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  • ross1948 15:03 on November 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Ladies’ Nights ‘Unfair to Men!’ Seriously! 

    So much lunacy to contend with, and how to outdo the tale of the nutty redskin yesterday?
    There’s a Swede millionaire who has banned bacon from all the many hotels he owns…
    Inline images 1
    …boycott, please!
    I tend to think bacon ought to be compulsory for breakfast, at least.

    Then I  stumbled on WHO’s latest bizarre BS – salami and ham were placed on the “bad food” list in a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO), published on Monday, as being causes of cancer..   Salami causes cancer’: WHO’s telling porkies?


    UN food-fascism now?
    Telling the world to lay off super-yummy delights?
    For pity’s sakes. Is nothing sacred?

    But all that hogwash PALED into insignificance in comparison to the imbecility of Austria’s ombudsman.



    Well, OF COURSE THEY BLOODY DO! That’s why they’re called LADIES’ NIGHTS.

    What’s particularly horrid is that it looks like this Alpine sticky-beak was prompted to cause trouble by MEN complaining about the fine phenomenon…. men saying they were never the ones to benefit from such offers financially.

    Musta been poofters.

    Normal men fully grasp that Ladies’ Nights are held for men’s benefit – the idea being that you attract hordes of chicks by offering cheap or gratis grog, thus providing guys with a vast reservoir of nubile prey.



    Alas, Herr Schtiki-Beek can enforce his moronic conclusion because, regrettably, Austria has a damfool law called the Equal Treatment Act – which paves the way for men to sue a nightclub for damages if they believe they have been discriminated against.

     How pathetic!

    Mind you, the feeble and fatuous efforts by the clubs and bars to fight back almost deserve the Orrible Ombudsman’s killjoy cr#p ruling.

    Even ‘equal rights lawyer’ Ines Grabner-Drews saw through the appeasement drivel – ‘it is unlikely that companies in the entertainment and leisure sector are really concerned about equal pay” and that the real motivation behind Ladies’ Nights is to attract more women to nightclubs, which helps draw in more men.

    YES, and WHY NOT?

    It’s fun, and now it’s been stopped by grimnasties who hate fun. No more free drinks for gals, and guys no longer able to aspire to their paradisical nocturnal ideal..


    …shooting fish in a barrel.


  • ross1948 07:36 on August 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Ever After in Jakarta? Ministry Denies Report Of Sexist Marriage Rules! 

    After last week’s gloomy news that Indonesia appeared to be endorsing primitive sexism – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/08/08/jokowi-talks-mental-revolution-his-flunkeys-march-backwards/  – we are more than happy to publish a denial from the government ministry concerned.

    • 396de-polygamy_3
    • The previous story, that male civil servants could practice polygamy but women were forbidden equivalent sexual self-indulgence – came from the Jakarta Post. However, the very same newspaper very quickly carried a refutation fom a senior Defence Ministry representative!

    Brigadier General Jundan Eko Bintoro has denied that the ministry allows its employees to practice polygamy…“The letter [circulated among the ministry’s employees] actually forbids polygamy,” said Jundan as quoted by tribunnews.com on Saturday.


    A very welcome denial – Indonesians surely don’t want their country regarded as a place awash with barbaric Arab practices.

    But how come the alarming report we read last week ever emerged in the first place?

    Somebody should be investigating.

    • Santi 10:36 on August 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good! Yes.
      Why so confusing? No answer.


    • Euis 13:08 on August 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I hope this is truth.
      Polygamy is for Stone Age and Arab.


  • ross1948 11:28 on July 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Is Morocco Bound To Catch the Market Morons? 

    Great to see those two Moroccan ladies off the hook, after moronic authorities put them on trial for wearing short skirts.


    morocco court


    I had an exciting time in Casablanca and Tangier, many years ago, and sometimes wonder if Talib, the girl I met on the train between those two cities, is still going strong. She’s probably a granny now!


    But it would be  nice to think she’s in that photo of decent women protesting outside the court-house. Back then, she wasn’t wearing backward gear, just dressed like a nice normal girl, like most of those in the photo.


    • ======================
    • But while we welcome the release of the two victims of idiocy, what about the idiots?

    First of all, the obnoxious swine in the market place at Inezgane, near Agadir, who caused it all, by abusive yelling at the women, ought to be rounded up, and slammed in the cooler till they can control their uptight over- (or under-?)-sexed immaturity.

    But also the fools in uniform who arrested them, and the clowns in whatever office decided to prosecute and sanction their arrest.

    Don’t get me wrong -I am pleased the outcry on the gals’ behalf worked. But had there been no outcry?

    Those morons referred to above could have got away with their intolerant imbecility.

    Now they should be put away, for abusing their positions of power.





    As for the lousy louts whose verbal diarrhoea in that market sparked the trouble…


    Indonesia Sharia Law

    … a good old-fashioned shariah-style flogging should teach them an adequate lesson..


  • ross1948 11:44 on February 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jibbering in Jember – Buffoons Beat Retreat On Virginity Tests 

    Yes, I know it’s properly spelt ‘gibbering,’ but anything for an alliterative headline.

    No matter my spelling, my mood today is restrained relief, at the news of Jember City Council’s rapid retreat from the bridgehead of buffoonery built last week by two of its members.

    Silhouette weeping

    The clowns made statements to the media, revelling at the prospect of imposing ‘virginity tests’ on teenage girls, the aim being to deny high school graduation to kids who ‘fail.’

    After uproar, their colleagues have disowned the creepy call.

    But what about the creeps in question?

    It’s obviously the duty of their party leaders to remove them from not just positions of responsibility in local government, but from party membership. No serious party, surely, wants its reputation tainted by retaining such individuals within its ranks.


    Habib Isa Mahsi Jember

    “What surprises us the most is they have had sex several times and with different partners,” Habib Isa Mahdi, a lawmaker from the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura)..“There’s a need to protect our children,” he said. “Jember has to be brave to act to save them.”

    Congratulations to MN Harisuddin, spokesman for the largest Muslim organisation in Indonesia, who pointed out the policy’s asinine sexism. 

    “Say the bill is passed, the test would be simple to conduct, but why is it only done for the female students? How about the boys?”

    But you can’t keep dimwittery down for long.

    • mufti Ali Jember

    Up popped Mufti Ali, of the PKB, (National Awakening Party) – that dork told the media the iniquitous test should not only be imposed on every Jember girl-child but expanded to the entire Province of East Java.  His vindictiveness springs off the printed page. 

    “If they’re not virgins anymore, don’t let them pass!”

    Then a tiny wee glimmer of the real world filtered through to his sorry soul.

    “It may sound like a joke….”

    But only for the twinkling of an eye. Then back into loony-tunes mode.

    “..but it’s serious. It’s for the sake of the future….I agree that virginity should become a [requirement] for graduation. I will tell my friends to make it a regional regulation. We can’t only rely on their conscience to behave well. There should also be pressure.”


    Of course these fatuous fellows can say and think what they like.

    But any party which does not expel them with immediate effect MUST be regarded as seriously irresponsible.


    Their grotesque sexism is nauseating to read – its enactment would fall into the category of a gross violation of the victimised school-girls’ human rights.

    Interestingly, even the ‘scholars’ of the MUI, who reckon that female circumcision is a human right…

    ma'arruf amin  MUI’s Ma’aruf Amin he rejects any attempt to declare this practice illegal or contrary to the principles. It comes under the sphere of “human rights,” said the Islamist leader, and is “guaranteed by the Constitution.http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Indonesian-Ulema-in-favour-of-female-circumcision:-a-human-right-26948.html

    …drew the line at the ghastly crap spouted by Ali and Isa. The ‘scholars’ said the test was haram! Maybe that caused the climb-down?

    Sometimes even MUI gets it right.

    Will the leaderships of PKB and Hanura?  


    Oya, and how about President Jokowi – will he now order the Police to scrap the barbaric sexist practice, which is reportedly perpetrated against female recruits? Use of Virginity Tests Must End, Activists Tell Joko

  • ross1948 12:59 on November 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Cameron’s ‘Moderate’ Islamist Insults Every Woman in the World 


    Cameron backs Turkey joining the EU – FT.com w26 Jul 2010 –

    His reaffirmation of the Anglo-Turkish alliance will be a boon to Reçep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s moderate Islamist prime minister


      The Daily Mail 3 Aug. 2010,  David Cameron said:Turkey must join EU: Those who are against are playing on fears of Islam”.


    http://new.euro-med.dk/20140928-uk-prime-minister-david-cameron-to-un-non-violent-extremismists-like-911-and-77-truthers-must-be-dealt-with-by-all-means-but-who-is-the-real-nwo-terrorist.php.  Erdogan added: “Moderate Islam is an Insult to Islam”.


    Erdogan: women are not equal to men
    Yahoo News-24 Nov 2014


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