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    Bigoted Bogor – City Seeks IslamoNazi Link-Up! 

    Bogor is a place I’ve been to a  few times, to admire their famous botanical gardens.


    kebun raya bogor


    In recent years, I’ve been in no hurry to go back, no interest in spending my mite of ‘tourist’ cash in a community whose commitment to religious liberty is so threadbare that their so-called ‘moderate’ mayor denies the very existence of the persecuted Protestant congregation of the GKI Yasmin church.


    bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan Bogor Mayor Bima Arya

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Alas, there’s little likelihood of improvement, given the news last month that the Bogor regency DPRD – the local authority – has declared it wants to synergize with the IslamoNazi FPI.




    FPI’s major contribution can be made through their scholarly contribution, the role to co-educate and strengthen the faith of the people in the area.

    Kabupaten Bogor Ingin Bersinergi dengan FPI


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    Scholarly FPI members

    (are masks a sign of their modesty about their academic prowess?)


    We read in Republika.com that the Chairman of the Bogor Regency, Ade Ruhandi, visited the FPI headquarters in the village of Sukagalih, Megamendung subdistrict, Bogor Regency.

     And Lucky Ade got to meet with the FPI’s ‘high priest,’ Habib Rizieq Shihab.


    • Ketua DPRD Kabupaten Bogor Ade Ruhandi (kanan), saat bersilaturahmi dengan Habib Rizieq (tiga kanan). Foto: source for JPNN.com
    • Ade, I think, is on the right-hand side. Why any police office in uniform would be in a photo op with IslamoNazi ex-cons, I don’t know. Next to the cop is Rizieq, and next to him is the notorious sectarian lout Munirman -read about him here – Look Who’s Talking? FPI Lout Munarman Calls Ahok Arrogant! 
    • 0000000000000000000
    • I don’t know how ‘scholarly’ Ade himself claims to be, but he certainly seems not to have read very much of news and current events in Indonesia over the past decade or more.

    For me Rizieq is a great scholar, nationwide.” Ade openly expressed his desire to reach out to clerics to jointly build Bogor regency. ” History has proved that the role of scholars is needful for this nation. This is what we expect from FPI, ” he said.

    Oh, yeah? ‘Scholars needful for the nation?

    Gimme a break! Here’s what a lot of ‘scholars’ here, and not just those in the FPI, are like. 


    The attitude of the Majapahit King of Bali to banning cow slaughter is damaging to tolerance in Indonesia, according to the Deputy Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Dr Amirsyah Tambunan. The Bali King has no appreciation of what Indonesia’s about..


    ‘Scholar’ Amirsyah


    Amirsyah said that free speech is a cherished thing in Indonesia. However, in the case of sacrifices, the King must respect the religious rights of Muslims. “In Islamic belief, slaughtering cows, goats and sheep is legal, whichever they can afford,” he said…“Other religions also have to respect Muslims (who believe cows are kosher )” he explained.   http://www.hidayatullah.com/read/25607/25/10/2012/mui:-sikap-raja-bali-melarang-qurban-sapi-menodai-toleransi-.html

    Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!! 


    Many if not most so-called ‘scholars’ are intolerant, arrogant and bigoted. These links concern the official government-funded MUI, the Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars.’

    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    ‘Adam Created By Angel?” Islamist ‘ScholarsCall the Cops

    Clitoral Clip? No, ‘Scraping’ Suffices! TELL Us, Islamist Scholars Why Do It?


    Back to Bogor  –

    Just when you think that his ludicrously sycophantic  outburst could not produce any more belly-laughs, Ade goes on to say that Rizieq was the role model for every Muslim in Bogor.


    Habib Rizieq (left) with infamous advocate of violence Abu Bakr Ba’asyir (currently doing time for terrorism!)


    Ade added that he fully expected the presence of Rizieq can make the region safe and orderly.


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    fpi kill busddhist

    As you can see, the FPI does indeed have a gift for making people feel ‘safe and orderly.’

    Don’t go to Bogor!

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      Horay. You come back to Indonesia interest again, and I like it so much.


    • JazPen 12:48 on July 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I expect nothing but fierce attacks on the FPI when you are paying attention to our host country, Ross, but its a shock even so to see a senior police officer (his uniform tells me he isnt an ordinary constable) hanging out with that demon duo.
      I have just been having lunch with some of your local fans and theyre also horrified.


    • Ati 14:30 on July 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Oh good Ross, so long time since you write much things about Indonesia. This makes me happy to read but sad for Bogor people with DPRD go crazy with bad FPI.
      Please write more about our country.


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    Sectarian Intolerance Rules in Subang, West Java! 

    Sad to record another step taken to drag Indonesia down, this time by the bigots who run Subang, West Java, who have issued a local diktat banning the peaceful Ahmadiyah minority creed…





    Has anyone told these intolerant Islamists in Subang that we are already quite far into the 21st Century?

    Aaaah, but West Java isn’t!

    Just check out that benighted province’s name in our search box, the Bekasi regent’s jihadist oppression of minorities, the Depok theft of the Ahmadis’ place of worship https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/depok-jadi-kota-pki-islamist-council-grabs-private-property-communist-style/, the provincial governor’s loathesome hope that the Ahmadis might just ‘disappear.’





    We expect no more, no less, when reading about West Java.

    And I fear the Subang Ahmadiyah leader, Yendra’s, appeal to Jakarta, to protect his congregation’s civil and religious liberties, will prove futile.


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ————–
    • Yendra asked the central government to intervene to address the ban. In addition Yendra asked the Chief of the Indonesian Police, Badrodin Haiti, to ensure Ahmadiyah in Subang do not suffer intimidation and interference…

    When a mob of Islamist savages took to anti-Ahmadi ethnic cleansing in Lombok, a hundred cowardly cops stood by and watched.

    In Squalid Internal Exile, Lombok Ahmadis Denied Voting Rights 

    When three Ahmadis were martyred at Cikeusik, in Banten Province, next door to West Java, brutally bludgeoned to death by another mob of rabid swine….


    • ahmadiyah2
    • Sectarian swine at Cikeusik, revelling in hate  – nobody has EVER been charged with murder, despite a fullvideo http://www.liveleak.com/view
    • =====================

    ….the police again fired not a single shot to disperse the filthy brutes.

    And President Jokowi has not lifted a finger to annul the Tri-Ministerial Decree that formalised blatant discrimination against these inoffensive, respectable citizens. 

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    Still Shunned by ‘Pluralist’ President, Java Christians Observe Easter On the Street 

    What most of us liked about Jokowi when he was Governor of Jakarta were his unannounced visits to all sorts of places, the most enjoyable, for citizens, being when he caught out good-for-nothing slugs employed in government offices flouting their responsibilities.


    jokowi-twitter Jokowi



    Lazy bureaucrats quaked, because he’d go all over town.

    But now it seems he’s not prepared to cross the street from his palace, despite the fact that those he’d meet there are all decent, patriotic Indonesians.

    I refer of course to the persecuted Christians of Yasmin Church, hounded by evil Islamist bigots and banned from worship in their own church premises by first an overt fanatic mayor…


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ——————
    • …and now by a so-called ‘moderate’ who treats the victims of sectarian intolerance with an indifference tantamount to contempt.

    Bogor’s Mayor Cowers From Bigotry – West Java Shamed AGAIN! 

    And today the Yasmin folk were out there again, under a blazing hot sun.

    I wanted to join their Easter service but thought it was on Good Friday, so had a journey then for nothing. I could find no advertised time for today’s service, so missed it too.


    • Hasil gambar untuk adnan buyung yasmin ‘Open our sealed church!’
    • ====================-

    However I go along often, and last time I reported that there was a special seat reserved for Preident Jokowi, who likes to boast of his commitment to pluralism.


    The Christians of West Java have been put through Hell.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians 

    They say in the linked story that they still hope their Head of State will uphold the Supreme Court ruling in their favour.


    I’d like to hope so too, but I’m afraid I no longer regard that hope as realistic!


    • Wulan 11:56 on March 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good Ross. Jokowi must help these people. They would help him if he need.


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    IslamoNazis 'Prohibit' Event – Who Do These Thugs Think They Are? 

    I see in Tempo.com that a performance entitled Tan Malaka Monologue due to be staged at the French Cultural Center ( IFI) in Bandung had to be cancelled.  https://m.tempo.co/read/news/2016/03/24/078756690/fpi-larang-monolog-tan-malaka-pria-minang-yang-hafal-quran


    It was ‘prohibited’ by the IslamoNazi FPI, self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front!’ These white-shirt thugs have NO authority whatsoever to prohibit’ anything. In fact, whatever they like to forbid is probably worth having a look at, or, since it was a ‘monologue,’ a listen to!

    The hoodlum gangster group – apparently in concert with other sectarian loutfits, object to Tan Malaka, a man dead for decades, because he was a commie.


    Actually, we recorded in a previous post how bad he was, a Communist, an active member of the PKI, killed in 1949, and the Islamists don’t want his ideas resurrected.

    • anti_communism_by_leandrotr
    • Nor indeed would any thinking person, if the plan were to implement them. The PKI is still outlawed here, after their attempted seizure of power in 1965 was thwarted, at great cost in bloodshed.


    Head of West Java FPI Dedi Subu said “It is the clear emergence of a new-style communism.”,

    So I probably wouldn’t like listening to the ‘monologue’ very much,’ but that’s not the point.

    It’s the job of courts and police to ‘prohibit’ events, if they are a problem.If the IslamoNazis don’t like the topic, they are free to protest outside with banners and leaflets, explaining why.


    communism tyranny

    • An easy task, because communism is a sterile and blood-stained ideology, propounded by hypocrites who ride to power on the backs of the poor then instal themselves, like Mao did in China, in palaces, wallowing in luxury.

    The PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party, was a vicious totalitarian gang, just as intolerant as the FPI..


    pkiposterfpi kill busddhist Who’s worse?

    PKI, FPI? Book-Burning Ideologies! And What About Gramedia? 

    …but the PKI is long since outlawed and while there are numerous communist sympathisers about…

    …who constantly harp on the plight of evil unrepentant PKI ratbags…Geriatrics V IslamoNazis – Jakarta 1965 – Whose Victims Were They? …this particular gathering was no secret.
    Since it was not prohibited by any lawful body, then it was the job of the police to ensure that it could go ahead without disruption by malignant fanatics.

    So where were the cops this week?

    I don’t know, but they should have been at the IFI, safeguarding constitutional freedoms.

    I’m sure a bit of research by my local readers will tell us why no law enforcement was on the scene to stomp the jihadist jerks, but in the past there have been shameful incidents of collaboration beiween the Islamonazis and police.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/muslim-school-burned-by-angry-crowd-police-enlist-islamonazis-to-counsel-kids/

    We wait to hear.

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    Intolerance in Indonesia – When Oppression’s No Longer News! 

    Up early today, as somebody wants to meet me for lunch in town, and traffic here means a long journey is entirely possible.




    I had another mostly sunny Sunday in Jakarta the other day, spent at home as I had a visitor. But today, my thoughts turn to next weekend, a holiday weekend, of course.

    I’ve been checking out ‘news search’ sites to see if the persecuted Christians here are holding their Good Friday or Easter Sunday services across the street from President Jokowi’s Palace in downtown Jakarta.



    • The Protestant Yasmin and Filadelfia congregations, their rights unprotected by the authorities, and brutally maltreated by Islamist mobs…

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians 

    … have been doing just that, every second Sunday, for some years now. Despite court rulings, they are still denied access to their own churches in West Java.


    • jokowi
    • ——————————-
    • When Jokowi was elected, many people, including myself, believed he’d meant what he said about religious tolerance.

    But he’s not restored these people’s rights.

    Java Heat – Oppressed Christians Worship In Jakarta Sun – Jokowi No Show! 

    They are nice people.

    I’ve gone along every so often as part of my sunny Sunday walkabouts, just to show a little solidarity. They exemplify what used to be the hall-mark of this multi-faith country.

    It’s not just various Christian denominations who show up, but also oppressed Muslim minorities, like the Shia . and Ahmadiyah Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    When Ramadhan ends, I’ve seen the Christians there hoisting banners, with greetings to the Muslim majority in the archipelago.

    But regular readers know all this.

    I try to focus on their plight frequently, because the media here do not. Sure, if some particularly vile outburst occurs, but not frequently enough!

    If I were an Indonesian editor, I’d be so consumed with shame at what’s being done in my name to these decent, innocent folk…


    • Jackboot
    • ————–
    • …that I’d despatch a reporter downtown every other Sunday, to record the continuing crime committed against the values the President proclaims.

    I’ll keep checking the news, as another Easter approaches.


    • santi 11:07 on March 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I am happy when you write about Indonesia so it is good for me to read this about the church worship at Monas.
      I also will go to Monas with them but I never know when they go.
      We all here want you to write more of Indonesian problems please.


      • ross1948 17:24 on March 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Okay, Santi, I have now written several more posts about Indonesia. I appreciate your constant support and help.
        Don’t worry, any enemy of Indonesia, Communist or IslamoNazi, will get a hard time here.


    • Prita 11:19 on March 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It is always nice to read you.
      Indonesia must let people go to church or temple or mosque as they like to.
      The Yasmin people get bad treatment from goverment. I wish Jokowi helps them.


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    Bekasi Bigots V Religious Liberty, Again! 

    Having risen early for the eclipse, I decided to catch up on local news and was not in the least surprised to read that an Islamist rabble has once more disgraced Bekasi, a city on Jakarta’s perimeter where I used to live.

    That was not a pleasant experience (living there, not reading about the current mob of intolerants, though that’s not pleasant either!) and I was glad to get back to Jakarta a dozen years ago, and have done my best to avoid Bekasi ever since.

    It’s in West Java, one of the most benighted provinces in Indonesia in terms of religous freedom, and we have in the past covered numerous examples of Bekasi bigotry, not least the frightful persecution of the peaceful Ahmadi minority..,


    Sealed Ahmadi Mosque in Bekasi – note Point 2, ‘fatwa’ – the local government openly bows to clerics’ dikats!

    Bekasi’s Hitlerian Ultimatum to Ahmadis – Update on Golkar Party’s Intolerance 

     and the equally sickening jihad against Christians. 

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

    The latest outburst of primitive zealotry concerns the Santa Clara Church being built, perfectly legally, and Islamist rage. allegedly due to its proximity to one of those ‘pesantren,’ the Islamic boarding schools,which may not all be centres of fanatic indoctrination but in many cases are just that.

    Lukman Slams Pesantren Fanatics – Can One Brave Man Slay The Hydra? 

    Around a thousand protesters calling themselves the Bekasi Islamic Forum converged on the Bekasi city government offices west of Jakarta on Monday (07/03), to protest against the construction of a church, which they say is situated too close to an Islamic boarding school.

    So what do the uptights fear? Contagion? What a pathetic pack of pukes!

    But for once the local authorities in Bekasi seem to be taking a stand for tolerance, the Mayor, Rahmat Effendi, sending out a spokesman to say that he had no reason to reject the construction of the church. “The mayor signed the construction permit of the church because all the requirements are met. [The permit] is issued according to procedures..”



    scoteffendi Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi


    That’s welcome, especially in view of local history.

    Bekasi’s Islamist Regime – ‘We Won’t Allow Religious Liberty If Bigot Thugs Object!’ 

    However, words are all very well, but Rahmat has to make sure that there’s no recurrence of the disruption the mob caused  at the Santa Clara construction site –  the group prevented workers from entering while dozens of police officers stood by to watch.


    The church permit is in order, the construction workers are carrying out perfectly legal work, earning an honest living, but when this white-shirt sectarian goon-squad shows up, the cops just ‘watch’ when they prevent working-men doing their jobs?

    Are police officers no longer equipped to handle vigilante intimidation? Do they no longer carry guns?

    Or are we to assume that their concept of law-enforcement against the forces of darkness has not advanced since the shameful display at Tambun, which you can read about here.

    Cops Stop West Java Worship, Appease Islamist Louts 

    And here – Christians Abused by Islamist Mob, Cops Fail to Enforce the Law 

    And here – ‘Off With His Head!’ – Jakarta Cops – No Sweat on Murder Threat! 

    • JazPen 17:23 on March 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is more like it, a vintage Ross-rant against Islamist extremists. Youre sure to get more Indonesian readers if you write more about the FPI. Until this migrant problem broke out in Europe, you had something to say on religious liberty every week but youve been neglecting that and I think that is a pity.
      I dont say forget the West but we live here so more please about the intolerance here..


    • Dewi S 18:43 on March 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is just same like you say, embarassing to Indonesia. I am sorry you did not like Bekasi, some family members are living there and they too feel embarass by the fanatic gang.
      But be positive, the mayor is now on tolerance side so maybe Bekasi gets better, yes?


    • Arvian Putra 06:49 on March 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Stumbled upon your blog by accident, read quite a few posts and i must say very interesting choice of topics that you’ve covered so far.
      especially as an indonesian currently in britain, your blog is like the best of both worlds when it comes to issues dealing with liberty. good stuff


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    Seminar Shut-Down – Why Not Shut-Down IslamoNazi Intimidation? 


    Perhaps bored with intimidatiing defenceless people themselves…

    FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’ 

    …they instead decided to try to get the cops to do their dirty work for them.

    “We were asked not to go ahead with this seminar because the FPI asked the police to prohibit the activity,” said Ready Chairman  Aip Syarif Hidayat

    Several Ready representatives were summoned to police headquarters to explain the seminar ..they were questioned about what was to be discussed

    Api says he told Police Chief Susnadi that the seminar would only be talking about “themes of nationality….. strengthening the four pillars of nationhood as in Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the Republic of Indonesia, and national unity,”

    Alas, the top cop, having received complaints from the FPI that Islamonazis found fault with Ready’s outreach to peaceful religious minorities, was unhappy.

    “We do embrace all groups,” said Aip, referring to Ahmadiyya and Shia, two creeds hated by the white-shirt hoodlum. As a result of this police ban, Aip was forced to postpone the implementation of the seminar. “We postpone to respect the police,” he said.

    The Police are now denying they banned the seminar.

    Their observations are mind-boggling.

    West Java Police chief spokesman Sr. Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono said Tasikmalaya Police only warned that if the seminar were held on schedule it would invite insecurity.


    Hasil gambar untuk Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono


    “I likened it to being on a plane and there’s a cumulonimbus cloud. Then the tower officer asks that the plane not recklessly pierce the clouds,  find another way. Likewise Tasikmalaya Police duties in matters of the seminar,” said Pudjo 

    A better analogy would be if a plane’s following its legitimate flight-path and a bunch of deranged louts threaten to start firing at it. Yes, the plane could divert, but might it not be smarter for law enforcement to swoop on the demented brutes, using all necessary force, including authorised fire-arms, then lock them up.

    Not in West Java.

    Pudjo rambled on. 

    “So it was the committee itself that ultimately postponed the seminar activity because we’d told them of their vulnerability. And they understood,” he said.

    On the part played by the IslamoNazi FPI, Pudjo not argue. According to him, the issue of belief in Tasikmalaya is still a high potential threat of religious harmony.

    Reducing that potential, by cracking  down on jihadist gangsters, might not be a bad idea, right? Do cops not have a duty to protect citizens’ civil liberties? Like freedom of speech and peaceful assembly? 


    “They (the organizers) see the social pressures from those who hold different beliefs.”

    Mind you,West Java’s record is so bad we shouldn’t be too surprised… 

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    Islamist Insanity – ‘He’s Married The Goddess of the South Seas!’ 

    Most of you, like me, lead lives concerned with enjoyment. It may be that you delight in your family, or your job, or sport, or party-going.

    Or all of the above!

    Life is short and it’s not a dress-rehearsal – apologies to those who believe in reincarnation, but that’s just how I feel about it. 

    That’s today’s intro, but here’s something to think about. 


    • nature “So the water, the soil, the sun, the air become a composite, energy for the welfare of society without exploitation, because that people obey the law of nature is a certainty.”


    Wow! A bit heavy, but harmless, yeah? And anyone who propounds such ideas should not be harassed or hounded for doing so?

    Pause for general agreement. Ooops!

    Not in West Java, not even if the ideas come from a senior local government position, like Dedi Mulyadi, Regent of Purwakarta. He’s not only a notable but a thinker, and a writer, and he’s written a book setting forth his thoughts on the nature of life and the universe.

    He seems to be a likeable chap.



    Good for him. Or not.

    Because ‘some Muslims are uneasy.’ And ‘scholars are fretful.‘   http://nasional.tempo.co/read/news/2015/11/30/058723573/dilaporkan-fpi-ke-polda-begini-reaksi-bupati-purwakarta

    So says the local IslamoNazi FPI chief, a ‘scholar’ himself.

    The ‘scholars’ mentioned are hardly what normal folk think of as scholars. They are ulema, steeped in Islamist dogma but that’s where their ‘learned’ status stops. But even they don’t usually come out with the sort of rank hogwash we heard from one infamous Islamist bigot.

    He has accused Dedi of secretly marrying Nyai Loro Kidul, the legendary Goddess of the South Seas.


    Habib Rizieq (left) with the nastiest terrorist convict in the country, Abu Bakr Bashyir

    • Guess who?

    Yup, it’s the ‘high priest’ of the FPI, Habib Rizieq! 


    •  Hmm…A man could do worse!
    • =================================
    • Although large numbers of Javanese worship her ( and that ticks off the Islamists no end!) she doesn’t appear too often.
    • Like I say, a legend. Locals don’t wear green on the Parangtritis beach, for fear she’ll take a fancy to them and carry them off, into her oceanic domain. 

    No wonder Dedi’s laughing about that IslamoNazi berk’s babblings! 

    But here’s where it gets beyond a joke.

    In response to complaints from the white-shirt gang, West Java Police are investigating Dedi!

    The report will be explored by the Special Criminal investigation team…


    Who gives a monkey’s if some Muslims or some Catholics, or Protestants, or Hindus, are uneasy. They should be told to take a chill-pill and grow up!

    And if those dogmatic drones, the ‘scholars,’ are in a fret, that’s hardly news at all. The curmudgeonly old (and sadly young) ‘clerics’ spend much of their time seemingly searching for fret-producing issues, and invent them if they can’t find them.

    •  –


    • Dedi’s book, for example, was published long ago, but only now has some sectarian sticky-beak stumbled on it as a whine-excuse. 

    Nonetheless, when are the relevant authorities going to tell the nasty fanatics who infest this country that wasting police time is not just anti-social, but also a prosecutable offence – or should be.

    • Indonesian_National_Police_General's_Visor_Hat
    • Given the amount of real crime, not least shameless corruption in high places, Indonesia’s Police must have better things to do than investigate sane people just because demented dorks are in a tizzy about a book.

    Alas, there is a pool of intolerance in this beautiful archipelago, exemplified by Gramedia, one of the largest publishing companies, which owns many media, including the pretend-pluralist Jakarta Post.

    burning books Gramedia’s Nazi-style book-burning

    The management of that collaborationist company grovelled despicably to the most mean-spirited jihadists only a year or so ago, revelling in a Nazi-style public book-burning.

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    The book’s ‘crime’ then was the same as Dedi’s book’s now – dissing religion.


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    Enjoy A Night Out? How Dare You, Say IslamoNazis! 

    I’ve recently, for obvious reasons, been watching France24.
    Their coverage is more intense, again obviously, but they still seem prone to drivel bias, too many guest appearances by ‘experts,’ who offer us not so much expertise as prejudice, like a couple of nights ago, for examle.
    They had a dumbo Swede geezer and an American female (teaching at a Liverpool University!) who had in common the word ‘problematic,‘ which they eagerly applied to France’s determination to fight back.
    The very thought of saying it is a ‘war‘ made them quake.
    Militaristic,‘ said the Swede, anxiously.
    Hardline,‘ I think the Yank bint threw in, referring to France’s failure to pander to banlieue parasites, France’s indifference to the ‘root causes‘ of terrorism, which she ascribes to ‘poverty,’ ignoring the rather more obvious cause, evil.
    Tonight, I did hear, on the same channel, that the ringleader of the Paris Pogrom had been a ‘successful businessman.’
    Go figure. 
    Wicked old France? These pinkos were talking MERDE!
    But before them, there was a French professor, named Francois Bernard, I believe, who had a lot to say too.
    But one particular point he made CANNOT be emphasised enough, the choice of targets by the jihadist scum.
    A rock concert, a bar where people were enjoying an evening drink…
    …these manifestations of normality are, as the prof put it, ‘abominations,‘ to the pig-ignorant Islamists.
    Though to be fair to ISIS, they’re not hostile to sex, as long it’s with under-age, unwilling, innocent captives.
    keep-calm-and-go-pig-hunting Right on, France!
    It really is a war the fanatics are waging, not only against security forces or politicians, but against all that makes life worth living. ‘
    A vendetta against fun.
    And that takes me back here to Indonesia, where the IslamoNazi FPI have been out and about – they are not much into fun as normal human brings know it, but they have their own sort of frolicking…
    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). masked IslamoNazi cowards
    …which usually consists of either howling rabble-gatherings in protest at other people having fun or better still, violent and/or vandalistic outrages.
    Their most recent outing occurred in Bekasi, a place notable mostly for crass intolerance, sadly common in West Java.
    But this time it was directed against the local legislators, who, the white-shirt thugs felt, should reject the draft law being deliberated by the Tourism Special Committee. 
    The Chairman of FPI in Greater Bekasi, Dede Sulaiman, told the media that the Muslims in Bekasi reject the draft law on one point – it would legalize nightclubs. 
    “It’s the price of death for us.”
    fpi_noble life martyr deatht
    ‘Noble life or martyr’s death!’
    Oh yeah?
    That’s a literal translation of a term meaning they are prepared for martyrdom on the issue of normal folk getting to enjoy a drink, a dance or a show after dark.
    “We reject the draft law because it is not in accordance with the teachings of Islam.”
    Do these hoodlums represent ‘the Muslims in Bekasi?

    Certainly not some of the Muslims I met when I lived there – the place has many unpleasant people…

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

    Dede may be correct when he adds that the reform is not in accordance with the vision of Bekasi Regency’s religious community, but that’s probably a good reason to press ahead and implement it.

    We know the extent of bitter, bigoted intolerance entrenched in West Java, where ‘clerics’ a few years ago practised vicious intimidation to make decent Muslims bow to their hate-campaign against Christians.

    The brutes threatened not to pray at their funerals if they failed to cooperate; the majority of his neighbors signed the document under duress.  http://www.christianpost.com/news/indonesian-muslims-call-for-halt-to-christianization-45778/

    Men of God, indeed, bullying villagers thus to make them toe the bigot line!

    Pity poor Dede, though. He and his comrades in FUKHIS (Forum of Islamic brotherhood) are EMBARRASSED!

    “We citizens of  Bekasi are very embarrassed by the mushrooming of immoral places. We’ll never be silent. We’ll continue to fight until the end of life.”   http://poskotanews.com/2015/11/10/fpi-tolak-raperda-pariwisata-kabupaten-bekasi/

     Hmmm..fingers crossed.
    But don’t expect any genuine heroics from these white-shirts.
    Not after how their ‘sweeping’ picnic in Sukorejo ended.
    ‘Sweeping’ – that’s the thug euphemism for mob-handed raids that terrorise civilised people.
    fpi skulk in mosque Cowering IslamoNazis
    Now they’re threatening to ‘sweep’ again.
    But the sad thing is, the local councillors may well bow to the bigots.

    After all, even here in Jakarta, the kill-joys are in the saddle.

    ‘You’re Only An Adult! It’s Past Your Bedtime!’ Jakarta Rules, OK? 

    Creeping shariah surging.


    BTW – Finally, that evening, France24 had an Englishman, Charlie Winter, from the Quilliam group, with whom I didn’t entirely agree, but who refuted the cr%p about poverty, asserting quite clearly that jihadists came from all social classes.

    The ‘poverty’ nonsense is such an insult to all the decent poor, who live honest lives.

    It’s like the hogwash we get from social workers, – ‘oh, he had a rough childhood, so his crimes merit our undertanding.’ That is grossly offensive to everyone who had a rough childhood and grew up decent.

    Evil-doers merit retribution!

  • ross1948 16:30 on October 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , jihadist thugs, , , , , West Java   

    Bogor’s Mayor Cowers From Bigotry – West Java Shamed AGAIN! 

    Disgusting tale of bigotry, from Bogor, West Java, today, no surprise, alas, because that city’s Mayor Bima Arya has a miserable record of cowering from fanatics, despite his pre-election reputation as a ‘pluralist’ and ‘moderate.’


    Now he’s banned the Shiite minority from holding their annual Ashura event today.


    • freedom-of-religion



    Because a bunch of Islamist fanatics want it banned, and Hizonna lacks the guts to order his plentiful civic militia to safeguard freedom of religion!

    Again, no surprise, because the militia, known here as the SatPol PP, have a shameful record in that respect, better known for enforcing Bogor’s illegal prevention of Christians from worshipping in their own church!

    Mayor Bima’s the bright boy who summed up that issue by telling the GKI Yasmin congregation that they don’t exist, so why should he act justly towards them!


    bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan  X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    No matter both the Supreme Court and the National Ombudsman both found in favour of the ‘non-existent’ Christians!.

    This latest grovelling by authorities comes after shocking scenes in Bandung, also West Java, where would-be celebrants were forced by hard-liners to cut short a similar event.

    An odd phrase, ‘hardliners.’  


    A more accurate term might be sectarian savages, unhindered by the police.  

    A mere 120 people claiming to be “defending” the dominant Sunni interpretation of the faith interrupted an Ashura celebration at the Sidolig sports stadium, forcing an early end to the event attended by thousands of people.

    This victory for jihadist louts occurred despite the presence of a thousand cops, all armed and trained but evidently over-awed by the evil intolerants, because although they prevented the hard-liners from entering, still the law-abiding Shia had to be escorted out of the stadium.

    The Jakarta Globe journo must have a sense of humour, because he writes that it was not immediately clear why the massive police force didn’t prevent the activists from disturbing the event.

    • Indonesian_National_Police_General's_Visor_Hat
    • The report adds a pathetic confession of police indifference from Bandung’s top cop, a person clearly given to mealy-mouthed piffle – the important thing was that everybody was safe.

    No, not so – the important thing is that religious liberty was crushed once more, because nobody gave the order to the police on duty to draw their guns and subdue the scum.

    “Our duty was to ensure security,” he said. “We had prepared a thousand officers.”

    But the worshippers were denied the security they had a right to expect, because the 1000 officers didn’t maintain security- they let the jihadist jerks attain their obnoxious objective!

    I see President Jokowi is currently out of town, visiting Obama.

    • jokowi
    • ————-

    Well, he won’t benefit much from that rat, a cultural marxist who gives not a fig for freedom of religion.

    But a lot of Indonesians do care about their country’s reputation. And they are wondering when Jokowi will live up to his pluralist promises made during his election campaign.

    Noody wants action replays of his predecessor’s supine record. SBY to ask the world to ban blasphemy | The Jakarta Post SBY’s pandering to Islamist extremists was an embarrassment, not least when he urged the world to adopt an international ‘blasphemy law,’ replicating the draconian statute here under which an innocent Shia cleric was sentenced to prison for preaching his own faith.


    tajulTajul, one of Indonesia’s prisoners of conscience https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/indonesia-shariah-fanatics-howl-for-blood/

    If only Jokowi would order his National Police to enforce that Supreme Court ruling in Bogor, and to confront the foes of freedom who pollute his beautiful archipelago.

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