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  • ross1948 16:50 on April 30, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Suella Coup Plot – Cowardly Grubs Galore 

    As predicted yesterday, low-life leftist Tories are out to get Suella Braverman…

    Shut That Cop College Down! 

    .. the vocal vixen Warsi not shy about showing her true UN-conservative colours.

    Conservative peer Sayeeda Warsi said Braverman should be replaced..


    So says a hack named Rajeev Syal in the Guardian.

    Warsi has long been notorious as a niggler in the rotten woodpile, the fake-‘conservative’ Tory Party…

    ‘Islamophobia?’ Time For Tories To Expel Wailing Warsi! 

    .. but at least she’s upfront, unlike the wet Tory weasels chumming up to Guardian hacks..

    ( who are known, by friend and foe alike, to be devoted to Labour and/or tge LibDems)

    …yet begging their media mouthpieces never to reveal who’s sniping at Suella.

    Instead, we get this craven bilge.

    Tory MPs, peers and activists have accused Braverman of inflaming racial tensions….


    …worried that she is now at risk of repelling the kinds of swing voters the party is desperate to retain.

    Fact is, Suella’s probably the Tory Party’s last chance of averting massive desertions to Reform, or UKIP.

    But get a load of this!

    Don’t just note the Tory slug’s meaning.

      Study the way it’s worded!

    A former senior minister from Boris Johnson’s government told the Guardian they believed Braverman was a “real racist bigot”.

    A former minister, singular!

    They believed, plural!

    Trannyland, the bleating of a Tory Pronoun Puke?

    For sure, because the report goes on…

    The person said…

    The Person? 

    Not he, not she?

    “ ..the country is not as grotesque as she makes it out to be….”

    If it’s anything, it’s worse, with cops wasting time and resources on golliwog raids, for God’s Sakes!

    .’.warning ...

    The gutless grub won’t give its name but rants that Sunak needs to stop the culture wars and create change…. 


    It’s clear what change this cowardly freak’s talking about, though The Person’s no more got the backbone to say so than it has to reveal its identity, or its co-conspirators, whom we know of old….


    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    ….so let’s be prepared for the Guardian’s whisperers to get Sunak to silence Suella.


    • Pamela 19:52 on April 30, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      There has been a subversive clique running the Tory Party for years. So I believe you are very much on target with this.
      They forced out Enoch Powell when I was little, and they forced out Mrs.Thatcher too, so I believe Suella Braverman is very probably going to be pushed out of her job and perhaps even the party..


  • ross1948 18:15 on April 7, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Nasty Warsi Disses Democracy! 

    There are a few more unpleasant people in UK politics than that woman Warsi, whose rabid fanaticism we have discussed in the past….

    Official portrait of Baroness Warsi crop 2.jpg


    …when she demanded that a Tory candidate be subjected to ‘mandatory diversity’ indoctrination

    ‘Islamophobia?’ Time For Tories To Expel Wailing Warsi


    …but not many …

    • (though the Guardian’s pet queer, Owen..
    • .

      Related image

      Owen ‘The Homo’ Jones

    • …has more or less echoed her whines about the Labour Party advert which calls out Sunak’sTories for not locking up child sex predators!)
    • .

    Warsi adopted her usual supercilious tone –

    Dog whistle met by dog whistle!’


    • …indicating that, in her view, decent Brits who want child molestors imprisoned….

    • …..
    • ….and thus welcome the Labour message, are no better than dogs.

    • The real problem, of course, is that Labour has, for as long as anyone can remember, been soft on crime.

    • Indeed, the Tories are too.

    • There has been NO indications that either capital punishment…

    • .
    • …for killers, or corporal punishment, for muggers and suchlike scum, is to be restored. In fact the last Tory leader to support return of the death penalty was…

    • ..

    • .

    • …in fact, the last Tory leader actually to be recognisably conservative!

    • Brits need a political party which will enrage the likes of Warsi and Jones and make war on criminal vermin.

    • At the very least, a binding referendum….

    • .

    • …on the return of hanging would give back to the ‘dogs’ (whom Warsi and Jones despise) their democratic right to direct recalcitrant politicians.

    • Edward Lamont 18:30 on April 7, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      You don’t mince your words, one reason I keep reading this blog.
      It is offensive, that ‘dog-whistle’ slur, as if expecting the electorate to approve of common sense is no different than summoning dumb animals. Labour will not do anything serious to treat criminals as they deserve, any more than the Tories will stop illegals pouring in from France.


  • ross1948 21:04 on August 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Michigan brain-wash diktat, Rachel Dolezal VP candidate?, , , Warsi   

    Gretch the Wretch? Now It’s More Like ‘HEIL WHITMER!’ 

    Gretch the Wretch, she’s been called…

    More On USA Rat-Bags – Gretch The Wretch Exposed! 

    ….but now worse epithets must soon follow…



    …with the news that the far-left Michigan governor, blabbering the inevitable buzz-words ‘systemic racism,’ has issued a totalitarian-style brain-washing diktat, ‘an executive directive on Wednesday ordering state employees to undergo “implicit bias training.”



    Exactly how many Michigan state employees will be coerced into this BLM brain-wash programme, I leave it to readers to find out for themselves..

    Michigan governor: Racism is a ‘public health crisis,’ issues executive order

    …but before anyone outside America decries this Un-American indoctrination…



    …don’t forget that similar decrees are in operation in many other lands, not least in the UK, where, a while back, a rabid fanatic named Warsi..

    Official portrait of Baroness Warsi crop 2.jpg


    …was demanding that the Conservative Party’s London mayoral candidate be subjected to ‘mandatory diversity’ indoctrination

    ‘Islamophobia?’ Time For Tories To Expel Wailing Warsi! 

    ….and even British universities compel workers to undergo such nonsense –

    Equality and diversity – London Metropolitan University
    …. Our senior leaders took part in inclusivity workshops and all new staff have Equality & Diversity training.

    …and then there is the multinational business sector – remember the notorious Starbucks Brainwash Day?

    Letter: Is Starbucks racist?

    No need to review it now, but one detail deserves mention – when big biz gets into indoctrination, it works hand in glove with leftist politicians and pressure groups, viz.-

    Starbucks sought the aid of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt and Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, to develop the curriculum of the program.https://time.com/5287082/corporate-diversity-training-starbucks-results/

    Holder, Obama’s erstwhile flunkey, infamous for using language which was and is the very stuff of racism?. 

    Holder: Black Panther Case Focus Demeans ‘My People’


    The Soros running-dogs of the ADL?

    Chicago Witch-Hunt – ADL Schmucks Smear Jews! 

    The NAACP?

    What are we to make of a group that harboured a coarse phoney like Rachel Dolezal?

    True Colors – Blackin’ Up Is Hard To Do! 

    A US civil rights group leader outed by her parents for pretending to be black has spoken after her racial misrepresentation went viral online.

    Embedded image permalink same person!

    Rachel Dolezal, Spokane’s National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) Chapter President, said in response to those accusing her of lying about her race-

    “I don’t give two shi*s what you guys think…”


    PS – I see today that Sleepy Joe is considering Gretch the Wretch as his VP running-mate, but although she’s a woman, she is not a ‘person of colour,’ meaning a coloured person.

    Hmmm…big prob for Biden.

    Why does he not choose Dolezal?

    • Ken Kasic 21:24 on August 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dolezal as biden’s VP choice!
      You got me laughing out loud.
      She would be perfect, a liar, faker and a fool!


    • Mel Henderson 22:16 on August 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Can you imagine when you began your working life, the boss sending you off to make sure your ideology matched his?
      I have a good record of honest work behind me and sometimes my employers had opinions different fom or the same as mine but they at least respected our right to hold whatever views we liked, as long as we kept work and politics separate.
      Not now!
      You are well-advised now if you hold patriotic or nationalist opinions to keep your head downor get it cut off!


  • ross1948 17:38 on January 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Islamophobia?’ Time For Tories To Expel Wailing Warsi! 

    ’Islamophobia,’ a quite recent addition to the English language, is a self-serving construct designed to suppress criticism of sectarian fanatics.

    I’m told the term was invented by the rabid CAIR movement in the USA…

    …and others maintain it was CAIR’s global manifestation, the Muslim Brotherhood, but despite its suspect origins, it has gained wide currency.

    Its most high-profile user in the UK is that wearisome middle-aged  bat Warsi, on whom some fool awarded a life peerage ( another reason to abolish life peerages!)


    The Baroness WarsI
    Official portrait of Baroness Warsi crop 2.jpg


    …and she was been ranting on and on about how the Tory Party must conduct an inquisition against ‘Islamophobes’ and root them out.

    Her jackboot mentality is nothing new – she demanded that the party’s London mayoral candidate a few years ago be subjected to ‘mandatory diversity’ indoctrination…



    …after Zac Goldsmith fought a gutsy campaign highlighting the extremists supporting his Labour opponent.

    Why have sensible conservative people not started a campaign to have the ghastly grizzler herself expelled from the Tory Party?

    She’s no asset, indeed quite the opposite, and her latest outburst, a masterpiece of Islamist triumphalism, provides the perfect moment for her defenestration.


    Why has this not been done?



    Because those who are in a position to do so, probably, are scared of accusations of ‘Islamophobia!’

    It would be useful, too, to tackle the ridiculous ‘hate’ laws.

    Of course they should be abolished altogether, but at least, meantime, the ludicrous categorisation of Muslims as a race needs to go.


    Muslims, like Christians, include worshippers of ALL races. Neither their creed, nor any other, should be immune from criticism.

    As long as incitement to violence is prohibited…



    …speech of every sort should be free.


    • Noreen Paterson 18:37 on January 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That would make a lot of us begin to trust Johnson.
      Warsi is an extremely unpleasant person and seems intent on harming his party and of course the country.

      This particular ‘phobia’ has been extensively discussed on your blog ( and many other places) and could be reduced to a minimal level if every Muslim preacher every Friday told his English Muslim congregation that their FIRST duty is to their Queen and Country and NOT to overseas Muslim populations.

      Their sermons should also include ridicule for other dangerous idiocies, for example, that ‘blasphemers’ and ‘heretics’ deserve death or any other physical punishment.
      I could continue but they know what’s expected of civilised people in a civilised country.
      If they comply, good for them.
      If they won’t comply, there are countries they can move to where their thinking will go down very eell.


    • Ivor Harleton 02:42 on January 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is an embarassment


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