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  • ross1948 07:33 on August 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Democrat Finds Kyle Guilty- ‘This Person Murdered Two People!’ 

    “A murderer…”

    Was that a slip of the tongue I heard when Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer’s former Policy Adviser, a man named Jim Kessler…


    Jimkessler Website Full

    Jim Kessler’s old boss, Senator Charles Schumer, labeled Jim a “creative non-conformist.”


    ….was being interviewed on the Fox News Channel last night, at 00.05, Jakarta time, 31/8/20, when he pronounced 17-year-old Kyle Ritterhouse guilty of murder.

    That rather skips past the boring rigmarole of a trial, a judge, a jury, witnesses, evidence,etc.



    That can happen, when one’s discussing a criminal case, and we have probably all done it.

    I was curious when I composed my post on Kyle’s case…


    …but hoped such things wouldn’t happen.

    On TV, in an interview, there’s an opportunity to retrieve the situation, to say, aaah…”this man’s currently accused, but we must wait for the trial to determine guilt.” 

    But within minutes, still talking about young Kyle, Kessler very clearly did it again.

    This person murdered two people!”

    Will Democrats now call him out on this?


  • ross1948 19:36 on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil ACLU Witch-Hunt? C’mon, ALL! Solidarity With Keshona Cops! 

    Sheriff Beth was also criticized last year after calling for five people of color who had been arrested for shoplifting to be put into warehouses “where we put these people who have been deemed to be no longer an asset.” 
    1. David G. Beth

      Sheriff David G. Beth



    About time somebody said something like that!

    And here’s another outbreak of common-sense!

    During the Kenosha Police Department’s first press conference in response to the Blake shooting and subsequent murders committed at protests, Police Chief Daniel Miskinis blamed the unidentified victims in Tuesday night’s shooting for their own deaths, saying the violence was the result of the “persons” involved violating curfew. 


    miskinis cheif 2

    Dan Miskinis


    Good to hear that some senior officers in law enforcement can still be counted on to show a bit of sense.

     Interesting also to know – or rather to be reminded – that the far-left ACLU takes the wrong side just about everywhere, as now in Kenosha!


    Get this mindless yammering!

    “The ACLU strongly condemns Sheriff Beth and Police Chief Miskinis’ response to both the attempted murder of Jacob Blake and the protests demanding justice for him.

    Their actions uphold and defend white supremacy, while demonizing people who were murdered for exercising their First Amendment rights and speaking out against police violence,” said Chris Ott, Executive Director of the ACLU of Wisconsin.

    “The only way to rectify these actions is for both Sheriff Beth and Police Chief Daniel Miskinis to immediately tender their resignations.”



    NO WAY!

    The ACLU helpfully provides the phone numbers of the Kenosha Police and Fire Commission so good-for-nothings can ring up and demand Police Chief Miskinis’  removal…



    ….and also the leftwing Governor Evers’ number to demand the removal of Sheriff Beth.

    But I’m not asking readers all over the world to make costly calls!

    Send emails expressing solidarity!

    Don’t let these guys be witch-hunted by ACLU/BLM scumbags!

    Sheriff Department  Contact the Public Information Sergeant

    That’s the email contact for Kenosha County, where the sheriff works…


    Here’s the email address for KPFC, which supervises Police Chief Miskinis –


    Fight ACLU Witch-Hunting!


  • ross1948 09:54 on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Biased BBC Opts For The Name, Not The Knife! 

    Having a slothful morning today…



    The man who’s removing my leaky water pump and installing a new one arrived at 8am, thus waking me up.

    Yesterday he arrived at 7.15am to inspect it!

    However, thus dredged from the depths of sleep, I let him get on with it, and tuned into my daily dose of masochism, UK Pravda.



    Along the bottom of the screen, they have an ever-changing series of news updates.

    Today’s included ‘Police officer in Kenosha shooting named.’

    Not ONE WORD on the big news from Kenosha!

    Breaking: Investigators say knife recovered from car that Jacob Blake reached into…


    Not the knife in the report – no picture yet available


    The report from The Blaze, a non-left source, gives us this key info courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation … Read more 

    …and The Blaze headline also includes what the BBC graciously decided to let us know.

    …identity released of officer who shot him​.

    Breaking: Investigators say knife recovered from car that Jacob Blake reached into; identity released of officer who shot him​

    In other words, a small right-of-centre part of the media in the USA gives us fair and balanced news…

    …not the pinko pablum we are fed by the BBC.


    • JazPen 10:24 on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Morning, Ross. I sympathise with you on the workman issue. A lot of my neighbours in Jakarta rise at dawn. They don’t appreciate the advantages of WFH.
      I watched the BBC World News after I read your comments on it and you are correct.
      I also noticed, never used to notice but more alert these days, that on their news at the top of the hour that they now refer to Blake as a ‘black man,’ but not an ‘unarmed black man.’
      A reality check? Then they switched to the Sports News and the little man there went back to the ‘unarmed’ script.


  • ross1948 21:33 on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden Yells ‘Excessive Force!’ Scum Cheer-Jeer At Fallen Cop! 

    Nobody has yet asked the question that sooner or later somebody’s bound to – does this latest ‘victim’ in Kenosha have a criminal record to match George Floyd’s, or that other ‘martyr’ in Atlanta…

    BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night! 

    Instead we have that old fool Biden bleating about how “yet another black american is a victim of excessive force.”

    How does Biden know that?

    He doesn’t!

    I too don’t know all the details of what happened in Wisconsin, because we have only seen a very brief video of the shooting incident.

    But we have seen video of a mob of filthy savages cheering and jeering as a police officer lay seriously injured, struck by an object hurled or swung against his head by one of the many criminal scumbags…

    ….who have been devastating public and private property in the city of…what’s it called, Keshowna, Kenosha?

    A city nobody’s heard of, outside the USA, but now infamous as another lair of …

    Onlookers at first react in shock as fellow officers attend to the injured officer: “He just got bricked! He just got bricked!” one observer exclaims…

    So did people rush to help?

    Obviously not, because we are discussing the same sort of people…

    ….who have torched towns and cities all over the country as they howl BLM slogans.

    But when the mob begins to realize that the victim is a law enforcement officer, one person begins to applaud — and then loud cheering and hooting and hollering are heard.


    It’s time to stop…

    ….rioting and arson.

    I just watched the Governor of Wisconsin, grovel personified, yammering much as Biden yammered.

    “Equal justice has not been real for Black Americans and so many others. We are at an inflection point. We must dismantle systemic racism. It is the urgent task before us…”



    ‘…so many others…?

    He’ll be in trouble for that!

    Not just one colour but ‘others?’

    Never mind!

    We wait to hear if Biden will extend his concerns about ‘excessive force’ beyond the person resisting arrest, to the cop who got his head bashed by scum.


    Riots and arson?


    • Mack the Knife 23:04 on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Best yet, Ross! Everybody is just so sick of these wild animals burning and looting.
      Shoot a dozen and then charge them, guns at the ready.


    • Ken Kasic 23:26 on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There’s more information coming out, the man shot was caught on video
      it’s in your British Daily Mail, a physical altercation between Blake and the cops.
      We also know there was a warrant out for him.
      It’s good to read what you say about the violence.
      If there us nothing done to put these rioters down, they will burn our country down.


    • Andrew Swannish 02:01 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Three cheers for anyone who says its time to break this insurrection.
      The rioters are not protesters, they are exactly what you say, filthy savages and they are being used by communists. BLM admitted they are ‘trained marxists’ and so its time law enforcement trained our firearms on their shock troops.
      God bless you.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 07:04 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Did you see that CNN described what these animals are doing as ‘violent protests’ and then self-censored, removing the world violent?
      This kind of violence has to be crushed. The BLM revolution is aimed by its communists leaders at destroying the country.
      The country has to fight back and the sooner the better.
      The President should mobilize the National Guard just like Kennedy or was it Eisenhower did when state governors were not interested in defending the rights of Americans.
      I used to think you were too hardline but not any more.
      Fight fire with fire.


  • ross1948 09:59 on June 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil Savages Amok – BLM In Wisconsin! 

    Some people think this phrase, which I often apply to the BLM rabble, is somehow unfair.



    If you doubt its accuracy, read about the ignorant scumbag – watch him, too, on the linked video – and about the destruction of a liberal abolitionist’s statue…


    …and about the liberal Democrat state senator hospitalised by…what shall we say?

    Filthy savages!


    • Taliavero 10:19 on June 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That savage in the video looks barely human.
      A lunatic asylum is where he belongs!


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