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    UK Vote – ‘Respect My SEX If You Want My X’ 

    Good to see women are organising in Britain’s local council elections, using that slogan above to fight back against the trans-freak menace.

    They are demanding that council candidates make a clear commitment to ensuring female facilities are safe-guarded…



    …against maladjusted men who pretend to be women.

    There’s a longish piece in Conservative Home which provides all, or most, of the background, so I give you a brief extract…

    Three of the U.K.’s biggest women’s rights groups – Women UnitingSex Matters, and the Women’s Rights Network(WRN) – have combined into an alliance that encourages supporters to ask candidates where they stand on this issue.

    “We believe that politicians should know they can’t expect our cross in the voting box if they do not acknowledge and protect women’s sex-based rights…

    We want as many members of the general public – female and male, and across all party lines — to quiz their politicians, both national and local, about their stance on women’s rights.”

    Women Uniting has also produced a simple but powerful campaign video in time for the May local elections.

    …and the link to learn for yourselves.

    Yet while this is all well and good, it’s important to remember that transfreakery is merely the most absurd and offensive aspect of the gaystapo agenda.


    Perversions galore are covered by those loathsome ‘LGBTQI’ letters.

    One may well feel something like sympathy for deviants who seek remedial treatment.

    Cures For Queers? Jellyfish Quivers, Then Cowers! 

    It’s quite wrong that Johnson is set to deprive them of a chance of therapy.


    But the pretensions of many another, their demand for parity of esteem, of a level playing field with normal people, is NOT to be countenanced.


    Nobody should be penalised for refusing to employ a queer.

    The risible concept of ‘gay marriage’ needs to be rolled back.


    The monstrosity of ‘gay adoption’ needs once again to be outlawed.

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    The Tim Hunt Scandal – ‘When You Criticise Pinkos, They Cry…?’ 

    I’ve no idea how clever Sir Tim Hunt is, but it’s likely that his brain-power, all by itself, dwarfs the combined intellectual ability of the pinko dorks in charge of Universitiy College London.


    • ——-
    • I refer to those who dumped him, after all, a witch-hunt against a distinguished scientist for telling a joke – and it was a joke, as the full transcript proves beyond doubt -and what kind of society has Britain become that transcripts or videos of joke-telling have become essential to fight career-destruction at the hands of politically-correct shrills?
    • stupid_idiots_bigHasil gambar untuk ucl london logo
    • ———————————————
    • But their stupidity pales in comparison with their hypocrisy, dining out at a men-only club whilst their collective hands are raised in horror at a few (actually quite funny) comments about women’s undoubtedly greater propensity to weep.  


    Nothing wrong with men-only clubs, of course, despite the inane ramblings of their critics, like this uptight bint.

    “Although the Garrick itself has since removed some of the ridiculous rules, you are still on territory that is gender-segregated, and to my mind that feels very odd,” she said. “It does not feel comfortable.”

    That’s the input from one (wisely) anonymous female ‘academic,’ and the daft cow sounds near to tears, arguably confirming Hunt’s jocular remarks.

    If she so easily is made to feel odd, perhaps she is.


    Why shouldn’t men have their own clubs?

    No self-respecting woman can object, any more than a club which bars left-handed Ulster-Scots-Canadians would meet any objections from me – if they don’t wish to socialise with me, I damn sure do not wish to socialise with them.

    Why shouldn’t women have private clubs where they can feel comfortable doing things and discussing things they like, recipes, perhaps…


    .knitterguil_bot….or knitting, in that anonymous nitwit’s case (so she can be usefully occupied while sitting beneath the guillotine when sexists are executed! ) without members of the opposite sex – oops, the pinko word is ‘gender‘ – intruding.

    We’ve heard it all before! Hunourless, witless, typical feminazis…

    AARGH! Shock-Horror! Scotsmen Heard JOKING! 

    Feminists are infantile. A place that makes them feel odd and uncomfortable and they WANT to become regulars?

    Just to spoil it for those who like it as it is?  

    Psycho vixens, they really are! 

    We heard the same hogwash from St. Andrews a year ago.

    And I commented then as I must comment today – People can’t take a joke these days?


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