncker is out to orchestrate a still more shameful sell-out.

    When Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan comes to Brussels, EU leaders will be hoping he’ll help stop the flow of refugees without asking too much in return.

    Ankara observing its treaty obligations sans baksheesh? No chance! 

    .EU sources also say Erdogan is angling for bigger thingsTurkey is interested in visa-free travel, being designated as a “safe country of origin”, and more EU aid money..

    • “He’ll pull some kind of horrible number out of his hat and say: ‘Just think of the millions of refugees who could arrive here any minute unless you take action jointly with Turkey’,” the diplomat added.


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    Melbourne Mob Makes Cops Cower! Public Outcry? Pinko Rabble! 

    When is a public outcry not a public outcry?


    melb reds


    • When it’s a mob orchestrated by a marxist gang called Socialist Alternative, out to protect crimmigrants from the consequences of their crimes.

    That’s the lesson we learned by observing Australia’s Enemy Within, after Victoria Police kow-towed to the agitprop rabble in Melbourne this week.


    melbourne reds

    Public outcry? Red rabble! Examine, if you please, the moronic slogans on their placards


    The mentality behind the rabble is magnificently summed up by a far-left hack in the Guardian, thus 

    For a long time, there have been warnings that the cruelty of Australia’s immigration would have a carcinogenic effect on the body politic, as the brutality of the camps spread – and it’s becoming increasingly obvious what that looks like.


    What it looks like is common sense.

    When I go to Oz, I do so on a visa, and it provides me with limited time to enjoy my stay, and conditions, like not working. I don’t work, and I don’t over-stay. If I violate those conditions, I suffer consequences.

    Decent citizens there surely have no reason to worry, if asked for proof of who they are. Unless of course they’ve been up to no good.


    • illegals-45735984408

    Like the no-goods who are in Australia illegally!


    The plan was a general sweep downtown, looking for anti-socials of every kind. That might, of course, have netted any aliens flouting their visas, and that’s what brought the undesirables onto the streets.

    Their anti-social character can be gauged from the thoughtless way they swarmed the railway station, heedless of the travelling public, to promote their subversive cause.

    • badcops
    • Incredibly, the police bottled out.

    Instead of arresting the subversive scum for obstruction, the craven cops cancelled the entire operation, handing a small but no doubt pleasing triumph to Australia’s enemies.



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    Pay-Back 2 – Timeo Danaos Et Crimmigrantes Ferentes! 

    Pardon my Latin  – a bit rusty to handle that modern word!

    After Indonesia raised eye-brows by threatening to unleash hordes of alien parasites on Europe in retaliation for perceived intrusion on Indonesian internal affairs…

    … the Greek Defence Minister is the talk of the Continent.


    • greek-flag
    • ——————-
    • And no wonder.  He’s threatening to present us with most unwelcome gifts – undesirable aliens!
    • ‘Beware the Greeks bearing gifts, indeed.’

    “If they [the Troika] deal a blow to Greece, then they should know the migrants will get papers to go to Berlin… If Europe leaves us in the crisis, we will flood it with migrants, and it will be even worse for Berlin if in that wave of millions of economic migrants there will be some jihadists of the Islamic State too.”

    Yup, telling the truth is a serious offence in the eyes of the Eurocrats, much more serious than all the crimes committed by the invaders agianst Greeks.



    ‘Asylum’ Thugs Amok in Greece – Kick Them OUT! 

     Everybody in Europe knows full well that these ‘asylum’ bludgers are not seeking ‘asylum’ at all. They ARE mostly economic migrants. There are common criminals. There are jihadists – terrorists –  among them; look at Australia –  how did that foul Islamist savage in the Sydney Siege arrive in new South Wales?

    But don’t get mad at the Greeks, any more than we should fault Jakarta. If countries are pushed around, they push back!

    Greece has in the past done some good things against the enemy. 

    Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 


    The real menace is Turkey, or at least the Erdogan regime, which has allowed thousands of illegals to pour into Greece, not only exacerbating the economic problems their old enemy is suffering, but also providing reinforcements for the disloyal Turkish minorities in Western Europe, especially Germany.

    The Germans largely have themselves to blame. They brought in Turks to serve as ‘guest-workers’ but when the work was done they didn’t ask their ‘guests’ to go home.

    Now they are paying the price, and Erdogan makes no bones about claiming their allegiance to his barbaric cause.

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan


    This is all happening under Brussels’ approving gaze.

    Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 

    erdogan-cameron Erdogan and Cameron


    Cameron is maybe the worst rat of all.

    He is DEDICATED to bringing Erdogan into the heart of the EUSSR, the same Erdogan who’s playing footsie with ISIS while our armed forces are fighting that rape-gang.Erdogan, Cameron’s Comrade, ISIS Collaborator, Yelps At Europe! 

    The ONLY sane response is to close and lock the gates against the Turks.

    Perhaps, just possibly, if Turkey returns to the path set a hundred years ago by Kemal Ataturk, the road to freedom from the backward sectarianism symbolised by the Caliphate, talks may one day resume.

    But those gates must stay locked until Ankara is forced to renegotiate the sell-out schemed up with their Brussels collaborators, by which the Turks undertook to restrain the crimmigrants but ONLY after getting their blackmail/bribe paid, that special visa deal.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/good-neighbour-turkey-only-after-eussr-visa-bribe/  

    Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR 

    . In the short-term, we need to lend a sympathetic ear to Greece.

    Nigel Farage has set a good example, offering his support for Greece’s democratic process, which is being consistently undermined, and is yet to be properly recognised by the European powers. It was clear from the conversation that the Greek problems are not limited to financial issues, but indeed take into consideration up to a million illegal immigrants, mainly from Turkey, that Greece has been pressured to absorb due to the European Union’s expansionism, i.e. paving the way for Turkey to become a full member state of the European Union.  .http://www.ukip.org/ukip_leader_nigel_farage_makes_intervention_on_greece_eu_crisis

    Nigel+Farage  Nigel Farage


    “The point is that the EU is simply not taking Greece and its democratically elected government seriously enough. It’s tied to the European project, and even expansion into Turkey – and the Greek people are seen as a sacrifice worth making for this to happen…the British government should reflect seriously on the EU’s free movement principles, as this now relates directly to public security and terrorism, if, as Mr Kammenos says, some of these migrants are ‘jihadists of the Islamic State’.”

    And today he’s been hammering home to point, putting it purely into the context of the British Isles. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/mar/12/nigel-farage-british-muslim-fifth-column-fuels-immigration-fear-ukip

    • Vote UKIP.


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