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  • ross1948 12:49 on May 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Ya Udah – Jakarta Pinkos Shrill At Menteng Resto Sign! 

    I only heard about this yesterday, not being on Facebook myself, since they kicked me off for spreading news of the Cikeusik Pogrom a couple of years ago.

    Given its leftist bias, I’ve no regrets!

    Facebook Gags Critics of Crimmigrants, OK With Murder Page! 

    • It seems some shrill little pinko ( apparently with links to the Jakarta Post – surprise surprise!) got his knickers in a twist over a sign put up in Ya Udah bistro in Menteng.


    ya-udah bistro


    The frantic little fellow used Facebook to whine that the sign was ‘racist,’ and a handful of other whiners joined in, and the sign was removed.

    Admittedly, it could have been improved.

    For a start, comparing customers who bring in their own provisions with the parasitic primitives pouring into Europe lacks validity.

    The crimmigrants who are busily leeching off European tax-payers in ‘refugee’ centres across the Continent don’t bring much of anything into the civilised countries which they gate-crash.

    Except grotesque displays of crass ingratitude…

    Crimmigrants Seize Italian Cop-Shop – Punishment? ‘Specialised African Cuisine!’ 

    Foul Ingrates! Drag Them Out, Send Them Back! 

    …just one aspect of the arrogance which was first manifested at the various borders they sought to trample, gross disrespect of the sovereign nations to whose welfare troughs they were raucously demanding access.


    ‘Refugee’ savages amok at Greece-Macedonia frontier


    But what a childish tantrum for Jakarta’s pinko population to throw!

    Ya Udah is a really nice place to meet up with friends, as I’ve said before now, more than once.

    Anytime I’ve been there, the customers are a grand mix of ethnicities, pleasant, respectable people, though, not like the phoney ‘refugees’ ruining Europe.

    yaudah bistro jakarta

    Ya Udah

    • The food is good and the prices are MUCH fairer than a lot of the fancy-pants joints where, I imagine, most Jakarta Post scribblers and other lefty layabouts congregate.

    I’ve got a heavy social schedule this week and next, but as soon as I can make time, I’ll try to drop by, even though, regrettably, the sign has been taken down.  

    It was never a big deal to normal folk anyway, who go to restos to relax and have fun, not to get all snarky about their political hang-ups.

    • Penny 13:23 on May 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      So you even have these trouble-makers, always looking for things to complain about, down there in sunny old Indonesia? What a pity!
      I see nothing wrong with the sign.
      And it’s none of their business what kind of signs the owner wants to put up. They don’t have to look at it, or eat there.


    • Van Dorn 13:48 on May 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What a shame they took that sign down. It’s never sensible to give in to the pushy left.
      However, I agree with your point, it isn’t fair to omit Afghans and Eritreans, who are always in the news here, causing problems to women especially. For some reason, it’s usually Swedes that the Eritreans bother, and at the present time, it’s Austrians that have problems with Afghans.
      But most of these so-called refugees wherever they’re from, they just don’t know how to behave in countries where law-abiding is the expected norm.
      I don’t know if I’ll ever get to Jakarta but if I do, I’ll take your recommendation, Ross and dine at Ya Udah.


    • JazPen 14:04 on May 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ross.
      I like Ya Udah too. The best thing is the pricing but the food is very good value.
      I like that macaroni pork that you wrote about before and it isnt off the menu as you said once. I had it a week or two ago.
      If the man who owns the restaurant wants to put up signs, he shouldnt be told he isnt allowed to just because some people disagree with what they say. If theyre so offended they can eat in other places.
      As if there arent dozens of diners all around that part of Jakarta they can use.


    • Hugh MacLaren 14:15 on May 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You’re as bad as the whiners, Ross, for keeping such a ‘silly season’ story going!
      Professional complainers thrive on the publicity they generate and if we all just let them enjoy their tantrum, they’d soon be bored and move on to annoying somebody else.
      Ya Udah will still be going strong by the time they mature, rest assured. I might look in tonight and see if it’s as busy as usual, as I’m sure it will be. Please, though, give us more Jakarta stories..
      I much prefer them to your daily tirades on the misery in Europe. There are enough people writing about that.


    • Tina T 15:25 on May 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You are revolting. Have you no conscience or compassion or any human feelings at all?
      So what if some of the refugees are not perfect people. Neither are the people they find themselves living among, racists and bigots like you.
      Europe should expel its racists to make room for more deserving people from Africa and Asia.


  • ross1948 12:12 on July 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Well-Being in Jakarta, Mal-Veiling in Tehran! 

    My week so far has turned out to be quite an acceptable blend of sloth and sociability, both pursuits facilitated by Jakarta’s weather continuing magnificently hot.

    Having had an adequate sufficiency of sunning myself out front once my weekend visitor had gone home, into town it had to be.

    To ensure company, I smsed around, and managed to rouse a couple of former colleagues from their post-Ramadan torpor. We met up in Ya Udah, where the food is always good and the beer still affordable. A big Bintang costs Rp.44K, which is less than you’d pay for a small one in some of the posh Kemang hang-outs where the moneyed expats slake their thirsts.


    yaudah bistro jakarta Ya Udah


    And although the excellent Makronen, a kind of Teutonic macaroni and pork dish, seems to have disappeared from the menu, I can happily recommend the Krakauer – a hefty pork sausage, with ‘side-dish of your choice.’

    I think the price is Rp.54K, again not at all bad for downtown Jakarta these days – not a patch on my still-shuttered warteg, of course, but even when that fine little eatery re-opens, probably next Monday, there’s not a cat in hell’s chance they’ll have beer for sale!


    • ————-
    • warteg
    • —————-
    • Mbah M, who runs the place, never has, catering instead to hungry office-workers, who are obviously not interested in a beery swill before returning from lunch to face their gaffers – this ain’t London! In any case, the fragrant liquid is increasingly hard to get outside big supermarkets, thanks to the present government’s Creeping Shariah mind-set.

    Anyway, the afternoon turned into night, and not having seen my companions for months ( in one case) and three years (in the other) there was much to catch up on.


    But I didn’t over-do it, a mere quartet of Bintangs enough to satisfy my needs, and left in time to get the Busway home – and, oh, yes, the traffic in and out of town was very non-Jakarta, only the occasional red light causing delays in progress.

    On the subject of red lights, I was impressed to note that, in contrast to many Jakarta civil servants, who are oft-reported as taking unduly long breaks after Ramadan, several ladies of indeterminate age had got back to work already after the long weekend holiday, greeting me in friendly fashion as I made my ten-minute way from the bistro to Sarinah Busway stop. 


    I politely replied to each and every one, that after four big Bintangs, going home alone was my only serious option (had it been eight, who knows!) and they in turn regaled me with amiable banter as I passed along Jalan Wahid Hasyim.

    A good outing, altogether.

    So yesterday a sultry, soporific day, no long treks anywhere, except to buy some mince and spuds, then cooking and eating them.

    And I have to retract my previous recent cavilling about tv holiday movies here, since I sat enthralled to Die Hard 1,2 and 4, plus, last night, Hercules, good Achaean action, and there’s been some vintage stuff like Close Encounters and The Wild Bunch.

    Tomorrow, a grand visitor to enhance my festive mood.

    And today?

    Not sure yet..

    ….local prowling to try alternative food sources, of necessity, but only after I have woken up properly


    ….but had to laugh over my second kopi jawa, as I pondered the morning, bright and promising (the morning, not me!) for I spotted an amazing item in a UK newspaper. 


    A senior Iranian cleric has warned women they risk ‘illnesses of the intestines and the stomach’ if they fail to cover their bodies from head to toe.

    Seyyed Abolhassan Mahdavi issued the warning on Monday, and said primary school children must be educated about chadors – a type of robe – so they ‘grow up with modesty.’


    baghead_garbage What a load of garbage!


    ‘Currently, our brain guides us toward the chador which is the best dress for women in Islamic society since it covers the body of women from head to toe and does not draw attention,’ he told state-run Fars News Agency. 



    Warning: Seyyed Abolhassan Mahdavi has warned women they risk becoming ill if they don't wear a chador

    ‘Mal-veiling brings such frenzied emotions into the souls of people…according to doctors, illnesses in the intestines and stomach begin as a result of such frenzied emotions and spread to other organs of the body. Therefore if people care about their physical health, they should wear the most appropriate dress which is the black chador...proper dress for women in society is a black veil so that the rights of others are respected…’.


    No comment!


    Heck, why not comment on this sorry old simpleton?

    ‘Respect for the rights of others?’

    Let’s get real!

    How about the rights of others to appreciate the beauty which God bestows  on women? And their right, if they choose, to display that beauty?

    But that’s just my opinion – how about you?

    Do you prefer these three in the photos above, or the sad sacks?

  • ross1948 21:38 on April 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Weekend Walk – Menteng to Monas! 

    My blog stats indicate readers like my Jakarta walkabouts, so here’s another!




    What a fine day it was yesterday, Easter Sunday in Jakarta!

    Got outa bed quite early – 8.30am, driven by the thought of a proper Sunday breakfast!


    But I had the previous night determined to get out of the house and into town, my first goal being that bazaar advertised last month, in the Kunstkring Paleis. No particular purpose, except an inclination to go back and appreciate the amazing interior of that 100-year-old building in Menteng.


    • SAM_9060
    • ================
    • The event was nice enough, but the prices were…well, pricey. It was Menteng, after all! So I contented myself with window-shopping.

    After an hour or more there, the sun was still shining outside – off I went, heading out the gate and sharp right, then across what is probably, on weekdays, a very busy road.

     Almost at once Gongandia Railway Station hove into view – and THAT, BTW, clued me into the best way to reach Kunstkring the next time.



    Yesterday, I’d travelled by Busway, disembarking at Latuharihari, then walking up through those leafy streets again.

    My walk took me along Jalan Imam Bonjol, past the Proklamasi Museum, the very spot where Indonesia’s Declaration of Independence was written out and signed by Soekarno and Hatta…



    – that’ll be another excellent excuse to go back there some other weekend!

    But thanks to not retracing my steps southwards when I left the bazaar, I now realise there’s an even easier way to get to Kunstkring – if you don’t fancy the enjoyable twenty minute walk from that Busway stop!

    Just take the Kopaja 20 – if you’re too posh for the Rp.4000 ordinary version, remember there is now an Executive variety – used to be Rp.5K but will have gone up since last I used it.




    The 2o runs all the way up from Lebak Bulus, along Simatupang, then through Mampang and up Rasuna Said, so you’re almost bound to have somewhere you can get on board. Anyway, it stops at Gondangdia – and indeed just about anywhere you tell the conductor you want it to!

    Once within sight of the station, no further orienteering effort was required of me – straight down Jl. Johar! I knew exactly which way to go, past the splendid Austrian cuisine of Ya Udah.


    yaudah bistro jakarta Ya Udah


    But before that, on the opposite side of the road, it came as a surprise to see a branch of Gang Kelinci, an eatery I’d rather liked when a new kid on the Jakarta block. There was once a big branch on Jalan Sabang, and it was one of the very first places I had a meal in this city.


    It had a second floor window, which gave a great view of the ebb and flow of the street below. Alas, it closed about 7 or 8 years ago, I guess; there’s still a branch at Blok M Square, but finding another was a nice surprise.

    Had my mind succumbed to the soaring temperatures – it was a scorcher! – I might have pressed on to Jalan Jaksa, but that once-proud entertainment hub is a shadow of its former self. Few people I like to meet go there any more, so I don’t either.


    •  Monumen Nasional
    • ———————————————————————–
    • No, a thought had struck me – Monas!
    • Always fun on Sundays, if the rain stays away….crowds of happy Jakartans. And indeed it was. A huge queue was visible around its pedestal, eager to gaze on the capital from on high.

    Not me! Four or five times I was dragged up there, by friendly natives, when I was still new. Quite enough, thanks!

    Because I had not crossed a church doorstep this Easter, my fingers were crossed, and sure enough, there, opposite the palace, the GKI Yasmin Christians were just getting started on Amazing Grace, as I arrived! 


    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 


    • Arifin 11:49 on April 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like these walking stories.
      But how can you do this long walking in the afternoon when it is better to be inside buildings away far from the hot sunshine.
      Sunday afternoon for me is sleeping time.


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