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  • ross1948 6:10 pm on May 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Melania! A Fine First Lady! Such A Contrast With The Crawlers! 

    Hasil gambar untuk trump arrives in Saudi


    There she is, Mrs. Trump, looking like a normal woman, blonde hair blowing slightly in the breeze, absolutely NO head-shrouding as she meets the Arab King.

    What a healthy, indeed refreshing contrast with those sicko appeasement bints we saw a few months ago!


      Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists 

    Or indeed that dismal dame who shamed Australia with her sycophantic scarfing stunt in the land ruled by evil ayatollahs.


    Gambar terkait


    Melania today has shown that no woman should ever feel obliged to cover her head.

    Hasil gambar untuk women's rights sharia

    Unless men do too! .


    • Ben Baniek 8:13 pm on May 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, she is a beauty.
      After those 8 years of Obama we need some glamor in the White House and Lord knows those poor Arabs need to see how women should look.

  • ross1948 12:12 am on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Bloody Belgians! But Did UK Also Back Shariah Sexist Saudis? 

    Norway’s opposition parties have asked in parliament that the government confirm whether it voted for Saudi Arabia’s inclusion in a UN women’s rights commission.  https://www.thelocal.no/20170426/norway-opposition-demands-answer-over-saudi-arabia

    Good to see two parties are demanding answers.


    Hasil gambar untuk women's rights sharia


    No civilised government should have had anything to do with giving a role on any body concerned with women’s well-being to Saudi Arabia or any regime that adheres to shariah law.




    Shariah- A Living Hell!


    But whilst the answer to those parties’ questions is important in itself, it will  – or should – have a ripple effect, hopefully replicated in every Western nation, because, as UN Watch says, at least five EU states must have voted for the Saudis to serve a four-year term on the commission in the secret ballot.

    And now one such craven creep country has been unmasked, Belgium!

    Belgium “sorry” it helped elect Saudi Arabia to UN women’s rights

    You’d think with so many undesirable aliens infesting their own capital city…



    ….that the Belgian Government would understand the need to oppose shariah iniquity at every opportunity.

    Not so! And decent citizens of most every party and of all creeds there are up in arms.


    Gambar terkait

    Any European regime endorsing sexist shariah should be named, shamed and sanctioned! It’s akin to civilisational treason.

    Remember, almost exactly three years ago, these damnable Dark Agerss were trying to extend their intolerance into Europe!

    Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries accused Norway of doing too little to protect its Muslim minority, with Saudi Arabia calling for all criticism of religions or their prophets to be made illegal.

    It’s crazy.

    The governments of Hungary and Poland are undergoing scrutiny and the threat of sanctions merely for how they run their own countries. Heavier censures by far are surely merited on those giving aid and comfort to the backward brutes in Riyadh?


    Hasil gambar untuk saudi arabia


    As UN Watch’s Administrative Director, Hillel Neuer, has pointed out, every woman in Saudi must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death.

    What ignorant savages!

    So are MPs in the parliaments of France, Sweden, Norway, and the UK now out to ascertain the guilt or innocence of their governments in this scandal?

    We heard Mrs. May some months back expressing her high opinion of shariah.



    So it would not surprise me in the least if she had authorised her UN minions to stab decency in the back.

    Unfortunately, all the MPs in the UK are no longer in a position to serve their constituents. With an election called, they cease to be MPs until they’re re-elected.

    So with May determined to avoid proper debates – Theresa May rules out participating in TV debates before election – it’ll be up to the media to cross-examine her, or her Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.



    If they admit to the betrayal of civilised values, they should be told to resign by the parliament due to be elected in June.

    • Pamela 3:52 pm on April 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I’m beginning to detest May as much as I detested Cameron.
      It would come as no surprise if she had her UN ambassador vote for Saudi Arabia.
      She was defending shariah not long ago, after all, and Saudis are putting shariah theory into practice.

  • ross1948 12:37 am on April 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Jakarta Girls! Make The Most Of Kartini Day! 

    Kartini was a lady who lived and died many years ago, a Javanese aristocrat who is honoured as a pioneer of women’s rights here in Indonesia.


    Gambar terkait


    Tomorrow is Kartini Day, 21st April.

    But in Jakarta a new governor, Anies Baswedan, has just been elected, to the delight of the worst fanatics in the archipelago.

    While the election winner used to present himself as a ‘moderate’ Muslim, his running mate, Sandiaga Uno, has won notoriety with an outlandish call to transform the capital’s after-hours fun and games into a dreary scene, a sharia-inspired nightlife entertainment network…

    Hasil gambar untuk sandiaga uno


    Yes, seriously!

    It is said that this phenomenon would feature traditional dances, shalawat (salutation to Prophet Muhammad), religious studies and traditional music.  COMMENTARY: Contemplating a sharia-influenced capital

    Well, it’ll take time to get such super fun organised, so meanwhile we’ll just have to use our rich and vivid imaginations to picture what nocturnal joys will be available.

    Shariah Nightlife?


    It’s important to note that ‘shariah law’ is not some sort of Sunday brunch menu, where you pick and mix whatever appeals to you.


    • Hasil gambar untuk women's rights sharia

    • Shariah is very clear on subjugation of women.

    So if we face a ‘night-life’ devised on its tenets, then there’s no reason not to expect extensions of shariah into every other walk of city life.

    Women should make the most of Kartini Day tomorrow.

    Because we know how proponents of shariah think of women, not least the views of the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front,’ the FPI, whose favour the new ”moderate’ governor curried sedulously during his campaign.


    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!”

    Our infamous quote from the FPI’s Jakarta Gauleiter sums it up.

    Oh, and don’t forget what another Islamist fanatic had to say when a jihadist jerk molested a female reporter..

    Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic

    As I’ve said before, that’s the message to women from the shariah fanatics.

    Stay home. 

    And maybe stuff your head in a black bag…

    Fathers and Husband, says this poster, it’s your responsibility to cover them up!


    …and don’t dare disturb men by looking attractive.

    It won’t happen tomorrow, or maybe this year or next year.

    But after Wednesday’s election, only a fool would say that   Hasil gambar untuk it can't happen here



    • JazPen 10:38 pm on April 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Its taken me 24 hours maybe a little longer to get used to this terrible news and I wasnt going to write any comments at all until I saw on tv tonight that those prosecutors are asking for Ahok to get a year in prison for that crazy blasphemy charge.
      Ahok is the only politician here I could respect and I still do.
      I saw you wrote that you wouldnt leave but give it another couple of years Ross and a big dose of shariah nightlife and youll think again.

    • Kezia 9:21 am on April 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It is a true nightmare for women and for men also.
      Indonesia has lost its way.

    • Ayustuti 11:54 am on April 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Very sad news for Ahok and Indonesia.
      You are saying what all my friend think about this sharia night they want to put Jakarta into.

    • Prita 12:46 pm on April 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This Indonesia woman, I am Prita, will not take insult from fanatic.
      If I go out I want to look nice and enjoy my life and I will not be victim.
      We like freedom and Indonesia still a free country.
      Until now.

    • Jim in Jakarta 1:17 pm on April 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, Ross.
      This new deputy governor is rich as Croesus and spent a lot of time in America, or so I have read.
      So he can have a great time at home in his mansion while he makes the rest of us miserable.
      It’s always these richy rich kids who want to lord it over other people and tell them how to live their lives.

      I was surprised when you said you had no plans to leave when Jakarta turns into a boring Arab-type capital because I know you like going out at night and I can’t see you sitting there spell-bound by Islamic readings.

      Will you really hang in when all the rest of us go?

  • ross1948 10:47 am on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump Should Visit Saudi Arabia – With His Daughters! 



    All the Trump women are visually appealing.

    Their presence on his campaign platforms brightened up the election battles.


    • Hasil gambar untuk trump daughters sexy
    • The President-Elect will, from the end of January, have to set out on a variety of state visits.
    • I think it would be a dashed fine idea if he took some or all of the Trump womenfolk along on the various trips around the world, and not just his First Lady.
    • The photo above is of one of his lovely daughters.
    • Would it not be a splendid assertion of women’s rights to be proud of their bodies if she showed up in Riyadh or the capital of some other benighted shariah state in THAT dress.

    What a contrast to Obama’s grovelling obeisance to the Saudi despot…

    White House denies Obama bowed to Saudi king |

    And what a STUNNING contrast to weaselly wimps like Italy’s Red Renzi, who even in Rome….

    • RENZI_12_resize Renzi
    • rome_statues

    • On the left, what the anti-democratic sectarians saw of the beautiful statue on the right
    • Renzi was clearly keen to avoid offending his new business partner. The nude statues and sculptures in the museum were completely covered by large white boxes…  http://www.thelocal.it/20160126/nude-statues-covered-up-for-rouhanis-visit…
    •  as a mark of respect…
    • ———————

    …at home to an envoy of the Iranian ayatollahs, felt compelled to show shame at Europe’s glorious artistic heritage.                         Naked Truth? Renzi Belly-Crawls To Islamist Intolerance! 

    Don’t forget the slimy Swedish appeasement monkeys too. 

    Boob Ban in Stockholm! Hurt Feelings Alert? 

    It’s time Western leaders asserted the superiority of Western standards of artistic  – and every other – freedom.

    And Ivanka or Tiffany or Melania, in a dress that doesn’t hide the fact that they’re female, would send a powerful message to the subjugated female populations of countries under shariah. 

    burka family


    • Linzi Kramer 12:23 pm on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Not a bad idea but lets be fair to every other American woman.
      They are ALL more appealing than Crooked Hillary, except maybe that skinny Injun skank from Massachusetts- you know who I mean!

  • ross1948 1:02 pm on November 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products 

    Time to renew the call for Brits to boycott that renegade plutocrat Branson’s commercial empire, after the toe-rag’s latest tirade. He reckons the American people’s choice of President has ‘damaged the American psyche.’



    Seems one of Branson’s bete noire’s about Trump is concerns “women’s rights!


    Good grief!

    Branson’s double standards should especially  provoke the wrath of women.

    Remember this story?

    Sir Richard Branson has announced a Virgin-wide boycott of a Brunei-owned hotel chain, over the country’s new anti-gay law. 

    Branson has now added his voice to the calls, announcing a Virgin-wide boycott of the luxury hotel chain, which will take effect across his business empire. 

    He said: “No Virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the Sultan abides by basic human rights.”

    Richard Branson announces Virgin boycott of Brunei-owned hotels



    Few of us would disagree that stoning homos to death is a disproportionate expression of the distaste normal people feel for their behaviour.

    But he appears to have voiced no equivalent horror at other similarly iniquitous aspects of shariah law, notably its inherent discrimination against women.


    • polygamy
    • ————-
    • The obscenely unfair endorsement of polygamy, a barbaric practice, yes, but which would at least be fairer if women could enjoy as many husbands as over-sexed Arabs can enjoy wives.

    Why no polyandry, for a start?

    The grossly biased inheritance rules are also an affront…


    …and the segregation reported at UK election meetings, and even in universities..

    British Universities Pander to Islamist Inquity 

    …backward nonsense some savages want to import to civilised countries.


    ‘Fathers and husbands, it’s your responsibility to hide their private parts.’


    The stuff about shrouding their pretty tresses, while men can go about bare-headed, of course.

    Dark Age law applies in the United Arab Emirates, as a story from last year reminds us.  

    Sharia law used in the United Arab Emirates to jail Australian woman after she was gang-raped


    None of these benighted prohibitions – each of which overtly targets women – appears to excite the same anger in Branson’s soul (despite being directed at half the world’s population) 

    Branson has announced no similar steps against this classy joint in London’s Knightsbridge.


     London’s Lanesborough Hotel


    Yet the Lanesborough is reportedly owned by the UAE Government.


    And I’d hazard a guess there are other luxurious facilities around the world owned by primitive but oil-rich Arab regimes.

    No Branson boycott?

    Let’s boycott him!

    This is the same nutter who stabbed Britain in the back during the Brexit campaign, of course from  a safe distance, posh tax-exile in a sunny clime…


    Estimated to be worth £3.4 bn, he loves to leech off tax-payers. Even among the Guardian’s journo-pack, there are people appalled by the sort of business he conducts.

    … the Virgin boss liked to move into industries sheltered from too much competition, pull subsidies out of taxpayers and then cash out.   https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/jun/10/truth-richard-branson-virgin-rail-profits


    Further insights into his commitment to his/our country –

    Sir Richard Branson admitted yesterday he had been a tax exile for seven years but denied the move had been influenced by money…



    Who would SUGGEST such a thing!


    …and the same nutter, who, oblivious to the enormous economic burden, next year alone..

     roughly €10billion ($ 11.3 billion) in extra spending for  migration-related costs.  Oh, No, Mama’s Boy – The WORST Is Yet to Come!  –  

    …which Mama Stasi Merkel slung round Germany’s neck, has now cheerily told the Germans that, the rape-refugee plague notwithstanding, her ‘green-light to gate-crashers’ policy is just what they need.   


    • raperefs

    “In five years, Germany will see the great benefits of its actions.”


    The man’s a menace, and with many airlines besides Virgin to choose from, and alternative rail services to use besides Virgin train, Brits, and Germans, and everyone who despises this creep…


    ….should be using those alternatives instead of contributing a single sou to the swine’s already swollen coffers.

    • Mark Reilly 8:03 pm on November 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I read your post about lego, and I agree it should be boycotted. And I will not be using Branson’s services again.
      That’s what’s good about your blog, you don’t only tell us what’s wrong but you give us at least a practical idea or two as to how we can contribute positively.
      Please carry on with your work and helping us fight these big business enemies within.

  • ross1948 11:14 pm on October 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Women’s World Chess – Sign Up, Against Evil Ayatollahs! 

    I posted on this last week, and was hoping somebody might start a petition.

    Shariah Chess? Fide Kow-Tows to Evil Ayatollahs! 

    Now here it is!


    Stop Women’s Oppression at the World Chess Championship by Challenging FIDE’s Decision


    We demand that FIDE reconsider its decision to award the Women’s World Chess Championship to Iran. In its handbook, FIDE explicitly states its guiding moral principles and one of them is that the organization “rejects discriminatory treatment for national, political, racial, social or religious reasons or on account of sex.” (F.01(1)(2)). Yet, by awarding the Championship to Iran, it is breaking that pledge to its members and subjecting them to discrimination on all fronts.

    These violations include:

    • Dress restrictions for female players. In Iran, women are legally required to cover up with a hijab. Failure to do so is punishable by fines or imprisonment.
    • Speech restrictions for female players. Women have been arrested for speaking out in favor of women’s rights in Iran.
    • Several countries (including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom) have issued travel warnings to Iran. Participants who are citizens of those countries would be traveling at their own risk.

    These are just some of the many potential dangers faced by players who have qualified to compete in the World Championship. These women are being asked to choose between achieving their greatest aspirations and protecting their civil liberties – and their lives.

    We propose two solutions:

    • Change the venue or postpone the competition until another organizer is found to host the championship in a “no conflict” venue.
    • Require that wearing a hijab be optional and guarantee no discrimination based on gender, nationality, or any other human rights as pointed out in the FIDE handbook (listed above).

    These issues reach far beyond the chess world. While there has been social progress in Iran, women’s rights remain severely restricted. This is more than one event; it is a fight for women’s rights. By signing this petition, you can help support the cause and make a real, positive change in the world.


    Thank you for your support!
    Nazi Paikidze
    U.S. Women’s Champion

    • Pamela 3:18 am on October 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, good for her.
      I was looking to start a petition on this myself, but now I only have to sign, then pass it on.
      Thanks for letting us know about it.

  • ross1948 2:19 pm on September 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Shariah Chess? Fide Kow-Tows to Evil Ayatollahs! 

    “I am honoured and proud to have qualified to represent the United States in the Women’s World Championship. But, if the situation remains unchanged, I will most certainly not participate in this event.”

    IM and WGM Nazi Paikidze

    That’s Nazi Paikidze, USA chess champ, speaking after the appeasement monkeys of Fide, the game’s world organisation, sank to their collective knees, pandering to the primitive savages who every day disdain civilised values in Iran.

    Hasil gambar untuk fide chess


    The sell-out swine on Fide’s Commission for Women’s Chess, have called on participants to respect “cultural differences” and accept the regulations.


    The ‘regulations?’

    Hijabs have been mandatory for women in Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the strict law is enforced by the country’s “morality police.” Any woman found not wearing one in public faces arrest, a fine or public admonishment.

    Cultural differences? 

    Shariah bigotry, more like!

    Sexist put-downs are not something that should be met with respect.

    Sectarian discrimination against women is an affront. 


    civilised man v savage …and woman!


    Good to see it’s not only women who are speaking up against foul Fide.

    Nigel Short, the British former world title contender, said: “There are people from all sorts of backgrounds going to this, there will be atheists, Christians, all sorts of people. 


    Hasil gambar untuk nigel short fide chess


    “If you are deeply Christian why would you want to wear a symbol of Islamic oppression of women?”

    Well said!

    Men and women from EVERY SPORT should show solidarity on this.


    Permanent boycott of the barbarous country is the obvious response to this latest display of shariah arrogance!

    Let’s inundate the crawlers with protests.  


    And local and national government bodies in civilised countries should withdraw all recognition, support and funding from foul Fide.


  • ross1948 7:56 am on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Bored With Olympic Coverage? How about UNCoverage? 

    I have to say that I find the Olympic Games this year even more of a turn-off than usual. 

    It’s not that I dislike sport – the World Cup is always worth watching.

    But the way some event in Rio is given priority over real news always ticks me off, as if a terrorist mass-murder, or even a single non-terrorist murder, deserves fewer minutes of the world’s attention than a guy or gal breaking sweat in ‘The Games!’

    The bickering and the booing of Russian athletes… Russians booed at Olympics, setting up heated breaststroke finals…has further eviscerated the allegedly ‘sporting’ character of what’s going on in Brazil.

    But at least Brazilians are reminding us how agreeable it is when women show they’re not ashamed of their God-given assets.


    • burka-1
    • ……………….
    • There must be millions of oppressed women in places like Pakistan and the Middle East who wistfully wonder what it’s like to be free to dress as they please, to dress pleasingly.

    Or does state shariah censorship prevent them catching a glimpse of a happier female life-style?

    Even here in Indonesia, the dead hand of the censors can hang heavily over what we get to watch.

    Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

    So cheers to these Brazilian beauties!


    Were these scenes from Rio shown on Saudi or Iran’s TV networks?


    That Usain Bolt chap from Jamaica hardly needs further reward after his participation in this display! 

    • Baggophobe 9:39 am on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You show blogs can be fun and still make a good point.
      Thanks for that photo, yes, the one from Brazil, not the baggies.

  • ross1948 10:52 am on May 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Little Mermaids OK, Backward Bag-Heads, No Way! 

    …one of the models was forced to appear on Iranian TV…warning other Iranian women that they “can be certain that no man would want to marry a model whose fame has come by losing her honor.”


    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 



    The school concerned is called VUC Lyngby and they state their case with admirable clarity.
     “Free and unhindered communication requires that we can see each other’s faces.
    Therefore it is not allowed to cover the eyes, nose or month while participating in lessons.” http://www.thelocal.dk/20160504/danish-school-rejects-muslim-students-over-niqab
    And it’s also clear that most Danes applaud the move. 
     Opinion polls on both Metroxpress and Ekstra Bladet showed that an overwhelming majority of readers backed the school.
    Ruling party Venstre and support parties the Conservatives and the Danish People’s Party also expressed support for VUC Lyngby, with the latter using the incident to repeat its demands for a national ban on burqas and niqabs.
    Right on! 


  • ross1948 9:15 pm on March 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Hizbut Ruling – Questions Must Be Asked? 

    Interesting to read that one of the worst sectarian hate-gangs in Australia has fallen foul of the law.

    Not for its Jew-baiting rhetoric…


    hizbutisrael ‘Erase Israel from the world map!’ HT Indonesia


    …nor for its detestation of free speech…



    ‘Charlie Hebdo,Proof of the Rottenness of Democracy!’


    …nor for its dedicated hostility to even the most basic principles of democracy, but for its imbecilic sexism.


    • sexism
    • —————
    • 3557c-hizbut-tahrir2
    • ——————-
    • Since these jihadist jerks disdain Australian law, owing allegiance not to Queen and Country but to their archaic shariah, I rather think they’ll flout the court ruling. Since few normal people attend their nasty covens, except occasional investigative journalists, who’s going to report their engrained antagonism to women’s rights?


    But more interesting will be the response to this news of that rabid old bigot, the Grand Mufti of Australia, who isn’t Australian at all, and who is fundamentally opposed to both patriotism and most other values that decent Australians share.

    Australia, Deport This Sex-Obsessed Sectarian! 

    Another interesting question is  – what happened to the plan to outlaw this caliphofascist outfit?

    Tony Abbott seemed quite committed to a ban but then went through a weak-kneed phase when he dropped restoration of free speech to appease sectarian subversives.

    Like David Cameron’s plan for a ban, no more’s been heard.


    Australia's Grand Mufti stands with Sydney siege gunman Man Haron ... PM with malignant mufti


    Grubbing for Sectarian Votes – Labor Vies With Mufti’s Mate Malcolm! 

    Since Abbott’s fall, Malcolm Turnsteer has done little but cosy up to the malevolent mufti, who for his part seems to think these slobbering HT swine are dashed fine chaps.

    Perhaps one of our Oz readers can bring us up to date?

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