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  • ross1948 16:27 on November 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Museum of the Home, NEU teachers far-left agenda, statue obsession, woke weasels   

    UK ‘Teachers’ Prioritise Politics! 

    We have noticed the rabid left extremism of the self-styled ‘National Education Union’ in the past…..

    National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9754081/Union-says-schools-shaped-colonisation-teachersdecolonise-classrooms.html

    … but a story in UK Pravda this month, illustrating the sheer childishness of the NEU, needs to be retold.

    BBC of course is obsessed with ‘diversity’ drivel, so makes much of a ‘statue’ yarn…


    Robert Geffrye statue, vandalised by anti-socials

    …about some benevolent old fellow, Robert Geffrye, of the Royal African Company, who made money in the ‘slave trade,’ centuries ago, donated quite a bit of it to build alms houses for the poor…

    …and has thus incurred the wrath of a gang of uptight leftist creeps in a rather dodgy part of London, calling themselves ‘Hackney Stand Up To Racism …’



    …but let’s focus on the NEUrotics, who are in boycott mode, their ‘members pledging not to take school trips…

    .. to the museum where the statue stands.

    Isn’t that infantile?

    The kids might enjoy the trips, at least very probably learn something.

    But because these ‘teachers’ have hang-ups about the statue…

    ( from which, BTW, the Museum has vocally dissociated itself)

    …they deny their pupils an educational excursion?


  • ross1948 00:01 on May 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Are You With HSBC, The Witch-Hunter Bank? 


    We often have cause to remind you how bad some banks can be, in terms of rabid political meddling…

    Yes, Marine Borrowed From Russian Bankers – For Very Good Reason! 

    …and of course woke-weasels are almost invariably climate-panic pedlars too.


    Gambar terkait


    So this week, as if we didn’t have a low enough opinion of pinko bankers already…

    HSBC Is Funding The Enemy Within!

    … no surprise at all that HSBC have put the boot into one of their senior execs who dared express public dissent from official bankster dogma.


    Stuart Kirk only voiced the views of millions when he derided the prophets of doom, whose rants have “become so hyberbolic that no one really knows how to get anyone’s attention at all.”

    And he drew an effective comparison with the YK2 nonsense spouted two decades plus ago.

    Twenty-five years in the finance industry, there’s always some nutjob telling me about the end of the world..



    Well said, and he continued…

    . “I’ve dealt with gold bugs my entire financial career, the roof’s going to cave down, Y2K. Does anyone remember Y2K, anyone old enough? The lifts didn’t stop.


    No, the lifts didn’t stop  but the woko-wallies who run HSBC have now stopped Stuart!


    Time to boycott HSBC…

    ..if you are not already doing so.

    • Carly McLean 09:28 on May 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Just for giving an opinion?
      That’s so wrong. HSBC is like Big Brother.


    • Nick Piautos 06:01 on May 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Nothing new about bad banks
      They financed the Bolshevik Revution.


  • ross1948 16:17 on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: French Football Federation, Idrissa Guaye soccer, INTERNATIONAL Deviants Day, Watford FC, woke weasels   

    Boring Old Watford, Now Busily Woke Weaselling! 

    Good on that African player, Idrissa Gueye…


    Idrissa Gueye asks Paris Saint-Germain to explain the absence of the rainbow jersey
    Idrissa Gueye


    ….facing persecution for his alleged refusal to stick a badge – of solidarity with sexual maladjusts – on his soccer shirt.

    French media say he’s had a ‘letter from the FFF’s ethics board calling on Gueye to explain why he missed Saturday’s game…


    …to “issue a public apology” or to say that the rumours he refused to play are “unfounded….”


    All this intimidation arises from 17th May’s International Deviants Day….



    …which I decided to ignore, rather than mock.

    But what about Watford…

    ….a place on the northern edge of London, utterly undistinguished, but remembered by myself as where I, and many other teens…



    Alas, not her…

    ..used to go in order to start hitch-hiking northwards.

    However  it’s changed, or at least its football club has, nowadays a nest of woke-weasels!

    Watford reiterated their commitment to equality and diversity…


    So much so, we read on, that they’re ever-ready to facilitate ideological brain-washing….



    this includes the willingness to offer further education and support to any of its employees”




    There it goes again, the sicko arrogance that’s the woko-loco hallmark – dissenters need to be re-educated.

    One expects obnoxious nonsense like that in Islington, or some other trendy lefty London cess-pool…



    …but whatever happened to Watford?

    • Jan Parker 21:27 on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Whoever would have thought, Watford would go woke?
      The saddest part is, five or ten years ago the same sad gits that are now wokelling would have been normal Englishmen, never a thought about ‘diversity!’


  • ross1948 16:15 on March 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Save Our Statues, steam trains, woke weasels   

    Woke-Weasels Make War On Wales! 

    As thoughtful Brits share the anguish of Ukrainians who fear Odessa’s history and heritage will face destruction…




    …a real danger, especially if Putin unleashes Chechen savages as part of his onslaught…

    Russia is already  promoting stereotypes of Chechen brutality in its propaganda


    …perhaps those same Brits, especially those of Welsh residence or descent….

    …should pay heed to a less warlike, but equally destructive, danger to history and heritage…



    ….emanating, shockingly, from the woke-weasels who run the National Museum of Wales, of whom we’ve heard recently.

    Farage, BLM Racism…And A She-Ass! 

    Today, however, I refer to their denigration of proud achievements, such as that of the steam train!


    A replica of Richard Trevithick's 1802 steam engine, the world's first steam railway locomotive runs on a track near the Ironbridge power station.

    A replica of Richard Trevithick’s 1802 steam engine, the world’s first steam railway locomotive


    It matters not that the Cornish inventor, Mr Trevithick, had no personal links to slavery

    Just listen to this hogwash!

    But the NMW determined links between steam train technology and the slave trade, claiming the use of the invention is “rooted in colonialism and racism…”



    Although there might not be direct links between the Trevithick locomotive and the slave trade, we acknowledge the reality that links to slavery are woven into the warp and weft of Welsh society.”


    Have you ever heard such rancid cultural marxist rot? It’s like something I’d compose as a parody!

    Woke-Weasels Warbling Wearily About Welsh ‘Warp and Werf?’



    However, the report does quote a splendid riposte by a man named Robert Poll, from Save Our Statues.

     “Trying to cancel trains shows the desperation of some to attack any and every part of British history. We should be celebrating these amazing feats of civilisation, rather than weaving them into a false narrative of endless oppression. This relentless focus on supposed negative associations of progress is leading us backwards, with science, philosophy and now industry all being systematically renounced.


    Well said!

    Here’s the ‘Save Our Statues’ link –


    – join their fight!

    • Archie Davies 20:13 on March 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Who let those muppets get their hands on the National Museum?
      It’s just not on.
      Whoever pays their wages should stop this twisting of history.


  • ross1948 00:37 on January 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Boswells school Chelmsford, censored by pro-trannies, , woke weasels   

    Boswells Bigots? Don’t Girn, Give ‘Em Hell! 

    ‘Girn’ is a Scots word meaning moan, like when a brat is denied candy.

    Too many people moan and groan about bigoted injustices of the sort a left-run school called Boswells, in Chelmsford, Essex, has just committed against J.K Rowling.

    The arrogant pro-freak clique that runs Boswells has, evidently with NO parental consultation…

    Whatever happened to parents’ rights?


    …issued a very belated statement, a woke-weasel whine that JKR’s ‘comments and viewpoints surrounding trans people. Her views on this issue do not align with our school policy and school beliefs’




    One might want to ask  – if this ‘performing arts school’ is indeed a ‘place where people are free to be‘ whatever they wish to be, then why have the school’s policy commissars taken such a strong stand against diversity of opinion?

    But investigation reveals that, while most schools have a range of policies on matters relevant to education, as you’d probably expect…



    …Boswells is into maladjustment in a big way – and no suggestion of providing or seeking remedial help for the sufferers!

    Boswells Home School Agreement 05 Oct 2021
    Boswells Homework Policy 10 Mar 2020
    Boswells LGBTQ+ Policy 29 Sep 2020
    Boswells Literacy and Numeracy Policy 10 Mar 2020
    Boswells Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy 05 Oct 2021
    Boswells Provider Access Policy

    Just take a look at the third one down the list!


    Anyway, if the parents seem prepared only to girn a bit, let’s the rest of us tell the ‘school leadership’ what we think of their censorious intolerance!

    Stick to our standard protest email practice, please!

    No profanity, no threats.

    Simply deplore their wicked wokish ways!

    The Boswells School, Burnham Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 6LY

    Headteacher: Mr Stephen Mansell

    Telephone: 01245 264451

    E-mail Address: admin@boswells-school.com


    Mr S Mansell


    Ms C Noble

    Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour, Safety & Welfare)

    Mr S Jones

    Deputy Headteacher (Teaching, Learning & Progress)

    Ms L Grover

    Assistant Headteacher (Student Engagement and Wellbeing)

    Mr P Taplin

    Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)

    Ms A Thorne

    Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion and SENCO)

    Ms S Dodson

    Lead Practitioner & Initial Teacher Training Coordinator – Teacher of Mathematics

    Mr P Keech

    Lead Practitioner and CPD Coordinator – Teacher of English

    Mr P Butler

    Associate Leader (Character and Culture) – Head of Performing & Creative Arts

    Ms S-J Hayes

    Associate Leader (Achievement for All) – Head of Humanities



  • ross1948 00:02 on December 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: gender neutral passports, passports for maladjusts, , , priti useless, , , woke weasels, woke woman   

    Home Office Woke-Woman, Pinko Priti! 

    The court also heard that the Home Office accepts that a person’s gender identity can be male, female, both or neither.


    So the allegedly ‘tough rightwinger’ serving as their boss, the Home Secretary, stands revealed as Priti Useless indeed!


    Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

    Priti Useless Patel



    A weakling, unable, or unwilling, to bring her woke flunkeys to heel…



    …to order her ‘civil servants’ to comply with scientific  truth.

    The news report is all about a very bizarre personage we wrote about ages ago…

    Scary Stuff! Nosferatu Look-Alike Laments Invisibility! 

    …who has, thanks be, lost its attempt to have a neuter passport – or something like that!

    Read that story if you want a laugh!

  • ross1948 12:30 on December 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , woke weasels   

    Awas, Jakarta! Beware That Un-‘British’ Council! 

    I used to drop by the Jakarta offices of the British Council, but that was before they gave away the rather useful library.

    Since then, not so much.

    And in view of the news this week, best steer clear of the pathetic wokified outfit.

    ( ‘Awas!’ means ‘Watch out!’)

    I’m certainly not the only one to feel this way.

    “The British Council should be encouraging people not to take offence when no offence is intended – in other words, the exact opposite of what they are doing here.

    The report, exposing outrageous PC gibberish which British Council HQ is recommending’ to staff worldwide…



    • and please note, it had to be brought into the light of day by a formal “Freedom of Information’ request!
    • .

    ….reveals what must rank among the worst examples of national/cultural self-hate exposed for quite a while.

    An organisation which annually leeches millions from the British public purse to promote the United Kingdom…

    ( 189 million this year! )

     ..dislikes using everyday British usage, like ‘Brits’ and ‘the Queen’s English.’


    Sounds like some disloyal douche-bag’s got into their machinery…


    Image result for evil irishman


    …in view of their ‘advisory’ “against the use of the word ‘Brits’ to describe people from the UK, ‘as the term generally does not include people from Northern Ireland’.”


    Indonesian readers please note, the people of Ulster, the British Province of Northern Ireland, delight in being British.

    Ulsterfolk are as British as it gets!.

    If the ‘British’ Council has on its staff some sympathiser with the disloyal minority in Northern Ireland, the Bloodbeast Adams/IRA think-alikes….



    …that infiltrator needs to be rooted out.

    Much of the BC-PC hogwash is predictable, but get this..


    It’s so bad that the dumbo PC drips who composed it warn against using ‘politically-correct…’

    …because it ‘downplays and trivialises the hurt and offence caused’ in certain circumstances.


    Get a life, pinko creeps!

    And this?

    .…remarking that ‘the colour scheme is insane’ or ‘they had a fit’ should be off limits due to the mental health connotations

    To my Indonesian readers, beware – this organisation’s verbal vomit is in NO way representative of decent ordinary British people, the True Brits!


    To True Brits back in The Old Country…

    Tell these woke-weasels what you think of them!

    10 SPRING GARDENS, London
    SW1A 2BN
    United Kingdom +44 (0)161 957 7755

    But more importantly….


    ….email your MP and demand that not a penny more from YOUR taxes be provided, until they withdraw their ‘advisory’ grovel-gunk, apologise, and fire the ratbag that wrote it. 



    • Santi 15:20 on December 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I do not understand why the British Council send such stupid advice to the staffs.
      I hope the foreign teachers do not obey it.
      My English language teachers always called native speakers, and languagthat is why they got the jobs.
      If we want non native speakers, we get them in high school.
      Many were not very good with English language


    • Vicki 17:28 on December 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You are definitely not the only one who wants this leechy bunch brought down to earth with a bang.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 21:33 on December 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I knew a few guys worked at the British Council in Jakarta.
      They were 100% normal, not a chance they would have used any of the PC horse-sh-t in that “advisory”
      I have worked with people that took their English courses at the British Council, and they like it because they had native English teachers.
      I will warn young Indonesians about the new policy.


  • ross1948 17:47 on December 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Royal College of Midwives, woke weasels   

    Royal College Of Mid-Spouses? 

    What Next?

    Royal College Of Mid-Spouses?

    A mere apology is not enough!

    While it’s right that the Royal College of Midwives apologise for the disgusting wokery in their ‘sleeping guidance,’ viz.

    Postnatal people in hospital..

    •  – as if anyone other than a real woman could give birth –

    …it is surely needful to identify the cultural marxist who inserted such offensive hogwash…

    ..and do something about it!

    The RCM carries the royal cachet and should not be harbouring woke-weasels in its HQ..

    The report reminds us of a similar BS outbreak, in September, when The Lancet, once a highly reputable medical journal, was caught offensively ‘describing women as “bodies with vaginas” on its cover.


    But The Lancet has for several years been under Enemy Within control.

    Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, has been mentioned on our blog before..

    Illegals No Threat? “The Exceptions Are Hepatitis, Tuberculosis And HIV.” 

    ….but for a more complete description of his unsuitability, try this.

    The Lancet’ Praises Karl Marx in Bizarre Editorial | American Council on Science and Health


    …or this –

    Horton’s behavior in this case is consistent with his longstanding and wholly inappropriate use of The Lancet as a vehicle for his own extreme political views.

    It has greatly detracted from the former high standing of the journal.’  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11112930/Lancet-hijacked-in-anti-Israel-campaign.html


    So we know who the problem is at The Lancet, though unfortunately Horton has not yet been removed.,

    If the RCM is seriously ashamed of the offensive drivel-definition and not just beating a tactical retreat they need to expose the rat in its editorial team..




    …and hang it out to dry.


  • ross1948 01:01 on October 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , woke weasels   

    Shame! Stones Pander To Woke-Whiners! 

    I have been a fan of the Rolling Stones for VERY many years….



    …so am deeply disappointed to read that they have knuckled under…

    American single label

    Brown Sugar Cancelled! 

    ….to slimy woko-weasels who slither out of bed each day desperate to be offended by ANYTHING!

    People who can actually read are surely obliged to concur with Piers Morgan, who has explained that “Brown Sugar is demonstrably a song aimed at defending and supporting black women, not one that seeks to denigrate them or make light of slavery.. “ https://sg.news.yahoo.com/piers-morgan-rolling-stones-brown-sugar-143415565.html

    Frankly, I expected better of them, or at least of Mick Jagger, who despite youthful excesses…

    • =
    • Mick with Tina Turner! I can remember a Uni Xmas Ball at which my partner’s dusky allure, similar to Tina’s, was celebrated by the DJ playing ‘Brown Sugar’ in her honour!
    • oooooooooo

    ….always seemed to show –

    A – a healthy enthusiasm for women..


    B – a capacity for rational thought.

    However, I draw some small consolation from Mick’s refusal to rule out the excellent song for future tours.

    • Kemangeroo 09:34 on October 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I think I’m a bit younger than you but after all the years since they started singing it, Brown Sugar is still a great song.
      Who listens to the words anyway?
      It’s a great song


  • ross1948 14:18 on June 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: head girls, St. Pauls School, woke weasels   

    In Which ‘Top School’ Do Woke-Whelps Rule? 

    You’d think there’s nothing to say about a girls’ school having a head girl…


    Oops! Wanted a pic of a girl in uniform, but…

    My alma mater was co-ed so we had both a Head Boy and a Head Girl.

    In that halcyon age, trans-freaks didn’t exist…



    …,so nobody ever contemplated having a Head Thing.

    But now we read, in The Times, no less, that a ‘top girls school’ is dropping the title Head Girl!

    The reason given, that such a designation is too“binary, is merely contemptible.

    The human race is binary, one is either male or female, and pandering to delusional and or degenerate persons… 



    …who deny their biological reality is both unscientific and unbecomg to an educational institution.

    However, that’s not the reprehensible aspect of the report which is most offensive.

    This pathetic change is being imposed, allegedly, after calls from pupils…


    Kids go to school to learn, not to run the damn place.

    If some woke-whelp doesn’t like the school’s traditions, she  ( or it ) should ask  mummy and daddy….

    . or Parent 1 and Parent 2 – No More Mums And Dads? Melbourne’s Tax-Funded Creeps 

    .. to facilitate a transfer to a trans-freak training college, with useful classes in stubble-plucking, pipe-smoking, etc.

    • Terry M 18:01 on June 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If the children want to ask for a change on school dinner menus, that’s acceptable, but abolishing the head girl for the idiot reasons stated?
      Tell them to wait till they are old enough to vote.
      Once they leave school, if they then go to university, they can start vapouring about binarism, whatever that might be.
      The academics these days will welcome their waffle.


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