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  • ross1948 18:35 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Are Old Brits Demonised? Guardian Hides The Hate? 

    We have surely heard enough about ‘xenophobia,’ and  ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘homophobia,’ all stupid buzz-words used to demonise people who object to, respectively…



    ….arrogant aliens unwilling to adapt to the country they choose to live in, shariah fanatics who elevate sectarianism above national allegiance, and exaltation of sexual maladustment..

    But what about ‘Age-ism?’

    If some creep doesn’t want to hire me because I’m over 25, 30, 40, or whatever, then as far as I’m concerned, he or she can stuff it…

    …because I wouldn’t want to work for him, or her!

    But the Guardian last week had a big piece about why oldsters are ‘demonised’ in the UK.



    Some of the scribbler’s writing made a bit of sense, but NOWHERE did I see even a vague reference to the hate-campaign waged by Remainers against the older generation’s patriotism, which they found so obstructively distasteful.



    More than a few Enemy Within politicians and ‘activists’ made clear their impatience with true Brit patriots who wouln’t die out fast enough.

    Remember the silly old white man who didn’t like old white people. How dare Lib Dem Sir Vince Cable call Brexiteers old, white racists

    His vitriol was echoed online only last week!

    One social media user, who previously posted about stopping Brexit wrote in a sick post: “If Covid-19 kills a hefty amount of old people in this country, does that mean the general opinion will swing away from Brexit?” Another Twitter user said: “Coronavirus is the ghost of Brexit coming to kill the old people for voting wrong.”

    And someone else wrote: “If I get coronavirus, I’m targeting old people who voted Brexit.”

    Nor is such gerontophobia ( not one of my new home-made words but an accurate academic word for fear and loathing of senior citizens) a very recent political phenomenon.

    Back in Tony B.Liar’s time, it became known that full-scale multiculting of the realm would not be achieved until the generation that had lived through WW2 was eliminated from the British polity, ‘as this generation dies out...’

    (see Telegraph report – Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser) 

    So today I urge all my older readers to stay home, get on your laptops and fight back!



    • Chrissie Miles 18:55 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone of us is going to get old ( if we don’t die first! ) so why be mean to those who reach old age ahead of us?
      The hatred some young British people have been showing towards the old because the grey vote tipped the scales towards independence in the Brexit referendum is downright insane.
      It indicates how schools and universities have failed to instil respect for democracy in the young generation.
      Some serious thinking must be done about how to improve teaching standards, by which I mean removing teachers whose loyalty is in doubt.
      That goes for both Canada and the USA too, of course.


    • Seax 19:14 on March 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I guess old is subjective. My time will come. The 20 somethings think I’m old. I think I’m in my prime and intend to keep my strength well into my 60s. Whatever.

      I find the greatest irony in my own fringe politick is this ‘don’t trust anyone over thirty’ tripe recycled from the hippies and Alinsky’s goons. Totally counterproductive. We need role models, every age group does, but definitely mine. Moreover, every generation has different skill sets and levels.

      There should be no age gap. It’s just another false conflict to fuel the cognitive dissonance globalism creates.


  • ross1948 17:23 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Cuba Libre! – Collaborateur! Hollande Emulates Thorez! 

    Decent people in France have always despised the PCF, the Parti Communiste Francaise, ever since its treasonous boss Thorez deserted from his country’s armed forces while Hitler was overseeing German aggression against La Republique.

    Maurice Thorez Thorez

    He scuttled off to Moscow and skulked there for the duration of WW2, tried in absentia and sentenced to death.

    Unfortunately the swine was pardoned after the war, but patriots remembered his solidarite with the enemies of freedom and of France.

    Why the quick review of history?


    Following up Obama’s rapprochement with the unelected red despots who misrule Cuba, French President Hollande has been frolicking with that imprisoned island’s evil autocrats.

    True, leaders in each country have to interact with whoever their counterparts happen to be in other countries.    


    Hollande fidel2


    But listen to what I just heard him saying on Euronews!

    ‘I know what he represents to the people, including in France, so I wanted to reach out to him,’ ‘euronews, today

    If Hollande really knows what Fidel Castro, and Raul Castro, represent – oppression, murder, cruelty and an unequivocal hatred for France’s democratic principles of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite –  and Hollande surely has no excuse NOT to know – then the only way he should want to reach out to them is to get his hands around those diabolic old dictators’ necks and throttle the swine.

    Neither Castro represents the Cuban people!

    Neither they nor their gangster party has ever allowed those people freely to elect a government to represent them, because they know that, given a free and fair election…



    … the Communists would be booted out of their luxury mansions and their privileged high-class hospitals and all the other trappings of tyranny they’ve wallowed in for half a century.




    But Hollande does know, and he fawns on them, no mere diplomatic courtesies, but open grovelling, a calculated insult to the subjugated citizens of the island he’s visiting.



    What a disgrace! 

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