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  • ross1948 02:23 on July 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bastille Day? Bigot Left In Power – France Needs A New Uprising! 

    When just a week ago Macron appointed a far-left authoritarian lawyer to be his ‘Justice Minister, it became clear that French democracy is in danger of disintegration.


    “The FN is not a republican party, we need to ban it!”


    Eric Dupond-Moretti has never recanted his vow to outlaw the French patriot party.


    Opinion | Dupond-Moretti, un rempart contre le Rassemblement ...

    Five years later, his comment has not been forgotten by the party members, who quickly condemned the decision to make him justice minister.


    Macron has repeatedly shown his scorn for real democracy…



    ….notably when he recoiled from the principle of referenda on essential issues, substituting his ‘consultations,’ which scoff at democratic principles…

    Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

    ….a blatant denial of genuine reforms that might clash with his left-liberal ‘values,’ aka prejudices.

    Now he’s elevated a rabidly intolerant leftist to control whatever still passes for ‘justice’ in France today, and who can deny the leader of the French patriot party her right to be alarmed.



    “A far-left militant who wants to ban RN, the largest opposition party, has been named to (head) the justice (department), tweeted party leader Marine Le Pen. https://www.thelocal.fr/20200707/why-is-frances-new-justice-minister-eric-dupond-moretti-so-controversial


    Let’s not be kidding ourselves.

    If patriot parties seem to be a threat to the ruling class, that ruling class, the rotten political-media elite, will not hesitate to turn to the tools used by tyrants.

    Look at what happened in Belgium a few years ago –


    …when the country’s largest party, the Vlaams Blok, was outlawed by anti-democratic judicial fiat…

    …for the heinous crime of opposing the in-crowd’s multicult ideology!

    It can’t happen here, wherever good citizens take a stand against the Enemy Within?

    Of course it can!

    And with the demonic Dupond-Moretti at the Justice Ministry, and so many French judges notorious for their contempt for France…

    Collaborateur! But No Justice Likely In Hollande’s France 


    …releasing that swine Herou, and worse…

    Free The Gap Three – And Can The Pro-Crimmigrant Judge-Jerks! 

    …so much worse, jailing young patriots who tried to thwart crimmigrant incursions…

    …that Marine may face jackboot tactics before the people of France get the chance in a year or so to evict Le Muppet and put a patriot in power.

    Any such move by Macron’s malevolent new minister should be signal for a new French Revolution!

    I can think of several rats who deserve a rendezvous with Madame Guillotine!

  • ross1948 16:45 on January 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Hope Springs Eternal – Flemish Young Folks Back Patriot Parties! 

    Good News!


    Green, centre and left-wing parties in Flanders are losing voters en masse to right-wing and far-right parties, which a new survey shows are set to grow exponentially as they seize larger chunks of the electorate.

    By far-right, naturally, the media mean those prepared to defend their country against the twin menaces of multicult migration…

    Belgian Illegals Policy ‘Under Scrutiny?’ For ALL The Wrong Reasons! 


    Molenbeek  -“the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities. 

    So Belgian Media Is Rotten Too? 

    …especially fake ‘refugees,’ and the sort of elite authoritarianism which was never so glaringly exposed…




    …as when the country’s largest party, the Vlaams Blok, was outlawed by anti-democratic judicial fiat…

    ….a ban imposed for the ‘crime’ of ‘discrimination’ i.e. putting one’s ‘own people first,’ as the new VB’s banner proudly proclaims..


    And even better news from the survey –  last year’s election was also the first time that a majority of first-time voters did not vote for Groen, with young voters snubbing the green party and choosing the VB instead.

    There are, as said, two patriot parties, both of which we’ve praised in the past, the NVA, whose excellent minister Theo Francken, quit last year…

    Belgium Needs Francken Sense More Than

    ….and the Vlaams Belang (VB), successor to the proscribed Vlaams Blok…

    Flemish Bid to Flush Bludgers Riles Brussels Pinkos 

    which swept up enough votes to become the second-largest party in Flanders after snatching, in particular, 50,000 votes from people just entering the voting age.


    This news is of huge significance far beyond Flanders.



    Too many young people in the English-speaking nations have had their minds poisoned by ‘enemy within’ educators.

    If young Flemish voters can retain a spirit of decent patriotism, then the same generation, in North America, the UK and the Antipodes too, can recapture the same spark and regain their national pride!


    • Diana 18:21 on January 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That truly cheers me up, so many young people coming to fight the good fight.
      All those cloddish millenials we saw in the battle for Brexit were so depressing with their lack of pride in being British and their slavish pro-Brussels waffle.


  • ross1948 20:15 on September 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Resistance Rising – Will Patriots Face Left Jackboot Again? 

    Are you a Brexiteer?

    If so, read this! Don’t worry – it’s VERY relevant.

    Quite a stunning poll just published in Belgium, in which the ‘far-right’ ( aka patriotic resistance ) party, the Vlaams Belang, gets a  24.9 percent shares of voter support, to ‘become the largest party of Belgium!’

    Add that to the other sensible party there, the NVA, with its 22.7% and you see how many Belgians are waking up to the manic multicult ideology…



    …which has allowed hordes of aliens to colonise the country, with entire once-Belgian neighbourhoods now infested, like notorious Molenbeek…

    Molenbeek  -“the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities. So Belgian Media Is Rotten Too? 

    …and not just Molenbeek – the settlers are expanding their territory!

    An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels

    …with many of the aliens and their offspring not just refusing to adapt to the country in which their resident but actually forming political parties to enforce their own sectarian codes and customs.

    “No question, Sharia4Belgium is a terrorist group,” the chief judge said… 

    Common sense dictates that the two parties get together. This would require the NVA to ditch all that foolishness about refusal to cooperate with VB.

    If they can work with the sort of dross that constitutes the pro-Brussels in-crowd, then certainly they can work with a party which has shown steadfastness in the face of petulant ostracism.

    Moreover, Belgians expect more maturity in these matters, if they’re asked for their opinion on the subject – “….58 percent of Belgians are against excluding the far-right party Vlaams Belang from the Flemish government.”  https://euobserver.com/tickers/145964

    But when contemplating, and so far eschewing, a patriotic coalition, might it be that the NVA is scared of the in-crowd jackboot?



    Patriotism in Belgium is a dangerous belief!

    Not that long ago, unable successfully to best the largest party in the land by free and fair debate, the authoritarian Belgian ruling class turned in desperation to their judge-jerk comrades in order to thwart the democratic resistance.



    A ban imposed, for the crime of ‘discrimination’ i.e. putting one’s ‘own people first,’ as their banner proudly proclaimed.


    Yes, a large democratically elected party, BANNED in a modern European country.

    As I asked just a few weeks ago, and must ask again,  in view of how Britain’s Enemy Within has sought judicial intrusion…

    …to promote their disloyal objectives…

    Who’s next?   The Brexit Party? You think I’m kidding?


    Read that!

    And read this!

    And contemplate, too, the folly of it all, when one of Belgian parties ostensibly in favour of national self-determination refuses childishly to work in harness with the other.

    Am I talking about Belgian now, or Britain?


    • Pamela 22:24 on September 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Nothing, no dirty tricks, can be discounted.
      The Brexit referendum was tantamount to revolution against the ruling class and, just as they did in Belgium by banning a strong popular party, it’s possible in Britain too.
      No holds barred if that happens.

      I’m sorry a lot of us haven’t been commenting as much as we used to.
      We still read your blog but we are fully engaged here on the front line, trying to build an alliance which many in the Tory Party have so far resisted.


  • ross1948 15:10 on June 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , King Philippel, Socialist Laurette Onkelinx, , Vlaams Blok   

    God Save The King – From Orrible Onkelinx! 

    Although a dedicated monarchist, I seldom pay attention to the Belgian monarchy, as the kings have traditionally been a very low-key bunch.

    Last month, last week, to be precise, King Philippe made headlines.


    For performing his royal duties as a constitutional monarch should.

    Image result for king philippe

    Instead of following the example of the infantile in-crowd parties, he met the leader of the Vlaams Belang, which did exceptionally well in both the European and Belgian elections.

    Nearly 19% of Flemish voters chose the far-right Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest), a stunning reversal of fortune for a party recently in decline.’ 

    That’s how the far-left Guardian puts it, describing a ‘furious debate’ among the tantrum-prone establishment parties, who operate what they call a ‘cordon sanitaire,’ treating the party, and all those thousands of Flanders voters, with exquisitely anti-democratic contempt.

    HM deserves applause for breaking with the pusillanimous precedents set by his two predecessors, who snubbed the Flemish party’s fore-runner, the Vlaams Blok.



    Belgium of course forfeited its right to be reckoned a proper democracy some fifteen years ago, when the V Blok was outlawed by left-liberal judges, for the crime of ‘discrimination’ i.e. putting one’s ‘own people first,’ as their banner proudly proclaimed.




    Yes, a large democratically elected party, BANNED in a modern European country.

    Who’s next? The Brexit Party?

    Left intolerance is still alive and kicking, as demonstrated by a far-left nutjob named Laurette Onkelinx, a ‘Francophone Socialist lawmaker,’ who says she’s ‘shocked…’


    Après Olivier Maingain, Laurette Onkelinx attaque à son tour le décret Inscription


    Ranting old red Onkelinx, outraged by her king’s constitutional courtesy


    ….but utters not a whisper of concern about the King’s fair-minded readiness also to meet the self-styled ‘Belgian Workers Party,’ which even the Guardian admits is ‘radical left!’=

    dou·ble stand·ard
    /ˈdəbəl ˈstandərd/
    plural noun: double standards
    1. a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.

    Fortunately, even her fellow-socialists seem more rational, as does almost everyone else quoted in the Report.

    One of her Socialist comrades, Rudi Vervoort, is grown-up enough to say that, while ‘‘it is not a pleasure to see this scene in Belgium…. there is an electoral reality in Flanders that cannot be denied.”

    Good for him, and for VB leader Tom Van Grieken –


    Related image

    It is completely normal to invite a party that has won the elections.  I was pleased with the invitation … I am not going to say it is unnatural. This is natural. What happened over the past 40 years was not democratic.”


    Thanks to Flanders voters, Belgium now has two patriotic parties, and Lord knows there are real problems…


    Molenbeek  -“the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities. So Belgian Media Is Rotten Too? 


    An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels

    “No question, Sharia4Belgium is a terrorist group,” the chief judge said… 

    …that require patriots to work together.



    • Chrissie Miles 15:30 on June 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Good luck to the VB Mark2.
      I hope they are not banned by those leftist judges like VB Mark 1 was.
      It’s hard to believe that a jackboot court in post-war Western Europe was able to get away with doing something you would expect from Joe Stalin or Mao.


    • Fiona 16:38 on June 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Your little aside re the Brexit Party is too close for comfort in view of the violence threatened by the far left.
      Did you miss that report from Manchester, where a extreme left capitalist, who owns the Chorlton Brewing Company there, ‘urged his customers to hit “fascists” (like Farage and Tommy Robinson) over the head with a brick?’
      This Red Nazi war-cry comes from their director, Mike Marcus, and could I use your comment column to ask that his and his company’s Twitter and Facebook sites be given suitable attention?
      Note – unlike the left, I do not want to see violence against him. That is not the British way and while he is definitely very Un-British, we are not!


      • ross1948 18:03 on June 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I agree with you, no violence. Your comments always make good sense and your ideas for reaction to the threat are welcome.
        We can also do more, Fiona.
        If we give this ratbag a post all to himself, with some extra suitable suggestions, it’s up to all readers to spread the info. I will get to work and have something ready by Wednesday or Thursday.


    • Vanessa 17:54 on June 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Two patriot parties!
      I hope they work together, although the proportional and-or transferable vote there should prevent any problems like we see in Peterborough. Next week’s byelection has Brexit Party in with a very good chance but we have both UKIP and the SDP splitting the patriot vote.
      If the BP loses by a few hundred votes, God forgive those two minor party candidates.
      However, I think it’s going to be a walk-over,


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