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  • ross1948 2:18 pm on June 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: head girls, St. Pauls School, woke weasels   

    In Which ‘Top School’ Do Woke-Whelps Rule? 

    You’d think there’s nothing to say about a girls’ school having a head girl…


    Oops! Wanted a pic of a girl in uniform, but…

    My alma mater was co-ed so we had both a Head Boy and a Head Girl.

    In that halcyon age, trans-freaks didn’t exist…



    …,so nobody ever contemplated having a Head Thing.

    But now we read, in The Times, no less, that a ‘top girls school’ is dropping the title Head Girl!

    The reason given, that such a designation is too“binary, is merely contemptible.

    The human race is binary, one is either male or female, and pandering to delusional and or degenerate persons… 



    …who deny their biological reality is both unscientific and unbecomg to an educational institution.

    However, that’s not the reprehensible aspect of the report which is most offensive.

    This pathetic change is being imposed, allegedly, after calls from pupils…


    Kids go to school to learn, not to run the damn place.

    If some woke-whelp doesn’t like the school’s traditions, she  ( or it ) should ask  mummy and daddy….

    . or Parent 1 and Parent 2 – No More Mums And Dads? Melbourne’s Tax-Funded Creeps 

    .. to facilitate a transfer to a trans-freak training college, with useful classes in stubble-plucking, pipe-smoking, etc.

    • Terry M 6:01 pm on June 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If the children want to ask for a change on school dinner menus, that’s acceptable, but abolishing the head girl for the idiot reasons stated?
      Tell them to wait till they are old enough to vote.
      Once they leave school, if they then go to university, they can start vapouring about binarism, whatever that might be.
      The academics these days will welcome their waffle.


  • ross1948 5:57 am on June 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Columbus, , Randolph school board, woke weasels   

    Randolph Board Of Education, Pinko Creeps All. 

    Another report from the front-lines, where parents defend their kids from cultural marxist cr-psters.


    Whatever his legacy, it's undeniable  Columbus shook up European cooking with his New World imports. See more pictures of Christopher Columbus.
    Christopher Columbus

    BBC hasn’t covered this…


    …so far as I know.


  • ross1948 3:00 pm on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Restore Trust, woke weasels   

    National Trust – Stop Woke-Weasel Subversion! 

    We have in recent years discussed the way the National Trust has been taken over by elements of the far-left, aka ”woke weasels.’

    Stop NT’s Nazi-Style Brain-Wash! 


    How Did Anti-Brit Far-Left Capture The National Trust?

    Jellyfish Johnson and his ministers won’t lift a finger to help, because Bojo is NOT on our side

    Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png

    So if you are in The Old Country and smouldering with indignation at the evil forces determined to besmirch the British heritage…



    …DON’T just smoulder!

    Here’s what to do.

    .Use the link below and sign up with The Resistance!


    I’m told the NT has 6,000,000 members.

    In the context of pandemic restrictions, and even outwith that context, it is quite unrealistic to expect more than a small fraction of that number to show up and vote.

    A postal ballot of members is the fair way forward.

    • Fiona 4:19 pm on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I used to be a member in my hiking days, staying in youth hostels and going from one historic site to another.

      The National Trust was managed by normal people who kept their sites in good condition so anyone, note, anyone, of any colour or either sex, could visit and enjoy them.

      It’s insulting to all those honourable people who preceeded them on the board of management to insert waffle about inclusivity.


  • ross1948 2:02 am on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'fair', 'tawny Tartar', , woke weasels   

    Woke-Worms Gnaw At Shakespeare’s Bones! ! 

    So England’s glorious bard must be subject to revisionist meddling….



    ….made to bow from beyond the grave…



    …to whining sticky-beaks who swoon at the word ‘fair?’

    What a dark day for Western civilisation!


    Overcast day, lest some berk start crying.

    I had the misfortune to learn of this when watching RT on today’s early evening news…

    …when a filthy rich barrister ( an OBE to boot) declared that, whatever most of England might think, tough!

    ‘Young members’ of ‘minority communities’ must be protected from Shakespeare’s perceived faulty references to colour, race and/or gender.


    Sod that!

    If immature uptights get their knickers in a twist because they hear ‘tawny Tartar,’ or ‘Moor’ or the adjective ‘fair’ used as a complimentary adjective, which, BTW, it is…

    …. then the damnable brats, of any age, should take a hike and attend something more appealing to backward/primitive mentalities….

    BBC Affronts Tax-Payers AGAIN – Exalts Leftist Grime Gremlin! 

    Perhaps UK Pravda-sponsored hip-hop, grime or rap festivals?

    • Wyn Worrall 6:52 am on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      That barrister should stick to making money. Lawyers are good at that.

      We heard about majority rule being essential for years when we lived in Africa.
      Why isn’t it good enough for England?


    • Bart Dearne 7:24 am on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What’s wrong with England?
      Hearts of Oak? Hope and Glory?
      Now they are all turning a Nelson’s Eye to people who hate their heritage.
      A dark day, a black day, dare I say.


    • Sue Tynan 12:16 pm on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You should have named that barrister. He’s known to be an agitator but still gets to sit on Police Committees and even serve as a judge.
      Impartial justice?


    • Fiona 4:23 pm on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This theatrical centre that’s behind the perversion of Shakespeare? Do they get any public money?
      If so, it needs to be stopped at once.


  • ross1948 6:38 pm on May 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , woke weasels   

    Crawling To Uptights, England Crumbles 

    Are anybody of you old enough to remember that harmless little song from The Sixties…


    ‘England Swings? ‘


    Could It ever be released today!

    Consider its systemic racist line about ‘the rosy-red cheeks of the little children…’

    …words plainly hitched to the brutal yoke of white supremacy, with ‘”the potential to cause deep hurt…”

    Frankly, if uptight whiners are made to feel ‘deep hurt’ –


    -who gives a tinker’s cuss?

    It might help the crummy toe-rags man up!

    That song also mentioned ‘bobbies on bicycles, two by two, ‘ reminding us of that halcyon era when the police were seen as being on the side of honest Brits, not servile to the rabble…

    London Fallen Indeed? Cur Cops Crawl Before The Rabble! 

    Cenotaph Soiled- Cops Cower – Bojo Bottles Out! 

    …and eager to act  as ‘a woke’ goon-squad.

    This reverie arises from one of rhe most depressing reports I’ve read in a long time.

    00000000Morris dancers


    …about how a group of Morris dancers have changed their face paint from black to blue following concerns over racism….

    Have these people no pride?

    I think of Goldsmith, writing about how the best of Englishry, ‘when once destroyed, can never be supplied.’


    A statement was issued last year calling for dancing groups to eliminate the use of full-face black makeup…



    issued by cross-county group the Joint Morris Organisations in June in response to the Black Lives matter movement…

    OMG, how low can Merry England grovel?


    …we must recognise that full-face black or other skin tone makeup is a practice that has the potential to cause deep hurt,” it said https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-hampshire-56956071


    • Lois Wadden 9:47 am on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Pathetic, this old English tradition being messed around because of BLM trouble-makers.


  • ross1948 8:03 pm on February 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , re-naming, Seaford East Sussex, Seaford school, , woke weasel school-children, woke weasels   

    NOT UK’s Finest Hour! Scandalous School Brats Cancel Churchill! 

    Seaford is to most people, Brits included, an obscure and undistinguished place, a town on the coast of East Sussex….


    Image result for seaford east sussex

    …but that was before the news broke about its slimy little woke-brats…

    “Churchill could be considered an important historical figure.”




    Ignorant little toads!

    Churchill WAS and IS an important historical figure!

    No ‘could be‘ about it.

    Just the greatest PM the UK ever had!


    Image result for seaford head school

    Seaford Head School

    “However, we are now more aware that Churchill was a figure who promoted racism and inequality, unfairly imprisoning and torturing many….”

    WHO T F Cares?

    He led his country, he saved his country, he was PROUD of his country. 

    If those disgusting turdlets in Seaford Head School are even remotely representative of that country today, there’s a lot less to be proud of now!

    ‘…the student body and leadership team have decided to change the names of the houses, so that the house system reflects the local community, and so that each house can create a new collective identity based on shared values….’


    Since when do children get to make decisions about how a school is run? What the Hell is a ‘leadership team?’

    If there’s a headmaster, decision-making’s his job and he needs to take responsibility.

    The move was made by Seaford Head School in Seaford after students questioned whether these figures “represent the school’s core values”

    The new names will be decided through a student vote…


    Oh, BTW, the brats and the ‘leadership team’ are also singing from the gaystapo song-sheet.

    “Furthermore, as a school committed to stopping bullying and creating a safe environment, we no longer think that JK Rowling is a suitable representative, because of her recent words about the trans community.

    ‘The trams community?’


    The sad little slugs presumably don’t pay a great deal of attention in basic biology/anatomy classes!



    If the local councillors, and/or the Secretary of State for Education in Jellyfish Johnson’s government are going to step in and slap these sh-ts down, then the least Brits can do is tell the said sh-ts what decent people think of their base and  Road, Seaford..


    Or call them up! 01323 891623


    PS – the local council is reportedly refusing to comment.

    Yellow-bellied swine!




    • Fiona F 8:38 pm on February 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It’s sad that children can be so ignorant and offensive but they didn’t get to be like that all on their own.
      Bad teachers? Very possibly, but the media, the BBC, the constant war of attrition on British history?
      As for the way they have turned on J K Rowling, then the parents have a lot to answer for.
      Failing to teach moral values is the parents’ failure.


    • Amanda Adams 9:24 pm on February 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Children make the decisions on how the school gets organised?
      What kind of school is it?


  • ross1948 4:00 pm on February 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , breast-milk, Brighton and Hove Hospital, Matt Hancock, , , woke weasels   

    Breast-Feeding Outlawed? Get The Gaystapo Out Of UK Hospitals! . 

    What is HM Secretary of State for Health going to do about the gaystapo diktat issued to midwives at an NHS hospital?

    No need to answer that…

    . Official portrait of Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP crop 2.jpg

    Matthew Hancock

    BoJo’s Brave New NHS – Hancock’s Hospital Gaystapo! 

    – ….because we already know he’ll do nothing, except maybe simper – the Health Secretary is a notorious pro-pervert puke.

    The hospital in question is in Brighton, which, many years ago, was quite a nice place – it even had the excellent Julian Amery as one of its MPs! – but has in the past decade or two become infested with sexual perverts.


    Now leftist hospital bosses are telling midwives there to drop the terms ‘breast-feeding’ and ‘breast milk…’


    ….simply to pander to deluded freako men…



    …who pathetically maintain, despite what’s dangling between their legs, that they are women, for God’s Sakes!

    In my experience, admittedly not recent, midwives are practical, sensible people who want to get on with their important duties. The last thing they need is for pinko creeps to re-write the vocabulary they use while at work.



    We know that Jellyfish Johnson has declared that it’s just jim dandy to be ‘woke…’

    …but he never said so in any election campaign and neither he nor his party has any mandate to preside over the bastardisation of the English language in order to appease whining maladjusts.

    Get the Tories OUT!


    • Petra Malley 7:44 pm on February 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I have always avoided hospitals but I know each ward had a lady in charge called Sister. So is this person now addressed as Sibling?
      What tosh these trannies are foisting on the tax-payers’ NHS.
      I do believe something like an insurrection is coming, or the end of Britain is truly nigh.


    • Noreen Paterson 10:32 pm on February 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The Tories can be called many things but not conservative.
      A new party is needed, and there are millions of voters waiting for that.
      If Farage’s Reform avoids the serious errors of judgement he showed with the Brexit Party, like selecting terrorist apologists etc as candidates, that could be the answer to many prayers.
      What about that actor who was trying to get his new party off the ground?
      I haven’t heard much about that recently.


  • ross1948 5:06 pm on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , UK police state, woke weasels   

    SS-GB In Real Time! UK Cancel-Culture! 

    ‘Almost everyone I spoke to for this article was nervous about expressing their views openly, while publishers were not prepared to talk on the record. What does that tell us….


    Unusual in any British newspaper these days to find such a reflective paragraph.

    Plenty of facts and opinions to be looked at via the link, but those twenty or so words are chilling.




    • Penny 8:39 pm on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What has happened to Britain?
      No hope, no glory, and not likely will anyone sing about it being ‘Mother of the Free!’

      I blame the Tories, who got all those patriotic Labour voters by pretending to be a patriotic conservative party and then, as Tories do, kicked the patriotic conservative voters in the goolies.
      You have the right idea.


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