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  • ross1948 19:44 on September 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama Stasi’s Maiziere – Myopic, Mendacious Or Malign? 

    One of Merkel’s most servile flunkeys, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has ‘warned that Berlin’s generous offer of benefits for asylum seekers was a siren call for migrants.’

    A bit late, Tommy Boy!

    It’s a rare day I agree with Katrin Goering-Eckardt, of the Green Party, but when she asserts that…


    Gambar terkait

    …. Christian Democrats “are ready to do anything” for votes…

    ..it’s near impossible to disagree!

    I say NEAR impossible advisedly, because there’s ONE thing Mama’s cabal will never say, and that’s SORRY for the betrayal of their country, and there’s one thing they’ll certainly never do – what many Germans want to hear -SEND THE BLUDGERS BACK!

    The reason the majority of the alien horde headed for Germany was plain for all to see from the get-go.



    Their objective was to plunder the German public purse!

    And who’s to blame them!

    Mama Stasi herself invited them to wallow in welfare troughs filled and re-filled by German tax-payers.


    German federal govt spent €20 billion on refugees in 2016: report 

    I say ‘majority” because a significant minority came into Europe for jihad, in service of the evil cause of the ISIS rape-gang and other sectarian savages.

    No wonder Mama’s rivals in the election are shocked at Maiziere – who is he to ‘warn’ of a scandalous abuse of public funds in which he’s been totally complicit?


    Gambar terkait


    How dare the Interior Minister declare that ‘the benefits for refugees in Germany are quite high compared to other EU countries. This is part of the pull effect towards Germany.”

    It’s not fake news but old, stale news that Maiziere is peddling – information easily available to all, and if he knew, which he did, then why was the parasite tap not turned off?


    And the folly of handing these undesirables such undeserved largesse…


    An asylum seeker arriving in Germany has the right to housing and up to €390 euros per month to cover food, clothing and other expenses.

    …falls squarely on the shoulders of the Berlin Bitch.



    This isn’t the first time Maiziere has shown himself a worthless weasel..Merkel’s Muppet ‘Warns’ Germans -“Lay Off Our Lying Press!”  

    Maiziere has collaborated with HMV from the moment she threw the country open to the barbarians…



    …and he must share responsibility for the rape, murder and mayhem inflicted by so many of the savages on innocent Germans, especially German women and girls.



    So how come Maiziere is gabbling the obvious, as if he’s suddenly taking the people’s side over the ‘snouts-in-the-trough’ issue?

    Partly because he knows he can rely on the Enemy Within parties to rail at him, and thus cast doubt in conservative minds – if he’s being ’roundly criticised by the far-left Die Linke party and the German Greens…’


    …then chances are the patriot electorate will reckon the target of the subversives’ wrath must be doing something right.

    And Mein Gott the reds are railing!

    Die Linke deputy Jan Korte said that Maiziere was seeking to “disfigure the right to asylum”.


    I always imagined that any right to asylum might have some tenuous connection with whether or not those involved were actually seeking asylum.

    Since ALL of those who barged in via the Balkans had passed through numerous countries, including EUSSR members…



    …and refused to claim asylum there, then they are clearly motivated not by any fears for their safety but by simple obnoxious greed.

    They are just contemptible country-shoppers!

    But towards the end of the report, we catch a glimpse of the cabal’s broader strategy.

    Maiziere on Saturday stressed the need to harmonise asylum procedures for European nations, an issue already broached at EU-level. The European Union needs “a truly homogenous asylum system,” he said.

    Aaah, a ‘homogeneous’ system, directed from Brussels, lashing out more and more goodies to more and more baddies.


    Hasil gambar untuk spongers

    And shifting more and more primitives into the brave lands of East and Central Europe, regardless of those nations’ wishes.

    • Hannelor 21:05 on September 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Not many days longer until we can vote against her who has introduced all these problem people into Germany and I hope so many will be voting for the AfD. No other party in Germany will help our nation to survive this disaster Merkel has given to us.


  • ross1948 20:14 on September 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Austria – Another ‘Refugee’ With ‘High’ Standards! 

    An Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested for using his social security benefits to fly back home to set up a drugs network.

    Asylum seeker used benefits to set up drugs network

    Just remember, in December…

    ITMA! Hofer May Yet Take the Reins in Vienna! 




    • Otto 12:33 on September 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good heavens, how many of these has Austria got, and how many have they deported?.


  • ross1948 13:18 on September 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    No Sooner Settled In, Syrian ‘Refugees’ Dictate to UK Government! 

    Sometimes, a short news item about one small local aspect of an on-going international issue can cast blazing light on the whole problem.
    Like this pleasant Sunday morn, my bacon n egg sandwich breakfast perfectly prepared and served up by this weekend’s visitor, happily digested, before the BBC news showed a rowdy rabble ( in which Brits MAY have constituted a plurality!) rambling through London, demanding more primitives be admitted to top up the hordes already entrenched in the UK.
    Bad enough, but then the Beeb interviewed a cross-section of the Enemy Within, which included ‘Syrian refugees!’
    My God! They were quite shameless, brandishing Syrian flags!
    Here in Indonesia, non-citizens are quite rightly banned from participation in demos.
    We can, and often do, comment, but direct action involvement, like street-protests, in Indonesia’s political processes, by foreigners, is STRICTLY off-limits.
    Not so in Good Old GB, where those arrogant Syrians were out there on the streets, given tv time to air demands that the British Government do what they’re told by the rabble.
    Cheeky beggars!  
    But it’s not unique to Britain.
    Last week, look at what happened in Denmark, where sadly the cops  appeared reluctant to use force against 300 arrogant crimmigrants whose amok-walk – a more slothful version of an amok-run – had closed the motorway that serves as a vital traffic artery.
    Obviously not that vital if the police wouldn’t keep it open!
    What is wrong with law enforcement in so much of Europe today?
    Police are better equipped than, and certainly at least as fit as, their predecessors in times past, but they don’t get stuck into flagrantly defiant aliens, who are surely not so backward that they need to be advised thatit is a really bad idea to walk on the motorway,” as a police spokeswoman apparently advised the arrogant trespassers.
    On the other hand, maybe they are.
    Another report tells us that three illegals got hit by a vehicle while walking down a main road in the dark, in Hungary, while some Pakistani died whilst disobeying police orders – the law-breaking lout tripped and fell on a railway track.
    None of these deserves an iota of sympathy, any more than the thousands of lawless ingrates who are not dead.
    They are NOT refugees.


     If they were, they’d not have travelled through one safe country after another to be as far north as Denmark, or the UK!
    If they were, they’d not be demanding the right to choose which safe country they may seek shelter in – it’s the first one you get to, dumbo!
    Those in the British Isles would not be dictating to the government how many more gate-crashers must be let in for a good gourmand wallow in the benefit system.
    The avaricious parasites just want the yummiest largesse from the deepest welfare pit.
    But what about those Danish cops?
    Police spokesman Carsten Andersen said. “So right now, we have asked them to start a dialogue. We are waiting patiently for some of them to agree to that and stick their heads out of the trains.”
    For Pete’s sake!
    Dialogue with a bunch of bums who have NO right at all to be there? Waiting patiently for the scum to agree?
    That’s just sickening.
    Okay, if the upper ranks are so badly PC they won’t authorise live ammo, then what about rubber-bullets, water-cannon, or tear-gas?
    These uppity intruders need to be taught their place – which is not that of monarchs of all they survey.
    Now I see the road is no longer blocked by barbarous bludgers and the trains between Germany and Denmark are on the move.
    The thing is, most of these ravening ratbags don’t even want to leech off Denmark, though they’ll graciously accept bed and breakfast courtesy of Danish tax-payers before moving on to greener pastures! 
    Many refugees are reluctant to register in Denmark, where a centre-right government has cut benefits…Sweden is also a favorite destination….
    snouts_in_the_trough Sweden’s Golden Trough
    …more generous policies for refugees than their EU neighbors.
    AS I SAID – NOT REFUGEES AT ALL, rather a pack of hogs trotting as fast as they can, snouts a-twitching, paying no heed to European nations’ laws or even common courtesies.
    For example, when you’re in somebody else’s home, you don’t boss your hosts about with demands that even more feckless free-loaders be welcomed in!
    These mannerless mobs simply trample such civilities in their gross and gluttonous quest.

    What kind of citizens will Merkel’s Swarm make, in the countries they condescend to colonise?

    • Phil D 20:22 on September 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I couldn’t agree more. Those Germans will rue the day Merkel sold them out.
      Cameron’s as bad but tries to hide it for fear of Ukip. And now we have Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Opposition, I don’t know what’s in store for poor old England.
      I read your blog to restore my faith that some of us won’t bow down to this terrible thing that’s happening to all of us in the West.
      End of Days, did somebody say? It’s like as if there’s a curse on us, but whatever did we do to deserve this. .’


  • ross1948 15:16 on June 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Mexigration – Canada’s Turdo Outdoing Obama? 

    If Canadians are actually listening to what Justin Trudeau says, then my concerns expressed earlier this week, that he has a chance of becoming Prime Minister, are surely being allayed.

    Kathleen Wynne truddownload Turdo – gaily galloping, Gadarene-Style


    But again, despite my patriotic prejudices, I have to acknowledge that American voters are neither more nor less attentive than Canucks to speechifying, and the former twice voted for The Manchurian.


    Mention of Obama brings me to the point of this post, the Mexican migration menace.


    • obama-illegal-immigration-policy
    • ————————–
    • The White House Charlatan is seriously toiling to maintain his standing as Worst President Ever, that news last week – about extending his crimmigrant amnesty to alien felons behind bars – surely unbeatable in terms of rank irresponsibility. Obama amnesty reaches illegals in prisons, jails …
    • ……………………….

    But Turdo Junior is striving manfully to outdo Obama, witness his demented declaration that if elected prime minister he would allow travellers from Mexico to come to Canada without a visa.


    As a bright gal named Candice Malcolm observes in the Sun, if Canada were to scrap the visa requirement for Mexican visitors, anyone from Mexico could simply show up at our doorstep without prior warning.


    • illegalimmigrationimage
    • ———————————————–
    • I do wonder if an irate Obama rang Turdo after that news, complaining that little Justin was pilfering parasites that he, Obama, had intended to cram into the USA.
    • Because for your average shiftless Mexican welfare bum, Canada has a lot to offer.

    Candice reminds us how, if foreign low-lifes can ooze into Ontario, their greedy snouts will instantly be afforded access to welfare and healthcare services above and beyond what most Canadians receive, including full dental coverage.


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • …………………………….
    • And even in the other provinces, yummy benefits are on offer, not least to ‘asylum’ parasites who have never contributed anything to the Dominion. This aspect is relevant, as in 2008, nearly 10,000 Mexicans claimed to be refugees and asked Canada for asylum. About 90% of those asylum claimants from were eventually found to be bogus, requiring deportations on Canada’s dime.  http://www.torontosun.com/2015/06/26/mexican-visa-requirement-a-must .

    The article notes that in 2009 a visa was introduced, and by 2013 the number of Mexican asylum seekers went down to just 84, most of which were accepted as legitimate refugees.

    Maybe – Canadian immigration, in the past, let tons of garbage through – how did the Khadr tribe arrive, after all? And all those filthy Tamil ingrates?

    ‘Poor, Persecuted’Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 


    • tamiltraffic
    • Toronto- ‘legitimate’ Tamil ‘refugees’ engage in mass havoc, to punish the land that took them in


    • But save that issue, who are ‘legitimate refugees,‘ for another day.
    • ——-
    • Trying to round up those 10,000 liars must have cost millions. With undesirable aliens, it’s not just sending out a cop or two to pick ’em up and chain ’em to an airplane seat.

    There’s an entire industry grown-up (since Turdo SENIOR’s time) consisting of agitprop outfits that fawn over alien intruders, and of vile lawyers who get sleek – but still slimy – from court/tribunal law-fare on behalf of such unwanted and unwelcome swine.

    Who pays them? NOT the swine! 

    Now there’s a thought.

    If Turdo opens the gates wide, and disables what defences Harper and Co. have managed to insert into Canadian immigration, if it becomes SO easy to gate-crash the country and batten on its resources, how are the legal lice going to bleed the tax-payers?



    http://www.torontosun.com/2015/06/26/mexican-visa-requirement-a-must .

    • bryan 09:12 on July 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Even if he had better ideas, he is so obviously a lightweight , not a fit and proper leader for a country that takes itself seriously


  • ross1948 09:54 on December 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Infested With Polygamous Primitives? 

    And again we have news of primitives bringing their Dark Age practices into civilised countries -it seems Britain is infested with backward brutes who knowingly flout UK law to wallow in polygamous unions.

    • polygamy396de-polygamy_3
    • Aurat, a Muslim women’s rights group based in the West Midlands, interviewed a sample of 50 women about their personal situations. Nine in 10 of the women described themselves as married but only one in 10 were in marriages recognised under English law..Mass polygamy in UK Muslim community – claim Telegraph.co.uk – ‎Dec 10, 2014‎
     Good to see it’s a Muslim group that’s exposing this appalling state of affairs. Hard also to disagree with Stephen Evans, of the National Secular Society, who spells it out plainly. “Islamic ‘marriages’ and sharia courts are quasi-legal systems operating within Muslim communities, and, as the report shows, both discriminate against women, who sometimes have little knowledge of their legal rights and are unable to access support services and are therefore all-too-often becoming trapped in insular religious communities.”New report on UK sharia ‘marriages’ exposes “tip of the iceberg” National Secular Society – ‎Dec 10, 2014
    And you can bet the benefits rip-offs have been at riotous levels!
    • Ministers ban extra benefits for multiple wives – Telegraph  www.telegraph.co.uk › News › Politics

      21 Jan 2012 – Ministers are to bring to an end an “absurd” benefits regime which has seen husbands with multiple wives able to claim extra welfare payments. …polygamous marriages are outlawed in the UK but recognised in the benefits ...




      That appeared in JANUARY 2012, but SIX  MONTHS LATER? A sorry saga of inaction or ineptitude. Or intimidation by multicult PC ideology? Look here…

    • Immigrants with multiple wives will get more benefits …http://www.telegraph.co.uk › … › Law and Order

      30 Jul 2012 – Officials have admitted that polygamous households, of which there are an … in Britain, could be handed more money under reforms to the welfare system. … They can also claim housing benefit and council tax benefit if they …
    It’s no use just blaming sexist savages who can’t be content with the one spouse decreed by British law.
    It’s a massive failure by the authorities.
    There needs to be a crack-down, door-to-door, cross-checking marriage certificates and then a straightforward choice for those found guilty.
    Lengthy imprisonment or deportation.
    Heck, no, why go so easy on them?
    out with them
    Kick the ratbags out. There are plenty of countries that endorse their taste in debasement of women.
    Let the morons choose – anywhere but the country whose public purse they’ve been plundering. 
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